Neighbor in Need

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Disclaimer: This is a story in which a fictional character cheats on his wife. If you find this sort of thing offensive, I recommend not reading any further. You have been warned, so please don’t send me feedback or post comments telling me how wrong it is for men to cheat. This is fiction. Although Megan is based on a real person, to the author’s knowledge she has never actually engaged in illicit sexual activities with a married man.


I was surprised to see Megan at the light rail station that morning. Since she’d changed jobs and was on a slightly later schedule, we no longer caught the same train. Prior to that, when we’d been on the same schedule, we were riding to and from work together almost every day. We still saw each other around the neighborhood occasionally since we lived only a couple of blocks apart but it wasn’t like we ever hung out. She was young and single and I was a bit older than her and happily married. I think we flirted a little bit but I never thought there was even a remote possibility that anything would ever happen between us. That possibility seemed even more unlikely once she’d changed jobs and we weren’t around each other regularly.

She had to be in the office early that day so she was catching an earlier train, which just happened to be the one I normally took. We were able to grab a seat together and commenced catching up; it had been quite a while since the last time we’d seen each other. We started out with our jobs and things going on around the neighborhood, which led me to ask about her boyfriend, since I’d occasionally see his car in front of her house.

“Oh, that’s done,” she said with a dismissive wave of her hand. She ran through the events that had led to their parting of ways and didn’t seem at all broken up about it.

“So are you well stocked for batteries?” I asked kind of off-hand but her reaction made it clear that I’d embarrassed her.

“I can’t believe you asked me that!” she said in an incredulous whisper, her face going red.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” I assured her, “I just figured we’re both adults so it’s not like we have to hide that it’s something that adults do.”

“Well, I’d rather not talk about that,” she said.

“Okay, listen,” I said, not letting it go, “to make up for embarrassing you, if you do run out of batteries, I promise that I’ll step in and take care of you.”

“Oh, I’m sure your wife would be just fine with that,” she replied.

“Sure she would,” I replied, though I was certain she wouldn’t, “She believes in helping the less fortunate.”

She made a face at me and we dropped the subject, moving on to discuss other things for the remainder of the commute. We continued chatting for a moment when we disembarked from the train then she went on to her work and I headed to mine. When I received a text from her later that morning, I wasn’t surprised but I was surprised by what she texted.

“I wish you hadn’t made that offer,” read her text.

“Why?” I asked, though I actually had a good idea why.

“It’s all I can think about now,” she replied.

“You need me to pick up some batteries for you?” I asked.

“No, I need you to take care of me,” she replied.

“Right now?” I asked.

“I wish,” she replied, “I’m not sure how or when. That’s the problem.”

“Do you have to be in early tomorrow?” I asked.

“No. Why?” she replied.

“Are you willing to get up a little early even if you don’t have to be to work?” I asked.

“Won’t you end up being late for work?” she asked, obviously catching on to my train of thought.

“Not by much and I’m sure it will be worth it,” I replied.

I was just figuring that, on my way to the train, I would take a quick detour up her front walk and through her front door. It would be dark at that time of the morning so it was unlikely that any neighbors would notice. I had plenty of PTO so if I was even an hour late and this ended up being a regular thing, it wouldn’t be a problem for me. She agreed to get up and unlock her front door for me then wait for me in bed with a light on so I’d know where to go. The next morning, it wasn’t easy to just stick to my usual routine but I managed and, as I reached Megan’s front gate, I casually entered and headed up her front walk. The front door was unlocked as expected so I entered her house and set my bag and coat just inside. I headed toward the back of the house and saw the light from her bedroom beckoning me.

She was sitting up with her pillows propped against the headboard and her covers pulled up above her tits, though she appeared to be naked. The only light was from a lamp on her nightstand.

“I was afraid you might have second thoughts,” she said.

“Trust me,” I replied, “all of my thoughts have been about this moment.”

I sat on the edge of her bed and slowly slid the covers down until her tits were exposed. They were maybe slightly above average in size and topped with large areolas and hard nipples. I lowered my head and licked her nipples, alternating güvenilir bahis from one to the other, then resumed sliding her covers lower. I moved further down the bed just before her pussy was exposed so that I was positioned to get a good look. Her dark blonde bush was well groomed and I knew I’d enjoy having my face buried in it. I leaned down and kissed her abdomen and hips then straightened up and pulled the covers down far enough that she was able to extract her legs. She spread them wide and I moved up onto the bed between them. I lowered my head toward her pussy while admiring her naked physique. I’d wondered as long as I’d known her how she’d look naked so I was still drinking that in right up until I was close enough to run my tongue up along her slit.

She moaned as I tasted her, licking her slit and slurping up the juices that were already flowing. I wondered how long she had actually been awake, thinking about me coming over to take care of her, because she was immediately writhing and moaning as I lapped at her pussy. I slipped a finger into her pussy, finding her extremely wet and pretty snug. I thought that, if I could get her to cum, there was a good chance I’d have the opportunity to fuck her and the idea of slipping my cock into her snug, slippery pussy was very appealing. While sliding that finger in and out of her, I started licking and sucking her clit, which had her moaning even louder. She went from writhing about to rocking her hips toward my face as I was eating her pussy and I suspected that it wouldn’t take much time before she was cumming. Of course my goal was not to make her cum quickly but to cum with the highest level of pleasure that I could.

I knew from our conversation on the train that it had been a while since she and her boyfriend had split and, based on her embarrassment, I assumed that she had been taking care of her own needs since then. Given that and the fact that I was actually in her bedroom, I figured that she must have been anxious for some sexual contact from someone besides herself. With all of that, I wasn’t surprised that her pussy was almost immediately becoming even more engorged and even wetter. She was still rocking her hips but she also appeared to be tensing up a little bit and arching her back. Even knowing absolutely nothing about her body or her sexual habits, I was pretty confident that she was already on the verge of cumming. I was happy to be able to provide what I’d said that I would and pleased that she didn’t seem to have any issues with being able to cum. Given my situation, having her able to cum relatively quickly and easily would be a bonus.

She finally let out a cry and all the tension left her body as it began to shake. I kept eating her as she came and hoped to extend the pleasure she was feeling even longer. She did seem to cum for a pretty long time and I hoped it was as intensely pleasurable as it was long. When she finally went still and was only experiencing the occasional aftershock, I raised my head and slipped my finger from her pussy into my mouth. I watched her chest heaving as she was recovering but resisted reaching up to caress her tits for the moment, preferring just to admire them.

“You’re way better at that than the ex was,” she finally said, “Are you in a hurry to leave or can I see what else you’re good at?”

“I’ll call in sick if you need me to,” I replied.

“We’ll see,” she said, “but why don’t you get undressed for me for now?”

I was still on the bed and still had my shoes on so I kicked them off first then stepped down and started unbuttoning my shirt. I dropped my shirt on the chest at the end of her bed then removed my pants and placed them there as well. I pulled my socks off with my feet and left them on the floor then, with her full attention below my waist, I started to slide my briefs down. My rigid tool sprung out making her eyes go wide then, as I stepped out of my briefs, leaving them on the floor too, she reached over and opened the drawer in her nightstand. I watched her tits jiggling as she pulled out a strip of condoms and tore one off. She opened it and handed the condom to me, getting up onto her knees as I rolled it down. She gestured for me to join her on the bed and had me lie on my back in the middle then she straddled me.

My gaze was alternating between her tits, still jiggling as she positioned herself, and her trim, dark blonde bush. She gripped my sheathed cock and guided it to her pussy, lowering herself down on it as we both moaned. I reached for her tits and caressed the soft, smooth flesh, running my palms over her hard nipples as she started to slowly move up and down on my cock. Even through the condom, her pussy felt incredible so I was really glad that she’d cum already. If she’d been on the pill and had allowed me to ride bareback, I’d probably have cum immediately. The combination of how snug her pussy was and the copious lubrication, both from her orgasm and from her just being so fired up, was just outstanding and highly pleasurable. Fortunately, since she güvenilir bahis siteleri was on top and controlling the pace, I was able to stay with her longer than I would have expected.

She did gradually pick up the pace, which was causing her tits to bounce, so I moved my hands around to caress her ass and just watched her tits bouncing. I was pushing up into her each time she came down as she was riding me harder and faster, more to hopefully provide her with greater pleasure than to make me cum sooner. I was hanging in there pretty good, though, but I could tell that she was approaching another orgasm, which was more important as far as I was concerned. I didn’t expect that she would end up leaving me high and dry once she’d cum but I figured that, the more orgasms she had, the more interested she’d be in a repeat performance. Probably the last thing I should have been thinking about as an older, married guy was when I’d be able to fuck her again but she was young and sexy and I couldn’t help myself.

I was still watching her tits bouncing as her moaning became louder and she was riding me harder. It seemed like her pussy was feeling even more slippery, too, which was actually causing my orgasm to begin building a bit more quickly. I was starting to think that maybe we could actually cum simultaneously but she beat me to the punch. She suddenly stopped riding me hard and fast and seemed to go into slow motion as her body started shaking. She had a big smile on her face as she was cumming, which made me happy that I was able to help put it there. Otherwise, I was pretty much just lying there as she was cumming, admiring her body.

“You’re better at that than the ex was, too,” she finally said as she opened her eyes again and started to climb off of my cock.

“I think all I did was lay there,” I said.

“Yes, but you were able to lay there longer than he ever could,” she replied, “and now I’m going to try to make you feel as good as you’ve made me feel.”

She moved down the bed to kneel between my spread legs as I was once again distracted by her swinging tits. She stripped the condom off of my throbbing tool, set it aside then lowered her head and engulfed my cock in her mouth. I moaned as her lips slid up and down and she gently pumped the base. It was immediately clear that she was skilled when it came to cocksucking so I certainly appreciated the opportunity to experience it. I tried to just relax and savor the pleasure though I did enjoy watching her sucking my cock after having fantasized about it on more than one occasion. Yes, although I was happily married, I had not only pictured her naked but I’d also thought about how much I’d enjoy having her blow me, among other things. I just never expected that I’d actually be in her bedroom, naked, with her blowing me, also naked, after having just devoured her hot pussy and had her ride my cock. Even though it was wrong, I was relishing it anyway.

I think because I’d assisted her in cumming twice already, she was putting some extra effort into making sure that I was feeling as much pleasure as she could provide, which it turns out was a pretty significant amount. I wasn’t trying to hold out to enjoy it longer any more than I thought she was trying not to make me cum, but she did successfully draw out the pleasure I was feeling. Ultimately, though, I felt my orgasm building up and my cock was swelling even more as I got closer to cumming. She was unfazed, however, even when I started spewing into her mouth; she just continued sucking me off while swallowing my load. Once I was completely spent, she let my cock fall from her mouth and moved up to lie beside me.

“We should probably get moving,” she said, though she didn’t make an immediate effort.

“Give me a couple of minutes to savor that,” I replied, “it was amazing.”

“Thanks,” she said, “but I think I got the better end of that deal.”

“I don’t know,” I replied, “I’d still take that deal any time it was offered.”

“Well let’s just say that it will always be on the table,” she said, “if you’re interested.”

“Well then let’s just say that you should expect me every weekday morning unless you hear otherwise,” I told her.

That’s pretty much the way it went from that morning forward, unless one of us had a conflict or during those certain days each month when she didn’t want me stopping over. I also let her know that, in case of emergency, Sunday mornings could be available if we were discreet since my wife and son would be at church. The first time she exercised this Sunday morning option, she didn’t even call or text to let me know she was coming. It was just moments after my wife and son took off as I was thinking about watching some online porn when the doorbell rang. I was surprised to see Megan outside but I invited her in immediately, hoping that no one else had noticed her out there.

“I watched and made sure your wife drove off before coming to the door,” she said, “but I’m in dire need. I had a date last night and obviously I couldn’t put out iddaa siteleri even though he made me want to.”

“No worries,” I replied, “I know how to take care of you.”

“You really do,” she said, “and I appreciate it.”

She was wearing yoga pants and a hoodie zipped all the way up. I led her to the living room and over by the couch then hunkered down in front of her. I slid the yoga pants down, revealing that she hadn’t bothered with panties. I helped her out of them and her shoes then had her sit on the couch. Before going down on her, I unzipped her hoodie, finding just what I expected – no t-shirt and no bra, just bare tits. I caressed her tits then briefly licked and sucked her hard nipples before kissing my way down over her ribs and stomach as she leaned back. I kissed her abdomen and hips as she spread her legs for me then I immediately started licking her slit, tasting her pungent juices that had collected there. She moaned as I lapped at her pussy, holding my head and rocking her hips toward my face.

By this point, I’d eaten her pussy enough times to have a really good sense of what she liked and what worked for her. There were mornings at her place that required a quick orgasm but even on more relaxed mornings we didn’t tend to indulge too much. I knew how long my family would be gone and knew that I could take my time and give her the longest, most pleasure-filled experience that I had the ability to provide. I started by just slowly lapping at her pussy, running my tongue from bottom to top, parting her lips and passing over her clit. She started out breathing heavily and was progressing to moaning the longer I was licking her pussy. When I slipped a finger into her, she let out a more distinct moan, then when I started to lick her clit, she almost cried out. She was incredibly wet and already very engorged so she wasn’t kidding that she was in dire need; she was very fired up.

Because she was already highly aroused, I knew I could probably get her to cum in a matter of seconds, but I did make the effort to draw out the pleasure since we had the time. I wasn’t trying to torture her by holding back her orgasm but I did want to provide her with as much pleasure as I could manage before she came. Also, since we had the time, I wanted to indulge myself and enjoy eating her pussy for a bit longer than I normally could. I glanced up as I continued eating her, admiring her tits squeezed together between her arms and the look of raw passion on her face. With the sunlight streaming into the room, I was seeing her in a much different, and much brighter, light than I normally did. I was going to make sure that I took advantage of that along with the less rigid timetable.

She was moaning more continuously and rocking her hips toward my face more quickly the longer I was eating her so I knew she was getting really close and I didn’t try to hold off her orgasm. I continued licking and sucking her clit and pumping my finger in and out of her wetter and even more engorged pussy as she started arching her back and tensing up slightly. Finally, she went limp and her body was shaking as she came while I kept up what I’d been doing to prolong her orgasm. It was one of her typically long and intense orgasms, which she claimed trumped anything she accomplished by herself. That was, of course, flattering and explained why she’d show up at my front door rather than just using one of her toys at home. I knew she had toys because she’d finally let me try them out on her after I bugged her enough for the opportunity.

When she finally went still and let go of my head, I straightened up on my knees in front of her as she reached into the pocket of her hoodie. When she brought out a condom and handed it to me, I was glad she’d had the foresight but I also knew that she’d have to make sure she took it and the wrapper with her. I took the condom and unwrapped it as I stood and she slipped completely out of her hoodie so that she was naked. She then took my lounge pants down and helped me step out of them as I rolled the condom over my cock, which was plenty rigid at that point. As I yanked my shirt off, she turned and got on her knees on the couch, leaning on the back. Standing behind her, I ran my hands over her soft, smooth ass cheeks before guiding my cock below them and into her pussy. We both moaned as I pushed all the way in until my hips were pressed against her ass.

I slid my hands up from her waist to cup her tits, caressing the soft flesh and her hard nipples, as she reached down between her legs to stroke her clit. I started to slowly slide my cock in and out of her, savoring the pleasurable feeling through the condom and feeling my cock growing even harder. We usually took advantage of her bed on the mornings I stopped by her house but eventually we branched out to the couch or the kitchen or even the bathroom. On the occasion of this first visit to my home, we hadn’t gotten to that point yet so it was really a change of pace and a change of scenery to be fucking her from behind on my couch. I was totally relishing the feel of her snug, slippery pussy gripping my cock and the feel of her hanging tits in my hands. She seemed to be enjoying it as well based on the sounds she was making and the way she was pushing back against my thrusts.

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