Neighbor Love

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Big Tits

I lived at home for a year after I turned 18 and fucked my neighbor. Without anyone becoming the wiser, we were able to continue our frequent fishing trips and movie afternoons. We continued to see each other as much as we had before, except now…we spent our time sucking and fucking each other. For that year, we spent hours on the lake with my neighbor’s dick down my throat and up my pussy. We spent entire afternoons sleeping naked together with his dick buried inside of me. On weekends when my parents weren’t home, my neighbor would rent stacks of porn and we’d hole up in his house for the weekend…naked…practicing various sex moves on each other. Never once did we use a condom or other birth control. For a year, he blew load after load in my pussy without getting me pregnant. We were addicted to each other and I wasn’t sure how I’d give up his dick to go to college.

The day before I left for college, my neighbor took me on a fishing trip. As we prepared the boat, I stripped down to the skimpiest bikini that I owned, göztepe sınırsız escort knowing how it drove my neighbor crazy to watch me undress for him while others were around. As the other old men at the boat ramp eyed my hot little body, my neighbor hurried to get in his boat and off into the middle of the lake. Once there, he instructed me to take off my top and come give him a kiss. Even though the men on the dock could see me clear as day, I stood up and popped off my top…letting my big 36D tits flap in the wind for the men before heading up to my neighbor. The men started catcalling and I knew it would get my neighbor going. I then turned to him, straddled his lap and popped my bare tits into his face. With his girl secured to his dick, my neighbor then roared off toward our secluded cove…

Once in our secluded cove, my neighbor gave me my first surprise: My parents were staying out for the night and not coming home. He decided we would spend the night on the boat…fucking göztepe ucuz escort and sucking each other’s naked bodies. My neighbor broke out a bottle of liquor and another bottle of Viagra pills. He wasn’t about to take his chance on missing anything in my pussy before I left him for college. As we drank and he popped his Viagra, I gave my neighbor a hot little strip dance…ending with me straddling him completely naked on the back of the boat. I

I’d been so caught in my teasing, I didn’t notice the other boats that had anchored around us. It was most of the men from the docks, and they were watching intently as I grinded my bare cunt on my neighbors dick through his swim shorts. My neighbor was nothing if not jealous, so he wasn’t about to let the strange men enter my sweet little cunt. However, he was very open to showing off his hot little bitch and how good she looked when she got fucked. Me, drunk and my neighbor, hard off Viagra….I stripped off his shorts and started hovering kadıköy anal escort his dick. Many of the men in the boats took out cameras and began videotaping and snapping pictures of the slut and her old man. They kept taping as my neighbor pushed me off his dick and flipped me onto all fours in front of them…Without missing a beat, my neighbor had his thick dick shoved up my pussy and was bouncing me back and forth on it as I screamed for more. Between the cameras and the extra hard fucking, I’m not sure I’ve ever come as hard as that or as many times.

My neighbor filled my pussy over fifteen times that night before I left for college the next day. I literally drove onto campus with his cum drying in my womb. I hadn’t been gone a week when my neighbor and I arranged a rendezvous. Getting a hotel room for several hours turned into several days and finally, several weeks. My neighbor literally did not want to take his dick out of my pussy…and I didn’t want him to either. Before I knew what was happening, my neighbor had sold his house next to my parents and moved to my college town. We couldn’t live without each other’s sex…and after he moved to college, all I did was spend my days naked with is dick in me. Soon, he started to share word of my sexual abilities with professors and staff in preparation for a potential ganbang…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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