Neighbor to Neighbor Ch. 07

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(This story is a work of fiction and contains elements that many people do not enjoy, such as small penis humiliation, cheating spouse, paying for sex, and various other fetishes and oddities. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you may want to skip this story. This is also part of a series and may not make much sense by itself.)

Continued from the last chapter:

“I have an idea,” April smiled, “But we’re going to need some help.”

“What do you have in mind?” Elizabeth asked.

“Well, what if I did a series of other drawings showing men with small penises? If I could get a couple of well-hung volunteers to allow me to make some artistic changes maybe we could just convince people that Todd’s picture has also been short-changed?” April giggled at her pun.

“But what about the video?” I squeaked.

“Oh honey,” Eli snorted, “The only video we sent in was focussed on the easel and showing the time. The school didn’t require a live model, April and I just did all that to tease you.”

“But… to make it convincing we should probably do it like that for the other guys. It wouldn’t take long, we could get it done in one day.” April responded.

“But who would be willing to let you do that? I mean what man would willing let you display realistic art of them knowing you’re going to make their dicks look so tiny.” Elizabeth asked, displaying a greater level of comfort with talking about sexual matters and inadvertently teasing me.

“We may have to get creative with incentives, but I am pretty certain we can get two or three subjects, and if we can’t get them with honey… maybe we can use some blackmail.” April looked over at me, “Do you keep the videos?”

“What videos?” My wife sneered.

“I’ve got cameras in the shed, on our side and April’s,” I confessed and told April that I have the videos.

“Alright, I may need some copies, I need one of Jason, Keith, and Pete.”

“Keith? Which one is he?” I asked.

“You haven’t met him? He came over last Thursday… let me check my phone. Yep, here it is, he got there at like 8:30 pm. Look for the guy with a big black cock.” She smiled.

“Oh my!” Elizabeth snorted, “maybe we could take a look at these videos together.”

“And you think they’ll do it?” I asked.

“I think they don’t want their wives to know they’ve been paying for blow jobs. I’ll go set up some meetings, you guys find the videos.” April ran the play and headed out leaving Eli and me to sort through the videos.

“It sounds like we’ve got a lot to talk about once this is over?” Eli said.

“I think we do.” It’s not like I had forgotten about my wife confessing to April that she slept with my brother and that our child is actually his child. “Do you really think this will work?”

“It seems we have two options, Todd. One, we do nothing and by Monday morning most of the people in our lives will know you have a tiny wiener. Or, we try this and maybe convince people that it is all an artistic choice.” She laid out the options. “Todd, I don’t care if people know. It doesn’t change how I feel about you. But, I feel bad for my part in outing you like this… it’s no one’s business to know something that private about you if you don’t want them to know. But, I know it turns you on for other people to know about your little secret.” She slyly smiled and wiggled her pinky finger at me.

I didn’t know what to say, so we went to the other room and I mirrored my phone to the TV so we could both watch the videos saved to the camera app. We sat down, and just then the baby started crying. Eli went to take care of him and came back with him latched to her breast suckling her nourishment. I know it’s weird but I find it sexy to see her like that, the mix of her maternal instinct and her full tits on display really gets me going. I hadn’t bothered putting my clothes back on and just sat beside her fully naked.

I opened the app and started scrolling through the video files. In just the past two weeks there were over 30 videos.

“Jesus! Todd, how many of these do you have?”

“The app only saves them for 14 days, I really don’t know how many guys April sees.”

I scrolled down to the date and time that Keith visited. I opened the first video file, and there he was a striking, large black man, maybe 40-50 years old, with well-groomed hair and beard. He took off his shirt and folded it neatly laying it on a barstool his broad chest and thick body on display. April greeted him from the other side, and he stepped up to the board pulling it aside and then lowered his pants. Eli gasped when she saw his large cock swinging freely.

He was easily 6-7 inches and didn’t seem fully hard yet, with large low-hanging testicles that seemed the size of large eggs. He gripped his cock giving it several tugs, Eli reached over and grasped my leg as we watched him grow longer and thicker. Keith fed his brown snake through the opening over to April’s awaiting touch.

“Hold on,” I said, and made it through the app files and bahçelievler escort switched to the camera on April’s side. We watched as Keith shoved his cock through the opening where April was on her knees clothed in her overalls and a white T-shirt. She grasped Keith’s cock sliding the loose foreskin down and kissing the head, then slid her pink tongue across his long shaft. She reached up with the other hand taking Keith by the balls, and pulling them to her lips. Even his balls could make it to her mouth, while my little pecker couldn’t even make it far enough in for her to suck. We watched for 20 minutes while April worked Keith’s massive member. Eli, lost in lust, made several grunts, squeaks, and whimpers as we watched. Soon my wife was rotating her hips, squirming on the couch.

I motioned for her to stand up, I lifted her skirt, pulled her wet panties down, and told her to sit. She scootched forward on the seat with her legs spread apart, the smell of her sex filled the air. I hadn’t noticed before, but she hadn’t groomed down there for some time, she was much bushier than I had ever seen her. I leaned in and kissed the tender folds of her cunt. She purred placing a hand on my head and pulling me closer. I lapped her opening, being mindful this was the first time I had orally treated her pussy since giving birth.

Eli held our son to her breast, with one arm and guided my head with the other. I suckled her clit and slid a finger deep inside her.

“Get the dildo” She bleated, I looked up to see her wanting eyes. I quickly grabbed it from her nightstand. I returned to my position ensuring she was well lubed to receive the girthy dick. I slid the dong around her opening, coating it with our juices, and gently forced the head inside her spreading her wider than I ever had.

“Oh, Todd! It’s so thick!” She crooned. I sat up and slid the dildo deeper inside her watching her face for direction. Her body shivered as inch by inch she took more of this black dong. She looked down at me and smiled and then back to the screen, I looked over my shoulder and saw April ferociously sucking Keith’s black cock.

“I wish he was here fucking you, you deserve a cock like that.” I sighed.

“Really? Do you really want that Todd? Wouldn’t that be going too far?”

“Baby, I just want you to feel as good as you make me feel, and I can’t do that.”

“Faster!” She huffed and took my hand speeding up my thrusting. I fucked her faster, and deeper till she was taking the entire length of this massive dildo, her hips grinding into it finding the perfect rhythm to send her over the edge. She grabbed my wrist and held the dildo deep inside her cunt.

“GOD DAMMIT!!” She screeched with legs convulsing and stomach fluttering, I felt a flow of warmth over my hand, I looked down to see a thick white froth coating the black cock and seeping over my fingers. Never had I ever seen anything like that from her. She continued bucking and grinding on the cock, letting wave after wave of orgasm crash over her. Finally, satisfied I slid the dick out of her, and I took our son from her arms and set him down in his bouncy chair.

“Holy Shit Todd, what was that?” She coughed between gasps for air.

“I think it was a vaginal orgasm, I am not sure you’ve ever had one before. At least, not like that and not with me.” I said. We looked to the screen and April was wiping her mouth, obviously having gotten Keith off.

“Well, I think we should keep that video.” I laughed and downloaded a copy of both camera angles to share with April. “We still need to find two more, you up for that?”

“I can certainly watch,” Eli giggled and rubbed her spent cunt cleaning up her cum. I looked through my phone to see when Jason and Pete had last texted, I quickly found Jason’s last visit, and watched just enough to know it was him. And then did the same with Peter.

Eli went to take a bath while I got dressed and took care of our son. I looked at him and decided right then I would never tell Elizabeth I knew he wasn’t really mine, I loved them both and it didn’t matter how he came to be. I may not be his father, but I would always be his dad and because of that I also knew I had to protect him from our sexual fetishes from being made public. We had to make this plan work, no matter what.

***Okay, I’ve got all three of them lined up for tomorrow.** April texted.

** Jason 8 am**

** Keith 2 pm**

** Pete 7 pm**

** I’ll be at your house at 7 to get set up and go over the details**

I told Elizabeth about the texts when she got out of the bathroom. April has already texted her too, I wasn’t sure why she didn’t just text both of us at the same time but didn’t think too much about it either. We got ready for bed, but I laid there for a long time thinking about what life was going to be like with everyone seeing me naked, what about our families? My parents and sisters live in the area and will likely see the picture, and all the people bala escort at work?! What will happen Monday morning when everyone is whispering and snickering?

Even if this plan somehow works, it’s going to take several days to get the other pictures out, and then still convince people that April shrunk my penis to make an artistic statement. With all of this going on in my mind I somehow managed to fall asleep for what felt like 10 minutes before the alarm went off. I got up and took a quick shower, by the time I got out I could hear April and Elizabeth talking from down the hall but couldn’t tell what they were saying. I got dressed and joined them in the front room where April was setting up her art supplies, and Eli had set up her camera similar to when April had sketched my portrait.

“Hey Babe,” my wife greeted cheerfully. “I made coffee, and biscuits are in the oven. Why don’t you keep April company while I go get ready… oh hey, Maggie’s watching the baby for us today.” She added.

“Oh! Does she know what’s happening?”

“Mom knows,” April confirmed, “She said she’ll help keep your little secret, but she would like to see it again.”

“See it?” I asked.

“Your little dick, silly. She can’t stop talking about it, she really wants to see it in action.” April winked.

I grabbed a cup of coffee, and a fresh hot biscuit, wondering if my life would ever be normal again… and then wondering if I really wanted it to be.

“I think he’s here,” April announced, and moments later Jason was at the door. April let him in, as they exchanged some awkward small talk. I took a seat at the kitchen bar and sipped the remainder of my coffee.

“Eli!” April shouted down the hall, “Jason’s here!” She sang.

I looked down the hall and I swear it was like a 1980s hairband video, the door cracked open, the hall flooded with morning light, as she moved in slow motion. The silhouette of my wife came into focus the farther she walked. My mouth gaped open as looked her up and down. Black strappy heels carried her effortlessly across the wood floor, her legs were beautifully shaped and looked five feet long, she had a small triangle of black thong panties covering her pussy, and a matching black and paisley bustier sinched in her waist smaller than her normal pre-pregnancy size. But her tits were nowhere close to their original size, they overflowed her top and jiggled wildly with every step.

“Fuck,” April gasped. I looked over to find Jason and April equally stunned by my wife’s newly acquired bimbo look.

“What’s this all about?” I stammered.

“Well, it’s part of the deal.” She responded.

“She’s the honey,” April smiled referring to what she said the night before about getting the guys to agree to this with honey. “We need Jason to stay hard for an hour while I sketch him, and I’ll be too busy drawing, so your wife will have to do it.”

“Where do you want me?” Jason asked as he slipped off his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt. April showed him where to stand. He turned around and took his pants off, Eli walked around within an arm’s reach away from him. Jason turned around, his broad shoulders and thick waist seemed proportional to the length and girth of his flaccid cock that swayed between his strong legs.

“Honey? Can you help Jason get hard, please?” April teased. Eli looked over at me then down to Jason’s cock and reached out gently taking hold of him. His flaccid dick was bigger than mine erect. She fondled his cock in her hand and palmed his balls in the other. Jason looked lustfully over my wife wrapped his arm around her waist and caressed her full breasts.

“God you’re sexy,” He moaned. Eli’s arms were moving more, but I couldn’t see them from my perspective until Jason put his hand on my wife’s shoulder and ushered her to her knees. His 7-inch dick hung at about a 45-degree angle. He isn’t huge but much bigger than me, but he has a thick mushroom head that seemed to be the thickest part of his cock. Eli jacked his cock a few times and lifted it to her red lips. She looked up at him, licked around the ridge of his helmet took his head into her warm mouth. She hummed as she sucked his head and stroked his length, making sure he was hard and ready.

“Okay,” Eli huffed and pulled away from his dick. “Be good and I’ll let you finish.” She giggled, enjoying her role as a fluffer.

Over the next hour as April sketched Jason occasionally he lost his erection, and my wife was quickly in place resuscitating his limb. My little dick was aching watching my slutty wife pleasure this man in our home. By the look on Jason’s face, the dark purple pulsing cock, and the pearl drops of precum under him, I’d say he was aching too the lucky bastard had been kept on edge allowing his pleasure to heighten.

“Okay, we’re almost done,” April announced as she made a few more strokes on the canvas. And then the alarm on her phone went off just in time too, Jason was starting to go soft again.

“Thank god,” balgat escort Jason breathed. “Can someone please finish me off?”

“You’ve got this right?” April asked my wife. Elizabeth looked over at me and smiled.

“Get your camera ready,” She motioned to me and took hold of Jason’s dick leading him over to the couch like a leash. A grabbed my phone off the counter and quickly pulled up the camera and swiped over to video. I expected her to sit him down and suck him off, but things quickly escalated when Eli slipped her panties off, handed Jason a condom, and knelt on the couch facing April behind her. Jason quickly rolled the condom down his cock and looked up finding my wife with her ass up in the air inviting him to use her soaked cunt. I moved over to the chair beside them and recorded every moment.

Jason slapped Eli’s right cheek, stepped forward, tugged his dick a few times, and rubbed his thick head up and down her opening. Eli looked back over her shoulder and her eyes darted over to mine.

“You’re okay with this right?” Not waiting for an answer Eli pushed backward swallowing Jason’s cock. Her audible gasp made it clear his entry was more than pleasant. He quickly sank the entire length of his 7 inches deep inside my wife, grinding his hips and gripping her butt. Eli reached down and pressed her stomach feeling Jason inside her in a way she could never feel me.

“So good!” She sighed, “please fuck me!” Jason grabbed handfuls of her ass and pounded my wife. He was rough, filled with lust fucking my wife with a primal need to cum. Her breasts jostled violently with every thrust until her tits popped out of her tight bustier, she tried to hold them with her right arm while bracing herself with the left. Her sighing became a loud moan, then her moan into a guttural grunt. He was fucking her hard, fast and deep, and she was on the edge of cumming.

“You’re so deep! So thick! Oh god!!” She cried out. Jason slapped her ass again and plunged deeper inside my wife as his cock expanded to his fullest size and came hard pushing my wife over the edge their near-simultaneous orgasms feeding off each other enhancing their pleasure, Eli shook under Jason’s embrace, as he wrapped his arms around her kneading her breasts grinding his dick inside her till he was fully spent.

“Fuck,” April snorted breaking the now awkwardly silent room.

“Bathroom?” Jason asked sliding his dick out of my wife.

“Down the hall on the left,” I answered. Jason went to clean up, leaving my wife and me with April. Eli slumped down on the couch and looked over at me, she covered her face with her hands in embarrassment.

“Are you mad?” She asked me.

“What? No!” I assured her, put my phone down, and sat beside her, pulling her hands away from her face, I kissed her deeply. “That was incredible and exactly what I told you I wanted. I am not upset, not mad, not hurt, I am so proud of you.”

“Well, that was just one of three,” She teased and stuffed her tit’s back in her top. “We’ve got a few hours before round two, I should probably wash up.” She picked up her panties and headed to our bedroom, passing Jason in the hall, they exchanged a few words that I couldn’t hear, but I could see him lift his low swinging dick and motion to it before sharing a light laugh and they went their separate ways. He got dressed and talked a little with April before heading out. After the door closed I realized he never acknowledged me in any way, he never said anything to me, never even looked at me, it was like I was never there, and somehow I found that more offensive than him fucking my wife.

“Well, that was fun.” April joked. “Do you want me to go and come back or…” She lingered on the last word waiting for me to answer.

“Feel free to stay,”

“Do you want me to stay?” She asked and made her way around to the couch sitting down and taking my hand in hers.


“Good, I want to stay.” She leaned in and gave me a tender kiss on the cheek. “You’re a good man.”

“Am I?”

“You’re good to Elizabeth, and I’ve seen you with your son, and your good with him, you’re more comfortable than a lot of new dads.” She said sincerely grabbing the tv remote from the coffee table and flipping it to HGTV, for a dose of Saturday morning home improvement shows.

A few shows and another cup of coffee later April laid her head on my chest and draped her arm on my leg. She slowly inched her way up and found my small nub beneath the thin material of my joggers teasing it just enough to get me hard. I let out a slight whimper, and she stopped, waiting several moments then teased my pecker again and tugged at my pants.

“Wanna pull these down?” I sat stunned and silent, she had just told me I am a good man, and now she’s asking if I want to take my pants off. “I can’t imagine Eli getting upset, she did just fuck a man… a much larger man.” She said tracing my dick. I sat up slipping my pants and underwear down sitting down further forward on the couch giving her better access to me and she laid her head back down on my chest.

April rubbed my inner thigh occasionally climbing farther up and brushing against my groin. I couldn’t see my little guy over her head, but I knew I was hard. She pinched the base of my small dick and wiggled my penis.

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