Neighborly Lover

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Since I caught my ex-husband with his lover I have been living alone. I divorced him but I still get cravings for a man’s cock inside me. I needed someone to help out with my house chores so I got a neighbor named Mark to help out.

Mark would mow my lawn and help out with any work I needed done inside the house. Mark was mowing my lawn one Saturday. He had his shirt off and was wearing tight shorts as I watched him from my kitchen window. When he finished I invited him in and gave him the money due.

Mark’s chest was glistening with sweat and I could smell his man scent. His cock was bulging through his shorts. As I handed him the money I let the cash fall onto the floor. I knelt down to pick it up. I was looking directly at his crotch. I looked up and Mark was looking at me intently. He knew what I wanted, I was sure of it.

I reached out and pulled on the zipper and I also undid his shorts. Mark let out a sigh as his cock sprung loose. Mark had a big, thick cock that was all sweaty. My face was just inches away.

I reached over and lifted his shaft and brought it to my lips. Mark didn’t fight me in anyway, so I took him into my mouth. Mark threw his head back as I inhaled his man sized cock down my throat. I brought my hands around the back of his thighs and I drew him in. Mark began pumping his cock down my throat. God, I wanted him bad.

I took every inch of him down my throat and I took his sacs in my hand and started to squeeze them. It didn’t take much before Mark started to fire his load of seed down into my belly. There was so much cum, but I didn’t back off. I drained him completed.

After I made sure istanbul escort I had sucked down all his cum I stood up. I pulled off my shirt and undid my bra. I slipped my pants off and let Mark get a good look. I cupped both of my tits and Mark began to suck on each of my nipples. I thought I had died and went to heaven. I could feel my pussy getting wet.

After a few minutes of this I walked over to the kitchen counter and sat on the edge of it. I spread my thighs and Mark watched me. Mark came closer and took his cock in his hand. He fitted the hard tip of his cock to my opening and them he moved forward.

I let out a gasp as he slid inside of me. Mark was huge, much bigger than my ex-husband. We both just lost it as he drove his cock inside my tight pussy. He spread my walls with his thick fuck monster. Mark fucked me like a madman. I needed this worse than I thought. He slammed his cock into me again and again.

I didn’t think he could have much left in the tank, but I was wrong. I soon felt his warm cum flooding my insides. When he had finished I led him to my bedroom and I got on my back. Mark got in between my legs and lifted them up. He pushed his cock into me again and then bludgeoned me with his fuck pole.

We ended up fucking that whole afternoon. This was the beginning of Mark coming over and taking care of my needs. Then one afternoon Mark surprised me. He brought along his friend named Billy. The three of us then went to my bed and the two of them took me.

At first I didn’t know what to think. It didn’t take long before I was wild with lust kadıköy escort for both of them. Mark was on his back and I was riding him. Billy came up from behind and fitting his cock to my asshole. I wasn’t quite ready for that, but Billy didn’t care.

He started to push his giant cock into my nether region. Billy’s cock was much bigger and thicker than Mark, if that was possible. He must have been at least nine inches long and thick as a cucumber.

I have never felt anything like that before or since. They fucked me until I was screaming. I took so many loads of man seed that day I lost count. It wasn’t long before Billy was paying special trips to my house without Mark tagging along. Billy was sharing an apartment with another guy and was able to slip over to my house whenever he wanted to. Very shortly I became Billy’s love slut.

Billy was much more experienced than Mark in the lovemaking department. He would have my legs spread and then he would press the tip of his monster cock to my pussy. Billy would then make me beg him to push his cock in.

Billy would slide into me and then pull out. I was would go nearly insane when he did that. “Do you want my cock, Liz?” he would say. “God, Billy, don’t torture me like this,” I would nearly scream back at him. Soon Billy was feeding the entire length of his fuck snake into my belly.

I loved feeling his big balls slapping against my ass cheeks. He drove all nine inches into my belly and then hold his cock there. My pussy muscles would take him in a death grip and we would fuck like that until he blew his load into kağıthane escort my hungry pussy. I would also ride him and he would bring his ass up from the bed pounding me as hard as he could.

It soon became clear that Mark was the odd man out and he didn’t show up anymore. I wasn’t sure if Mark and Billy had come to some sort of agreement. All I knew was that Billy was spending all his spare time in bed with me.

Billy would bend my legs back to my chest and then lower his mouth to my hard nipples. He would take each nipple and start chewing on each one. Then Billy would start to fuck me. I was never a squirter, but Billy had me so worked up I was firing my cum all over his massive cock. I never had been stretched like that by any man before Billy came around.

It wasn’t long before Billy said he wanted to make me pregnant. I was on the pill at the time, but Billy wanted me to stop taking it. He would push me right to the edge when he fucked me and then tell me he was going to impregnate my pussy.

There was something about my younger lover telling me this that make me a total whore in bed. I begged him to give me his love seed and give me a big belly. Very shortly after that I had Billy move in with me. I know he was still seeing some of his old girlfriends on the side but I didn’t care by then. I couldn’t be without his thick prick pounding me each evening in our love bed.

Our favorite thing now is to have Billy fuck me until he fills me with his red hot cum. I can say that Billy has a lot of seed to give me. Most of it comes leaking out after he has finished fucking me for the night. Billy then pulls out and I clean off his stiff member with my mouth of all our love juices. I know this gets both of us crazy for more fucking.

Right now I am off the pill and Billy is giving me multiple loads of his love seed every day. I know it won’t be too long until I will miss my period and Billy says he can’t wait to fuck a pregnant woman. I can’t wait for that either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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