New Adventures with Catherine Ch. 04

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I’m spending the week at the Sequoia RV Ranch, just eight miles from Sequoia National Park, with my friend, Catherine. She and I have been walking partners for most of the year and sexual partners for just as long. After a month apart, we are back together to spend time hiking and making love. We arrived yesterday and found ourselves in bed as soon as we got settled. She rode me to our first of many orgasms.

We are over here on the east side of California looking for cooler weather. Our summer on the central coast has been extremely warm and we are hoping the temperatures drop as we move into Autumn. Catherine was laying comfortably on top of me after our first round of love making when we heard a commotion outside our trailer in space 6. Two ladies were attempting to back into space 7 with their r-pod. They were not having any success, in fact, they had jackknifed their trailer.

I threw on some cargo shorts and went outside to see if I could lend a hand. I left Catherine lying in bed massaging her Double-D boobs. I introduced myself to the ladies and offered my assistance which they gladly accepted. Olivia and Abigail introduced themselves. Abigail, who was wearing a black mesh top highlighting her stiff pink nipples and lovely round breasts tried to navigate Olivia into the RV space.

I assured the ladies that I could fix the problem once I got behind the wheel of their truck. When Olivia got out of her truck I saw she was wearing a bikini top way too small to contain her enormous breasts. I couldn’t help but stare, something Catherine warned me not to do. I parked their trailer in short order and assisted with setting up. I spent 20 minutes helping them and enjoying the view. Once I finished getting them settled, I invited them to a campfire later in the evening. I walked back to a naked Catherine waiting for me in my trailer and admitted my guilt about staring at their tits.

Catherine and I made a pact to remain nude while we are inside our trailer. This led to Catherine masturbating and then giving me a blowjob before dinner. We can’t keep our hands off each other when we are naked. I love her big boobs and sweet pussy. She loves my seven-inch cock. While I was preparing dinner, I looked over to the r-pod in space 7 and saw that it was moving and shaking in all directions. By the way the trailer was moving, I believe our camp mates were getting it on, perhaps with a strap-on dildo.

Catherine and I enjoyed a lovely evening around the campfire with our new friends. They are avid hikers and plan to test their stamina on several trails in the National Park. Catherine brought out a bottle of brandy to share, however, she drank most of it and ended up drunk and horny. I called an early end to the evening, so we could fuck our brains out one more time before bed. And we did just that.

So, I wake up this morning pressed against Catherine’s naked body with my arm draped over her. Her left breast rests in my palm. I look over to the clock on the nightstand; it’s just after nine. I squeeze Catherine’s boob and pinch her nipple to see if I can get her to stir.

“I’m awake, why are you playing with my tits? Didn’t you get enough last night?”

“Good morning my love. How are you feeling?”

“Like I had my brains fucked out. My pussy is a little tender this morning. I don’t remember getting under the covers, did you put me to bed?”

I tell her I did, even though she had slipped between the covers while I was cleaning up in the bathroom. Catherine rolls on to her back and smiles. Her beautiful blue eyes are a little glassy as she tries to focus. I lean over, and we share a sweet morning kiss.

“She admits, “I may have drunk a little too much brandy last night, but I do remember getting plowed from the rear by your fabulous cock. I think that was the most electric orgasm I’ve had yet. We might wear each other out by the end of the week.”

I must agree with her assessment. We discuss our plans for today. Catherine wants to hike the Sugar Pine trail that Olivia suggested. I’m ready for some breakfast and kiss Catherine once more before climbing out of bed. She wants to shower before breakfast, so I grab towels and a wash cloth from the cabinet for her. I hand her the towels and pat her fleshy tush.

“Hey buster watch it. You had enough of my ass last night.”

“It’s too bad the shower isn’t big enough for both of us. Maybe we can use the camp showers sometime this week. I would love to wash your back for you.”

Catherine winks at me as she closes the bathroom door. I pull out the pancake batter and sausage from the refrigerator. It’s time to get to cooking. When I look out the window, I don’t see our friends’ truck. Olivia and Abigail must have gotten an early start.

The sausage is cooking, and Catherine comes out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her body and another around her hair. She is looking rather sexy. She drops her towel, moves behind me and wraps her arms around me. I feel her stiff nipples on my back. She drops her hands to my balls bahis şirketleri and squeezes them.

“So, what’s for breakfast?”

She kisses my neck and licks my ear.

“You’ll be my breakfast if you keep this up.”

Catherine eases off as she isn’t ready for another round quite yet. Her pussy needs a few more hours of rest. I tell her to have a seat as the pancakes and sausage will be ready in a few minutes. We dine in the nude, keeping our promise not to wear clothes while we are in the trailer. Pancakes taste so much better when you have big beautiful tits to stare at. In between bites Catherine massages her breasts and pinches her nipples just to drive me crazy.

After breakfast we dress for our drive into Sequoia National Park. Catherine puts on her black sports bra and Cal Poly Mom sweatshirt. She pulls out a big floppy hat from the closet. I don my cargo shorts with no underwear. I’ll be commando if someone decides she wants to make love out in nature; something I’m banking on. I stuff a backpack with water, snacks and a blanket. We drive the short distance to the park and use my Senior Pass to gain entry. We receive a map at the entrance and Catherine immediately plots our way to Sugar Pine trail.

I drive slowly along the winding road; we marvel at the huge Sequoias and other plant life. In about fifteen minutes we arrive at the Sugar Pine parking lot and trailhead. I spot the truck belonging to Olivia and Abigail. It’s the only other vehicle in the lot; they made good on their desire to hike this area.

I lean over to Catherine and give her a kiss, “Looks like our campmates are out there somewhere.”

The sun is rising in the sky which is cloudless and blue. The air is cool. We jump out of the truck, I grab the backpack and we hold hands as we walk over to the trailhead. There’s a large board with the map trail and other information about this location. The trail winds through some massive trees and lots of vegetation. Several open spaces and valleys can be viewed from the trail.

Catherine wonders if we will run into Olivia and Abigail along the way. Since part of the trail doubles-back, it’s a good bet that we will. She is kinda cute with her big floppy hat and oversized sunglasses. I pull out a couple of water bottles from the backpack and we proceed down the path.

We trek through the woods for a mile enjoying the peace and tranquility. We hear an occasional leaf crackle as lizards and squirrels scamper through the forest. Just beyond a thick grouping of trees we begin to hear some faint sounds in the distance. We look at each other, wondering if there might be critters or larger animals out here in the wilderness. We press further on down the trail and around the bend. The sounds become more audible. Catherine stops and strains to listen closer. I hear soft moans.

“Oh, gawd yes, that feels so good.”

Catherine and I look at each other. No, it can’t be. We walk another twenty feet down the trail around one more bend and stop in our tracks. Catherine is the first to speak, “Oh my god, would you look at that.”

About thirty yards from the trail, out in a clearing behind some thick bushes, we see Olivia and Abigail.

“Well Cath, I guess that answers my question.”

Olivia and Abigail are stretched out on a blanket completely nude. Olivia has her legs spread and Abigail is eating her pussy. Catherine looks at me, I look at Catherine and then we both look at them.

“I love this Rob, let’s get closer.”

Catherine and I move to within 35 feet of our horny neighbors. We are hidden among thick bushes and wide tree trunks, as we watch the scene unfold. Olivia holds and squeezes her huge tits. My guess was right, she has very wide pale aureole that cap her big boobs. I had a glimpse of one when I first met them and parked their r-pod. Abigail lifts her head from between Olivia’s thighs and we see a very hairy pussy. Her fur is dark brown and covers her entire mound and outer labia, including her inner thighs. I tell Catherine that Olivia needs to visit her waxing salon and start laughing.

“Sshh, I want to watch this.”

That’s right, Catherine is quite the voyeur. She loves watching other people have sex. We can hear the ladies clearly as well as see them.

“Oh god mistress, I love eating your pussy. You get so wet and taste so good.”

“Keep it up my darling slave girl, I’m almost there. Keep licking me.”

We watch Abigail’s face drop down between Olivia’s thighs. Her lips disappear into that jungle of pubic hair. I can hear her slurping Olivia’s juices. Abigail’s head is busy moving back and forth and up and down as she attacks the hairy cunt. Olivia’s legs are shaking as she continues to maul her breasts. Catherine and I can see Olivia pinch her nipples and pull up her massive tit flesh as she rises toward a climax.

“Hey Rob, I bet you’d like to play with those tits. Look how big they are? You said they’re as big as Denise’s? Well I can’t wait to meet Denise. Maybe I’ll play with her tits and get you all jealous.”

I move behind Catherine bahis firmaları and wrap my arms around her, placing my hands on her Double-D’s. She covers my hands with hers and presses them against her sweatshirt. I massage her boobs while we watch the scene in front of us. I believe Abigail is quite experienced at pussy eating. She has her hands underneath Olivia’s ass cheeks and seems to be pulling her up into her face.

Olivia is panting, “That’s it baby, suck my clit, suck my fucking clit.”

Abigail seems to be moving frantically between Olivia’s thighs. Olivia now has her hands on Abigail’s head as her legs flair about. Catherine is startled as Olivia screams.

“Oh gawd, I’m cuming. I’m cummmmmiing, bitch. Eat me, eat me motherfucker. Do it like you always do, stick your tongue deep inside my cunt. Lick my cream.”

I whisper, “That Olivia has quite the potty mouth.”

Catherine tries to shush me, she wants to watch it all. I ask her if she wants to join them as I squeeze her boobs.

“No, I just want your hard cock. I don’t want to share.”

We watch as Olivia climaxes and Abigail crawls up to share her lady juice. Abigail lies on top of Olivia; their tits squish together as they kiss for several minutes.

We continue to watch the ladies kiss and rub their bodies together. Catherine loves to watch others having sex. After several minutes they break apart and Abigail reaches into a backpack next to them. She pulls out a strap-on and a tube of something.

I whisper, “Whoa, this looks like it might get interesting. I bet that’s lube for their dildo. That’s a big cock they have there. Do you want to keep watching?”

“Yes, and keep playing with my boobs, it feels good.”

“Do you want to get naked and fuck?”

Catherine looks back at me with an evil grin, “That might be fun. You know what, let’s go back to camp and take that shower together. But first I have to watch this.”

“You really are a professional voyeur.”

Catherine and I continue to watch our campmates get it on. Abigail hands the strap-on to her fuck buddy. Olivia puts it on and lays back down on the blanket. The fake cock sticks straight up; It looks so obscene. We watch Abigail straddle Olivia and move up toward her head.

Catherine is so excited, “Look, Olivia is going to eat her pussy before they fuck. I bet her pussy is so wet. This is insane.”

From our vantage point, we have a clear view of Abigail as she lowers her body. Her pussy is completely shaved, unlike Olivia. Olivia opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out to make contact with Abigail’s womanhood. We can see her lick Abigail’s pink labia over and over.

I comment, “Well if she wasn’t wet before, she sure is now.”

Catherine’s excitement continues, “Look at Olivia lick her pussy. I wonder what Abigail tastes like? I bet she tastes good, look how deep Olivia gets.”

I ask Catherine once again if she would like to join them. She declines again, telling me she wants a real cock. We watch Abigail grind her pussy into Olivia’s face.

Abigail squeals, “Yes mistress, lick my pussy. Make me wet so I can fuck that dildo.”

I wonder what is with all the ‘mistress’ talk. Abigail moves back and now straddles Olivia’s hips. She grabs the tube and pours some lube onto the silicon dick. Abigail lifts her hips and guides the dildo between her soft folds. She slides down and the cock splits her pussy in two. We watch her put her hands on Olivia’s tits and then move her pelvis up and down the shaft. Each time she pulls up, her thick inner labia grips the dildo.

Catherine is in awe, “Rob, look at her inner lips, look how they stretch each time she moves up that cock. I would love to suck on those lips and lick that smooth mound.”

Abigail rides the cock for several minutes while she massages Olivia’s mammoth boobs. We watch Olivia grab Abigail and lift her up and off the fake cock.

“On your knees, bitch. I’m going to fuck you like I did yesterday in the trailer.”

I whisper in Catherine’s ear as I squeeze her tits, “Told you so.”

We silently watch Olivia from our hiding place. She struts over to Abigail, squats down, lines up the dildo with her pussy and slowly slides the shaft all the way inside Abigail’s pussy. She grabs Abigail’s hips and fucks her with a slow movement back and forth. Olivia speeds up her thrusting and Abigail grunts each time the cock bottoms out. Olivia increases the intensity. Abigail pushes back hard and the strap-on slaps against her skin.

“Oh, fuck me mistress, your cock feels so good. May I cum now?”

“Not yet bitch, keep taking my hard cock. Maybe I should stick it up your ass. Would you like that?”

“Oh no, my ass is still sore from last night, please let me cum. I am so close.”

Catherine and I just look at each other. We can’t believe what we are hearing.

Catherine whispers, “This is amazing, I need to take a photo of them, this is so hot.”

She pulls her phone from her back pocket and snaps a few pictures while Olivia continues to pound Abigail from kaçak bahis siteleri the rear. We hear Olivia give permission for Abigail to orgasm. Olivia grabs her hair and pulls her head back as the dildo slices through her wet folds. Olivia’s hips are a blur as she pounds Abigail’s tight pussy.

“Oh gawd Liv, I mean mistress, I’m going to cum. Your cock is the best, only you know how to take care of my needs. Don’t stop, I need to cum.”

Abigail’s legs are shaking. Olivia let’s go of Abigail’s hair and slaps her ass hard. She strikes the fleshy bum again and we see the white skin turn pink. Another smack and Abigail cries out.

“That’s it mistress. I’m cuming, I’m cuming. You feel so good inside. My ass is on fire, spank me again.”

Olivia smacks her butt cheek one last time and Abigail releases a jet stream of cum that covers the dildo. Olivia continues to pump into Abigail as more liquid drips from her inner core and covers her thighs. Both ladies are a sweaty mess as they engage in carnal lust. Olivia slows down but remains inside of Abigail.

Abigail looks back over her shoulder, “Thank you mistress for letting me cum. I don’t deserve it, but I needed it so bad. You are so generous.”

With that remark, Abigail falls forward on her stomach with the cock still lodged in her pussy. Olivia lays onto top of her lover and grinds the strap-on against Abigail’s rear. They remain motionless for several minutes. I ask Catherine one more time if she would like us to announce our presence and join them. She turns around to me and hugs me close. Her lips search out mine and we share a passionate kiss. Our tongues play back and forth.

“Let’s not disturb them. Take me home and make love to me; my pussy is so wet. Let’s take that shower together and you can fuck me there. I want your cock Rob.”

Catherine surprises me with the intensity of her response. She tucks her camera into her back pocket and we quietly move on down the trail. We set a quick pace back to the truck. By the time we make it back to the parking lot, we are huffing and puffing. We take time to drink some water before I help Catherine climb into the truck.

Catherine sits right up against me as I drive back to the RV Park. One hand is on my cock and she rubs my shaft back and forth. Her other hand is under her sweatshirt massaging her breasts. She is fired up. I concentrate on the road as she plays. We’ll be back to camp and in the shower soon enough. Catherine talks non-stop.

“Gawd Rob, what did we just see? That was so hot. Who would have thought our camp neighbors were like that? And the mistress comments, I think Olivia is a Dom. Boy, if could get my mouth on Abigail’s cunt, that would be so fine. Did you see those pussy lips?”

I can’t get a word in edgewise. I tell Catherine to slow down and take a breath. She doesn’t listen, she just squeezes my cock harder.

“I’m so horny Rob. I need your cock. I wasn’t expecting to see all that sex so early in the morning. Wow.”

“Hold on Cath. We’re almost back. You head straight for the showers. I’ll grab some soap and towels from the trailer and meet you there.”

When we finally arrive back at camp, I drop Catherine by the showers. She walks up to the handicap shower and opens the door. Good call, we’ll have plenty of room and there is a bench we can use. I drive over to space 6 and park the truck. I grab some towels, soap and shampoo from the trailer and then hightail it back to Catherine. I knock on the shower door.

“It’s me, sweetie.”

Catherine opens the door. She is already naked, standing in the hot spray. The shower is filing with steam. I close the door and hand the soap and wash cloth to Catherine. Catherine’s clothes are on hooks, I quickly undress and place my clothes on the chair next to the wall.

My cock is hard and pointing seven inches straight ahead. I move into the shower and stand behind Catherine. She hands me the wash cloth and soap. I stand behind her and scrub her back and ass cheeks. I’ve done this before. I wrap my arms around her and soap up her tits. I fondle them and squeeze them and hold them up. I love her boobs. I move my soapy hands down to her pussy and run my fingers through the triangle of soft curls that covers her mound. I use my fingers to rub her smooth outer lips as I clean her folds. Catherine spreads her legs and dips her head into the spray. I dip my fingers between her inner labia and clean her juices away.

Catherine lets the shower stream wash away all the suds before we change sides and I stand facing the shower head. She uses the soap and washcloth to wash my back and bum. She slides her soapy fingers up and down between my ass cheeks. I feel her fingers run along my backdoor and it feels good. Catherine reaches around and grabs my cock. She presses her breasts into my back as she cleans my shaft and balls. I love her gentle touch as she makes sure I am clean.

I turn around and we embrace under the hot water. I am faced with a beautiful pair of large boobs with dark red nipples staring at me. I grab the undersides of her full breasts and bend down to suck her squeaky-clean nipples. I suck her left nipple between my lips and pinch her right. Catherine holds my head close to her while I suck and kiss and lick her tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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