New Beginnings CH 06 Locker room

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Me and Adam had been seeing each other for sex nearly everyday and multiple times when we did get together. I was happy he had forgiven me and told me I was the love of his life. I had dropped my humility and had no problem changing in gym class though I usually just helped the jocks by holding their feet while they did sit ups or counted and was a little errand boy for them and the coach. I woke up one morning to find Adam in my room and I jumped up and kissed him. He said you are not up and ready yet. I said my alarm has not gone off yet. He said the power went out last night, it’s already 7:30. I jumped out of bed and ran to my dresser to and grabbed some underwear. He said no no you want need those. I turned to see a big smile on his face as he was holding a pair of briefs in his hands. I said you bought me underwear and he smiled. I took them and kissed him, he smacked my bottom and said now get dressed we gotta go. I pulled them on and realized they where not regular briefs as they had no back to them. I looked at him and smiled, he said they are like a jock strap but briefs. I love them I told him. I found some jeans and a t shirt and finished getting dressed and grabbed my shoes and put them on and we headed down stairs hand in hand. Told my mom good morning and I would see her this afternoon, love you. We headed out the door and his mom already had the car running waiting on us. We arrived at school and I kept waiting for school to over so Adam could get me jeans off and fuck my little ass. I entered the locker room and the coach was talking to team and telling them he had a meeting with some recruiters and for them to do whatever they wanted but stay out of trouble until the bell rings. I’ll see you guys tomorrow. He left and walked on into the locker room. Adam was sitting on the bench in there and I walked up to him and said I wish he would have just let us leave early. He snickered and said you want me to fuck you in your new undies don’t you. Yes I do, several times if you want. He stood up and said gather around guys. They gathered around the benches and said lets go to the weight room. One of them said we are not allowed to work out with weights unless coach is here. Adam smiled and said we just gonna fuck around. We all went into the weight room and he pulled me to the center of the room and told me to remove my shirt and pants. I pulled my shirt off and my pants. All eyes where on me and I could feel them all. He said Tim suck my dick as he unzipped his pants. I happily pulled it out and took it in my mouth. He said boys my little toy likes to be filled with cum, think we can help him out. I was sucking him hard now and knew he could not last long at the pace I going. I felt hands on my ass spreading my cheeks. I kept sucking and felt Adam tense up and knew it was fixing to shoot. I felt someone slide a cock in my ass and begin thrusting. I felt Adam’s cock twitch and he shot load into my throat. He watched as the other guy fucked me and I was moaning when and enjoying the fuck when I felt him shoot. Adam pulled me up walked me to the weight bench and laid me on it and gathered some jock straps and tied my hands to the legs of the bench. He pulled my legs up and tied them to the uprights where the weights sit at. He told them to grab some fifties and put them on. There that should hold him. I want him dripping cum when the bell rings. The second guy entered my ass and one shoved his cock in my mouth. They where both thrusting away at me. I was moaning and enjoying this so much but I wanted Adam to fuck my with big dick. I swallowed three guys and then a big cock hit me in the face. It was black and massive, maybe as big as Adams. I was slowly mouthing the head when I shrieked something massive was shoved up my ass. He slid his cock in deep and it took my breath. I swear both big cocks had to be touching inside me. The guy fucking me was slow stoking his cock in and out of ass. I felt him pulling out and knew what was coming. As the cock in my mouth slid all the way down my throat the one in my ass was slammed deep and he had not given me all of it before. I screamed as much as I could with that monster cock in my mouth. He pulled out again and thrust it all in again and held and fucked me deep in short little strokes. I thought someone must have there whole damn arm inside me. I felt the guy I was sucking pull out and shoot all over my face and chest. He then slapped his big black dick on my chest several times before telling the one who was fucking me to save him some of that white boy pussy. The one fucking güvenilir bahis me got faster and rougher with his fucking and I felt him shoot really deep inside me. He pulled out and walked to my face and shoved his spent dick into my mouth as the other one shoved his almost hard cock in my ass and started pounding me good. Shortly I felt his cock swelling as he regained his hardness. The cock in my mouth was half down my throat and my jaws where stretch to their max. I could not fathom that sliding in and out of my little ass. My pussy will be more worn out than Aprils was. I was getting my ass filled with cum as they all fucked me everyone but Adam. I heard the bell ring shortly after the last guy shot his load in my ass. Adam untied me as the others took off for their buses and rides home. I stood up and pulled my shirt back on and reached for my jeans. Adam said hey put this on, and threw me his football jersey. I pulled it over my head and he took my jeans from me and kissed me. He took my hand and said lets go. I walked with him out into the gym where the volleyball team was stretching before their practice. We walked by them and into the hall. There was not many people in the hall as it had been several minutes since the bell rang. We stepped outside as the last bus was pulling away. He took my hand and we started walking home. Once we got past the school sign he reached and pulled the jersey off me and left my t shirt and my my ass-less briefs. I could feel the occasional breeze on my all as we walked. A couple of people took a long look at me but no one said anything. He said I need a drink. We walked to the store past our houses. He took me inside with him and got us both sodas and twix bars. He paid and led me out and straight back to my house. We entered and my mom was at work as he took me to the kitchen and removed my shirt and told me to get up on the dining room table on all fours. I did as he asked and felt him pour coke on my ass. I felt him wiping it off with a dish towel. I then heard him open his twix and felt him eating my ass out and then I felt him insert something in my ass. He then shoved his face into my ass and ravaged it with his tongue. I could feel the item sliding out and then he pushed it back in with his tongue. I head a crunch as his teeth scraped my asshole. He had inserted the twin in my and was eating it out of my ass. I was so fucking hot now. He finished and lifted me off the table and kissed me and I could taste the chocolate and cum from all the guys fucking me earlier. He reached down and rubbed my little pecker and grabbed my underwear and yanked them down and with two fingers he jacked my little dick. I shot quickly and let out a loud moan. He took me by the hand and took me to my room and then to the shower and he undressed and spun me around and shoved his cock in my ass and I could feel as he began pissing inside me. He lifted me and stepped into the shower and pushed me against the wall and began fucking my ass full of piss. He was fucking me with wild abandon. I could feel the piss leaking our around his cock as he pounded my hole. He told me to grab the bar above the shower and hold on good. He continued to thrust hard and he just dropped to his knees and his piss shot out of my ass all over his face and body. He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them with and buried his face in ass and finished cleaning my hole with his tongue. He stood up when he had finished and kissed me and could taste his piss, the cum, and chocolate. We washed each other off and exited the shower and dried each other off. He took me to my room and sat in my computer chair and pulled me down on his shaft. I slid down on it and began bouncing as he moaned. He grabbed my hips and was lifting and lowering me on his massive cock. He lifted me all the way off and dropped me back on his shaft and it rushed up my hole as my bottom slammed into his lap. He lifted me and spun me facing him and dropped me back on his cock and started kissing me as I rocked back and forth on his cock. I felt his cock start twitching and he lifted me off and I got to my feet and his cock was oozing cum. I dropped to my knees and slurped it all down. He kissed me and told me to leave my mom a note he wanted me to stay with him tonight. I wrote a note and he handed me my ass-less briefs and he pulled on his football jersey. He took my hand and we walked to his house my in my ass-less briefs and him in his jersey with that impressive cock swinging in the wind. We entered his house grabbed some snacks went to his room and ate and talked a bit before he led me to the bed. He threw me on the türkçe bahis bed. He said Tim you know what Viagra is I said yeah it makes you get a hard on. He said yes I took one earlier, I’m going to live in that ass tonight. He pushed my legs behind my head and slid his cock in my ass and fucked me cumming twice. He collapsed on top of me. My legs fell to his sides as he lay there before he turned me face down and shoved his cock in my hole and was using the bounce of the bed to thrust in and out of me. My whole body was bouncing up and down he was pounding me so hard. I felt his cock twitch but did not feel any cum hit inside me. He rolled me over and got beside me and rolled me on my side and shoved it back into my ass. He pulled me close and we drifted off to sleep. I was awakened several times that night as he was fucking me and I think sometimes he was doing it in his sleep. The next morning my body was sore as I woke up to his cock slapping my face. I opened my mouth and cleaned his cock off and he looked down and said don’t spill any and started pissing down my throat. I swallowed it all without losing a drop. He reached down and squeezed my belly and I let out an umf and he said hold on. He took my little pecker in his mouth and started sucking and I began pissing. He gulped it down and kissed me deeply. The taste of piss on out tongues and he lifted my legs and entered my ass again. He slowly fucked me as we kissed. He pulled out and took my hand and led me to the shower and he soaped me down as I soaped he down. He rinsed his cock and turned me around and shoved it in my ass and fucked me against the shower wall as I rinsed our bodies. I felt his cum hit the walls of my hole this time. We kissed and got out and dried off and got dressed and went to school. We where both obviously sore but both of us would have went at it again with no hesitation.

The next two nights we slept in out own beds and did not do anything other that kissing and a little heavy petting. Friday came and he wanted to stay at my house since my mom was going on a date again this weekend. I said that would be fine. We arrived at my house my mom had already left for her weekend and left me note and some money to eat on and it I wanted to do anything. Adam told me he would be back he had to run to his house. He returned to find me completely naked and waiting for him. He had a big duffle bag and he sat it down and smiled. He reached in and pulled out some items and said I want you to stay here while I go set this up in your room. Later on I heard him call to me and I headed to my room. I walked in and he had attached a sex swing. He helped me get into it. He pulled out some ropes from the bag and started to tie me up. As I watched I thought he must have been in the boy scouts because these knots where impressive. He tied my arms and legs and even had my little pecker tied. My ass how ever was wide open. He pulled out a device and said this is a cat of nine tails. He brushed my ass with it several times. Then he reached in and pulled out dildo with a ball on the end. He laid it on my stomach and pulled out a tube of lube. He lubed up the dildo and shoved it into my ass. He grabbed the ball and started pumping. I could feel the dildo expanding with every pump of the ball. It started swelling way up in my ass and my hole even started stretchering. I started groaning as it got bigger and bigger. He stopped and dropped the ball between my legs. He them pulled out clothes pins and started fastening them to my nipples and then stretching my skin at my rib cage and attaching them one right after the other. He then picked up the cat of nine tails and gently slapped my belly and worked his way down to my cock and balls. I was getting really loud now. He reached into the bag and produced a ball gag he pushed it into my mouth and fastened it behind my head. He returned to cat of nine tails and began working the strikes up and down my body. It hurt worst on my tender thighs. He continued before dropping the cat of nine tails. He lit a candle and placed it on the table. He grabbed the dildo and pulled on it I wriggled from the large item being pulled against my already stretched asshole. He then slapped my balls and I jerked he continued getting harder and harder with each strike. He stopped and grabbed the candle and held it over my body. I felt the sting as he dripped hot was on my belly. I jerked when he dropped the hot wax on the head of my cock. He continued dripping hot wax all over my body in different spots until I got used to it and he would move to a new spot. He used up all the candle and dropped its güvenilir bahis siteleri remains to the floor. He grabbed the ball of the dildo and released the air he had pumped into it. I pushed it out of my ass as soon as it deflated. He shoved his fingers in my hole and started rough finger fucking my ass. He then move to the front and removed my ball gag and shoved his cock in my mouth. Why he was fucking my throat he started removing the clothes pins and it hurt even more now. He rubbed his hands up and down my body. He would pause to squeeze my nipples and pull on them. He reached down and readjusted my head and began fucking my throat hard as he grabbed my cock and ball and squeezed them with all he had. I tried screaming but could not with his cock shoved down my throat. He held them until he cum in my mouth. He released my balls and returned to feet and grabbed the cat of nine tails again. He started working it on my chest and then sides , then belly all the way to the soles of my feet and then he violently crashed it into my cock and balls. He did this several times before dropping it to the floor. He returned to his bag and pulled out a monster dildo. He set it in the floor and unhooked my legs and dropped them to the floor. He reached in the bag and pulled out what looked like a fish hook but way bigger. He tied a rope to it and hooked it into my ass. He threw the other end of the rope through the top of the swing. He pulled me up to the top of the swing close to the ceiling and I was screaming from the pain. He slapped me balls and told me to hush he was having fun. He then moved the giant dildo underneath me and lubed the top half of it up. I felt him mop lube all over my pulled open ass and cheeks. I felt myself being lowered and could foresee what was going to happen. He stopped as soon as I felt the dildo touch my ass. He got under me and made some adjustments. He returned and made some adjustments to the ropes holding arms in place. I felt myself being lowered again. I could feel the dildo touching my hole and the small tip of it was pushing inside of ass, but would not go any further. He let out more rope and kept just enough to keep me from falling sideways. He came in front of me and grabbed my nipples and twisted them and leaned in and kissed me. I’ll be back in a minute. He left the room as I hung there this monster dildo trying to enter my body. I was keeping ass as tight as possible. I could feel it easing in my stretching my hole painfully. I hung there as the dildo slowly eased in no matter how much I fought. It felt like it was tearing me as I fought to keep it out. Adam came back in with some food and sat and ate why he watched me fighting to keep this giant thing from ripping me in half. He finally had finished eating and come around and slapped my balls, I cried out in pain. He let all the slack out of the rope holding my up and I dropped and almost fell off the side of the dildo and this hurt my little hole even more. Adam caught me and lifted me off the giant dildo and lowered me to the floor. He put his arms around me and kissed me deep. He squeezed and pulled my cheeks apart. He smacked my ass hard and said I want to fuck you. He pushed me to the floor and put me on all fours and entered me from behind with all the force he had he thrust his cock in me as far as he could get it in me. He let out a loud moan as he held his cock deep inside my ass. He pulled out and did it again. He pulled out and thrust his cock deep and held it several times before he finally pulled out and rammed me again and started thrusting in and out of me hard and fast pumps. He grabbed me by the hair on my head and began pounding away I felt him shoot in me and he kept fucking, he pumped three loads of cum in my ass before he pulled out. He rolled me over on my back and lifted my legs and pushed back inside me and started fucking me again. Me ass was use to being fucked by his big cock but not this much and after those big dildos stretching my hole out. He shot another load and collapsed on top of me and we both fell asleep right there on the floor. I woke up the next morning with Adam still on top of me and he was snoring so I know he was asleep. I reached down found his ass and rubbed it and drifted back off to sleep. I felt Adam moving on top of me and it woke me up and he kissed me when I opened my eyes. He helped me get up and took me to my room and sat on my bed and pulled me down to suck his cock. I sucked him off and swallowed his cum and piss and it quenched a hunger and thirst I had. He pulled me up into bed and we spooned and shoved his cock back inside my ass and reached around and started jacking my little pecker off and I quickly shot my load on my bed covers. He held me close and we fell asleep and slept till late the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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