New Man Pt. 01

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I don’t hate my ex-wife. Far from it. She was a great mom. She never cheated on me, and I certainly never cheated on her. We rarely fought, though in retrospect, maybe we should have. Maybe we could have bridged the divide before it became too big for us to cross. But by the time she was offered the dream job studying the effects of the changing weather on Alaskan soil, I think Tina wanted to be free. Free of me, and as sad as it sounds, free of our son Isaac.

Isaac has always been a sweet boy, and like his mom, he’s whipcrack sharp too. But his intelligence never went the direction Tina wanted. Instead of the nonfiction books she put in front of him, he lost himself in fantasy and science fiction. His favorite subject in school was English, not her beloved science. Even at ten, I could see him growing up to be a teacher someday, or a writer, or something wonderful and beautiful, but Tina kept trying to nudge him towards something more practical, something with real-world applications.

As for me, Tina always wanted me to be more of her friend than her partner and lover. She loved sex at first, when we were young and always so hungry for each other. But when Isaac was born, her body changed. That’s not her fault, nor are my cravings mine. She accommodated my urges, but gone was the fire. When I was trying to get her in the mood, she’d talk about her day, or work, or a thousand topics as sexy as tofu. I wasn’t miserable. Neither was she. We just… drifted. It happens, I guess.

Eventually, though, the differences between the reality she wanted and the reality of who we were was too much for her. While I attended Isaac’s conventions with him and went to see his school plays, she would slip out with her friends for a weekend away, saying she needed to recharge her batteries. The dam broke one day for me when she promised Isaac she’d make it to his spelling bee, something he’d been studying for the last month. I don’t know if she forgot like she claimed and it didn’t matter. I was tired of the hurt in our son’s eyes. He deserved better. So did I.

It wasn’t like she was a terrible person. I said that before. Tina loved — loves — Isaac. But was she meant for motherhood for him? I don’t know how to answer that. Loving someone and caring for them are two separate things. Tina wasn’t always capable of the latter. So when we posed the question to Isaac before the divorce proceedings as to which one of us he’d like to stay with, I know in my heart Tina was relieved when he picked me.

It went fast, as far as divorces can go fast. We both made good money, enough to be comfortable without each other, and neither of us wanted to keep the old house we’d bought in our late twenties. It was drafty, but not so drafty that the wind could push out the lasting memories there of us as a family. A fresh start for both of us, Tina and I agreed. We sold the house, split the profits down the middle, and she asked to have Isaac in the summers. That’s okay. That’s all right.

It’s what I tell myself, anyways.

* * *

I don’t really know why Agramonte made my short list of cities to look at for a move. It’s exactly the sort of pleasantly dull suburbia you’d expect out of a TV show. How’s that song go? “Little boxes,” and all that? Cost of living was a little higher than most the others, but the quality of the schools made up for that, and since Isaac was my priority now, that became my number one deciding factor.

I was a certified electrician, but since the states didn’t share reciprocal licensing, I’d be relying on my heavy equipment background to carry me for a bit. I lined up eight job interviews and made arrangements with a real estate agent whose picture I liked online to see a bunch of houses and condos in the area. With Isaac staying at my parents for a mini-vacation of his own, I flew down for what would be my first week alone since I was nineteen.

I frontloaded the job interviews, thinking that if I got a call back and needed to come in for a second, I’d still have the back half of the week. Those went fine, and seven out of the eight places wanted to hire me, with the last just not needing my type of operator but wanting to keep my name on file in case they ever did. I went with the second-biggest of the group, mostly because they were hungry to be number one and were most willing to work with me on flexible hours so I could keep supporting Isaac. My boy was always going to come first as long as I could manage it. The two grand signing bonus was also a nice touch.

My schedule cleared up, leaving me time to finally scope out some houses. The real estate agent, Yvonne, had a few simple orders from me on budget and location, namely that I wanted to be close to a school in a good neighborhood. Other than that, I told her she had free rein.

Her picture didn’t do her justice. She was supermodel pretty — and in fact, she’d done some modeling work when she was younger. Tight oval face. Golden tan. Short cute bob, her blonde hair highlighted nicely with bahis siteleri darker strands. Dressed to kill, too, in a black leather skirt putting every bit of her tight ass on full display and a white V-neck blouse plunging nearly to her belly button. No bra, just skin.

I wanted her immediately. That was the entire point of her outfit.

She gave me a dimpled smile that left me nearly brainless, waving as I pulled up into the first house’s driveway. Before I even got out of the rental car, she strode forward on high stiletto heels that made her walk like she had something stuck up her ass. A fascinating idea.

Oh. I guess the house was nice too. I don’t remember a goddamn thing about it, because in about ten minutes, I had Yvonne up against a wall, her long legs crisscrossed around my ass as I split her teeny tiny pussy wide with my cock.

She was very accommodating like that.

Yvonne was the first woman I fucked post-divorce. I held nothing back and she loved it. One of us had tugged her blouse over her proud handful of tits, and they drew my eye nearly as much as the part of her lips as she gasped with every hard thrust of my condom-covered cock. I pounded into that pussy like I’d never fucked anyone before, driving her up and down against the wall as unintelligible words and grunts fell from her lips.

My hands squeezed her tight ass under the bunched-up skirt. Her eyes fluttered and her head kept rocking back like she was half a step away from becoming a bobblehead doll. The thought made me grin.

“F-fuck,” she gasped. “You’re, nnngh, you’re splitting me in two…”

“Tell me to stop and I will.”

Her eyes focused for a moment and she glared at me. “Never, ungh, never stop fucking me…”

I crushed my lips to hers. A sharp gasp shot out of her as I really began to fuck up into that tight pussy. Less than a few minutes later and Yvonne was already right there. Might be a new record for me. If she wasn’t so wet, this might have been painful for her. Goddamn, she was tight. Or was I just so used to Tina by that point I thought she was? Fuck it, I didn’t care.

I was back.

This was me like I hadn’t been in a long time. Tina liked it slow and gentle, and that was fine. I liked that too, don’t get me wrong. But with a few exceptions, I’d gone ten years without feeling that power of my early twenties, the dominant me, the one that led the football team to a 47-3 victory at state my senior year of high school, the me that had once piled three women on top of each other and fucked each of them senseless. The animalistic me. I was not cruel to Yvonne. If I thought for a second she was pained by any of this or didn’t want it, I’d have stopped in a heartbeat. I’m not a monster. But I was set free, and damned if I wasn’t going to take for the first time in so very fucking long.

Oh holy shit, how I took.

Her pussy grabbed at me, hugged me tight. Her walls were so goddamn slick she left traces on my hips as they slapped against hers. Nails dug into my neck so hard they’d leave marks. “I’m going to… I’m go-going to…” she hiccupped, her eyes rolling back. “Ngggggh, FUCK!”

She came with a shudder and a gasp, her breath catching in her lungs as I kept hammering up into her. Before Yvonne came down, her legs unwrapped from around my ass involuntarily. I guided them back down and spun her so her ass was to me. She thrust it out, expecting me to fuck her again. Instead, I dropped to my knees and pried her cheeks apart to bury my mouth against her sloppy wet cunt.

Yvonne howled, “God, fuck, yes, yes, eat me!”

That ass was just as tight and bubbly as it felt, and I loved squeezing it while I devoured her. My long tongue slid through her depths, and I had her rocking back against me in seconds, her thighs still damp from her first orgasm. I loved that tiny pussy of hers, so delicate and almost virginally tight. Her lips barely peeked up around her pink depths. I drove my tongue in, loving the taste of the first woman I’d eaten out apart from my wife in over a decade.

“Good, so good,” she whimpered, thrusting that ass back at me as she balanced herself against the wall.

I had her number but I wanted to turn up the heat. I let go of her ass and slid two fingers up inside her folds. She jumped like she’d been shocked and slammed down onto them.

“Yes! Nnnngh, nnnnn!” She went wordless, a high, whimpering cry the only noise she could make as I pumped my fingers in and out. When I added a third and sucked at the base of her pussy, Yonne came for me again, gushing all over my fingers and down her thighs. I kept pumping her as I kissed one cheek, then the other and rose to my feet again.

I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “You’re going to get on your knees and suck my cock.”

“Nn huh!” she cried out, still riding her high, still pushing back at my hand.

“You’re going to swallow every drop.”

“Yes! Nnngh, suck your cock, suck your big fat fucking dick…”

“Good,” I said, and jerked my canlı bahis siteleri fingers out of her. She turned around on shaky legs, her lips parted as she smiled wide. It was her turn to drop to her knees, and she ripped the condom off me. Her cherry-colored lips spread wide around me and her cheeks hollowed as she started to suck my first few inches. I wasn’t sure she could take any more of me than that. Her pussy had been tight but goddamn, so was her mouth.

I grabbed a fistful of Yvonne’s short blonde bob and drove her face down. Never had I been this forceful with a blowjob, but I needed to use someone. Needed this sort of vengeful face fucking. I was going to take her in every hole, I decided. Maybe not that day, but soon. This would not be the last I’d fuck Yvonne.

“Suck that prick, baby,” I growled. “Fuck, you look like you were made for this. Blowing me.”

“Urk!” she gasped around my cock as I shoved her head down further on me. My hips did most of the work for both of us and I started to really fuck her face, almost matching the hard strokes I’d used on her delicate pussy earlier. I hit her tonsils, backed up, hit them again. Tears streamed down her face and at first I hesitated, thinking I was hurting her, but then she drove her lips down of her own accord and backed off, chuckling around my tip.

“Oos me,” she gasped, spittle flying out of her mouth around me.

Use me. Fucking hell, I liked her.

Her tiny hands wrapped around my base and she started to jerk me off as she bobbed her head up and down my cock. No more hesitation on my part. I started doing the work for her again, only letting her stop to take short, fast breaths before ramming my cock to the top of her throat, stuffing her full.

“Almost there,” I grunted. “Suck it down now, you slutty bitch.”

“Urk!” she agreed. I pulled back far enough to be merciful, fucking only the first inch or so of me into her mouth. My ass tensed and she let go of me to grip it, not letting me escape from her mouth as she drove down another inch. My first shot rocketed out of me, hitting the back of her tongue, then the roof of her mouth. She pulled off me, maybe not as I’d ordered, but doing something even hotter and closing her eyes as she jerked me all over her face. Fuck, but I painted her. I don’t think I’d ever come that hard, or for that long. By the end, she was beaming up at me beatifically, my come dripping off her chin, her cheeks. She opened her mouth to show me a few pearls worth inside, then swallowed. As I stepped backwards, Yvonne ran a finger through the come nearest her eyes and scooped it up. As she ate it, her eyes opened and she winked at me.

“So… like the house?” she asked.

I started chuckling and that set her off. “I needed that. Thanks.”

“I could tell.”

“Your clients must love you.”

“The guys sure do,” Yvonne said, taking my proffered hand and standing up. I removed my outer shirt and tugged off my white cotton tee.

“Hold still,” I murmured, and cleaned her up as best I could. “Think I wrecked your makeup.”

“I keep a kit in the car just for, mm, emergencies like this,” she said. “Lionel, I don’t want to give you any wrong impressions here.”

“Thank God. I was going to give you the same speech. My divorce was just finalized. I’m not looking to settle into anything this soon.”

She nodded. “I’d love to have some more fun with you sometime. But I’m a pretty free spirit, and I work in the sort of business that attracts a lot of yummy prospects.”

I grinned. “Absolutely no problem here. And yeah, I’d love to see you again sometime for, hm, another showing.”

“Speaking of which…” She got a thoughtful expression in her eyes. “I’ll take you all the places I was thinking of, but I’m sure I know the right one for you.”


She cleaned up in the house’s master bathroom. I stepped into the shower for a quick minute, just long enough to rinse off, and we headed for the next house when we were both ready.

It was a two-story on the north end of my budget, but it also wasn’t some cookie-cutter tract house either. Every place on the block was unique, if tightly packed together. With four bedrooms, it was far more house than I’d need, but I liked the idea of having a room dedicated to an office and maybe a playroom for Isaac — or a reading room, if he had his way. I chuckled at the thought.

The roof had recently been replaced and the interior redone in the last ten years or so. The carpet would probably need to be replaced in the living room, and while there was a basement, it was far from complete. Those were pretty minor things. If Isaac was younger I would have been worried about the wide-spaced rails of the stairwell going up to the second floor, but he wasn’t the accident-prone kid anymore.

What struck me the most about that place — at least until Yvonne dropped her bombshells in a few minutes when we made it up to the second floor — was how much it felt like home the minute I walked in canlı bahis the door. I could immediately see a reading nook in the living room for Isaac and where I’d want to mount the TV. I saw the master bedroom and envisioned myself coming out of the attached bathroom in my robe to drink coffee out on the small balcony. I could see putting up a basketball hoop out front, and maybe a hot tub out back with a small concrete patio for barbequing.

I saw all that, and even before Yvonne told the deal-maker, I was sold. This was home.

She watched me wander the house with a smile, and said finally, “Come with me.”

She took me by the hand and guided me into one of the spare bedrooms on the second floor overlooking the street. She slid up the big window and dug out her phone before dropping to her knees again. “Keep watching out the window,” she said as I unzipped for her.

Yvonne fished my cock out of my pants and boxers as someone on the other end picked up. A woman spoke, and Yvonne said, “Jenna, hey. Could you do me a favor?” She gripped my hardening cock and sucked the tip before speaking again. “Just step outside. Bring your garbage out. Something.” She giggled and sucked on my tip again. “I know. Just… trust me. Okay. Thanks.”

A minute later, one of the most stunningly gorgeous women I’d ever seen walked out the front door of the big place across the street. Long black curls. Big luscious lips. Dark, smoky eyes that made me want to see her face when she came. A shimmery green dress hugged all her curves in the best possible ways. My eyes bulged. This would be my neighbor?

Jenna saw Yvonne’s car in the driveway across the street along with mine, and her eyes rose naturally up. I gave her a wave, not knowing what the hell else to do, and she hurried across the street.

“Uh, Yvonne? Your friend is on her way.”

The real estate agent popped off me with a delightful slurp. “I know. I wasn’t exactly going to bait her in by saying, hey hon, come look at the big donkey dick I’m sucking down right now.”

I snickered. “Fair point. Does she come with the house too?”

“Ohhh, you’re going to have to work for her. And everyone else on this block.” Yvonne sucked my tip as downstairs the door opened again and a throaty voice called out for Yvonne. “There are so many gorgeous women here. You’re going to love this neighborhood. And I just gave you the ammo you’re going to need to fuck every one of these sluts.” She winked up at me. “Give her a show.”

I twisted with her so we were in profile to the door when Jenna walked in. The gorgeous curvy women came upstairs, calling again, less certain this time. Yvonne started to suck me in earnest, and I gripped her hair again as she worked my tip.

“Yvonne, what are you-?” Jenna turned the corner into the barren bedroom and stopped immediately, her hand rising to one of her big breasts. “Holy cock! I mean… holy… sh…”

She gaped at the sight in front of her. Yvonne had only an inch or so of my cock buried in her mouth, leaving most of the rest of my lengthy cock on full display. She popped off me and gave Jenna a coquettish wave. “Oh hi. Just showing the house to Lionel. Hopefully he’s going to be your new neighbor. Want to, mm, greet him with me?”

“Uh. Uh.” Jenna’s eyes widened even further, and she stared at my prick for a long moment before shaking her head. “Good God, Yvonne.”

She turned on her heels and walked out of there. I cracked up, and Yvonne popped off me, laughing softly too. The door slammed downstairs, and she winked. “I’m surprised she didn’t join in. Jenna’s just divorced too.”

“Really?” I asked. “And you know all this…?”

She rolled her eyes and tugged on my base. “Because I live down the street, dumbass. You think I’m going to let a cock this fine go further than a handful of houses? You’re going to be the new neighborhood orgasm machine. I’m going to get everybody on this dick. Jenna. Sarah.” She sucked me down again and popped off me with the devil’s own grin. “The twins.”

“The tw…?” But then she was sucking me down again, and I lost my train of thought until I’d blown another load deep down that come-hungry throat.

Later, as we lounged against her car, she nudged me and gestured at the neighborhood. “Tell me it’s not perfect.”

“It’s pretty great,” I admitted.

“I know the budget’s on the high end, but I promise you, right now, Jenna is on the phone calling everybody. And I mean everybody.” Yvonne’s grin nearly roused me for a third time. “When word gets out…” She shivered pleasantly. “Mm. I can’t wait to see it.”

“Let me ask you a question.”

“Of course.”

“Why do you seem so invested in this?”

“Besides my commission?” She shrugged. “Single dad, on his own. A drama-free breakup with a wife that says to me he’s a good man. And a lot of these women, myself included, we could use a good man. I’m not really talking relationships. I’m talking someone around here who we can rely on. Someone who knows how to, mm, fix a sink or find our clits.”

I snickered. “That escalated.”

She gave me a funny look. “And someone who just… cares, you know? We need a man. Not some boy posing as one. The world’s short of those right now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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