Nicole’s Sexy Adventures Pt. 05

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(Author’s Note: I know it’s been awhile. I’m sorry! Please don’t spank me too hard! 😉 Anyway this part features some watersports humiliation. I know not everyone is into that so I’ve marked the scenes to help you skip through it if you’d rather avoid it. It all takes place in (2) and I’ve written it so you can literally go from (1) to (3) without missing a major story beat. Anyway like I’ve said before I’d like you guys to tell me what you want to happen later on in the story. Everything’s flexible.)


The comments that the stranger had made about me being slightly chubby got to me. I’m not. I’m curvy. There’s a difference but what if Connor thought I looked big when we eventually met? I had emailed him back the next morning to arrange our meeting. He would be in London in five weeks so that gave me some time to at least try to lose some weight. I’m not much for diets but I quick a quick check online to see how much I should be eating vs. how much I actually was. No more chicken wings for me. With my job I didn’t have time to go to the gym (and I couldn’t go without any underwear on anyway) so I decided there was only one way I was going to get any exercise and that was during sex so whenever a member of staff decided they wanted a quick shag I would literally jump them and do all the work.

I would straddle them and ride them in a way that made them cum so hard that their cum faces looked pained or at least shocked. One guy had me bent over to fuck me doggy style and he didn’t even have to anything once he was inside me. I moved back and forth so quick and hard that he had to hold onto my hips to stop me from knocking him backwards. I even offered to give a hand job to whoever wanted one just so I could work on tightening my arms. I was basically using my co-workers as my gym equipment and it was hilarious. Even Jenny was surprised when I took control during one of our sneaky meetings by putting on the strap-on before she had taken off her bra. I think she actually liked me being the guy this time. She certainly liked it when I had her on all fours and pulled on her hair…then again what girl doesn’t like that? I sure as hell do.

‘Are you OK?’ she asked after I had given her the best orgasm I possibly could. She sounded unnaturally concerned and she cuddled up to me, which actually kind of freaked me out. We never did anything other than have sex. There was no cuddling or spooning afterwards. She would usually give me a “well done” pat and go and have a shower to wash the smell of my perfume off her.

‘Yeah,’ I replied but she gave me a curious look, ‘What?’

She shook her head. ‘It just felt like you were trying to fuck for England just now,’ she replied and gave a tiny smile, ‘I was just wondering if anything was bothering you?’

I frowned. ‘Last time I checked you were kind of blackmailing me to keep fucking your husband and you,’ I reminded her, ‘I don’t think you’re meant to care whether I’m fine or not.’

She actually looked a bit hurt by this and let go of me. She rolled on her back and gave what was meant to look like a dismissive shrug but it wasn’t convincing. I rolled onto my side and ran my fingers up her leg.

‘Are you OK?’ I asked.

‘Yeah,’ she said with a hint of a smile and I smirked. We had just had a complete role reversal in the space of a minute. ‘I just figured we could be friends.’

‘You call me your own little cunt slut,’ I replied with a laugh, ‘And while I weirdly appreciate it…I don’t think we’re meant to be friends? You’re fucking me to secretly get back at your husband and you’re having me fuck him so you don’t have to. It would be a weird friendship.’

‘Well…’ she said, considering my words, ‘no relationship is perfect,’ she said and we both laughed and once we started it was awhile before we stopped.

It was weird. Even though she had been laughing she still managed to sound miserable. She had been less aggressive with me when we were having sex (apart from our visit to the same hotel where David and the stranger had shared me for the night) and somehow I hadn’t really noticed it that much. Sure my arse was still red whenever I left the house but it felt like she had been going easy on me. Maybe this was my chance to finally address something I had been meaning to ask her but was afraid to.

‘Are you…are you gay or bi?’ I asked her and she gave me an unreadable expression, ‘I’m just curious. You don’t want to sleep with your husband and instead you have sex with me…very frequently and whenever you can find time.’

She swallowed and looked away from me. ‘I think I’ve been gay for awhile…’ she replied softly, ‘but by the time I realised I was trapped in a life with a man that I hate.’

‘Am I the first woman you’ve ever slept with?’ I asked and she nodded.

‘I don’t want you thinking I’ve fallen in love with you!’ she said quickly, ‘I just like your company and…well you are very pretty.’ cebeci escort

I smirked. ‘But no stunner?’

She laughed. ‘Well you’re no Kelly Brook. But you are sexy. You have that girl next-door vibe. You look like you could be all innocent but at the same time you’re filthy as hell.’

I nodded I agreement. ‘True,’ I said and looked down at the strap-on I was still wearing. I took the plastic dick in my hand and started rubbing it. ‘Do you think it’s weird for guys to have dicks? For them I mean? Do you think they look down at it and are just like “oh that’s funny looking”.’

She started laughing again. ‘No. I highly doubt it. They spend more time thinking with their dicks than thinking about it.’

‘Do you ever look at your pussy and think it’s funny looking?’ I asked.

‘I don’t have time. Normally your face is pressed against it,’ she smiled and I smiled back.

‘We could go to a lesbian bar if you want?’ I suggested and she looked worried, ‘what?’

‘Do you not want to have sex with me anymore?’ she asked.

‘I do…but I can tell I’m just a distraction,’ I replied, ‘I think you’d be better off admitting to yourself that you’d be happier separated from David and finding someone you can actually stand.’

‘But this house-‘

‘Do you want to be happy with someone you love or be trapped unhappily in a nice house?’ I asked and laced my fingers through hers, ‘I’ll help you.’

‘If David finds out then that video of you is going online,’ she told me and I shrugged.

‘Just don’t tell him the bits involving me,’ I replied, ‘and if it does then I sue, get a nice sum of money and then you and I can fly off to Spain and find ourselves some nice Spanish people to sleep with. Maybe I could even start a career as a porn actress? That would most probably help with my sex addiction…’

She laughed uncomfortably. ‘Or you could become a hooker!’

Then it was my turn to give an uncomfortable laugh.



The longer the arrangement went on at work, the more daring they became. David especially became more easy going when it came to the way I was treated. I think the faux power he had was going to his head and in a way the same happened with all my co-workers. The ones who were originally more reserved and shy about being allowed to fuck me were now as demanding as the rest and the creepy group that made me sit at my desk until I pissed myself now brought in huge plastic sheets to lay on the floor for me to kneel on while I was forced to drink as much water as humanly possible and then piss in front of them while they took bets on how long I would last again. I complained to David and the punishment for my complaint had been to do it again, this time with everyone watching and taking bets. I don’t get how someone can get off watching someone piss and, to be fair, not everyone seemed that interested but at the same time there were plenty of them that a) enjoyed seeing me humiliated and b) really liked winning some money. I don’t see how anyone can get off watching some piss or get off from being pissed on. The technical terms for this are omorashi and urolagnia and it all baffles me but I was there to do as instructed, so if they told me to strip down and piss in front of them then that’s what I had to do. Again, I’m not sure why but who am I to judge? You like what you like.

Niall is one with a strange fetish. He likes to fuck my legs. He’ll put his dick on the back on my knee and then close my leg around his dick and just start fucking my leg until he cums on the other one. If I’m wearing stockings then he’ll awkwardly force his dick inside my stockings and just rub against my leg. I’ve never questioned this and just let him get on with it while giving him the sex eyes and a few murmurs of “yeah fuck that leg”. It makes him really happy. Maybe his girlfriend doesn’t let him do it at home? Sometimes I forget that David isn’t the only husband working at the company. How many of them were cheating on their wives now? God that would be awkward if they brought them all to the Christmas do. I think I’ll try to avoid that if possible.

Anyway, it looked like the game of them taking bets on how long I could go without pissing myself would become a regular thing because two weeks before I was to meet up with Connor they made me do it again. They put the plastic sheet on the demonstration stage we had when we had team meetings and I was led up there by David and Jeff. Jeff was holding a tray carrying ten cups of water and I could see some of my other co-workers were standing by with their own trays.

‘Let’s start the betting while Nicole drinks, shall we?’ asked David and they all went mad, betting from as little as £10 to £200 while I drank all the cups of water on Jeff’s tray and then the cups from the other five trays.

The betting was still going on so they went and got me more cups to drink. Once all the bets were taken çukurambar escort I was instructed to strip and kneel down. They then got to work while I waited for the desire to piss. I wasn’t allowed to just go when I felt like it. That was punishable. I had to hold it in until I was bright red in the face. I had to look like I was in pain before they would let me. Usually they waited twenty minutes before giving me their attention again and that was also when I would often feel the first urge to go toilet. It felt so humiliating kneeling in front of all my co-workers completely naked and about to pee in front of them…but this was what I wanted. I wanted the humiliation and they were giving it to me. It still made me grow hot in the face with embarrassment though, no matter how much I enjoyed it. I had to think of this as practice for my secret hooker duties. I had listed watersports on the things I would do so this was a good way of overcoming my uneasiness with it.

David could always tell when I was close because I started fidgeting with my fingers behind my back. Once this happened he would call for everyone’s attention and they would turn on their seats to watch me squirm. I needed to piss so badly. I needed to let it go but I had to keep it in until it was physically impossible…plus I wanted to reward those who had bet I could last long for believing in me…that sounds so fucking weird right?

My lips thinned and my jaw clenched. It was happening. I couldn’t hold it anymore!

The ones who had just won money cheered as I released and felt the intense wet heat run down my thighs and around my knees and feet. My legs shook with relief. As always I had to clean it up but I was just glad it was over. I was in the toilets cleaning up when the ringleader of the creepy group, Harry, came in. I was surprised and he grabbed me by my hair and dragged me to one of the cubicles.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked as he lifted the seat up.

‘Get on all fours, bitch,’ he demanded and I did as I was told. He went behind me and pulled his trousers down, directing his cock to my pussy. ‘Lick the rim, whore!’

‘Are you serious?!’ I replied but he grabbed my hair and forced my head forward towards the rim.

‘I said lick the fucking rim!’ and he pushed his cock into me, ‘do it!’ he demanded and I gave in.

I licked the rim of the toilet and he eagerly started pushing against me. This was the ultimate form of humiliation. One lick wasn’t enough and he slapped me around the face to continue. It was disgusting, it really was but he loved it.

‘You’re just trash,’ I heard him mutter. ‘Fucking piss bucket.’

It couldn’t have been any less sexy but he insisted that I keep licking the toilet rim, even to the point where he held my head right down onto it and even started directing my head around so I licked all round the front of the toilet. When that was done he pushed me forward so I could lick the rest of it.

‘Lick it you dirty piece of shit,’ he continued to mutter. ‘How does it feel me fucking your pissy pussy?’

‘It feels good, sir,’ I lied.

‘Damn fucking right it does,’ he said almost breathless with excitement, ‘but this isn’t about you, whore,’ he said and pulled me back by my hair and forced me around. He started wanking with a gleeful look on his face. ‘Open up, whore.’

I opened my mouth and he shot his load over my face with hardly any of it landing in my mouth. Even after he had finished cumming he continued to wank so I kept my mouth open just in case. What happened next was unexpected. Suddenly he started pissing all over me and, thanks to the pressure brought on by the sex and the wank, it came out like a spray. I would have reacted in horror but after my first initial flinch of surprise I quickly regained myself.

He took a few deep breaths and smiled down at me.

‘You dirty fucking piss whore,’ he said and left me sitting on the floor covered in piss and cum.

That took a lot longer to clean up and I smelt like piss all day. I was glad when I finally got home so I could have a shower. It couldn’t get any worse than that could it?


The next day Harry and his little circle of weirdoes pulled me back into the toilets, pulled all my clothes off, forced me on my knees and circled around me before pissing all over me while I was instructed to keep my mouth open all times. I went home smelling of piss again and downed a whole bottle of vodka to get the taste out of my mouth. They were pushing my boundaries more and more and I couldn’t tell whether I liked it or not. I liked the humiliation aspect but I didn’t appreciate tasting and smelling of piss.

To be fair it wouldn’t count as humiliation if I enjoyed it.



My meeting with Connor was steadily approaching and I could help but be extremely excited. Not only that but I had had over inquiries with the times much closer. I was demetevler escort surprised. I didn’t think I’d get anything this fast. Turns out quite a few people liked the way I looked. To show up on the ‘Local Escort’ page for London I had to pay one credit per day (I won’t even tell you how much each credit was) but by the look of it the jobs I was being offered would cover that no problem. Most were not as charming as Connor’s email and simply consisted of “I saw your profile and would like to book an appointment”. They were simple but at least I knew I was desired outside of work…and outside my boss’s house.

Deciding that I had to get used to strangers seeing me naked, I decided to offer webcam services online. I started with doing individual ones at first to get my confidence up. I would strip and they would give me instructions on what to do. Many were simple such as finger myself and then lick my fingers clean while others were more outlandish. One man had me deep throat a banana before inserting it inside my pussy and then eating it. Some would go on cam too, making it much easier for me to interact with them but many preferred to be anonymous and would just type their instructions.

Eventually I built up enough courage to do a group chat. I didn’t have that many join (I had twenty at the most) but I reminded myself that I was new. My webcam shows had received good reviews so I just had to wait for more to come. It was all about selling my product, which in this case was my body, so I had to interact with them more. So I made a several social media account where I posted pictures of either me in my underwear or my naked ass and tits.

Yes, I get the hypocrisy of it. I was allowing myself to be “blackmailed” into being the office sex slave to avoid pornographic material of me going online. But guess what? I’m owning my sexuality. If I want a bit of humiliation roleplay and to flaunt myself like a whore then that was what I’m going to do… but I still blurred my face out of the pictures that I posted.

Before I would have said no to the very idea of it all but I dunno…something changed after the bukkake. It awakened something in me. I’m not sure how to explain it but at work I was playing a role. I was the submissive slave who was there simply to be humiliated. My rights were slowly being taken away. It was very much what I imagined being in a Master/Slave relationship was like.

But as a hooker I was treated like some kind of sex goddess- at least on the cam I was. It was strange. Complete strangers who were paying me for my attention spoke and treated me better than the men who at one point I considered friends. I’m not even kidding. With so many of the guys at work I had hung out with them for nights out or even just going round theirs to get pissed and play videogames. I had been under the assumption that they all considered me a little sister but the moment my will was taken away, they treated me like all those years of friendship had never happened.

Yet I could be sitting in front of my laptop with my legs spread to complete strangers and rather than getting “whore” and “dirty cunt” I got “so sexy” and “perfection paid and therefore had more of a right to use me like a common whore. The inner workings of men’s minds confused me. I wondered how Connor would treat me.

Being my first I kind of wanted him to treat me gently but at the same time, him being my first, I wanted him to use me like the dirty whore I am. I didn’t have much time to consider this through all the fucking at work during the day and the webcaming during the night and soon it was the day of the appointment. I woke up the morning of the appointment not sure how to feel at first. I just laid in my bed looking up at my ceiling unsure how my life had reached this point. A few months ago I was just a girl working at a game’s developer in London and now I was a hooker.

It was a Saturday and I was meeting him at the hotel on Park Lane. Something about having sex at a hotel tickled me. I spent most of the day watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl to prepare myself and when the time came, I showered for the second time that day, dried my hair, put my things in my hand bag and got dressed in a skin tight black dress, thankful that I had lost the amount of weight I had wanted. I looked fucking hot and the curls I had put in my hair gave it an extra bit of bounce.

Before leaving I put on my big coat. I would look very out of place sitting on the Underground Tube in my fancy attire. The journey itself wasn’t bad. I still felt very out of place and exposed but I put that down to my own nerves. It’s very hard to spot a hooker now days- except for the kerb crawlers. I felt even more exposed when walking into the hotel. I tried to remember what Billie Piper’s character said in Secret Diary. “Look like you belong” or something like that? My mind had gone to mush by that point.

The hotel was actually very nice. It made me feel more high class than I actually am with its bright lights and marble flooring. I went into the bar/restaurant area and sat down at the bar. I ordered a drink to calm my nerves. I paid and turned on my chair just in time to see Connor approaching me. My stomach did a quick flip once he smiled at me.

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