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Big Ass

Nikki was naked as usual when she spent time at my house. It had started innocently enough with her sunbathing in my fenced backyard and gradually the bathing suits had gotten smaller and smaller until they were not there anymore. I wondered why I had allowed that. It was torture for me in so many ways.

Being a nudist myself it seemed natural, even if I did stay dressed around her most of the time. She was beautiful and so open and I want to use the word, angelic but it does not quite fit with all of her teasing and sexual overtones at times.

At the moment, she was on her knees in the big overstuffed easy chair by the window looking out through the blinds. She was bent at the waist and her ass pointed straight at me. Her sex was displayed in all its glory, as well as the darker pink crinkled ring of her anus.

My eyes wander over her gorgeous ass, tight trim thighs, her feet, which pointed back, her toes touching. Her back arched downward, pushing her ass up even higher and tilting it. Her knees were as wide apart as the chair arms allowed. Her elbows were on the low back, her small pointed breasts visible between them.

I sighed and shook my head slowly, such a beautiful girl. I would love nothing more than to go over, bury my face between those luscious ass cheeks, and lick her until she exploded. However, it was not going to happen, she was my sister’s daughter and therefore off limits.

My sister, now there was a long-standing problem that could never be worked out. A problem that had haunted me for most of my life and it could never be solved, now that she was dead. What made it even worse was that her death had been ruled a suicide. Frequent bouts of depression were cited as the cause.

I sighed as I thought of my sister. She had been just as uninhibited and just as beautiful as this young lady, back in the day. I had lusted after my sister to no end. She had known it to and teased me constantly. Always presenting her pussy or ass for my eyes, always making it look so innocent.

As I sighed again, Nikki looked at me over her shoulder. Her long blonde hair hanging straight, a backdrop for her angels face, a face that held a strong trace of her mother. She smiled sweetly and then turned back to the window.

“You seem restless and moody today Uncle Jay,” Nikki said still looking out the window. “Even more so than normal.”

“I’m trapped with some old memories that just won’t go away,” I told her.

“Good memories or bad?”


She looked at me again. “My mom, right.”

When I nodded, she smiled and said, “You know oral sex isn’t really sex according to one of our past presidents.”

“I heard that,” I replied. “But this was long before he was ever president.”

“I was talking about now,” she said as she moved her ass from side-to-side suggestively.

I sighed deeply and shook my head. “We wouldn’t stop with me just eating your pussy and we both know it. Once that line is breached then it’s whole hog or nothing.”

“Pigs can have orgasms lasting up to a half an hour,” Nikki said with a big grin.

“Smart ass!” I said grinning back at her.

She wiggled her ass from side-to-side again and sat back on her heels. “I shouldn’t torture you so but I can’t help it. It is a family tradition and so much fun. Mom would be so proud of me.” She paused a second and then added, “Not!” with a laugh.

“Actually she would be proud of you, very proud in fact. Not for teasing me but in general, you have a great start on doing everything she ever dreamed about doing. You are beautiful, you are smart, and you’re making straight A’s in college. What more could she have possible wanted.”

“For you to have fucked the shit out of her,” Nikki said as she got off the chair. “I read her diary remember. There was a period of six years that, that was all she talked about. She wanted that big dick of yours in every orifice of her body.”

Nikki had walked across the room to stand in front of me. Watching her walk reminded me even more of my sister. Strong muscular thighs and calves, wide round hips, broad shoulders, and of course, those small cone shaped breasts. My eyes zeroed in on the lighter blonde color of the sparse hair on her mound and outer pussy lips.

I licked my lips and she shifted her feet to a wider stance. “I’ve got the same list of wants.” She told me softly.

“Nikki, I’m your Uncle first off and a dirty old man, emphasis on old by the way. Doing all kind of nasty stuff to you would be the highlight of my life but the death of me in more ways than I want to think about. Go find a nice young man your own age and fuck his brains out. You’ll be happier believe me.”

“That’s about the same thing you told mom if I’m not mistake. Except for the age part of course.”

“Yes and she lived happily ever after.”

“Well, yes and no. The jury is still out on that one. There is happy and then there is happier. She was more frustrated than happy. She took what she could get for love and companionship but never got what çatalca escort she wanted.”

“I hate to be the one to tell you, but that’s the way life works for most people.”

“Probably, but why? It would have been so easy for you to give her what she wanted and it would not have cost you a thing. Anyway, I think you wanted it as much as she did but never wanted to admit it to yourself. It would have been the last straw in your mental house of cards.”

I looked at the young girl in front of me and heard my sister saying almost the same thing. “You have no idea of what it cost me to say no to her, much less what it would have cost for me to say yes.” I paused and looked her straight in the eyes. “Leave my “mental house of cards” as you call it, out of this. In fact, go get dressed and go home, you’ve overstepped your welcome for a while.”

Nikki did not move and after a moment or two whispered, “Make me!”

“You won’t like it if I do.”

“I’ve read about some of your and mom’s wrestling matches. She was damned near your equal in strength and quickness back then. What do you think would be the outcome now? I am as strong as she was and maybe a little quicker. I’ve even got the martial arts training you gave me. Then there’s your age as you alluded to earlier.”

I shifted in my chair. I knew she was right but she did not have one thing that I had in spades, experience. I had spent my life fighting in one war or another. First, there was Vietnam and then all the small dirty wars as a mercenary.

They had tossed me out of the Marines because they could not figure out what to do with the killing machine they had forged. They called me crazy. I had the certificate framed on the wall. It was my one link to sanity.

I frowned at her. “You are my niece and I love you, so don’t make me hurt you,” I said coldly.

“Give it your best shot, old man.”

I came up out of the chair fast. She dodged to her right, as she did, my left arm caught her around the neck. I pulled her back against my hip and held a light pressure on the chokehold I had her in. She flailed around and then relaxed as she realized she had no leverage, her toes were barely on the floor.

“This isn’t my best shot but it will do,” I told her as I forced her forward and into my bedroom. “You’re going to push me too far one day.”

At the foot of my bed, I released the hold on her neck and gave her a quick hard shove. She hit the bed, bounced, and then rolled nearly to the pillows on the far end. She laid there and glared at me.

“Now get dressed and go home,” I said softy as the adrenalin and anger drained out of me.

“And if I don’t?”

“Then I’ll pick you up and toss you out the front door just like you are,” I said in a flat, deadpan voice.

“You wouldn’t do that. You know that, as well as I do. Don’t make threats you can’t keep.” She shot back. Her voice held a mocking tone that brought my anger back.

She was right though, family members owned nine of the ten houses on this little dead end road. I would have in-laws and out-laws coming out my ass if I did. Most of them did not care for me and I did not care for them but I had to live here whether I wanted to or not. It was part of the agreement when the government let me back into the States.

For some reason the government considered me a bad ass and a hard case, as did most people who knew me. Only the government required that I check in and check out anytime I even went to town. The cops followed me everywhere just for the fun of it.

With my military record, my mental record, and my proven ability to kill, maim, and murder, all the cards were stacked against me going anywhere. So, moving would be nearly impossible even without all the red tape involved.

I shook my head and sighed. “You need to get on with your life and leave me alone. You seem to think I brought your mother down, so what do you think I would do to you? You are not nearly as strong as she was. Grow up.”

“I am grown up! I’m every bit the woman she was!” Nikki said hotly.

With a shrug, I headed for the living room. As I reached the door, a sound behind me made me turn. A hundred and forty pounds of flying naked blonde hit me square in the chest. We went down in a heap with her on top. She ended up straddling my hips with a double handful of my t-shirt balled up in her hands.

“I’ll show you whose woman enough and whose tough enough,” she yelled at me.

I thought about tossing her off me but decided, why bother, she would get tired in a while and get up. What I had not figured on was her leaning over and kissing the hell out of me. I tried to ignore the kiss and roll her off me. Her wide spread knees and low center of mass made it impossible without hurting her.

Her warm body, sweet lips, and probing tongue soon had me kissing her back. My hands found their way to her back to stroke and caress it. There was a flare of heat where her sex pressed against my hips that I could feel through esenyurt escort my shorts.

My manhood was on the rise before I realized it and my hands found her hips to pull that heat tighter to me. I was losing control fast and the possible consequences scared me.

I twisted my head and broke the kiss. “Nikki, get your little ass up from here before you get us both in big trouble.”

“The only trouble I want from you is that big dick and hot tongue of yours,” she replied before she started kissing and licking my neck up to my ear.

My hands were still on her hips and I felt them flex, rubbing that hot spot against my pelvic bone. My dick was a hot hard throb trapped in the leg of my shorts.

Visions of my sister in the same position from years before clouded my brain. That was replaced by the memory of her frustrated yell as I bucked up hard and threw her off me.

She had came back at me, her hands trying to get the zipper of my jeans down, her legs trying to get a knee on each side of my head. Her tight short skirt was up around her waist as she tried to plant her wet pussy on my face. She had been totally out of control.

I had rolled her off again, beat a hasty retreat to my room, and locked the door. She had beat on my door for twenty minutes before she gave up and went to her room. I heard her crying in her room until our parents came home.

Then I got my ass busted big time for making her cry. There was no way to say any different. “Yeah dad, she wanted to fuck my brains out and when I said no she attacked me and tried to sit on my face. When I escaped, she went on a crying jag.” I would have been dead for lying and even thinking such a thing in the first place.

Back then I had believed in God, good, and the sanctity of the family. What she wanted was too much for my up bringing, morals, and my pea brain to comprehend. I could not even understand where she had come up with these ideas and still didn’t for the most part.

My sister was a very beautiful young woman. I had told her so often enough. Maybe that had been it. I had paid her too much attention. She had said it was all about me, and the type of sweet, shy, sensitive person I was. That did not matter anymore, that person was long dead. The person she loved and wanted to make love to was not me anymore.

Not long after that, I split for the service and never looked back. I dreamed about her and for a while, she sent me letters but I tried to keep it all out of my everyday working brain.

After a while the letters stopped and everything got better. Time passed and turned into years. I wander the world and fought wars that did not have anything to do with me or mine. I forgot about the past, my sister, and the rest of my family.

That is until I was hurt really bad and ended up back Stateside in a hospital. That is when I found out about my sister’s death and met my niece for the first time. Then things got crazy again after I was released to come back home.


That last mission had been as a subcontractor for some government alphabet agency. I did not know which one and didn’t care, it paid damned good, and as I found out, it had health benefits. As an extra bonus for completing the mission successfully, I had been given a free pass to return home. All was forgiven but not forgotten.

There were some who still wanted my head on a platter. Friends in my business were the people you worked for and with at the time and then only if things were going right. One small problem and nine times out of ten, you were on your own. Retirement was not good but at least no one was shooting at me. Not with guns anyway.


Now this warm double handful of woman on my chest was another matter all together. My first thought was that I should spank her, but I wondered if I could pull it off. She was big and strong and I wasn’t fully recovered yet. I could give in but….

I did not want to go there. That way was real madness. Rape, murder, and rough sex had become a way of life. A life I wanted to forget. A life I wished had never happened. I shied away from all female company just for that reason.

My sex life had been hookers and whores at the best of times, and rape and pillage at the worse. Female prisoners were shown no more mercy than male ones, even less in most cases. Sex was a tool of interrogation and a weapon to be used against prisoners.

Rape of a wife, daughter, or girlfriend would and did make many strong prisoners weak. To me it was a job and I was good at it. I enjoyed it even. Bending someone to my will sexually had gotten to be a habit and brought great pleasure.


Nikki’s lips back on mine interrupted my train of thought. It was more like a train wreck as her tongue slipped into my mouth and dueled with mine. My hands were on her warm firm silky ass before I realized it. She moaned into my mouth and kissed me more passionately than before. Her hips were rubbing her hot sex against my shorts urgently.

Maybe etiler escort she would get her cookies off, then roll over, and call it even. If she was anything like her mother, that was not very likely. The letters I had gotten from my sister over the years had been wet dreams on paper and what kept them from bursting into flames was beyond me.

My dreams had been filled with replays of her worded visions on many occasions. In my dreams the sex was sweet, loving, and nothing like my real life. My sister’s words took me back to a time when innocence was the norm. When I was clean and innocent, even if I was having sex with my sister in my dreams. The conflict between the dreams and real life tore at me constantly.

This wet dream in my arms was begging to be taken and taken anyway that I wanted. I wanted her in the worse way but that way would hurt her and leave her broken. I could not let that happen but I was helpless to stop it, if it ever started.

If she had been anyone other than whom she was, she would have been fucked, three ways from Sunday a long time ago. I would have had my way with her and rung every ounce of please from her young firm body that she had to give.

I was a savage killer who had killed, raped, burned, and pillaged over a big chunk of the world, so why was the fact that she was my niece a problem. My sister’s face stared at me out of a growing haze of lust as my hands massaged the glorious ass under them.

My finger dipped between those two firm satiny golden globes and tickled the pucker ring of her anus. Nikki jerked and groaned deep in her chest, thrusting her ass back against my finger. The finger rammed through the tight ring of muscles guarding her asshole to the first knuckle.

Nikki came unglued, breaking the kiss, pushing up with her arms, and fucking herself on that finger. She was coming long and hard. I could feel wetness on the front of my shorts, as that hot spot grew even hotter.

I savagely rammed the finger as deep as it would go as her hips moved up. She yelled loudly and came even harder, her ass and hips shaking and bucking against the intruding digit. I held my finger still, feeling her ass muscles griping and relaxing around it.

Slowly over a period of a few minutes, her body calmed and her shaking arms relaxed, lowering her upper body back down on my chest. Her hard nipples were like little bullets as they rubbed back and forth from her heavy breathing. She groaned loudly as I jerked my finger out of her ass.

She lay there quietly after that as I held her gently in my arms. My mind was split about what had just happened. One part of me rejoiced at the fact she had had an orgasm and another part of me was appalled.

I loved my niece dearly but I could not give her what she wanted anymore than I could have given it to her mother. The reasons were different but they amounted to the same thing. I would have hurt my sister and my family only in a moral way, not the physical one.

My mind was a squirrel in a spinning wheel as I tried to sort things out and find an answer to this ages old problem. I was getting a bad headache by the time I closed my eyes with a sigh, no closer to an answer than before.


I must have dozed off because I woke up to find that Nikki was no longer on my chest. In fact, she was nowhere to be seen. I sat up and then got to my feet using the doorframe to help me. My back was stiff and sore from sleeping on the floor.

There was a large wet spot on the front of my shorts and another smaller one on the inside of the left leg. I briefly wondered why she had not taken advantage of my deep sleep. If she had gotten up without me noticing, then she could have done other things.

My dick was soft but she could have fixed that very quickly by sucking on it. She could have sat on my face. Now that would have been a hell of a way to wake up. I shook myself to clear my head and hobbled unsteadily toward the bathroom and the shower. Hot water would ease my aching bones and hopefully wash away the memory of what had happened earlier.

Nikki was sitting on the commode in all her radiant glory. She smiled at me and said, “See, that wasn’t so hard now was it.”

I wondered what it was going to take to snap her out of this unnatural attraction. I had not given in to my sister and I wasn’t about to give in to Nikki anymore than I already had. I didn’t have the experience in dealing with young people.

Maybe it was time to revert back to what I knew and knew well. Tactics and weapons were my specialties but terror and mayhem ran a close second. Maybe it was time to give her a taste of the flash bang, ruse them and confuse them tactics used on prisoners. Maybe I could scare some sense into her.

I stripped off my shirt and then my shorts, ignoring her. I entered the shower and turned on the water, adjusting the temperature for as hot as I could stand. I stood with my back to the door and let the steaming hot water wash over me from the top of my head to my feet.

I did not hear the door open, so the first clue I had that Nikki was in the shower, were her arms going around my waist. She hugged me tightly and plastered her body against my back, her lips kissing me across my shoulders and neck. She rubbed herself against me as her hands played with my chest.

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