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Anna was a sophomore in college. She was working towards a degree she no longer wanted to pursue. Her parents both lost their jobs due to the pandemic and she refused to take out a student loan to pay for her education. Things weren’t exactly going as planned.

Anna was no longer able to live on campus. The cost was outrageous and her parents couldn’t afford those living arrangements any longer. It made more sense to find a cheap apartment nearby which also required Anna to get a job.

No one was hiring. All the small businesses had shut down many months ago and never reopened. The restaurants had closed the dining areas and were only doing take out orders. Anna needed a flexible job so she could balance her school work, but there just wasn’t anything out there. She feared she would have to leave school and return home.

Anna was out walking with her friend Lisa, as both girls were looking for a job. They wandered a little further away from their apartment as they would have liked to. They were walking through an area that had a bad reputation for drugs, crime and was known for its surplus of prostitutes. The girls walked by a building that seemed a little out of place. It was a nice modern facility. It was clean, enclosed and had a security booth at the entrance and cameras every where they looked.

On the second floor of the building there was a sign that said, “Now hiring! Inquire inside”

Anna was curious and she told Lisa that she wanted to check the place out. They approached the security booth and asked about the building.

“Hey there! I saw the sign on the second floor and was wondering what this place was.”

“It’s a massage therapy office.” The guard said uninterested.

“Do you know what they’re hiring for.”

“No, that’s a little above me, hun. If you want to check it out I can give you and your friend a pass so you could go inside and see for yourself. Just put it over your head and your good to go. There is someone inside that can give you more information.”

“We would really appreciate that, thank you.”

The guard filled out a pass for both Anna and Lisa and they put is around their neck. The girls walked to what appeared to be the main entrance of the building. Anna pulled the door open and inside it was dimly lit with earth tone colors. There was audio coming from all around and it appeared to be sounds of nature.

“Is that a running stream.” Anna laughed.

“Yeah, it’s all very relaxing.” Said Lisa.

Anna saw the woman sitting behind a desk about 20 yards away. The girls made their way over to the woman. She was slightly older than they were and she was very attractive.

“Hi, can I help you ladies?”

“Um, we were just walking by and noticed the sign outside that said you were hiring?”

“Yes, we are looking for a new masseuses.”

“Oh, ok Anna said. We probably shouldn’t be here then.” She laughed.

“Why not? The position pays well and you keep all your tips. The hours are flexible and the building is very secure. We accept only the best clientele here.”

Lisa looked at Anna unsure of herself.

“My parents would kill me if I worked here.”

“I know. My parents wouldn’t be happy either, but I’d like to hear a little more.”

“If you want to wait here for me that’s fine, but if you decide to leave then please take an Uber home. This area is scary.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I can have security bring you back to your place if you’d like. It’s no problem at all.”

“Yeah that would be great. Lisa, just let them take you back and I’ll be home shortly. There is no reason to sit around here and wait for me.”

“Ok, I’ll take the ride. Please text me when you’re leaving so I know when to expect you and make sure security takes you home as well.”

“I will and I’ll let you know how it goes.”

Both girls hugged each other and Lisa walked towards the door.

“There is a car waiting for you outside. It was Nice meeting you, Lisa.”

Lisa waived and exited the building.

The receptionist picks up the phone and begins talking briefly.

“Anna, Maria will be down in a moment to speak with you. She is the manager here.”

“Thank you so much.”

Anna waits in the lobby looking at a series of ink blots that are hanging on the walls. She has no idea what she is looking at, but that’s probably the point of them being there in the first place.

A door opens and a woman in her late 30’s walks through. She is wearing a black skirt and heels. She has long black hair and looks Hispanic. Anna admired the attractive figure as she approached.

“Hi Anna, my name is Maria. I’m the manager here. What do you think of the place?”

“I love it. It’s so relaxing in here. The ink blots kept my attention while I waiting.” She smiled.

“All men see are boobs when they look at them. Why don’t you follow me and we will talk in my office?”

Maria led Anna through the set of doors. There were a series of doors that followed. There were no windows and everything seemed very discreet. The was hallway dimly lit and easy ankara escort on the eyes.

As Anna continued walking down the hall she noticed that there was an open door. Anna peered in and notice a young girl cleaning the room. Inside the room was a red masseuse table. It looked very comfortable. There were several shelving units with products on the shelves. There were several red lounge chairs in the room also. On the walls there where silhouette figures of woman that looked erotic. Anna then noticed a young woman come into site. She had on a black skirt and heels like Maria. She was cleaning the room when she noticed Anna looking at her. The door promptly closed.

Maria had led Anna through the hallway and arrived at her office. She walked through and the same silhouette pictures were handing on Maria’s walls as well.

“I noticed the same pictures hanging on one of the rooms as we walked by.”

“We like to keep our clients always thinking about woman.” Maria said with a smile.

“So, you are interested in the position of masseuse? Do you have any experience? Don’t worry if you do not.”

“I’d like to know a little more about the position if you don’t mind? I have no experience as a masseuse. I’ve given my boyfriend a massage plenty of times, but I have no formal experience.”

“It sounds like you have enough experience to me hun. We do a little bit more here aside from massages.”

“What’s the pay look like?”

“Well, that’s completely up to you. Our clients are all very wealthy. I guess it depends on the service you want to offer, the earning potential is only limited by the time you put in and you imagination.”

“My imagination?”

“Yes, if you are creative and don’t mind going the extra mile for your clients it could be very lucrative. We offer a base pay of $50 and hour. You make your own hours, but once you get going you will be working off your clients schedule and not your own. I’d say it would be pretty easy to make well over $10k a month working on just a few clients a week. Their tip is where you make your money. You keep 100% of the tip.”

“Well, how do you make money here with such high hourly rates?”

“Like I said, our clients are all very wealthy. They tell us what they want and we give them a price. They always pay. And they pay cash. They do not like paper trails which I’m sure you understand.”

“Yeah of course, I get it. So who are these people?”

“Well, Anna, they are you state and government politicians, actors, musicians, athletes. Any one with a large bank account that’s looking for a fabulous, discreet no questions asked experience.”

“What do you mean experience? I thought this was an all massage therapy and that type of service?”

“It is and whatever else the client wants. If you are only comfortable with massages then I would match you with someone who is just looking for a massage. If you wanted to offer other experiences I would match you up with someone looking for what you’re offering.”

“What exactly do you offer here?”

“Anna, have you been sexually active with your boyfriend?”

“Oh wow, that’s like a real personal question. I guess so. We play around a lot.”

“Have you had sex? Given a blowjob? A hand job? Anything like that?”

“I’ve given a lot of hand jobs. “

“What about blowjob?”

“I gave him one. He came in my mouth and there was so much it almost made me puke.”

“So I take it that you’ve never had sex then?

“No, I’m still a virgin.”

“How about your ass? Have you ever had anal sex?”

“Absolutely not!”

“Well, Anna, you could make a lot of money here if you really wanted to. The gentlemen that come here would pay a lot of money for a girl offering services like you.”

“I really need the money, but I don’t think I could do those things with anyone else, but my boyfriend.”

“Give it a try dear. Why don’t you start of slowly and see where it goes? I mean, there are people out there that would pay a girl like you to just talked to them. Someone may ask you to take off your panties so they could smell them. These guys call here all the time asking for things that most of us normal people think is just silly, but to people who have the money to do anything they want there is no silly to them. They make it happen. It’s all desire and impulse. “

“Ok, let’s start off with a massage. They’re going to know I’m not experience once I start working on them though.”

“Well, that’s actually going to be your selling point. You’re only 19 years old. You don’t have much experience with anything and people will flock to that.”

“Let’s do it. When do I start getting paid?”

“Right now if your ready. I’ll give you your uniform and once you are dressed you will be on the clock. I’ll be right back with your uniform.”

Anna sat in the over sized chair that made her feel like she was in way over her head, but she was excited about making money to help pay her way through school.

Anna took her phone from her purse to let Lisa know that she was fine.

“You won’t believe çankaya escort this, but I’m starting work right now! Like this very minute!”

“I don’t believe it! Anna what do you know about being a masseuse?”

“They said I have all the experience required lol.”

Maria then walked in with Anna’s uniform.

“I have to go. Talk to you later.”

“Please be careful Anna!”

Maria handed Anna her uniform. Tight black dress and black high heels.

“I have some great news. I made a call to a client who was looking for someone with your credentials. He’s a younger man. Very wealthy! He made all his money in the stock market. He invested his entire inheritance in Tesla very early on and cashed out just recently when it peaked so as you can imagine how wealthy he is. We consider him our most important client.”

“So what does he want? Just a massage?”

“Actually, yes. He wants a massage and he wants to talk to you. I sent him a picture of you and he is very excited to meet you. I hope you don’t mind, but I took an image off our security footage.”

“Wow, you people are serious around here.” She said with a laugh.

“Can I see what he looks like?”

“Sure, this is his profile.” Maria hands Anna her phone.

“He looks just like Superman.” Anna said with a laugh. “What’s his name? Omg I forgot his name.” She kept laughing.

“He does look like Henry Cavill doesn’t he?”

“Yes, that’s it.”

“That’s funny you think he looks like superman because he thinks you look like Mila Kunis.” Maria said as she laughed with Anna.

“People tell me that all the time.” She smiled. “So when does he land? I was going to run out quick and get something to eat.”

“Oh, he is actually on his way here now. He was at the airport when I called him about to fly to Miami. No lunch break today Anna.”

Maria then escorted Anna to her room down the hall.

“This is you. Make yourself at home. We can personalize it more during the week, but for now just put your gear close by so it’s in arms length when you need it. Do you know how to warm your oils?”

“No, I’ve never used oils. Can you help me set up? It won’t take me long to catch on.”

“Of course. Oh, I almost forgot. I meant to tell you earlier, but there are condoms, lube and everything else you may need in the closet to the right of your bed. Now you don’t have to use anything in the closet. That’s not what I’m saying, but they are there for you if you decide to change plans.”

“Thank you, but that won’t be necessary.” She said being stubborn.

Maria picked up her phone as a text came in.

“Edward is here. He’s parking below the building now and will come up the elevator. I’ll escort him to your room. Please remember to relax and that you are in charge. You only do what you are comfortable with. If that’s nothing then just give him a basic massage. That’s what he hired you for. Talking should be easy so do that as much as you can. I’ll be right in my office if you need anything.”

“Ok, and thank you for this opportunity Maria.”

“Of course”

Maria walked out and secured the door. She walked past her office to the elevator and awaited Edwards’s arrival.

The elevator doors opened and there stood Edward. He was wearing a light grey suit with a white shirt. He still had on his sunglasses. His hair was combed back and he appeared to be very confident.

“Edward, so glad I caught you before you got on your plain. It would have been tragic to miss such an opportunity.”

“Thank you Maria. It’s nice to know you’re always looking out for my best interests. So where is she?”

“She’s in her room waiting. She’s very excited to meet you.”

Maria escorted Edward to the room. She opened the door and introduced them to each other.

“Anna, if you need anything you know where to find me. Edward, is a gentlemen and he will treat you as such.”

Maria shut the door behind her and locked it from the outside.

“So you’re Anna? Maria told me you just started here maybe two hours ago?”

“Yes, I just started today. Not exactly sure what I’m doing here to be honest.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m 19. I’ll be 20 in a few months.”

“Maria said you aren’t experienced. Sexually?”

“My boyfriend and I have played around a bit, but nothing to serious yet.”

“Your boyfriend? Does he approve of your new job?”

“He doesn’t know I took the job. He’s back home with his parents and I don’t think he can see this far.” She let out a nervous laugh.

Edward smiled at Anna. He wasn’t much older than she was. He just turned 30 years old and did not like meeting girls the old fashioned way. Once they realized who he was it they became obsessed with his money.

“So what are you studying. I hear you go to Boston College. “

“I’m going for business, but I’m thinking I choose the wrong field of study. I’m just not passionate about it. I wanted to be a doctor, but my parents talked me out of it. They said it’s a field that requires too much education. They wanted me working kızılay escort sooner rather than later.”

“That sounds like an awful way to make a decision that you have to live with for the rest of your life. You should always follow your heart. Don’t let anyone influence your decisions. Not even your parents.”

“It’s all a big mess right now. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to afford school and my rent so I may be moving back home with them soon enough.”

Edward looked at Anna curiously. She was the sweet innocent, but also a very smart. Exactly the girl that he was looking for.

“So would you like a massage? I’ve never went to school for this, but I’ll do my best.” She smiled.

“Yes, of course. I can’t wait.”

Edward began to take his jacket off and then his shirt. Anna froze when she saw how well built Edward was. His arm were very muscular. His chest was bulky and he had a set of abs she has only seen in the movies. Anna cleared her throat several times. She became nervous and flustered. Edwards noticed and smiled.

“Everything ok?”

“Yeah, fine. Let me check on the oil.”

As Anna turned her back Edward removed his shoes then his pants as he slid them to the floor. He bent over to pick them up and placed them on one of the lounge chairs. Edward stood behind Anna as she prepped the oils for the massage.

“So how do you want me?” Edward stood naked behind Anna.

Anna turned around and was surprised that Edward was complexly nude standing before her. She dropped one of the oil containers on the floor.

“I’m sorry.” Anna covers her eyes with her hands. “Can you please put a towel on?”

“Right. Sorry.”

“Please lie down on the bed.”

Edward laid on the bed face up. He placed the towel over his cock. It was semi hard and at least 5 inches soft.

Anna put some music on and then approached Edward. She slowly poured some oil onto his chest and into her hands and began to message his shoulders. She slowly worked her way down to his chest and massages his pecs. His body was tight and muscular. She had never felt anything like it before. Anna completed both shoulders and his chest. It seemed as if Edwards was enjoying himself. He was moaning and his cock was reacting as well. The towel Edward had placed over his cock wasn’t covering it any longer and was about to fall free. His cock was standing straight up just a few feet away from Anna.

Anna moved down to Edwards feet and legs to begin massaging his lower body. She couldn’t take her eyes off his cock. She was curious about just how big it was. What it looked like. What it tasted like.

Edward was watching Anna as she struggled to remain composed. He moved his hips side to side pretending he was trying to get comfortable until the towel fell from his waist and onto the floor. Anna gasped and tried to look away, but she couldn’t keep her eyes off of it.

“Could you please focus over here?” Edwards pointed to his thigh just above his right knee.

“Of course.” Said Anna who seemed like she was in a trance.

Anna began to massage Edwards right thigh. He let out a soft moan. His cock began to twitch before her.

“Anna, I know we agreed on a massage, but what will it take for you to just hold my cock? Maybe jerk it a little for me?”

” I don’t know sir. I think I should probably stop now.” Anna felt embarrassed and unsure of herself.

“Name your price.”

Anna looked puzzled as she thought about the offer from Edward. No one would find out about this. I won’t even tell Lisa she thought to herself.

“I don’t think you have enough money with you sir.”

“How would you know unless you ask?”

“$10 thousand. I’ll do it for $10 thousand.”

“Done. I’ll transfer the funds directly to your profile.”

“My profile?”

“Yes, you are already in their database. I can transfer money directly to you. All you have to do is cash out when we are done.”

“Oh” she said confused.

Anna picked up the oil again and poured some into the palms of her hands. She cleared her throat again and reached for his cock. It was easily 8 inches long and very thick. Anna could not close her fingers around it. She began stroking it slowly. Pre-cum was leaking out of Edwards cock and onto Anna fingers every time she came to the head and squeezed. Anna increased the jerking motion and reached over with her right hand and placed it just above her left hand. She jerked his cock with both hands and it was driving Edward crazy. He clenched the sheet on the bed with his hands and she continued to pump his cock.

“Please stop!” Edward pleaded desperately as he almost had an orgasmed. Edward was able to control himself and delay an end result that he could not wait much longer for.

“Maria told me you were inexperienced sexually. Does this mean you’re a virgin?”


“Are you saving it for your boyfriend?”

“No, it’s not that. I’ve just listened to my family all the times they said I shouldn’t have sex with anyone until I’m married. I guess that was the plan.”

“You can’t give these people so much power over your life. Family or not, you have to do what you think is best for you. You are missing out on the best experiences of your life. Would you like to try with me? I will be very gentle.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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