No Nut November

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Day 0: The concept seems pretty easy. Just go the entire month without cumming. I had heard about it from some other guys before and currently I was single so it seemed like something I would try to give a shot. There really is no reason for it besides proving you could do it. I’ve decided to keep a journal to log my experience through this challenge to look back at in case I don’t make.

I don’t think there is an official list of rules so I set some up for myself. I can masturbate as long as I don’t cum. I can receive oral and have sex as long as I don’t cum. I consider precum more as a lubricant than actually blowing a load so precum is fine. If I get a wet dream or if by some chance a girl plays with me and I cum in my sleep that counts against me and I lose. Everything else seems pretty set in stone, don’t cum for 30 days and I win. The challenge begins tomorrow.

Day 1: Rather easy I didn’t even have time to think about masturbating with school and homework. This is going to be a piece of cake.

Day 2: Had a few moments where I was bored and wanted to masturbate, however I stayed strong and didn’t give in.

Day 3: Okay this is getting complicated. It’s Sunday and I don’t have anything to do all day long. I don’t have any homework and got bored of playing video games after a few hours. Caved in for a few minutes and watched some porn but stopped before I masturbated for to long.

Day 4: Kept myself busy hanging out with friends after school so I could keep myself busy in public and be less tempted to masturbate.

Days 5-8: School has been helping me stay focused and it’s now been over a week sense I jacked off fully. A lot of the girls at school are becoming way more attractive then what I once thought some of them to be.

Day 9: I can’t help but dream of breasts and ass now all I want to do is explode and give up. There isn’t even a reward for this challenge why am I still doing it????!!???

Day 10: I couldn’t help but check out my mom and sister today while they were relaxing in the hot tub. I never noticed how hot my older sister is but she has a great pair of tits, not as big as my moms but definitively nice.

Day 11: I was home alone today after school and started some laundry. While doing so I saw my sisters dirty laundry basket in the laundry room. My heart raced as I saw a pair of her dirty panties right on top. There was a bit of white female juices still around the pussy area of the panties. I couldn’t help myself but to bring them to my nose and take in her sweet aroma. Can’t believe I’m getting this turned on by my sister. Going through more of the laundry I found out she is a 34C and that my mom is a 32DD. Kind of wish I could see both of them naked.

Day 12: Just woke up around 3am and had to use the bathroom. On my way down the hall I saw my moms door was cracked open. I stopped once I reached it because I thought I heard something. Listening a bit closer I heard her moaning quietly. I didn’t recall my mother bringing anyone home and it was just me my sister and mom at home meaning she was masturbating right now. I stood by her door for a few minutes with my dick in hand jacking off listening to her play with herself. Her breaths got quicker and shorter, I could tell she was about to finish. Unfortunately so was I… I stopped myself trying to take very quite deep breaths as I heard her let out a quite loud moan only to cover it with her free hand. A drawer opened then closed. I hurried to the bathroom then back to bed… Not even halfway through the month and I almost gave up thanks to my mom.

After school I couldn’t help but be curious. My mom had just left for work and I was home alone for about a good hour until my sister would be home from work. Once I knew my mom was gone for sure I run to her room and checked the nightstand by her bed. Right on top was a pink vibrator. Every part besides the handle had a thin layer of her dried up sweet pussy juices on it. It may seem wrong but I couldn’t help but flake a piece of it off and stick it on my tongue. Her pussy tasted so good as I tried to savor the taste in my mouth. Without thinking my hand was stroking my dick. Taking a second I tried to control my self and put her vibrator away and leave her room before it got to risky.

Days 13-15: About half way through the month staying as strong as I can but My mother and sister seem to be getting sexier by the day. I never noticed how often they walk around the house without bras on. Every time I see them now all I can focus on is their nipples poking through their shirts. Tomorrow is the weekend again and I’ll be home all day long. Definitely need to find something to do out of the house away from these women because they will definitely make me lose.

Day 16: I couldn’t believe what I woke up too. My mom was in nothing but a thin tank top and panties while making breakfast. Her ass looked amazing as she walked around the kitchen. Turning around the light hit just right on her top to make it see through so I could see everything.

“Oh mecidiyeköy escort good morning.” My mother said after seeing I was standing in the kitchen.

I did as much as I could to hide my boner as she came over and gave me a hug. I felt it press against her stomach as we embraced just as much as I felt her 32DD breasts press against me.

“Take a seat breakfast is almost ready.” My mother told me.

I watched her move around the kitchen some more as her ass shook perfectly in her underwear. She walked over to the fridge and bent over right at the waist having her panties stretch over her ass as much as they could until they couldn’t stretch any further and more of her ass was exposed to me. My hand was slowly stroking my cock underneath the table at the sight. I had front a front row seat to the sexiest mom in the world as she was half naked showing me everything and making me breakfast. This was a dream come true.

“Morning you two” my sister said from behind me causing me to jump a little and stop stroking myself.

Everything seemed to stop though once my sister walked into the kitchen. As my mom wrapped up breakfast and served us. She gave us both a kiss on the cheek put her robe back on and the joined us at the table. After breakfast I knew I had to get out of the house as much as I wanted to see more of my mother I had a goal for this month, so I decided to go to a buddies house for the remainder of the day.

Day 17: Not cumming for a little over two weeks has me looking at my mom and sister differently. I’m not sure if they normally acted this way and I never noticed it or if the universe some how was telling me that I needed to cum. I got home late from my buddies house and the first thing I saw walking in was my sister in the living room in yoga pants and a workout shirt stretching in different poses. I tried to just go to my room but alas my curiosity got the best of me knowing how flexible my sister was. I grabbed a soda from the fridge taking my time as I watched her stretch into a position and hold it for a few moments.

“So how was your day?” She asked looking back at me.

Seeing her head turn I jumped a little and could feel my heart racing hoping she hadn’t caught me staring at her. I grabbed my coke and shut the fridge door. “Not bad just hung out with a few buddies.” I told her sitting at the table pulling my phone out. I wanted it to seem as though I was distracted with my phone and not paying attention to her. After what felt like an hour, but was probably only 10 minutes of her stretching she put on a fast pace workout video and took of her shirt. She had a sports bra that matched her yoga pants unfortunately. I was hoping once I saw her shirt coming up that she was going to just strip in front of me.

30 minutes into her work out and my sister was really sweating. She turned off the video and said it was time for a post workout stretch. She was stretching again and this time the view was better thanks to her top being off.

“Damn it’s hot do you mind if I take my pants off?” She asked looking at me.

Her comment caught me off guard as I hadn’t expected her to just ask me if it was okay to strip in front of my. I tried to play it off as if I didn’t care even though I very much wanted her to take everything off. I watched her take her pants off while only bending at the waist. Her knees didn’t bend even the slightest as she took her pants off and then kicked them to the side revealing her bright green thong this again matching her sports bra and pants.

There my sister was in nothing but a thong and sports bra stretching only about 15 feet away from me. Her body was very well toned and I was able to see just about every inch of her exposed body. My only regret was that I was wear jeans as my cock was throbbing and the zipper was killing me.

“Can you come here I need your help please.” My sister asked laying on her back with her legs spread open.”

I sat in my chair for a moment then asked her what she needed from me only to hear the best and sexiest words I could ever hear from a sexy woman.

“I need you to stretch me out.”

“Come again?” I asked in complete shock.

“Just put your hands on my legs and push. I can only go so far so I need a little help to feel a good stretch.” She explained.

Getting up I walked over trying to shift my dick around not wanting her to see that I had a hard on. As I got over to her she told me where to place my hands. I did as I was told getting down on my knees and placed my hands exactly where she told me too. About 3 feet from my face was my sister’s perfectly clean shaven pussy and I could see everything. Her thong was completely soaked and 100% see through. I could smell her sweet aroma and it was driving me insane. I wanted to just bury my face in her pussy right then and there. As I pressed on her legs I heard her moan causing me to inch my face closer to her beautiful soaking wet pussy.

I was only about an inch away from her nişantaşı escort pussy when her phone started to ring snapping me back to reality and pulling my head back. She rolled into her side and grabbed her phone from the couch letting me see her ass up close.

After reading whatever the text message said on her phone she thanked me for helping her out grabbed her clothing and went to her room. My sister left me with the biggest hard on I’ve ever had in my life and with the biggest case of blue balls. My balls were sore and pre-cum was leaking out from my dick. I wanted so badly to cum tonight but I’ve made it this far so I’ve got to stay strong.

Days 18-23: Thankfully I’ve had a bunch of school work and haven’t been home much to see my mom or sister. College is keeping me busy but Thanksgiving break is only a few days away which is going to make it difficult to get out of the house. Not cumming has made my mom and sister seem so much sexier. I only have a week left I’m sure I can make it.

Day 24: I woke up pretty late today. Heading downstairs I heard my mom and sister talking about the family needing to spend more time together. With Christmas right around the corner my sister suggested that we went to the mall and picked out some possible gift ideas for my mom to buy us. My mother agreed and told me to get dressed. I didn’t want to go but was eventually guilt tripped by my mother saying how we never spend time together.

Walking through the mall the main thing that caught their attention was clothing. I tried to get away but my mother told me I couldn’t leave as it was family time.

“Yeah family time so grab some clothes and see what you like.” My sister said mocking me.

I was dragged from clothing store to clothing store as they looked through shirts, shorts, pants and skirts. My sister tried on everything in every store we went into. She insisted that I also told her what I thought of the clothing as she wanted a guys opinion. Eventually she convinced my mom to try on clothing too because she deserved it. I then became the only judge watching my mom and sister go in and out of dressing rooms trying on different clothes.

After spending several hours at the mall we decided to head home. That’s when my greatest dream and worst nightmare started. As we were driving we passed by a lingerie shop. My sister insisted that my mom stop by there and much to my surprise she did. I didn’t want to go into that store with them knowing very well what was in there.

Once my mom parked the car her and my sister got out and started to head inside. They noticed I wasn’t with them and my sister came back to get me.

“Hey it’s family time come on.” She insisted.

“What? No way! Im not going into that store with my mom and sister.” I said trying to bring awareness that I wasn’t just another guy I was her brother.

“You have been giving me your opinion all day. We still need a guys point of view so get your butt in that store.” She said demanding me.

I grunted letting her know I didn’t approve of this even though in my head I couldn’t wait to see what they were going to look at or try on. Upon entering the store we saw the only person in there was one store clerk. The sun was still up and not many people came in during the day time. Lucky for us our mother had her maiden name so when checking our identification to make sure we were all over 18 it looked as though a married couple came in with an older friend of theirs.

I saw my sister talk to the store employee and ask if they could try the clothing on. The employee said it was fine and unlocked the two dressing room doors in the back. Both my mom and sister grabbed a few items and went into the dressing rooms. Lucky for me there was a seat right in the middle of both doors letting me see either door with ease.

First out was my sister she was wearing a dark purple two piece, shorts and tank top that matched.

“So… what do you think?” She asked slowly turning around showing me her back side. “From a male prospective that is. She added with a slight giggle.

“It’s very attractive and tasteful.” I told her.

“Okay well I have more.” She said winking at me and shutting the door.

I sat there trying to control my breathing when my mothers door opened up to reveal what she had on. She had on all matching white bra, panties, and stockings.

“Do you think it’s to revealing?” My mother asked leaning against the wall.

I tried to swallow but my mouth was dry. My mother’s breasts were pushed up so perfectly as her nipples could be seen clearly through the top.

“Well… it definitely does show a lot.” I said staring right at her tits.

“It does doesn’t it.” She said closing the door.

Right as her door closed my sister’s door opened. I could hardly take it seeing one after the other showing off their bodies. Looking towards my sister I saw she had on a gray and blue button up sweater, grey and blue sweater and matching mini otele gelen escort skirt.

“Tell me if I bend over how much can you see.” My sister said turning around and slowly bending at the waist.

As she slowly bent over more of her ass started to show until just barely her pussy was showing revealing she didn’t have any panties on. I sat there staring at her pussy as she slowly began spreading her legs until she stood straight back up taking the view away.

“How many buttons looks best unbuttoned.” She said slowly starting at the top working her way down. “Just tell me when to stop.”

By the third button I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra either. Her tits parted perfectly as she kept unbuttoning the top. Before I knew it she didn’t have anymore buttons and it was completely open.

“I’ll take it you think it would just look better off of me don’t you.” She said turning around and sliding it off of her body letting it fall to the floor.

All I could see what her bare exposed back as she slowly shut the door. It felt as though each of them were perfectly timing this because right after the door clicked shut my mothers opened up. My attention once again turned to my mother who had on a light blue baby doll. With a matching light blue thong. She turned around to show me her ass, then back around revealing that the top portion had a flap showing her boobs through the see through material.

“This fabric is pretty soft, how does it feel rubbing it?” She asked me.

Here I was being forced to judge how my sexy sister and insanely hot mother looked in lingerie. Now my mother was asking me to feel the fabric she was wearing while exposing her breasts to me. I stood with my hands shaking as they slowly went towards my mothers body. Touching the material on her waist I told her it felt very soft. She grabbed my right hand and moved it higher until it was right below her left breast then slowly back down to her waist and around towards her ass. Right before my hand reached her bare ass she pulled me closer and had our bodies meet.

“So what do you think of it.” My mother asked softly in my ear as my hand kept wondering further until I was grabbing her ass with my right hand.

My heart was pounding and my voice was shaking, “It’s so fucking sexy.” I said groping her.

“Well tell me then.” I heard my sister say behind me. “Who does it look better on.”

Feeling as though I was caught doing something I shouldn’t have been doing I quickly let go of my mother and turned around seeing my sister was wearing the exact same outfit. I took a step back to get the best view that I possibly could of both of them.

“I don’t know mom maybe we should buy these ones it seems like he can’t decide who it looks better on.” My sister suggested.

“I think you’re right plus I do really like this one.” My mother said with a slight chuckle as she shut her door.

My sister and I were left alone once again. She started walking closer to me as she went to say something in my ear.

“You know it looks better on me little brother.” She said as she wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked slowly through my shorts.

We both heard our mother telling us to gather our stuff because we were going to be heading back home. My sister tightened her grip on my dick before letting go and heading back to her room. They both put back all of the clothing except the last blue baby dolls and we left.

Day 25: I woke up fairly late and heard my mother and sister down stairs talking.

“I’m telling you he isn’t going to last until December 1st.” I heard my sisters voice say.

“Yesterday I had him rubbing all over my body and he even groped my ass.” My mother told my sister.

“I gripped his cock and even stroked him off a few times I swear I thought he was going to explode right there in the store.”

As they continued to talk I tried to figure out exactly what was going on. They knew I wasn’t cumming and they were making a game out of it. How did they know and why did they even care?

“No way I read in his journal how much he loved my pussy when he stretched me out a week ago.” I heard my sister say.

Some how they had found my journal documenting everything that had happened this month. Once I heard that I looked back through my journal and read the things I did such as tasting my mothers dried up pussy juices and sniffing my sister’s dirty panties. It seemed like they enjoyed this challenge and where tormenting me with it.

“Well no love is like a mother’s love dear. I’ll easily make him cum before you do.” My mother told my sister.

“$100 says I make him blow his load before you do.” My sister retorted.

“Okay you’re on, but none of that making him cum in his sleep. He needs to be conscious when he blows his load for one of us.” My mother instructed.

I couldn’t believe that I was hearing my own mother and sister argue over who was going to make me cum first. A stupid test of will to not cum for a whole month has turned my mother and sister into sexual sirens that seemed to stop at nothing to make me cum before the end of the month. I heard my sister tell my mother that she had to leave for an hour and to not try any funny business with me while she was gone. Almost immediately after my sister left my mother came knocking on my door.

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