Norm’s Office Hour

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The alarm clanged inside my head as I smashed the off button with my palm. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, trying to wipe the sleep out of me. Up until 4 am coding, then wake up at 7 for an 8 o’clock class, and well, you get the picture.

“Another day, another dollar.” I thought as I ran some hot water for a shower. For a grad student, that’s hardly an expression as it was a way of life. My stipend was hardly enough for three square meals a day, much less luxuries like, you know, gas. The only possession I had that was worth anything was my laptop, which even now needed repairs I couldn’t afford.

I grabbed a granola bar (see what I mean) on my way out the door, and saddled up my bicycle for my commute to campus. One thing I couldn’t complain about was the weather; the California sun was warm on my back even this early in the morning. It made me smile until I thought about what my day would be like. First teaching from 8 to 9:30, then office hours till 11, and then my research group meeting where I will once again have nothing to report.

Turning toward the physics building on campus I thought about the code from the night before. I was trying to write an algorithm to isolate four lepton tracks from a subatomic collision. Four lepton tracks were interesting for a lot of reasons, possibly even interesting enough to get that fellowship for next year. But something in the code wasn’t working right; and after three weeks of banging my head against it I was about ready to give up.

But the thought of the fellowship kept me going, as I pulled my bike next to the physics building. A fellowship meant a drastic reduction in teaching duties. Not that teaching was the worst thing in the world, but getting up this early was starting to wear on me.

“In fact,” I thought as I walked into my classroom, “There were some benefits.” The majority of the students I taught were sophomores and freshmen, and well, some of the female students, were quite good looking. This morning’s class had a particularly “promising” group of students, but one always caught my attention every week.

Looking at my roll sheet, I remembered her name was Lisa. She was definitely my type, with bright, expressive eyes and light, brown, curly hair. She was small but not petite, with just enough meat around her waist and hips to give you something to grab. The shorts Lisa wore were always too high, and the shirts she wore were always too low; her rather ample breasts hung out just slightly. Today she had forfeited her usual shorts for a small navy skirt. No stockings though; I guess you can’t win them all.

I started my lecture, something about circuit diagrams. I wasn’t really into it; I was still exhausted from last night. Lisa sat in the front row, taking notes furiously and repeatedly looking up at me and the chalkboard.

With ten minutes left in class, I finished the lecture and gave my students a quiz. As they took the quiz I looked down at my roll sheet again. Hmm, Lisa did not appear to be doing very well in class. It kind of surprised me; she seemed like a really bright girl and always asked insightful questions.

“Can’t make them study.” I thought to myself as I collected the quizzes. “Oh remember,” I said to the class as they left. “I’ll be in my office until 11 if there are any questions. You know where to find me.” I sluggishly bahis siteleri walked back to my office, hoping I had some left over coffee from yesterday. My office was crammed into the way back of the building, far from the main classrooms the undergrads worked in. I actually kind of liked it, it was much quieter to work in with few distractions.

I sat down at my desk and turned my computer on, hoping to get some more coding done before my meeting. But as soon as I sat down I knew that was a lost cause, as my eyelids immediately became heavy and I rest my head on the desk for a late morning nap. I probably would have dozed off right then, if it weren’t for a knock on my door.

I got up to answer, and noticed through the window it was Lisa. I opened the door to let her in, then sat back down at my desk.

“What can I do for you Lisa?” I asked. Her shirt was starting to creep down further than usual, and more of her full chest began to hang out.

“Well, Norm,” Lisa said as she sat down on my desk. “I’m really concerned about my grade in this class. I really need to get at least a B in physics and well, I’m not sure I’m quite there.”

Her eyes were large and bright as she talked. I felt my crotch stir. “Well Lisa,” I said as I went through my roll sheet. “You’re definitely not doing very well on the quizzes… It looks like you didn’t even answer any of today’s quiz.” I said looking through the pile of quizzes.

Lisa frowned, giving herself an irresistible pout. “I know, I broke up with my boyfriend last night, and I wasn’t able to study.” Lisa delicately swiped a strand of her curly hair from her face. God, that hair. At least it distracted my eyes from her chest. “And I’m not doing well on the exams either! I really need a good quiz grade if I’m going to pass!”

“Well, you know Lisa,” I began to say “Your performance in class just hasn’t been A material. You’re going to need to step it up if you really want good grades. You know I’m always available to help.”

Lisa started to look at her feet for a minute. She had on simple thong sandals with bare, green painted toenails. Man, she was cute. I was hoping she’d leave so I can get back to my research, maybe after visiting the bathroom…

Then I felt something on my leg. Lisa had taken of one of her sandals and was gently rubbing her foot up and down my bare knee. “You know Norm,” She purred leaning in closer so her shirt hung down. I could see all the way down her cleavage. “Maybe if I improved my out of class performance? Perhaps did a special project?”

My mind raced. Obviously, this was not kosher. Even if a student initiates it, this could get me into serious jeopardy. My career was too important for this. No, I had to break it off.

“Then again,” I thought. “My office mate won’t be in today, and Dr. Biz is at that conference in Europe. This place is pretty near the back of the building, and she did initiate it…”

“What kind of project would this be Lisa?” I asked, putting a hand up her skirt and on her bare thigh. I slouched a bit in my chair, edging my pulsing crotch closer to her foot.

“Oh, I was thinking of something about rigid objects,” Lisa slipped the straps of her shirt and slid it down, revealing her breasts contained in white lacy bra. “And how they respond to various forces.” Lisa moved her foot all the way up canlı bahis siteleri to my penis, and began to rub forcibly. “Oh, you’re a big boy!”

I started to lean back and moan. A physics grad. student wasn’t exactly a babe magnet, and this was the most attention my wang had seen since my old college girlfriend. That was junior year. Lisa continued to rub fiercely. “What do you want me to do now, Norm? You know I’m looking for a good grade on this project.”

“Oh, let me see those tits…” I moaned. Lisa stopped her crotch assault to remove the clasp of her bra. Finally, I got a full look at those wonders. They were pale, orange shaped beauties with dark arerolae and perky nipples. She got off the desk and kneeled below my chair. “Now let’s see what you’re packing, baby.”

Lisa smoothly unzipped the fly on my shorts revealing my now favorite boxer shorts. Roughly, she shoved her small hand into the fly and gripped my penis. She pulled it out with one fluid motion. It raised into the air like a jack-in-the-box popping up.

“I’ve noticed you staring at my tits before Norm,” Lisa said. “It’s probably a good thing too.” She took her breasts and squeezed them between my cock, causing me to moan louder than before. With elegant grace, she oscillated her chest up and down as I sat. I threw my head back in ecstasy, already feeling my cock start to fill.

“Oh god Lisa…” I managed to moan as she titfucked my dick forcibly. Her big eyes stared right at me, as hair bounced in time with the rest of her torso. The tit flesh felt smooth and soft on the shaft of my rod, and the tightness Lisa creating by forcing her cleavage together began to push me further. I breathed slowly, trying to hold back and savor every second of this.

“Mmmmm… Do these hangers feel good baby? I’ve always wanted a big, full penis between them.” Lisa pushed her breasts all the way down my shaft and leaned her head down. With more girlish grace, she closed her lips around the head of my penis and began to suck and lick. I felt a jolt run up my spine with the new sensation and almost screamed in pleasure.

Lisa withdrew from fellating me and stood up. My dick hit the cool air and began to pulse a bit with the sensation. Lisa pulled her skirt down to reveal her lace panties. They were cut low, like boy shorts and revealed just a bit of her plump ass.

“You like what you see?” Lisa asked. She placed her hands on my desk and pushed her rump out and into the air. She put a hand on one of her cheeks. “You can touch if you like.”

I stood up out of the chair and put my hands on Lisa’s hips. My dick bounced in the air, hungry for the pussy it sensed in the room. I hesitated for a minute, but decided I had come this far and wasn’t willing to turn back. I started pulling of Lisa’s panties. “Whoa!” She said looking back at me. “I didn’t mean to take it this far! Besides, you look a little big for me…”

I looked back a Lisa. “Do you want an A or not? I’m pretty good friends with Dr. Pulaski, I could convince him…”

Lisa bit her lip looking at me, and my schlong. I started to pull her underwear down further. “Do you have a condom?” She asked quietly.

I dug through my desk quickly. I had picked up a box of new-student necessities from the bookstore yesterday, and as luck would have it; one Trojan. I laughed to myself thinking canlı bahis this was the last thing I’d need only a week ago.

I finished removing Lisa’s panties and took a minute to admire her. She had a little patch of jet-black hair just above her vagina, and her rosy pink lips were pinched together in great symmetry. I took the condom out of it’s wrapper and slowly rolled it down my shaft. “You ready?” I asked Lisa.

Lisa nodded her head slightly, and spread her legs to open herself up a bit. I had a perfect view of her naked body hunched over my desk. Her flawless back lying in front of me like a runway, and her ass hanging in the air. Taking a breath, I grabbed Lisa’s hips and pushed inside her.

Lisa gave a soft yelp at the penetration. As I thought, she wasn’t quite used to my size. Grabbing her hips, I began to push in and out slowly, letting her get used to it. Her pussy was tight, but very well lubricated and squishy. Even through the condom, I could feel the friction on my penis as I rocked inside her.

Lisa started to moan as I started to hump a little faster. She straightened her arms slightly, raising her torso off my desk. I took one hand away from her hips to grab onto one of her large tits; now dangling and swaying like pendulums. Lisa started to breath faster and faster.

I could feel my dick starting to fill near the tip as I quicken my pace again. I hadn’t felt the heat and friction of a woman’s vagina in so long I had almost forgotten the sublime feeling that permeates the body. Pulling out of Lisa, I managed to pant “Turn… Around…”

Lisa spun around and sat down on my desk. She raised her legs up to where I could grab them. Knowing she was well lubed up and loose, I re-penetrated her and started to hump forcibly. Lisa closed her eyes and started to pant. Feeling my cum moving further up my shaft, I grabbed Lisa’s thighs tighter and plunged deeper.

“Oh… God… Norm…” Lisa panted. “Keep… going…. faster…” Her tits were jiggling in time with my rough penetrations. I clenched my teeth as I felt my orgasm growing closer. Lisa’s pussy was gripping my dick forcibly, pushing me further over the edge. I looked at Lisa’s face, and saw it starting to flush with all the sensation.

“Oh, Norm!” Lisa screamed as her orgasm hit her. Her pussy began to clench uncontrollably, pushing me all the way. I felt my cock deep inside of Lisa pumping semen. The sensations subsided quietly as both Lisa and I came back down to earth.

I grabbed the base of the condom and slowly withdrew from what was the best pussy my dick had ever experienced. Lisa got up from my desk and began to gather her clothing. In a few minutes, both Lisa and I were presentable again and other than her hair being a little messed up you couldn’t tell what had transpired.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you next week.” Lisa said as she put on her sandals.

“Yeah, I guess,” I said, sitting down at my desk. “Oh, and I meant what I said Lisa, I’ll talk with Dr. Pulaski later today.”

Lisa came up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks Norm. Maybe after finals, we can get some coffee.” She gathered up the rest of her stuff and left my office.

I sat at my desk for a minute, trying to settle down after all the excitement. Suddenly, I thought entered my head about the lepton tracks. I jotted some notes down quickly. “Huh,” I thought looking at the page. “That should set the algorithm straight.”

I leaned back in my desk chair and closed my eyes. That algorithm could wait a few hours, and it had been an exhausting morning!

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