Not Your Typical Family

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Author Notes:

Please read Chapters 1 through 5 to get familiar with the story line and characters, this is not a standalone series. Please understand that all characters are 18 years or older. To my critics; I will say this that I do try and go through my stories with a spell checker and I am not a English Major — never claim to be and probably will never will be — so please be aware that my grammar is through a software package — I am following its rules. Thank you for your constructive criticism, I do endeavor to improve the quality of my writing each time. If you like my story, please vote. Also, leave some constructive criticism; not just blasting my writing — I am not an English major just an old guy, who likes to entertain the masses with my fantasy stories.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Barber O Saville.

* * * * *

OH the Joy

Dear Readers let us do our best — well ok my best — to provide you with a catch up of the events that have transpired. This is also for those readers that do not want to go back and read from the beginning. It has been a little over three years since my parents went to the BDSM Ranch in the Philippine Islands for an extended vacation and pony training for our mother. Dad dies and Mom had amnesia for a good portion of her time way, getting into all kinds of trouble. Found her memory, with a help of a former employee of the Ranch, helped Mom get back to us. My slave wife and my sister slave have a child each, boys around two years old. Uncle Jack kept in touch…Ok, so I called him when Mom showed up on the doorstep. Our story continues…

* * * * *

I had just finished when I heard the doorbell ring. I went downstairs and opened the door to Uncle Jack and his slave Cindy. I raised my finger to my lips indicating to be silent and walked into the study.

“Does she know?” I shook my head no.

“Hey Jason. This is my slave Cindy. Cindy, this is my nephew Jason, you will treat Master Jason as you do me. Understand?”

“Yes, Master. May I properly thank him for letting us stay in his magnificent home.”

“No, you hungry slut. We will wait until after we have eaten.”

“Yes, Master.”

“The rules of this house are the same as in our home. Now strip like a good little slut and sit down on the floor. No talking.” Cindy pulled the dress over her head revealing an overall tan, bare mound, pierced nipples and a gold ring dangling from her cunt. She kneeled down on the floor next to Uncle Jack’s feet.

“So, does she know I am here or that I am going to stay a while?”

“No, just as we have planned. She does not know that you will be breeding her today. I have had to refrain from pounding her cunt into next week, but I do have my sweet college slave girl waiting for me up stairs all tied down.” Smiling my evil smile.

“Well, what are we waiting for I would really like to see her.” Jack stood up and started for the door.

“Wait Jack. She is supposed to be making breakfast for the family. Let me go in there and get her relaxing, give me about three minutes then come into the kitchen. We will go from there.” I looked at him expectantly.

“Shit Jason, I haven’t seen my sister in what twenty-five or twenty-six years and you want me to wait.”

“Jack, another couple of minutes will not kill you and remember what “WE” have agreed upon.”

“Yes, Yes, I know. Still Jason…FUUUCCCKKKK…” He growled.

I walked out of my study and made my way to the kitchen. Janet was starting with breakfast in the dress I laid out. Suddenly she turned around.

“Oh, Master you startled me. I will let you know when the food is ready if you would like to go to your study.”

“That’s ok Slut. I will sit here and watch you make the food. Lift the back of your dress and make sure it stays up. I like looking at that naked ass of yours. Are you wet? Hmmm…I guess I will have to find out.” I stood up and walked over to where Janet was making French toast, one of my favorites, bacon, and eggs. Stepping behind Janet I ran a finger up and down the crack of her ass causing her to moan. I slide my fingers until I found a dripping pussy and thrusted two of my fingers into her.

“OH GOD MASTER! Please stop I cannot make the food you require if you fingering me.”

“Oh but Slut you will still fix the food and get finger fucked at the same time. Keep concentrating on making that French toast; don’t forget to turn the bacon.” I slide my fingers in and out of her swollen pussy dripping with her juices. Behind me Uncle Jack made his way into the kitchen. He quietly walked up behind me while I was fingering Janet. In a coordinated effort, we switched fingers; if Janet noticed, the difference she never said anything but kept on moaning and making French toast. Cindy silently walked to the entrance of the kitchen, I moved next to her watching Jack finger his sister that he had not seen a quarter of a century.

“OH Master may this Slut cum for you Master? Please I cannot hold out any longer.” I was standing in the entranceway to the kitchen.

“Slut you may cum but before güvenilir bahis you cum turn around and look at me.” Jack stood up and when Janet turned around I told her she could cum and cum now. She looked into her brothers eyes and he rubbed her clit through her orgasm. I think it was more intense because now she knew her brother was the cause of her orgasm. Janet put her arms around Jack’s neck and kissed him hard with plenty of passion as Jack still rubbed her clit. Her orgasm hit her hard, her legs giving out, Jack holding her up with his fingers in her cunt jamming in and out.


“Slut you are mine for the next thirty days, your Master has given me to you.” He dropped his pants, his cock pointing straight at her. He lifted Janet up and impaled her on his cock, as she continued through her intense orgasm.

“OOHhhh…FUUCCCKKK” they said in unison. Janet wrapped her legs around Jacks back, hooking them in place and proceeded to bounce up and down on his large long round man-meat. Jack had grabbed her ass and helped her fuck herself on his cock. He dropped her on top of the table and went to town on her pussy.

“Oh Master Please fuck me harder. Yes, fuck me Fuck me…YEEESSSSS…OH SHIT JACK FUCK ME LIKE YOU DID BEFORE I GOT MARRIED. FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME.” Janet grabbed Jack’s head and started a tongue war with him. She dropped to her knees and swallowed Jack’s cock to the base. Cindy wasn’t doing a bad hand job on my cock while I watch the scene unfold. Jack had enough of what they were doing. He pulled Janet off of his cock with a pop and spun her around putting her feet on the floor bending over the table he slammed into her wet needy cunt. Cindy had dropped to her knees and pulled out my cock.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH…SSHHHIIITTTTTTTTTT…So fucking good. Fuck me Jack FUCK ME” she said rocking her head back and forth. Cindy was swallowing my cock whole, rubbing her clit, and watched her Master fuck his sister. It was so erotic that I blew my load down Cindy’s throat with-in seconds of Jack fucking his sister from behind.

“Jack Please Jack Please may I cum. OH MASTER JACK Please. “Jack leaned over her and whispered in her ear. The next thing I knew was Janet convulsing and shaking on the table. Janet screamed his name as she came over his cock, Jack hammered her for about three more strokes and then buried into her.

“OHHHHHHH…FUCCCKKKK…Take it you slut, take all of my fucking seed into your fucking fertile cunt. Just like the slut you are. OH FUCK…I am breeding you slut. OH GOD breeding my slut of a sister.” Jack fell on her back breathing hard. He pulled out and Cindy dove on his cock cleaning the combined juices of their incestual coupling.

“Slave make sure you clean the slut’s pussy. From this point on and until we leave you will clean her pussy after every load dumped into her. I don’t care if it is me, Master Jason, or some other person you will clean her. Understand Slave?”

“Yes Master.” Cindy turned around and latched onto Janet’s pussy causing Janet to gasp and moan.

“Slut” I said, “From now until they leave, you are Master Jack’s person cum dumpster. Any loads go in that pussy, until he breeds you. Understood?” I said to Janet.

“Oh Yes, Master. I have so wanted to be his personal fuck-toy for many years. I have wanted to be his breeding slut. OHHH MY…she really knows what she is doooinnngg…OH FUCK Master may I cum PLEEAASSEEE.’ Both Jack and I said in unison that she could and watched as Janet shook, shimmied, and convulsed on the table as Cindy latched on to her clit and sucked it like a nipple. Jack told his slave to stop and Janet to finish making the food.

“Slave you help Slut here finish. Call us when it is ready.”

“Yes, Master.” Cindy stood up turned around and restart freshly cooked bacon and Janet took off the burnt French toast, making a fresh batch of French toast.

“Jack, I must go and take care of a slave that is tied down, ass up waiting on me to breed her. However, your slave drained me and it will definitely take a while before I unload again, but she will love it. I will see you when I am done and we can talk then.”

“Sounds good to me. I will be at the pool lounging and waiting on breakfast.” I nodded and went upstairs to the Master bedroom. When I walked in, I saw Krissy behind Jaxs. Jaxs was moaning wiggling her ass trying to get Krissy to give her better contact. I tapped Krissy shoulder and she moved off, Jaxs moaned her disapproval; Krissy saw my semi hard cock and dove on it sucking it to hardness in a matter of a few seconds. Then she moved my cock and me to the entrance of Jax’s sweet dripping pussy, opening and closing with her arousal, her juices leaking down her thigh. I bent down and licked her thigh tasting her sweet nectar then I lined up and slowly entered her velvety smooth tunnel not stopping until my balls slapped her ass. I motioned Krissy to go which she left after giving me a passionate kiss and a whisper in my ear that she so wanted to be Jaxs right now.

“My wife, you asked me to impregnate you türkçe bahis and leave the plug in your sweet pussy and also made a request that I deny you an orgasm for the rest of the day. Watch as I impregnate this slave with my seed and you will masturbate while you watch. No orgasm, understood my slave wife!” I whispered back to her while I was fucking Jaxs. Krissy sat on the floor where I could watch her and she could watch and still be able to fuck my sweet college slave.

Turning back to Jaxs I was in a leisure pace going in and out of her wet pussy squeezing my cock with her cunt, milking it of life giving seed. I looked over at Krissy, her legs wide showing me the plug and rubbing her clit in time with my thrusts. I picked up my pace, pounding this college pussy for all it was worth. Jaxs was moaning and babbling incoherent words. I recognized a couple — so good, Master fuck me, Master breed me. I had been in there around fifteen minutes and finally my balls tightened and my cock enlarged.

“Oh, sweet slave, my college slave are you ready to receive my seed and to be bred like a cow?” I said

“OHHHH…GOOODDDD…MASTER YES, YES, YES breed me like the heifer I am, breed me like the cow I will be for you. OHHHHHHH…MASTER BREEEEDDDDD MMEEEEEEEEEEiiiiiiiii…OH MASTER I…MAY I CUM…OH MASTER PLEASE…”

“Cum slut on your Master’s cock while he injects you with his seedddddd…” I rammed home and stopped blowing four ropes of my seed into her cunt. I looked over at Krissy, she was sweating, breathing hard, and her clit was larger and inflamed. Shook my head to tell her no to the orgasm she wanted to have, but I denied her that privilege until I could properly fuck the shit out of her and impregnate her again. I pulled out of Jaxs and motioned for Krissy to clean me. She scrambled to me on the bed, sucked down my cock, and cleaned me.

“Krissy, you make sure that this slave does not move from this position for the next half hour then you call to me so that you may watch me breed her again.”

“Yes, Master.” Krissy said as she rubbed Jax’s ass and pussy.

“Jaxs, you will rest as you are. In thirty minutes, Mistress will call me and we will have round two of your insemination.”

“Yes, Master’ Jaxs said weakly.

I went to the bathroom turned on the water for a shower and I stepped in about two minutes later. God the warm water felt good. I stayed in the shower for a good ten or more minutes then stepped out dried off and walked back into the bedroom. Jaxs still ass high head down, Krissy rubbing her ass and pussy keeping her on edge; Jaxs just moaned. I went over to Krissy and Jaxs kissing them as I went out. I looked in on the boys sleeping and I smiled then groaned thinking to myself it is wonderful to have children and WE wanted more. I reached the landing looked out at the pool area and saw Jack and Janet. Janet kneeling slurping his cock while he was fingering Cindy, both the slaves were moaning. I entered with a beer in my hand and sat down next to Jack in the chase lounger.

“Jack I have to ask you something I hope it doesn’t offend you.” I waved Janet off of Jack’s cock and told Cindy that they both needed to finish breakfast because there were starving Master’s waiting. Janet put Jack’s cock back in his pants and grabbed Cindy’s hand walking towards the kitchen naked.

“Go ahead kid. Ask away.” I was silent for a couple of minutes trying to come up with how to ask him about my dream. I pondered it then said Fuck in my head.

“Uncle Jack, are you my father?” Jack spit out his coffee looked at me, a surprised look on his face; actually it was more like disbelief.

“And what pray tell makes you think I am your father?”

“Well, ever since Mom has been back I have been having the same dream over and over. Same theme same people and to tell you the truth it would not be a bad thing, but I just need to know.”

“What dream have you been having questioning whether you are my son? And not your Father’s?”

“Well, I see you and dad spit roasting mom; you are in her pussy and Dad’s fucking her throat. In the dream he tells you she is fertile to fuck a baby in her. Mom starts to object but Dad holds her head gagging her from saying anything and you pump a large load into her pussy. Then dad says he wants you to fuck her pregnant before they marry. It ends at that point.” I looked over at Jack and his face blank no expression.

“Jason, do not know if it is true. Your father and I had a falling out about it. I was against it, but he insisted that I breed her. For some reason I do not know, he fucked her when I finished. About four weeks later, your Dad came to me as said Janet was pregnant with his child. After that, I did not go to the wedding and distance myself from my sister and my best friend. How in the fuck did this dream come about? Did you ask her? Did she say anything?”

“NO, Jack I have not mentioned it. She never let on that I knew about it. It is very weird. The dream started about three days ago. Does that mean all this, as I wave my hand over our house and estate, I am not the beneficiary and but güvenilir bahis siteleri Jasmine?”

“Jason, I do not have any clue. What I do know is that Jasmine is your sister, your mother is a slut for a cock any cock, and she has a big sexual drive, she enjoys pain, getting used, and abused, and made to be a pony. I have brought some toys for her so she can feel like the pony your dad was making out of her.” I was stunned — Uncle Jack my father? No, cannot be. I stood taking the empty beer bottles with me and walked to the kitchen. I was about to say something to Janet and Cindy when Krissy came up beside me and kissed my cheek then dropped to her knees. She undid my pants dropping them to my ankles and suck my flaccid cock to attention, oblivious to what my slave wife was doing I watched Janet. With great coordination she had, finished breakfast, turned around looked me in the eye.

“Master breakfast is ready.” I grabbed my wife’s hair and pulled her off my semi hard cock.

“Put my pants back on slave.”

“Yes, Master. The college slave is ready Master. It has been thirty minutes. Is something wrong?”

“No, dress me and I will explain later. Once you are finished, take some food up for the boys and yourself. Keep the boys entertained today. I am going upstairs to breed Jaxs again. Janet, when I am finished the three of us will be discussing a few things. Krissy do as I told you NOW!”

“Yes Master.” Krissy got up grabbed two plates of food and headed upstairs to our babies room. I would call her later, but today she is the babysitter. I walked up to Jaxs up for another round. I walked into the Master’s bedroom as my slaves call it. There was Jaxs naked, gagged, hooded and bound to the four-poster bed, spread eagled, and my cum dripping on the sheets. I stood over her enjoying her nakedness, her chest rising and falling in anticipation, her nipples pointing up in the air, hard as little pebbles. I took a finger and started to trace from her neck down to her feet. Light touches here and there providing me with moaning music from Jaxs and her body lifting to meet my touches. I grabbed a nipple, it was hard and pointy, and pulled her tit flesh out from her body, twisting the nipple until I heard her gasp in pain. I removed the gag from her sweet lips.

“Little college slave, you asked for me to breed you. You want to show the world that I own your body and made you pregnant. Now, tell the truth why you want to show the world, when before this you were afraid to tell anyone that you were my slave. Tell your Master why a sudden change.” I went over to the dresser pulled out the angriest set of nipple and clit clips. I only used these when I was disciplining my slaves during their cycle. Keeps them focused on the task or my words while attached to their nipples. I sat down next to Jaxs torso and pulled, twisted, and generally mauled them. I took the nipple clamp attached it to her left nipple, after pinching, twisting, and pulling. She groaned when the clamp closed. I watched in fascination how her nipple started to turn into a wonderful shade of purple. I reached over and clamped the right nipple causing Jaxs to groan louder.

“It seems that my college slave does not like her new jewelry. I wonder if Jazzy, or Krissy, or any of the other slaves would be better suited for these clamps and my cock. I should call Becky Slut up here and have her watch me pound the shit out of this pussy of mine. It is mine to do with as I please isn’t it SLAVE!” I got a bunch of moans and groans while talking to her about what I was not going to do. Jaxs got off while someone watches her getting fucked and I think I will do just that and call up Cindy, Becky, and Jazzy to watch me impregnate this slave. I put on my robe after getting off the bed. Went to our son’s room where Krissy was sitting breastfeeding my baby boys. I smiled at her gave an air kiss to her and went downstairs. I found Jazzy and Becky watching TV.

“You two upstairs silently and wait for me in the Master bedroom.”

“Yes, Master.” They said walking towards the stairs. I went in search of Cindy finding her on her knees sucking Uncle Jack.

“Hey Jack you up for a little fun?

“Sure, what do you have in mind?”

“Follow me and bring your slave.” We walked up the stair to the Master’s bedroom I motioned for the four of them to enter silently and stand over by the window where Jaxs would be able to see them after I removed the hood. Krissy, Jazzy, and Cindy knelt on the floor while Jack leaned back on the doorframe to watch the proceedings. I sat down next to Jaxs head leaned down and whispered.

“My sweet slave, you have made me the happiest Master in the world right now. Not because you are beautiful, not because you are mine, not because you have given me your submission, but because you asked me to breed you. Now, to add to that and make you as horny as you can be I am going to start fucking you. I will keep fucking you until you have had three orgasm from my cock. Understand my college slave?” Jaxs moaned and nodded her head. I climbed onto the bed, lined up my cock with her slick opening, and pushed in about three inches before I removed the gag and the hood. Jaxs blinked adjusting to the light in the room when she noticed everyone. I felt her cunt clamp down on me and her arousal went up a notch or two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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