Obsession… by Calvin Kline

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After my sister moved out I wound up with the basement bedroom. Not that I minded, of course; it was much bigger than the one I had upstairs, which was now the reading room, and it was the only bedroom downstairs leaving me quite a bit of privacy. I used this privacy to its full advantage. As my sexual curiosity elevated and rampaged throughout the remainder of my puberty, I delighted in running around naked, masturbating in various locations, enjoying the rush of adrenaline knowing that the rest of the family was still upstairs and could come down at any time.

Most importantly was the small entertainment center located on the other side of the wall of my bedroom, in which one could have easy access to a nice sound system, a few game consoles, and, most importantly, a television which could access late-night cable. I discovered this one night while procrastinating my sleep cycle. After boring myself with a video game well into the night a long time ago, I decided to check what was on television, inevitably stopping across Cinemax or Showtime or some other premium channel. At first I was awakened by the adrenaline rush that came when I saw two very beautiful women wearing very revealing clothing, chatting inanely about a subject I was too preoccupied to listen to. The first thing I could think of was “wow, hot chicks… I want hot chicks…” but did not even anticipate what was about to happen.

The talking became a little more hushed and sultry between the two of them as they inched closer to each other in their conversation. One finally backed off a bit and started to slowly take off her clothes. I could feel my penis and my mind going completely insane, this woman was getting naked! Right in front of me! The restraint of my pants pushed against my hardening cock in quite a painful manner and I quickly adjusted my erection in my pants. Her bra slid off, revealing fully one of the few pairs of naked breasts I had seen at that time, formidable size, incredible perk, and perfect symmetry. In a blind rush of passion, I undressed along with her; as her skirt slid off, so did my pants, and with her panties came my underwear. I was now completely naked, quivering with uncomparable excitement, and flushed with sexual desire I had never known before. I knew I had to hold off. My cock laid there against my stomach, raging hard at it’s full length and girth, begging me to relieve it. I watched as the naked woman started to undress and kiss the other woman, revealing both their bodies in perfect form.

At that time, I didn’t even acknowledge the horrible smooth jazz playing in the background, or the fact that the scene seemed far too perfect to be believable. All I saw were two gorgeous naked women making out in front of me, sexualizing each other in a way that wasn’t imaginable to me at the time. I reached for my dick and started to stroke, getting more and more fervent as they simulated sex for me, hoping I would get at least a glimpse of their pussies at some point. Though it was to no avail, I was perfectly happy watching them writhe naked in front of me, filling my mind with a fresh new set of sexual fantasies. I could feel my cock tensing up and I knew what was coming. Failing to hold it back, I laid back and let my cum shoot out, not realizing the strength to which it was going to come. The first spurt leaked out onto my stomach, but the next three nailed me right on the face and neck. My mouth was open as I tried to suppress my moans, and some of the semen had found its way in. I just rested there, softcore porn on the television, 8 inches of hard dick in my hand, cum all over myself, and tasting it for the first time, in complete awe of everything that had just happened. That was probably the fastest, most mind-opening experience of my life.

Well, the second-most, but that’s later.

For the rest ataşehir escort of the night, and the next indeterminable amount of time after that, I tried to re-create the awesomeness of that experience. But the synapses had already connected and they knew what was coming. I spent a lot of time at the basement television, around 2 AM, when all the good cable-friendly adult movies came on, jerking off, quickly scampering back to my room, leaving no trace of my presence when I heard someone moving around upstairs. I became quite familiar with the regular circuit of soft porn and even recorded a few of my favorites. My taste changed as time passed, first to lesbian scenes, then to straight scenes, then to solo scenes, gay scenes, group scenes, and so on. Out in the real world, I imagined no one suspected anything (or maybe they did and said nothing), but my real passion as a voyeur was developing. I discovered through these films, my desire for pretty much all forms of sex. I would attempt to simulate some of the acts done to see if they brought me greater pleasure; I would finger my ass in the shower while I masturbated, I would try to shoot my cum in my mouth in various ways and found that I rather enjoyed it. I found that, usually, I was trying to imitate the moves of the women in the films, as the men remained quite faceless.

One night, while doing my usual porn-watching, I heard steps coming toward the stairs. I quickly turned everything off and ran into my bedroom, hoping I wouldn’t get caught. The thrill of being caught I think was half the beauty of my time in the basement. I listened to the sound of the steps in my bedroom, trying to make out who it was. I realized that earlier that week, the television my brother kept in his room had burned out and he now had no TV. Perhaps it was him? What was he watching at 1:33? Porn? Going through the TV listing for the night that I remembered, there was nothing interesting that was going to start showing any time soon. Surely enough, the footsteps went into the television room. I heard it turn on, filling my ears with that incredibly high pitch that low-level television frequency gives off. I heard the DVD player open and shut, followed by very soft sounds of what seemed to be grunting.

My god, my brother is watching porn in the room I just got myself off in not 10 minutes ago. I could make out the sound of his breathing getting heavier and the people involved in the video approached their climaxes. My penis started to lengthen again as I thought of what was transpiring on the other side of the wall from me. I could feel my mind stretching again as I thought of my brother jerking off to porn.

I always envied my brother. He was a few years older than me, substantially more masculine in appearance, his features more chiseled and his body more strong. I imagine it was because he was more concerned with trying to impress the ladies so he did what he could to accomplish that. And accomplish he did, I can remember many a time when he would go out with some incredibly desirable woman and not necessarily return that night. My parents didn’t care, he was old enough to deal with it and he stayed at home mostly for his own benefit while in school. I have always wanted his body, but never seemed prone to it. It seemed that now I could sense that I wanted his body in more ways than one.

My thoughts wandered again, thinking of his naked body, his big, hard dick being stroked furiously as he watches the TV. I think of him fucking women… 2, 3, 5 at a time; I think of him in a giant group of men and women unabashedly fucking each other. I think of him sliding his cock into a woman’s mouth, pumping it full of cum, shooting it on her chest or down her ass. I think of him fucking the woman in the ass, or being fucked in the ass by another avcılar escort man while she sucks him off. Fucking and being fucked, fucking and fucking, and fucking… fuck…

Before I knew it, I was leaning against the door of my room, spraying my load all over it while I listened to the sounds of him getting himself off the same way I do. What kind of porn is he watching? Does it show more? What does he really look like naked? I knew what I had to do now. I had to see my brother naked. And I knew exactly how.

The next morning was the same as any other Saturday. I have always been able to hide what I was really thinking from people, to my benefit or detriment. Today it was probably more useful until I figured out more about my brother. I got up from bed, said my hellos to him as he left for work for the day. I sat around the house, waiting for my parents to leave for whatever they wound up doing on Saturday. There was always about a 3-hour period where I was the only one home on Saturday. My brother worked in the morning, and my parents always went off and had their quality time together. Usually I would practice my piano or do something inane, but today I had other fish to fry. It was around this time that my determination led me to wonder if what I was doing was perverse or wrong. My reason told me that it was too early to tell yet, and my sexual yearning told me it was to strong to resist anyway.

My parents came out from their room, dressed casually. “We’re heading out downtown for a few. We’ll be back later in the afternoon,” my mother said.

“Okay, cool.”

“What’re you going to do?”

“I don’t know. Probably practice.”

“You know, you should really try to make some friends,” she advised. “You’re starting college and you’ve barely ever dated anyone.”

“I haven’t met anyone I’d want to date, really.”

“Well, maybe you need to give people more of a chance. What about that one girl you met last month? I know you think she’s cute.”

“Yeah, but she’s probably a bitch too.”

“You never know until you try.”

I took her advice as seriously as any adolescent male can take their mother’s advice. “Yeah, I guess. I don’t know.”

“Come on. Don’t be so shy.” My father occasionally found it socially necessary to support my mother when she gave me advice in front of him. “You won’t get anywhere that way.”

“I’m fine here, Dad.”

“Well, you’re not staying under my roof forever, son. Trust me, as soon as your brother gets his feet on the ground with this job, I’m shooing him out. He needs his space and so do we, quite frankly.”

“Yeah, that’s why I like the basement,” I retorted.

“I’m sure you do.”

To this day, I don’t know for sure what he meant by that.

They left. I immediately proceeded to my brother’s laptop. Turning it on and booting it up, I felt the adrenaline rushing through me again. This was completely immoral, I finally realized that. But it didn’t matter to me. Satisfying my curiosity and quelling my carnal desires was all that I cared about. I wanted to see my brother’s dick.

I thumbed through the folders on his computer, looking for any clues as to what I could find. He was hot, why wouldn’t he take pictures of himself just to flaunt it? Hell, I would, but at that time I was starting to question how normal of a person I was. None of the conventional folders yielded any pictures of relevance. It dawned on me finally to look at his instant messenger logs to see if he sent any files of interest. I skimmed through the conversations he had with any screen names that seemed excessively girly, looking for signs of cyber sex. Naturally, I quickly came across one:

JControl (8/13/21 02:46:38): Take off your panties, girl.

xXFergieLiciousXx (8/13/21 02:46:57): They’re avrupa yakası escort already off baby… I’ve been rubbing my clit for a few minutes now.

JControl (8/13/21 02:47:19): Mmmm… good girl. Now, slip your finger inside, think of my big dick splitting you open.

xXFergieLiciousXx (8/13/21 02:47:43): oh god… show me that big cock of yours…

08/13/21 02:48:08: Request to send C:/Windows/Games/Firaxis…dick3.jpg to xXFergieLiciousXx

08/13/21 02:48:41: C:/Windows/Games/Firaxis…dick3.jpg sent to xXFergieLiciousXx

xXFergieLiciousXx (8/13/21 02:49:02): fuuuck, I love your cock…


Hidden cleverly in the file folders of a video game was a giant treasure trove of dirt. I quickly followed the path to the location of that file and oh my god did I find things. Pictures, videos, pictures of other girls (some of whom I’ve seen him going out with), porn, websites. Every little piece of his sexuality he wants to keep a secret from everyone. Right there, sitting next to the high score table for Civilization. Judging from other cyber sex IM sessions with other people, dick3.jpg was the one he usually sent first, so I guessed this was the best picture of it. With my heart in my mouth, I clicked on the file, and then again. Adobe booted up, and promptly posted the picture.

My god.

It’s… beautiful. Maybe a hair longer than mine, strong, straight, a nice thick head, the balls held taught against his shaft. At closer inspection I noticed he had no hair… anywhere… no tan lines either for that matter. I ogled him for what seemed like an hour but was probably only about 10 seconds before I decided to look at every single picture of him I could find. It only got better, I saw picture of him at different stages of undressing, different stages of masturbating, taking pictures of himself while cumming, his torso dripping with his semen after a good solid orgasm. I saw women in ways I never got to see them on cable, their legs spread, their smooth pussies opened for me, their asses being filled with my brother. I saw pictures of him and different, softcore porn quality women, sucking him, getting licked by him, taking his cock in their holes, taking his load in various places. I stared forever at one particularly beautiful picture of a hot dark-haired girl sucking his cock lovingly deep into her mouth, looking up at the camera. I stared and projected myself into the position of that girl, taking his cock into my mouth. Then… I found the one that gave me a ray of hope, and a little advice on technique as well. Somehow he managed to take a picture of himself with his cock hanging over his mouth, shooting his cum in. He liked cum? This is too good to be true!

Suddenly I felt a tremendous release of tension, followed by a warm, wet feeling in my pants. It dawned on me that I had been rubbing my penis this whole time and had just had an orgasm in my pants. It didn’t stop me, I threw my clothes off and kept rubbing my cock, looking at him and his sex, sucking as much of my semen out of my underwear as I could. I wanted his cock, I wanted his load. I wanted him in my mouth and ass. I shoved my finger inside of me as far as I could and brought myself to another orgasm quickly, then laid back panting.

Wow… was this just a passing phase? Am I just exploring my sexuality more? I didn’t know, I was just following my urges and so far, they have brought no one to harm. I couldn’t go back to softcore porn now, I’d seen so much more. Maybe I’ll just take one of his pornos instead. So, with a flash of determination that occurred just after shutting down his computer, I searched the closet for porn. I found it in a rather obvious place… his suitcase… along with a few interesting sex toys: a vibrator, some clamps, a butt plug, and what looked to be some beads. Did he use these on himself or other people? Maybe I’ll just let my imagination do the work. I looked around, made sure there was no trace of my presence left behind, and walked out of the room, taking the porno film, putting it in my dresser, and went back to being a normal human being again for the next few hours.

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