Obsessions Ch. 1

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Six years ago, I was 24 when my sexual desires and curiosity were satisfied. I was an only child and led a happy, but uninteresting life. Of course my parents loved me, but looking back, they led a rather staid existence. Throughout my schooling and college years I was rather plain and tubby. I wore glasses and my teeth seemed to forever be in braces. Boys weren’t interested in ‘plain little plump Ashleigh’. I applied my energies to studying and pursue a career. I was studying advertising. When I was 18, the braces finally came off. my teeth were straight and perfect. My body gradually started to transform. My puppy fat disappeared, I developed a waistline and my breasts swelled and firmed. The transformation didn’t happen overnight. By the time I was twenty I was a stunningly beautiful girl, according to my parents, with long shapely legs. Firm 36C breasts, with generous nipples were my greatest assets. People who had not seen me for a few years were amazed and couldn’t believe it was me.

Earlier my parents had bought me a computer, which I needed for my career. Eventually I outgrew the ‘toy’ pc and had to get a bigger one, with a modem. I was becoming conscious of my sexy body and the way men, and a lot of women, stared at my attributes in admiration. I became self-conscious of my glasses and took to using contact lenses. I was still not interested in men. I got hit on a lot, but suppose it was growing up without boys in my teens that sparked my indifference. At night I surfed the Internet for material for my studies. I kept getting porn sites popping up but ignored them.

One day, becoming curious, I entered one site and was amazed at the explicit sex content. I started surfing in earnest, finding better and more explicit porn. I was most interested in the lesbian sites and found that the pictures and stories of girl on girl sex aroused me tremendously. I started having sexual desires like never before. I became obsessed with the cyber sex, especially the lesbian stuff. I started sitting at my ‘puter’ in just a shirt or robe without panties or bra, so as not to have any hindrance for my hands and fingers as they explored my sensuous body. I used to get into a sexual frenzy and masturbate myself silly, looking at girls licking, sucking and fucking each other. From all accounts, the lesbians seemed to have more stimulating and exciting sex than the heterosexuals. I became extremely curious and obsessed to have sex with a woman. But how to accomplish that? I was too shy and naïve to do anything about my desires. I made lots of friends when I joined a firm of advertising consultants, and slowly became more outgoing.

One girl in particular, I was very drawn to and we became close friends. An attractive brunette, her name was Bridgette. She had a steady boyfriend and I started double dating with them. One thing led to another and finally I had my first sexual encounter with a man. I had quite a few boyfriends after that, but was disappointed with the sex. It was pleasurable, but not what I expected after surfing the net and reading the erotic stories. I still had better orgasms when I masturbated with my fantasies, than from a man. I became highly sex hungry, and could have multiple orgasms three or four times a day. I longed to have sex with a girl. Just to see if it was as good as described. I felt I was missing out somewhere. BUT….my life was about to change……

We had to stagger our lunch breaks so as not to leave the office unattended. Bridgette and I rarely had lunch together. My lunch break was from 1.00 PM. Most of us had lunch at a cozy diner over the road. The owner and waitresses got to know us by name and where we worked. As a regular, a table was always reserved for me. Always the same one. I got to recognize the regulars and we used to wave greetings. One woman in particular fascinated me. She was about my age or a couple of years older. An attractive blonde, she always smiled at me and mouthed “Hello.” She used to arrive about twenty minutes or so after me and sat a few tables away from me on the opposite side of the diner. Occasionally I would catch her looking at me with a pensive expression. I would smile at her, she would smile back and I would become shy and blush a bit. I had become very annoyed by the men in the office constantly pestering me for dates, even the married ones. None of them appealed to me in the least. One day I told Bridgette about how they were annoying me. She laughed and said she couldn’t blame them because I was such a stunning and sexy girl.

“Tell them you’re a lesbian.” She said. “It always works.” I took her advice and it had the desired effect. Their hitting on me ceased. One day, after returning from lunch. A long narrow box in gift-wrap was on my desk. I presumed it was meant for someone else, but then saw a card attached which was addressed to me. Only my name was on it. Intrigued I opened it. A single red rose nestled in tissue paper. I searched for a card or something, but there was none. bursa escort “Some guys just never give up.” I thought to myself. I was going to dump the pretty flower, but didn’t have the heart to destroy something so beautiful. I found a vase and stood it on my desk. It lasted for a few days before wilting. The day after it did, another rose arrived. A white one this time. Still no message or anything, just my name. This went on for about two weeks. Always a single rose of a different color each time.

Bridgette started teasing me about my ‘secret admirer’. My annoyance had passed and I was most intrigued by his, whoever he was, persistence. After about the sixth rose, the next one contained a card inside. All that was on it was the perfect imprint of a woman’s lips in lipstick. I sniffed the card and smelt the definite aroma of Opium perfume, which I was familiar with because I use it myself. Now I was really intrigued and felt flattered that it appeared that my admirer was a woman. I didn’t tell Bridgette for fear that she would start to think that I was becoming a lesbian or something. Secretly I hoped it was from her. I would have loved to sleep with her, we had become so close. A few days later another package arrived late in the afternoon. This one was a bit bigger than the previous ones. Gingerly I undid the wrapping. My heart was beating in my breast with excitement. I gasped when I saw what was nestled under the rose, a red one this time. I quickly closed the box.

My hands were shaking, my pussy was twitching. I picked up my ‘present’ and went to the powder room and locked myself in a toilet closet. I sat on the seat and opened the box. Under the rose was a miniscule pair of red sheer panties. I picked them up gingerly and nearly dropped them back in the box. They were wet. I ran a finger over the slick crotch piece and felt stickiness. I lifted the delicate garment to my nose and inhaled the fragrance of another woman’s love secretions. It was intoxicating. I felt my pussy convulse with yearning. I held the beautiful sexy panties to my nose once more and inhaled more deeply this time. I closed my eyes in rapture and flicked my tongue over her secretions, still fresh on the delicate garment. I tasted her. I opened my eyes and saw the card, which had been concealed under the panties. I lifted it out. It read: ‘I wore these today for you, now they are yours.’

My hands were shaking. I’m not sure whether from panic or excitement. I was certainly becoming very aroused. I was about to put the card back in the box, when I saw a matching red bra as well, which had been under the card. I smelt her Opium perfume on it. I smelt the panties again and my head swam with desire. In a sudden inspiration I decided to put them on. There was something erotic about wearing another woman’s wet panties. I stood up and slipped my panties off, noticing the damp spot in the crotch. I decided to wear the bra as well and removed my blouse and bra. I brought my hands up my body and lifted my breasts in the palms of my hands and squeezed them pinching and pulling the erect nipples. God I was so horny. I needed to bring satisfaction to my spasming pussy. Quickly I removed my skirt and sat back on the toilet seat. I positioned my butt on the edge of the seat and spread my legs wide. I slid a finger into my wet slit and extracted some juice. I brought my finger up to my throbbing clit and circled it, teasing it out from its hood. I felt it swell. I bent down and picked up the red panties and held them to my nose. I inhaled the aroma of her cum and licked the taste of her from the moist crotch. I closed my eyes and fantasized it was Bridgette’s pussy at my mouth.

My pussy was on fire. I delved three fingers into my sopping depths and placed my thumb on my swollen clit. I worked my fingers in and out, slowly at first and then picking up the pace. I pulled my fingers in as deep as I could and moved them around inside me and flicked my thumb over my clit. In my mind I saw Bridgette’s sweet face at my cunt. It was her hand in my pussy, fucking me hard. The rich smell of pussy from the red panties was her pussy in my mouth. I was tongue fucking the sexy brunette. I came quickly. I held the panties tight against my mouth to stifle my ecstatic cries as my orgasm spilled from my trembling body. I sat still, regaining my breath. I was about to wipe myself then stopped. I wanted to stay wet in my lover’s panties, to let my girl cum mix with hers. It was tremendously erotic and naughty. I stepped into the sensuous garment and drew them up my legs and smoothed them around my butt. They fit perfectly. I liked the way they hugged my ass, hips and mound.

My pussy was still swollen with lust and bulged tight against the panties. I saw the crotch begin to darken as my juices soaked into the sheer fabric. Next I put on the bra, which fitted me perfectly. It was a half-cup and barely covered my nipples, leaving a large amount of my areolas uncovered. I finished dressing and left the powder room bursa escort bayan clutching the box. Bridgette looked up as I came into the office and smiled, giving me a curious look. My heart skipped a beat and I was becoming more and more positive that it was her sending me the roses. I looked at my watch and realized that I had been away for more than half an hour. I kept glancing at Bridgette the remainder of the afternoon, seeing my friend in a new light. I studied her body, the sexy curve of her 36C breasts. It struck me that she was the same size as me. I looked at her butt and hips. Yes! The same as me. I started undressing her with my eyes, seeing her lovely breasts sitting snugly in the lacy bra. Her delectable pussy encased in the sheer red panties. Her pussy. God I was dying to see her pussy, to smell it, taste it. Damn! I wanted to fuck her. I jerked myself back to reality. Bridgette was staring at me quizzically. “You OK Ashleigh?” She asked. “You look a little dazed.”

“Sure.” I answered. “A slight headache is all.” I could feel my pussy oozing. Damn. I wanted to cum again. My short skirt had ridden up my thighs and I could smell myself. The unmistakable scent of an aroused pussy, ready for sex. I wondered whether Bridgette could smell me. In a way, I wished she could. When I got home, the first thing I did was lie on my bed and bring myself off again.

I slept badly that night and in the morning, felt really shit. My mind had been in turmoil, fantasizing about Bridgette. Wondering how to handle the situation. Should I confront her and tell her I wanted to have sex with her, or let things ride? On the other hand, I wanted her desperately, yearning to have a lesbian experience with her. I knew that actually I wouldn’t make the first move, I was too timid. My pussy was in a constant state of arousal. I had masturbated twice during the night, but still I craved release. I considered calling in sick but decided against it, fearful that Bridgette might make a move on me today. I had a hot bath, which made me feel a bit better. I pondered what to wear. I wanted to look sexy and appealing for her, but not slutty. First, some sexy underwear. I chose a thin, flesh colored, bra that had no bones or under wires. I smoothed the cups over my firm breasts, tweaking my nipples, making them hard and erect and was pleased with the result, the way they tented the thin material of my bra. I pulled on high cut tanga panties, also flesh colored.

There was no gusset in the crotch which left the panties almost see through. They were quite tight and molded to my pussy, pulling into my slit, accentuating my swollen pussy lips. I wanted to finger fuck myself again, I felt so hot, but there wasn’t time. I selected a tight, white blouse with a low neckline, which fitted like a second skin. My breasts were accentuated perfectly. I pinched and pulled my nipples to see the effect and was pleased by the way that they stuck out prominently. A navy blue short, flared skirt completed my ensemble. I twirled around in front of the full-length mirror and saw my panties as the skirt flew outwards and up. I decided against stockings. I was ready to be seduced. Bridgette was already at the office when I arrived. We greeted each other in the usual manner. I noticed her eyeing me up and down with raised eyebrows. “Got a date Ash?” She asked with a smile. “You look hot.”

“Thank you Bridge.” I replied, pleased at the compliment. “Unfortunately not.”

“Well neither have I.” She said. “How about going for a drink after work? We should really show you off. You look ravishing. If I was a man, I would chase the pants off you.” She laughed. “Oh get on with you.” I said blushing. “Anyway, I’m glad you’re a girl, Men don’t appeal to me at the moment.” There! I had dropped a hint. Now it was up to her. Bridgette looked at me with a frown, but said nothing. “A few drinks after work would be great.” I added. The morning passed and nothing developed. Whenever Bridgette glanced my way, I put my shoulders back and pushed out my chest. My breasts strained against my thin clothing. When I walked around the office, I would turn with a flourish to let Bridgette see my sheer panties. She took no notice.

“Oh well.” I thought. “Maybe she’s waiting till after work.” Bridgette said she would be a bit late back from lunch. She had some business to attend to. I told her that would be OK. She was back about half an hour late. I went to the diner and sat at my usual table. I ordered my lunch and then only noticed that the blonde woman was sitting at her table already. We smiled and mouthed our usual greeting but this time she pursed her lips and mouthed a kiss to me. I was taken aback and looked away embarrassed. A few minutes later I stole a glance in her direction. She was standing up and collecting her things, getting ready to leave. She squatted down to retrieve her bag from the floor. She was facing me. Her tight mini rode up her thighs to her hips. She parted her thighs and I clearly saw escort bursa her panties. They were RED, just like my present. “What a coincidence.” I thought. She walked in my direction on her way out and when she reached my table, she dropped a red rose on it in front of me.

She continued on her way. I caught a whiff of her perfume. It was OPIUM. I looked down at the delicate flower. My heart was pounding in my chest, my body shaking. “HER.” I thought, dumbfounded. There was no mistake. The panties, the perfume and the rose. The stem of the rose was threaded through a piece of notepaper. I removed it with trembling hands. “I can’t get you out of my mind. I need you. I want to love you. Call me tonight please.” It said. There was a phone number, but no name. In panic I dropped the note in my handbag. I finished my lunch slowly, thinking of how I nearly made a fool of myself with Bridgette. I felt embarrassed about the way I had been flaunting myself in front of her.

“What must she think of me?” The waitress brought my coffee. I asked her if she knew who the blonde woman was who sat at that table. “I only know her name is Helen.” She said. “Now that I think of it, two weeks ago she asked me your name.” I thanked her. Well that explained how she knew my name and where I worked. I retrieved the note from my bag and read it again. She, Helen, wanted me. My pussy was drooling at the thought. Helen was really stunning. I decided to phone her that night. I looked at my watch. I had overextended my lunch by half an hour. I returned to the office, dreading to have to face Bridgette. The rest of the afternoon passed without incident. Bridgette was quite normal towards me. I sighed with relief. I was dying to tell her I now knew who was sending me roses. The day ended and the two of us went to a nearby pub to have the few drinks we had promised ourselves. Bridgette was about to perch her cute butt on a barstool when I stopped her.

“Lets sit over there.” I said, indicating a table in a secluded corner.

“Ok.” She replied and we minced over to it. A waiter took our order. I needed something strong to settle my nerves and ordered a Jack Daniels on crushed ice. Bridgette ordered the same. I took a long pull and sighed. Bridgette looked at me with a curious expression.

“What gives girl? Come on. Out with it. You’ve been acting strange all day.” I hesitated. Now reluctant to tell her my discovery. I took a deep breath. “You know the roses I have been getting?”

“Yes.” She replied with interest.

“You know who he is?”

She asked excitedly. “Tell me.”

“It’s not a he.” I blurted out, and then told her about the bra and panties, and that they were wet. Bridgette stared at me in awe. “I…Uh..I….Oh shit.” I stammered and gave a sniffle. “I…I..thought…”

“You thought it was me? Didn’t you?”

“Yes.” I sobbed.

“I’m so sorry Bri.” Bridgette put her hand on my arm and patted me. “Shhh….It’s ok. She said soothingly. “I don’t blame you for thinking that. It’s an intriguing thought though.” She said pensively. “Imagine me chasing after a woman. That could be something exciting.” She laughed sweetly and squeezed my arm. Gaining a bit of courage I said. “Bri, the point is, when I thought that it was you, I wanted you.”

“Really? I’m flattered Ash.” She paused for a moment. “You’re not that way are you? I mean les or bi?”

“No. But I have fantasized and been curious about what it would be like to have a lady lover. And you?”

“No. Never even thought about it.”

“Are you disgusted with me?” I asked meekly. “No. Not at all sweetie. I’m really flattered that you thought of me as being appealing.” I then told Bridgette what had transpired at the diner. I told her the whole story. She listened in silence till I had finished my story. Then she wanted to know everything; age, was she attractive did I like her? “What are you going to do about it Ash.” She asked. “Do you want to have a scene with her?”

“I don’t know. I must admit that the thought of having sex with her turns me on immensely.”

“If it turns you on, go for it girl. It couldn’t do any harm. Maybe she’s just teasing, or playing with your feelings.” We dropped the subject and had another couple of drinks and then went our separate ways. I had a shower, put on a negligee and watched TV while I tried to pluck up courage to phone Helen. I wasn’t really paying attention to the TV. The phone was next to me, and eventually I picked it up and dialed her number. When it started ringing, I chickened out and put it down. Five minutes later I phoned again. I let it ring a bit longer this time, but chickened out again. The third time I forced myself not to hang up. “Hello.” It was her. Although we had never spoken, I knew instinctively it was her. I kept quiet. I could hear my deep breathing echoing in the phone. My hand was trembling and my heart pounding. “Ashleigh is that you? Answer me please.” Still I kept silent. I didn’t know what to say. “I know it’s you. Speak to me please sweetie.” More silence. “You must be interested or you wouldn’t have phoned. Speak to me honey.” I drew in a deep breath. “Yes it’s me.” I said quietly. “You’re Helen aren’t you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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