Officer Ortega

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Julia knew the day had no where to go but down hill, seeing as it started in such a wonderful way. She awoke with small snippets of an erotic dream flashing through her mind. Feeling horny she rolled atop Jake and gripped his semi erect cock, and guided it into her wetness. A small orgasm made her yelp as she felt his cock grow completely hard and fully penetrate her.

Jake awoke to what he was certain was a dream. Julia was straddling him and slowly rising and falling on his cock as she ran her hands over her naked body. Quickly realizing it wasn’t a dream he held her waist as she continued to ride him, building her orgasm to a peak. Feeling the tingle in his balls, he tried to warn her he was going to cum, but she beat him to it. Squeezing her breasts she ground her pelvis into him as they came at the same time.

“Oh my God,” she screamed as she felt spurt after spurt of his hot semen shoot into her womb. Collapsing onto his chest she kissed him and said, “Good morning.”

As they lay kissing and cuddling Julia looked at the clock on the night stand, “Shit” she yelled. It was now 10:00, and they normally got to work by 10:30 to be ready to open at 11:00. They showered quickly, fighting the mutual urge to start round two under the hot spray of the shower.

They dressed for a cool fall day and left the apartment, only to be confronted with what was sure to be the warmest September day they could recall. Rushing back inside, they changed into shorts and short sleeves and set out for the store, a quick 5 minute drive.

They arrived at ten minutes of eleven, and the phones were ringing off the hook. Julia began taking orders by hand as she turned the computers on and Jake turned the ovens on and began setting up the make line.

Fifteen minutes later the oven was filled and they were planning her route. Amazingly the phones had stopped ringing while they had cleared the screen of orders. They had to call the second set of orders and tell them they would be later than 30 minutes but they would still be hot.

“Take the three mall runs, and then drop Rita Marie’s, and then the two on Hancock Road before coming back here for Tyler, Rose Manor, Elberon and upper Brown. If no one calls we should be ok,” Jake told her as they loaded up the deliveries.

Thirty five minutes later he ran her out the second set of deliveries. “Another order came in for Tyler Street and another for Brown St. How’d you do on those ones?” he asked as they loaded up the Tracker.

“Real good… made $20 off those six runs,’ she replied smiling. Jake knew the weather played a good role in the tips. Whenever Julia wore her shorts to work her tips were always higher. Looking at her as she finished loading the Tracker he got a boner. Her shorts came down to maybe mid thigh, exposing her tanned and toned legs. She always wore ankle socks so her legs were bare to her ankles. Her shirt was loose and she had two buttons undone, so anytime she bent over you could she her lace covered breasts perfectly. Her auburn hair was pulled through her hat in a pony tail that she knew drove him wild. Turning around she caught him staring at her.

Stepping to him she grabbed his shirt and gave him a quick kiss, “Tonight babe. This morning wasn’t enough for me either.” With that she was off.

“Assholes”, she thought as she slowed to a stop at the intersection of Brown St. and Springside Ave., “I can’t believe not one tip off any of those.” As she turned right onto Springside Ave. heading back to the store she heard the blip-blip of a police car, and saw the lights in her mirrors.

“Shit”, she thought as she turned into the baseball field driveway. Pulling in a few car lengths almost to the first dugout she sat waiting for the officer. After another minute she looked in her mirror again and saw the police car inch forward a little. Taking it to mean she had to move further she drove slowly to the rear parking lot and turned around to face to approaching officer.

“The day started so great, and now its crap”, she thought as she leaned over to get her registration, missing the officer approach her vehicle. The thought of getting a ticket while on the clock was not appealing at all.

“Maybe it will just be a warning”, she thought as her mood soured and cooled. Turning to the window she yelped and dropped her license and registration to the floor as the officer startled her. Leaning forward to pick them up she became aware of the view she was surely offering the officer. Hoping it was a man she took a moment or two bahis şirketleri longer to pick up her documents before sitting upright again, making sure that her black lace bra was fully visible. Looking up at the officer her heart stopped in her chest, only to resume beating at a thunderous pace as she recognized the face outside her window. Officer Ortega was standing there, smiling down at her.

Julia had spent more than one night imaging him in her bed as she masturbated, while Jake worked late. He was the stereotypical tall, dark and handsome policeman. He always seemed to end up on construction detail when the weather was good. She was sure he’d seen her checking him out on more than one occasion.

“Do you know why I pulled you over,” he asked in his deep and smooth voice, as he placed his sunglasses in his shirt pocket.

Unable to find her voice she simply shook her head no. Julia couldn’t take her eyes from his; it was as if his dark eyes had her hypnotized.

“You made a turn without signaling back there, that is a fineable offense Ms……” he let it hang in the air as he reached for her license, “…Ms. Dauphon. Do you have anything to say?”

Realizing her situation she simply told him the truth, “I had a crappy set of deliveries and I forgot to signal when I turned, it’s been a rough morning.”

Handing her back her license and registration he squatted next to her open window. “It’s a $25 fine. I really should write it up, but to be honest I’ve seen you around town a lot, and you don’t seem to be a reckless driver; yet here we are with you having committed a fineable offense. I just don’t know…” He trailed off, wanting to see if she would read his intentions as his eyes traveled down her body and back up.

Julia could smell his cologne and it was intoxicating; between his scent and the close proximity of the man she’d often fantasized about, she could feel herself growing wet between her legs. She stared into his dark eyes as she processed his comment, her excited state from the morning rushing back to her stronger than before. With her heart racing she smiled at him, knowing if she was wrong this $25 ticket could become a lot worse, and said, “No officer, I have no problem with you patting me down. I’m not concealing anything and will be happy to prove it.” With that she unbuckled her seat belt.

Officer Ortega grinned. Standing up he stepped away from her door. Stepping from the Tracker she heard him mumble, “Damn” as her tanned legs came into view.

Arms raised she turned in a slow circle and said, “See officer, I don’t have anywhere to hide anything.”

Stepping close to her he put his strong hands on her waist and turned her to face her vehicle, “I’ll be the judge of that Ms. Dauphon, up against your vehicle please…arms and legs spread wide apart please.” She could feel the warmth of his breath on her neck as he stood directly behind her.

Stepping away he said, “Arms and legs please.” A jolt of excitement shot through her as he touched her bare legs and spread them wider apart.

Turning her head slightly she said, “You can call me Julia.” Slowly he began her pat-down: starting at her shoulders and working down her back, allowing his hands to linger on her every curve. His every touch, so firm yet gentle, sent shivers along her spine to the point she thought she would explode. Her mind reeled as she wondered how far he would take this, and how far she would let it go. When he reached her lower back his large hands slid to her ass, each one fully covering one of her firm cheeks. Unable to contain herself she gently pushed her ass back at him and moaned as squeezed it. Rubbing her ass cheeks in a circular motion he gave them a final pinch as he went back to her shoulders, checking under her collar to be sure nothing was hidden. Again she moaned as his hands came into contact with the sensitive skin of her bare neck.

Once he was certain there was nothing hidden there he slid his hands to her breasts. Officer Ortega cupped them in his hands as he squeezed them gently, his body pressing firmly into her from behind. “I’m sorry Julia, but I can’t be certain you aren’t concealing something in here. I will need to search under your bra.” Without waiting for a response he slid his right hand into her shirt under her bra.

“Unghhh,” she moaned as his hand squeezed her breast. Overcome with desire Julia ground her ass backwards into him, feeling his erection press into her; gasping as he continued to squeeze her left breast in his hand. His left hand bahis firmaları rested on her stomach and pulled her tight back against him as he moved to her right breast before removing his hand.

“Is that standard procedure officer?” she taunted him as he squatted behind her and slid his hands up and down her legs, teasing her by pushing where her legs came together for only a second before sliding down to her ankles again. She could feel herself growing wetter by the minute as his hands continued to roam over her legs, certain the next time he rubbed her his hand would come away wet with juices.

With his face so close to her bottom she could feel his breath on the back of her legs. Standing again he brought his hands to the front of her shorts, gripping her front pocket where she carried her money.

“What’s this?” he asked as his left hand gripped her bank and his right hand roamed over her lower stomach and her pelvis, “I need to examine this, please don’t move.”

Without warning he undid her shorts, the weight of money pulling them to the ground. Breathless with surprise and desire she looked to make sure no one could see them. Officer Ortega grunted when he saw the bottom of her firm twenty two year old ass exposed; covered partly by her shirt, her skimpy black thong hid nothing from him.

“Please step out of the shorts,” he told her as he knelt behind her, his face again inches from her bare ass.

She knew the moment of decision was at hand. She’d never cheated on Jake, but somehow she didn’t see this as cheating. He’d often pretended to be Officer Ortega when they were making love, having been called to their apartment for various reasons and always ending up in bed with her. He’d even gone so far as to suggest she try and bed him. She always said no, that fantasies were all she could do. But Julia now knew that she was wrong about that.

She stepped from her shorts and waited. Picking up her shorts Ortega moved to the hood of the Tracker and set them there.

“There is no weapon in your shorts, that’s a good thing for you,” he told her in a joking manner, “though I must warn you that I have something in my pants that could go off with the slightest touch.”

Julia turned to face him, wearing only her shirt, her thong, her socks and shoes. “What are we going to do about that?” she asked in the sultriest voice she could as she pointed at the erection in his pants, the warm September breeze momentarily blowing her shirt above her thong.

Stepping back to his cruiser he took off his gun belt and reached beneath the seat. Walking back to her he held up a condom and asked, “Safety first.”

Standing at the hood of the Tracker she unzipped his pants and freed his seven inch cock. Dropping to her knees Julia took him into her mouth, gripping his cock with her right hand she massaged his balls with her left as she slid her wet lips along his thick shaft. Within minutes she felt him tense as he warned her he was about to cum.

Taking him from her mouth she gave his cock three quick strokes as he grunted and came on the hood of her Tracker, just missing her shorts. Slowly stroking him she took the opened condom in her left hand and rolled it down his still hard glistening penis.

Standing she climbed onto the hood of the Tracker and sat on her shorts, reclining back onto her arms. Officer Ortega stroked his cock as he watched her, and then stepped forward spreading her legs open. He reached between her legs in slid his middle and ring finger of his right hand into her, drawing a gasp of pleasure from her lips. Withdrawing his fingers he coated his penis with her juices and placed the thick tip of his cock at her pussy. Leaning forward he entered her in one motion, burying himself fully in her.

“Oh yesss, oh God yess,” Julia threw her head back and moaned as he filled her with his cock, his balls resting against her ass. Officer Ortega didn’t move, he kept still as he savored the feeling of the tight warmth of her vagina clamping down onto his penis.

Julia sat forward and wrapped her arms around his neck and put her lips to his ear. “Oh please, please…don’t tease me any more, oh God please…” she begged him as she tried to move him inside her.

Sliding his hips back he withdrew his penis slowly, and penetrated her again with a quick thrust.

“Aghhhh!” She yelled in ecstasy as pleasure rushed through her body. Locking her ankles behind his waist she began pulling him in and out of her at the rhythm she desired. Officer Ortega kissed her neck kaçak bahis siteleri and shoulders as he continued to slowly fuck her on the hood of her Tracker, feeling his second orgasm building up.

Julia gripped his shoulders as he moved into her over and over, filling her completely before withdrawing his penis and entering her again and again. “Oh God…oh God…like that, oh God just like that,” she begged him as her orgasm crashed over her.

Planting her hands on the hood she began thrusting her hips up at him as she came, pushing herself further into the throes of her climax, as she cried out again and again, “I’m cumming, oh God I’m cumming.”

Officer Ortega moved his lips to hers, feeling the need to taste her sweet lips, while trying not to draw attention to their tryst. She melted under him cumming again when their mouths met and their tongues danced between their parted lips. She moaned into his mouth through her second orgasm, savoring the exotic taste of his lips, while his scent filled her lungs.

Breaking their kiss he straightened himself and watched as his thick cock slid into her again and again. Propping herself on her elbows Julia watched him penetrate her over and over, becoming more aroused as she watched his dick stretch her pussy, appearing then disappearing deep within her again and again.

Officer Ortega removed his cock from her receiving a disappointed, “No don’t stop yet.” from her when he did.

“Turn around Julia,” he told her as he slowly stroked himself, “I want to watch your ass as I fuck you from behind.”

Climbing off the hood she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him another kiss. “No back door action, understand,” she told him as she turned around and leaned onto the hood.

Officer Ortega grabbed an ass cheek with a firm hand, making her moan with a mixture of pleasure and pain. “Hey, be gentle,” she said looking over her shoulder at him.

“I’m sorry,” he replied as he stepped behind her gently rubbing where he had pinched, “it’s such a fine ass I just want to squeeze it all day.” Julia wiggled her butt from side to side until he placed his left hand on her hip, and used his right to put guide cock back into her.

Julia grunted and slammed her hands on her hood as he filled her from behind. “Oh my Gaawwd,” she growled as he thrust his cock into her.

Grabbing her ass in both hands he began to pump into her with a fast steady rhythm, making her moan and grunt with each thrust of his steel cock. Lifting her shirt he ran his hands over her back as she writhed under him, lost in the sensations he was delivering inside her. Cupping her breasts he drew her upright. Their mouths met again over her shoulder as one hand massaged her clitoris, sending her rocketing into another orgasm as he held her close.

Wrapping a muscular arm around her waist he pistoned into her faster and faster his orgasm approaching. “Fuck me, oh yes, fuck me,” she screamed as his arm held her tighter. “Oh shit I’m cumming again,” she panted as she felt her knees buckle from the pleasure. Collapsing onto the hood under the intense sensation she groaned as he continued to fuck her, the sound of his firm stomach slapping into her ass driving her wild with desire.

Officer Ortega fucked her as fast as he could, groaning as her pussy squeezed his cock. With a loud grunt he gave a final thrust, penetrating her as deep as he could.

Julia cooed as she felt his hot cum squirt inside her, gathering in his condom. Officer Ortega bent down and kissed her back, as her body tried to regain a normal rate a breath.

Spent, his limp cock slipped from her. He removed his condom and tossed it in a trash can as he tidied him self. Julia had managed to gather her legs under her, and was pulling her shorts back on as he walked back to her.

“I think if I see any more moving violations from you,” he said as he hugged her close, “we can work them out like we did today.”

Smiling Julia said, “We’ll see won’t we.”

As she drove back to the store she couldn’t believe what had happened. Arriving in the parking lot Jake came out carrying her next set of runs.

“How’d those go?” he asked, “Did you get stiffed?”

Smiling at the unknown truth of his words she shook her head yes and said, “Yeap, I was stiffed big time. But the day will turn out ok, I’m sure.”

Jake smiled at her and said, “Ya know, you shouldn’t take so long on some of these runs. I just had two women in here that offered me sexual favors if I’d give them free pizza. I turned them down of course.”

Julia grinned at him, “Next time, maybe you should see what happens if you say ok.” Shocked Jake looked at her with wondering eyes. “Well it isn’t like you get an offer like that every day,” she said.

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