Oh Dad, Yes! Ch. 01

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I had went to bed early cause I had to get up for the first day of college. It was my second year and wanted to be there early to find the classroom so I wouldn’t be late.

My dad had went out earlier in the evening and hadn’t got home but wasn’t worried. I decided I would sleep in the nude cause it was warm in the house even with the air conditioning going. I had cracked my door to my bedroom open so I could hear him come in but I must have been so tired that I didn’t hear him come home.

I must have fallen asleep with my bedroom lights on. Cause the next thing I know I was feeling someone staring at me. I peeked through my partially closed eyes and there stood my dad with this look on his face that I have never seen before. I acted like I was still asleep. Figured he would go to his bedroom and go to sleep.

I must have dozed off again and was dreaming about someone touching me sexually. I was moaning and moving around on the bed, so aroused that I could feel the wetness soaking the bed and my clit was throbbing. All of a sudden I screamed out, “I am cumming!”.

When I heard my dad’s voice saying, “Yes, cum for me cause Dad wants to see his darling daughter orgasm!”, I came awake so fast and figured out this was not a dream but reality! My pussy clamped down on his fingers he had in my pussy and I squirted. This made him hold my legs down so he could lean over and clamp his mouth onto my pussy!

I came unglued and came again. I couldn’t believe my dad was eating my pussy, but OH MY GOD, it felt so good! I had never came like that and I was no virgin. I screamed out, “Oh Fuck, Dad! Fuck Me!”

He looked up at me and grinned this shit eating grin and raised up and that was when I noticed he had no clothes on. I gasped when I saw his cock! It was huge! I bet it was 9 inches long and I had never had a cock that big in my pussy before.

He lowered himself down over my body and started rubbing the head of his cock up and down my pussy slit! I kept getting wetter and wetter as he did this until he finally pushed his cock in. It actually went all the way in easily cause I was so damn wet! He started pumping slowly to guess how horny I was and when I started humping a little faster, he started fucking me harder.

I was so turned on that I grabbed his head and started french kissing him and when our tongues started doing a wet battle with each other, I exploded again and he stopped fucking me. He had this look on his face that told me he was fighting from cumming. When his face relaxed then he started pumping again. Damn, can my Dad fuck! WOW!

How he didn’t cum when I exploded was a mystery to me cause it was harder than I have ever came before cause it actually almost hurt. My pussy must have clamped down on his shaft so hard that he almost lost it. Cause he said, “Damn, you almost squeezed my cock in half and I almost came! Haven’t felt that in a long time!”

I wrapped my legs around him and told him, “Fuck Me Dad! Fuck Me Hard! Cum In My Pussy!”

He started fucking me so damn hard and the faster he went then the deeper he went until he lost it and came inside my pussy. “I am cumming! Oh My God, I am cumming in my daughter so damn hard!”

That set me off again and I started squirting and my pussy clamped down on his cock and milked him dry! We laid there until our breathing became normal and I told him to go to sleep right in my bed so he snuggled up to me and fell asleep. I was so contented that I fell asleep and did not wake up till the alarm woke me istanbul rus escort up.

I got up and showered and got ready for college while my dad slept peacefully in my bed. I did set the alarm for him to give him time to shower and get ready for work though. I then ate some cereal and left to go to college. I did not want to miss my class and did not know where it was, but did know what building it was in.

I had a good day at college and made some new friends. The classes seemed easy enough for it being my second year trying to get my BCS. I was doing good in computer science and loved it!

I had a lot of homework to do when I got home and had just finished up and had started on supper for Dad and I when he came in. He must have gotten to work late cause it was after 6 pm. I asked him, “Dad, did you have to work late today?”

He said, “Yes, I over slept since you never turned your alarm clock back on to wake me up, but that is okay cause I just worked later to make up the time since I am the boss!”

“But Dad, I did turn it on for you! You must not have heard it at all!”

He replied back, “Really, you did!”

“Yes, Dad, I did! But maybe I didn’t make the alarm come out right. I have done that before!”

He said, “That’s alright, sweetheart! No problem!”

He walked over to the stove and opened the lid on the skillet and seen his famous spaghetti simmering. He took the spoon out of my hand and took a little bit out of the pan and tasted it! “MMMMMMMMMMM, that tastes perfect, just like I made it! You are turning into a great cook!”

I smiled at him and said, “Thank you, Dad! Sorry, I didn’t turn my alarm clock on right for you! I will remember to do that better if you sleep in there again.”

He said, “Sweetheart, I am going to be moving my stuff into your bedroom since it so much bigger than my room. I have been lusting after your body for years but had to wait till you were of legal age to do that. And now that you are 18 then I took advantage of it.”

My eyes got big around in surprise and I thought, ‘WOW! I never knew my dad lusted after me.’ I know we have always been open with one another and could talk to each other about anything but this was news to me! I did not say anything cause I had to check on the spaghetti which was boiling and when I checked it was done so I took the pot off the fire and poured it into the colander and then put the spaghetti back in the pot and put butter in it and then I poured the spaghetti sauce on top of it.

Dad started setting the table and getting our tea ready while I did all this and by the time I put the spaghetti and got the garlic toast on the table then he had finished and we sat down to eat. After we finished eating then he went to his bedroom while I sat in the living room, watching tv. He finally yelled out to come to my room, which I did.

He had taken his hang up clothes and had them on my bed. He asked me, “What side of the closet do you want? I need to hang these up so I can get my dresser and bring it in here afterwards.”

I told him that it did not matter but since he was left handed and I was right handed that I finally told him, “Maybe you should have the left side and I will take the right side.”

He took my clothes from the left side and hung them up on the right side with the rest of my clothes. He then went back to his room and I heard a scraping sound and went to see what it was. He was struggling trying to get the dresser to kadıköy escort move. “Dad, why don’t you remove the drawers so it will be easier to move?”

“Good idea!” he said. So I helped him remove the drawers and took them one by one to the bedroom and laid them on top of my bed. When he finished bringing the dresser in then we put the drawers back in. He was exhausted and we decided to just go to bed . We kissed and told each other good night.

In the middle of the night, I felt his cock rubbing my backside. I thought. ‘Is he dreaming or awake, trying to hump me?’ So I reached behind me and put my hand around his shaft and started stroking him. He started moaning and I looked back at him and seen he was looking at me so I knew he was awake then.

I knew I had his attention when he gave me a grin that told me to keep going! So I decided I would scoot down the bed and start licking his balls! He gasped and grabbed my head lightly to let me know that he was enjoying the attention. I took one of his balls in my mouth and sucked as it rolled around in my mouth. I had just taken my mouth off his ball and looked at it. It was drenched in my saliva and I could see a string of saliva from my mouth to his ball sack.

“Oh My God! Sweetheart, where did you learn to do that? It feels amazing!”

I said, “From guys that I let use my mouth!”

“WHAT! Are you telling me you are a slut?”

I replied back, “Do you want me to be a slut, Dad?”

“Oh fuck yes, I do!” I could tell that he was more aroused than ever cause I looked up and there was copious amount of pre-cum coming out of the slit of his cock! It was dripping onto my hand and I raised it up and licked it off as he watched me!

“Damn! You are a cumslut! Damn, I got lucky with a daughter like you! Glad I only had 1 child cause I don’t think I could have handled another daughter like you!”

I said, “Oh Dad! That is sweet of you to say! You have always been my favorite parent and glad I live with you!”

As I was telling him all this, I was stroking his cock and the pre-cum was still flowing and I wanted to taste him, so I leaned over and licked his balls all the way to the tip of his cock and took him all the way down to his balls without choking! Damn, he tasted so damn good! Better than the other guys I tasted!

I had just eased off his cock almost to the head when all of a sudden, I felt his finger go in my ass and I went forward again from the intense pleasure it gives me when my ass is penetrated. I took his cock all the way down again! He exploded in my mouth and that set me off and I had the most intense orgasm I have ever had! I screamed! My pussy was empty but my dad could tell I was coming from my ass squeezing his finger!

When we both came down from our orgasmic high, we laid there and chatted about our time just now. He said, “WOW, sweetheart, I have never seen a woman cum while I came in their mouth!”

“Dad, I was already about ready to cum when you stuck your finger in my ass and when you exploded in my mouth, it set me off! That was the most intense one I have ever had and it was you that made it happen! I love you more for that! Thank you! I have the best father ever!”

‘Well, sweetheart, I came hard too! I have never had a woman deepthroat my cock all the way like you have! It was what set me off! And thank you for being the kind of daughter that I can have fun with! Hope you didn’t mind me moving into your room last night?”

I replied, “Oh kartal escort no, Dad, I don’t mind! I feel safer with you beside me and now we can get to my fantasies I have been having about you all through the years!”

“WHAT! You have had fantasies about me? Tell me about them?”

I told him, ” I always watch you through the crack of the bathroom door while you take a shower. I have watched you stroke your hard cock till you cum! My number one fantasy is you cumming on my tits and me licking your cock clean and licking my tits clean too!”

His eyes got big around and I looked down and noticed his cock had jerked. There was a little bit of pre-cum coming out and I reached over and started to touch the tip but he stopped me! “No, sweetheart, I am a little sensitive right now but maybe later we can have more fun! Ok? We need to get up cause you have college classes and I need to get ready for work!”

“Ok Dad, but since we have time, then can we shower together?”

He replied back, “Ok no problem! It will be fun to shower with you!”

We walked in to the bathroom and since we were already nude, we got into the shower after Dad made sure the temperature was just right. He started soaping his chest and I shook my head and took the soap out of his hands. I started using the soap on him while making lots of lather to get him clean. I even told him to turn around so I could get his back. When I told him to turn back around, his cock was sticking straight out and looked like it needed some attention so I used the soap and soaped his cock up and his balls. He closed his eyes.

I made sure his cock was thoroughly cleaned and rinsed off but it was bouncing to the beat of his heartbeat so I knew he was close to cumming. So I kneeled down and deepthroated him so fast that he was surprised and his cock jerked in my mouth and he exploded again but this time so forcefully that it came out of my mouth and his cum sprayed all over me from the top of my head to my pussy. I just had my fantasy come true!

My dad was as surprised as I was and he lifted me up and started washing me. I screamed, “No Dad, don’t wash it off! I want to lick myself clean first!” So I took both my tits in hand and started licking the nut butter off my tits and when I got through then I grinned at him! “MMMMMMMMMM so good, Dad! So damn good! Now you can wash me!”

He started washing my hair and rinsed it then washed the rest of my body and he was paying attention to my pussy and ass more than anything. I could feel my clit throbbing every time he would stick his finger in my ass and rub my clit at the same time! I am a fast cummer and can cum multiple times in a hour but he was doing it so slowly that it was building up and he would stop when I started humping his fingers.

But when he could tell I was so lost in orgasmic ecstasy that he seen my eyes roll then he went faster on my clit and I lost it! I screamed so loud that I figured our nearest neighbor, who lived a mile away, heard me. My pussy started squirting so much, I thought and so did my father, that I had peed but my pussy and ass was clinching so tight that my dad could not take his fingers out! I held them prisoner in my ass!

When I came down from my orgasmic high then I slumped almost to the floor of the shower and my dad grabbed me as my ass let go of his fingers. He laid me gently on the floor of the shower and turned the water off. “Sweetheart, are you alright?”

I looked up at him and said, “OH FUCK YES! I have never felt so good but feel a little wobbly right now from cumming so hard!”

He looked at me in concern and asked me if I could walk to the bedroom as soon as he got us both dried off! I nodded my head yes and let him help me to the bedroom. We got dressed and he went to work and I went to college classes.

to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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