Old Friends

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Cum Swapping

I had recently been divorced from my first wife and had taken a small vacation to Calgary where my family still lived. Sitting around drinking beers with my dad near the end of my trip, he mentioned that he had run into Glen and Bradley, old friends of mine growing up in Manitoba as a teenager. He had gotten their number and thought that I should call them and say hello.

Glen had been one of my closest friends in Manitoba at the time and his older brother Bradley and I had played hockey together. The three of us had spent many hours together playing sports and wrestling amoung ourselves. Phoning Glen I found that they had both married and moved to Calgary for work. At the moment Glen’s wife was back in Manitoba with family but he invited me over for a few beers and would call Bradley over also for an evening of beer and catching up.

Neither of the brothers had changed all that much over the years, both had that stocky build and round open faces of their youth. A touch of gray sprinkled Bradley’s hair and the lines on their faces were a little more permanent. Over beers we caught up on each other’s lives since we had last been together.

After a few beers and catching up Bradley asked if I remembered queer wrestling. This was a game that Bradley had initiated were the loser had to admit to being queer before being released. I had often thought about that over the years as both Bradley and Glen usually sprouted hardons during the wrestling and the memory of their hard cocks pushing into me and rubbing against me was always pleasant. As I said yes I wondered if they still would get hard and how I would react now that I had discovered the pleasure of a hard cock. When Bradley asked if I thought I could bet him now I immediately challenged him, knowing that his additional 40 pounds made winning impossible.

Rolling around on the living room floor it was not long before I felt Bradley’s cock pressing into me. At that point I stopped trying to get him off me and instead concentrated ankara escort on keeping in contact with his hardon. Soon I was face down on the floor with Bradley lying on top of me, his hard cock rubbing into my ass through our shorts. Rolling my ass against his cock I gave up telling him I was queer. Instead of immediately getting up he remained lying on me as I continued to slowly hump my ass against his no rock hard cock. When he finally rolled off me and stood up I got to my knees in front of him giving the bulge in his shorts a good look before getting to my feet.

Glen yelled my turn and jumped me, driving me back down to the floor. I landed on my back with Glen on top of me. His cock hardened almost immediately as he felt my hard cock up against his. I managed to push him off only to feel his big legs wrap around my head. Turning quickly I found my face a few inches from his crotch as he locked his feet to hold me. In what appeared to be a struggle to get out I managed to move my face tight into his balls and hard cock. I could feel his cock twitch along my cheek as I blew my hot breath onto his balls. Opening my mouth I moved until I had one of his balls rested though his shorts in my mouth. Pressing my open mouth against him I could feel the pressure of his legs release allowing more freedom of movement. Instead of pulling my head away I moved up, running my mouth along the shaft of his cock until my mouth was over the head of his cock. Glen tightened his legs holding me in place and brought one hand down on my head pushing me more firmly down on his cock and asked me if I wanted to submit as he started rocking his hips into my face.

Above Glens groans Bradley asked, “Oh fuck, is he sucking you?” Next thing I knew Bradley was pulling me up off Glen. Standing above his brother in front of me, his hand now on my head, he told me to show him what I was doing. Still kneeling between Glen’s legs I leaned forward and opened my mouth over the top of the bulge in his shorts. Bradley’s escort ankara hips started thrusting into my face as I mouthed the head of his cock. Grinding his cock against my mouth he groaned “suck it, suck my cock.” I slid one hand up to his balls cupping them and squeezing slightly, before running it up along his cock to the snap on his shorts. Opening the snap I slide the zipper down and pulled his cock free. In my hand was a fat cut cock, about 5 ½” long and 6” around with a mushroom head leaking precum. Running my tongue up the shaft I took the head in my mouth and started licking and sucking his cock into my mouth. As Bradley started rocking his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth I reached down to grasp Glens cock through his shorts.

I began opening Glens shorts as his brother fucked my face, filling my mouth with his fat cock. As I got Glens shorts open Bradley started driving his cock into my face hard, telling me to suck his cock. His cock got fatter and harder, the vein began pulsing along my tongue and lips and his cum began blasting into my mouth. Tightening my lips around his cock and tonguing the head I began swallowing his cum as quickly as he shot into my mouth. I sucked Bradley’s cock until his balls were empty, feeling his cock soften slightly in my mouth. As his cock fell from my lips I looked down to see his brothers shorts open and pulled down exposing another fat cock, about 6” long with a much larger head. Leaning over I sucked Glens cock into my mouth and began sucking his cock into my mouth.

As I bobbed my head up and down Glens cock Bradley moved around behind me, reached under me and grabbed my cock with one hand and began opening my shorts with the other. Pulling my shorts down Bradley moved up tight against me, stroking my cock and watching closely as I sucked his brothers’ cock. As I continued to run my lips along the length of Glen’s cock I could feel Bradley’s cock harden against my ass. Thrusting my ass back against him, his brothers’ cock ankara escort bayan in my mouth, I began cumming in his hand as Glen’s cock exploded in my mouth. It seemed as if his cum was pouring from his cock, shooting though my body and out of my cock into his brothers’ hand.

As Glen’s cock now softened in my mouth, I kept grinding my ass against Bradley’s cock. Leaning forward Bradley asked, “ Do you submit queer?” My only answer was to drive my ass back even harder into him and say, “I submit, I’m queer.” Bradley then took my cum from his hand and applied it to my ass, sliding his fingers one at a time into me. Then he slowly pushed the head of his fat cock into my ass. Letting out a loud moan I moved my ass back towards him as he slide more of his cock into me until he was buried to his balls up my stretched ass. As I knelt on all fours over his brother Bradley grabbed my hips and began fucking me, slowly moving his cock out of my ass and then sinking back in. As Bradley continued to fuck me I dropped my head taking Glens soft cock back into my mouth and began sucking his cock again. I could feel his cock growing, thicker and longer as I sucked him and the burning in my ass as his brother started fucking me faster and harder. Once Glens cock was hard in my mouth he squirmed up away to watch as his brother finished fucking me. Pounding his cock deep into my ass Bradley started filling me with his sperm. As his cum moved though my ass and along his shaft the burning subsided, lubing me up again with man cream. As Bradley’s cock slipped from my ass he moved aside and Glen slide his cock into my ass with one stroke and started fucking me as his brother had. I could feel the fat head of his cock move up into me, stretching me further still. I drove my ass back into, swallowing as much of his cock as I could, squeezing my ass around his fat cock. Soon Glen was adding his sperm to his brothers up my ass.

After cleaning up and talking about what had happened both Glen and Bradley told me how very happy they were that I looked them up and hoped that we could get together again soon. Arriving home dad asked how things went. I told him that it could not have been better but he should have mentioned them at the first of my vacation.

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