Old Women and Granny Paradise

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There are men of every age who prefer to play with and fuck old women (usually over 60). It is a fetish usually stimulated by an older woman seducing them, a wish to fuck their mothers/grandmothers, or, seeing an older woman naked. Lots of things trigger this fetish. However, not a lot of us get the opportunity to realize our needs, so we make do with substitutes. This is a story from my horny imagination. Hope you enjoy it.

No matter which way you look at it, there must be lots of 60-plus women who like and enjoy sex. But for whatever reason, they are either: afraid to admit to enjoying it or they think they are not attractive to anyone. I suspect it is the latter. Which is the reason I set out to change that forever.

I placed ads on various date sites for seniors. It read. Ladies are you over 60? Do you feel sexually neglected; do you think your body is not attractive? Would you like to boost your confidence? Would you like to fulfil your sexual fantasies? If you said yes to most or every question, we can help you. For more details of this genuine offer log onto senior wonderworld. Com and use the word welcome in the security box.

On the opening page, it said: Welcome ladies, you have taken the first step in finding true sexual fulfilment. At this stage, we won’t ask for your name or other personal details. All we ask is to complete this simple questionnaire so we help you meet the man exactly right for you.

First, it asked to enter a valid email address or if no email a phone number but no names or other personal details. Then they were directed to a simple questionnaire that asked for their age, body type, height if they drank, smoked, etc.

The next page said, to introduce you to the right kind of man who will truly appreciate and be good for you, we would like to know what you like or prefer when it comes to your body or sexual preferences/fantasies.

To find the old lady/granny lovers I placed this ad in all the granny/mature women web forums. It read. If you are genuinely a lover of old ladies (over 60) and would like to meet them face to face in a comfortable no-pressure location please log onto senior wonderworld. Com and use the word Welcome in the security box.

The website was laid out in a fashion to find the preferences of men and women. To begin with, all they had to do was enter a valid email address or if no email a phone number but no names. Then they were directed to a simple questionnaire that asked for their age, body type, height if they drank, smoked, etc. Then there was the sexual preferences page.

We knew that to give the ladies confidence it would be better if they were grouped concerning body type, age, and sexual preferences and so with the men. That way they at least knew that each was on the same wavelength.

In all, we had about 4 groups. Then we booked four hotels in central UK locations.

The emails we sent out said. Thanks for taking the time to complete the questionnaire. We have arranged an informal meeting with men/ladies who have sincerely expressed a sincere desire to meet together to get better acquainted. The location is …….and the time for the group meeting is 2.00 pm. If you require, overnight accommodation is available but please book with the hotel directly. Also, so that we can prepare name tags, would you please give us your first name? We look forward to meeting you.

On the day, we were not surprised that only 11 attended — 5 women and 6 men and so we used only one hotel. However, if successful word of mouth would soon spread.

The welcome speech went like this. Thank you all for getting this far. You, gentlemen, have all expressed a desire to meet and play with these lovely elderly ladies, and you ladies, have made it known that you want to expand your sexual horizons with men who adore old women. So, without wasting any more time, it is now up to you to get to know each other better.

The benefit to the old ladies was the fact that knew for a fact that each man found them very attractive in their own way and lusted after them, which increased their confidence and released their inhibitions.

The group was split into two sections. The first was all primarily romantic sex types, and the second, showed a strong desire for more outlandish sex, like water sports, dressing up, dirty talking, little boy fantasies, etc.

Group one consisted of 2 ladies and 2 guys. The women were 67 and 75 and the men were 20 and 45. They first sat one to one to see how they clicked.

Cecilia and Jack

Cecilia 67 was an out-and-out romantic who enjoyed Mills and Boon books while fingering herself to orgasm but was now looking for a lot more. Jack, just 20, who since playing with his elderly neighbour also wanted more. He just loved the rolls of fat, the wrinkles, and the lovely long-haired cunts. He wanted to kiss them and explore every inch of their istanbul travesti bodies.

Jack was very impressed with Cecily. She was just his type, nice and plump and although she tried to hide them, he could make out a lovely big pair of titties. At first sight, she thought he looked nice, smelt clean and from the bulge in his trousers, was well-hung.

“So tell me, Jack, why do you like us old ladies so much?”

“Well Cecily, it’s everything really, firstly virtually they have nice hairy vaginas and bums. I also love their flabby tummies and titties. And they appreciate a lot of foreplay and are skilled in making men like me feel comfortable.”

“Well, that’s nice to hear. Ever since my teens, I found that real men are turned on by nice soft hairy fannies. I regularly pamper and groom mine and I never trim it. And I like it to smell nice as I do with the rest of my ample body parts.”

“Your ample body parts, as you say, are what turns me on, Cecily. I am getting a hard-on just imagining getting you hot.”

“Now not let’s spoil it just now. I have a few more questions.”

“Fire away, Cecily.”

“You are a very young man. Do you shoot lots of spunk and can you keep a nice hard-on for a long time?”

“Yes to both.”

“My nipples are very sensitive and when I was breastfeeding I found I could orgasm just by them being sucked which has led to them being very thick and long — at least half an inch. Would you like to pretend to play with me acting as your horny mummy?”

“Oh, sure Cecily, would you play with my cock when I was doing so?”

“Yes, that would be lovely.”

“Well in that case, why don’t we go to my room and play mummy’s horny boy. But you have to take it seriously otherwise it won’t work”.

Upstairs in her room, Cecily sat down on the sofa and taking off her cardigan and bra she lifted her bazooka tits in the palms of her hands and with the tips of her forefingers slid them over the engorged teats in their saucer-sized areolae.

“Come to mummy Jack and suck these lovely tits.”

Jack, mesmerised by the size of her big drooping tits, walked over to her.

“You want these big tits, don’t you? And I want you to have them. Come here my lovely boy, and let granny take off your trousers and release your nice big cock.” Cecily stared in pure lust as Jack’s dick sprang out and up. It was as she liked, extremely thick and circumcised.

Sitting next to each other she said “kiss me, Jack. That’s its sweet boy” before she slid her tongue into his mouth. “Feel grandma’s big tits.”

After snogging for a couple of minutes Jack kissed her cleavage. Then slowly traced a line between them with his tongue.

“Oh, wow. Don’t you dare stop?”

Stopping was the last thing on his mind as he kissed up from the base of one breast until reaching her nipple, he took it in his mouth. Suckling her large teat was pure pleasure.

As he sucked and tickled her engorged nipple he switched to her other breast. By now she was quivering with pleasure and moaning incoherently. He could feel her shaking and kept alternating between her nipples.

Cecily’s breathing became ragged, and her moaning increased in intensity. Suddenly, she let out a scream of pure lust and her entire body seemed to ripple.

When she regained control over her muscles, she freed his head from her chest and smiled. “You just made me cum, from sucking my nipples.”

Her eyes then locked onto his very strong erection, which was now pushing out lots of creamy pre-cum.

“Now my lovely boy let Mummy suck your cock?”

Bending down she stuck out her tongue, giving his balls a lick. “Mmmmm, nice and swollen. I bet you have a big load for me.”

Wrapping her hand around his thick cock she began stroking it and then moved her mouth to the swollen head. She licked all around it, then slid her lips down over it. Her tongue danced over the sensitive flesh and she was teasing his balls with her fingertips as she sucked away. Her head bobbed up and down, his legs tensed and he erupted thick wads of creamy young spunk. To his astonishment, she swallowed every drop not letting his cock free from her mouth until it stopped spurting and started softening.

“Mmmmmm,” she purred. “That’s just what I wanted.”

Joan and Arthur

Joan was a good 65 and a disappointed lady. She had come in more hope than anticipation having never had a satisfactory sex life. But Arthur, who was overweight and he had shown a strong interest in her.

“It’s lovely to meet you Joan, but you look glum. Anything I can do to cheer you up?”

“Well, Arthur, that’s what I was hoping for. When I was married, all my husband did was get on top for two minutes and that was it. I’ve heard other women talking about all sorts of things that their lovers do that make them very happy.”

“Isn’t that why we’re here? To give travesti istanbul each other satisfaction?” What would you like me to do to you to achieve that?”

“One thing I have never experienced is heavy petting — even as a young girl. But I must warn you I have a weak bladder and sometimes I just have a small squirt, which is why I wear pads.”

At the mention of her pissing her pants, Arthur got a massive hard, and Joan noticed it straight away. She could hardly not as it was tenting in his trousers.

“Does my peeing turn you on Arthur? It certainly seems to”, as she looked at his crotch.

“Well Joan, you might as well know it now, but I get turned on by women having a piss. It started when I was a young lad and I was in my neighbour’s house and she made me watch her take a piss and then finger to make her cum.”

“So my squirting on your hand when your fingering me is going to be fine. And as we get better acquainted you can ask me to do more things. But for now, looking at your lovely cock, maybe we should go upstairs and get to know each other better.”

Up in his room and in anticipation of what was to come, Joan went to the bathroom and removed her pad and knickers. Whilst she was gone Arthur took off his pants and left his fly open.

With gentle kisses to her ears and neck, Arthur took it slowly and was surprised that when he kissed her on the mouth she forced her tongue into his and started a very heavy session.

As he began to molest her tits, Joan broke in telling him that fondling her tits did nothing for her. “But down there sweetheart gets my motor going.” To get him there she opened her legs and he wasted no time in going upwards. Arthur almost shot his bolt feeling her lovely wrinkled and cellulite fat thighs and in desperation got his thick cock out (which by now was oozing a lot of pre-cum) and Joan started to slowly caress it.

His expert fingers worked up to her now piss-soaked hairy cunt and found her engorged clit.

“Oh yes, yes, finger fuck me please — use as many as you like my cunt is lovely and sloppy, Arthur.”

With four fingers fucking her love hole and his thumb working her clit, Joan was bucking and squirting. Safe to say, she soon had a mighty orgasm and she speeded up wanking his cock and felt his spunk all over her hand.

After taking a shower, they went down for tea and made arrangements to meet the following weekend.

Margo and Sam

Margo was quite a plump lady and at 68 was still extremely horny. She looked at Sam who was just 20 but looked no more than 15.

“So Sam, I’m intrigued as to how a good-looking guy like you prefers old birds like me?”

It was the usual story of being seduced by his old aunt at the age of 13 just as he had started getting erections. The difference was that he had an exceptionally large dick. Whilst auntie took it with a well-used floppy cunt with no effort, young girls, later on, spurned him thinking it would hurt them. It was not so much about the length ( 10 inches) but how thick it was. After a couple of years, he found that old ladies with their nice loose flabby fannies appreciated his assets.

Margo loved that Sam looked so young and had a large cock. He was ideal for her love of horny and pissy role-playing.

“Now Sam, I am going to pretend to be your granny who is a secret pervert who wants to fuck your brains out and become as equally perverted as she is. Think you can cope with that?”

“Can’t wait”

“Well, come to my house tomorrow afternoon around 2.00 and then we start. But you must keep in character or you will spoil it for me. Got it?”

Sam was gobsmacked when he looked at Margo as she answered the door. Her tight dress that finished about 3 inches above her knees barely contained her drooping tits and obscenely fat stomach. To Sam, however, she looked so sexy. His cock started springing to attention.

“Oh Sam, it is so lovely to see you after all these years. You have been neglecting your granny these last few years. Come here and give me a nice kiss.”

Sam was expecting a chaste kiss on the cheek but instead, she embraced him and opened her soft loose lips to engulf his, and her tongue entered his mouth.

It came as a bit of a surprise, a nice surprise, and he responded, pushing his tongue deep around her mouth.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you for some time. Let’s do it again” she said.

After what turned out to be a long gummy kiss, with the exchange of lots of saliva his cock was bulging and she was pushing it into her soft fat stomach.

Breaking apart, Margo was pleased that Sam was playing his part to a tee so much so that her fat hairy cunt was getting nice and moist.

“Oh, I keep forgetting you’re just 15 but you seem to like what I am doing to you. Now, how about a couple of big glasses of cola?”

Whilst they drank Margo said “Sam, I istanbul travestileri have on good advice that you have been playing with some other old ladies. Is that true?”

“Yes, Gran.”

“Tell me what is the dirtiest thing you have done with them?”

Now Sam did not know what this question meant, so he said things like the usual, fingering normal fucking. The more he told her the more she seemed to want. “And I just love all their hairy cunts. Do you have a hairy one Gran, if you don’t mind me asking”?

“Well, you nosey boy, why not find out”

He reached up under her skirt and she parted her legs to let me feel between her thighs.

Feeling lots of hair sprouting from outside her pants she gasped as he squeezed her pubis over the material, which was warm and damp.

“Gran your panty is quite wet.”

“Oh! Sorry, I sometimes forget to wipe after a pee” She said “And I have a bit of a weak bladder anyway.”

Sam now cottoned on to the fact that she had a piss fetish and so egged her on.

“Don’t apologise, Gran, I could get turned on imagining eating your pissy-smelling fanny. I think it’s very sexual.”

“You think it’s sexy that I’m wet?”

“I very much do”he replied.

“Oh! Dear.” she said, “you fiddling about down there is making me want to pee again and I only went 20 minutes ago.”

“You’d better go to the toilet then.”

She headed to the bathroom…

“Can I watch?” said Sam. ” I’ve never seen a lady piss before.”

Smiling like a Cheshire cat “If you like”, she said.

In the toilet, she lifted her skirt and pulled her panty down, and sat on the seat.

“Not like that Gran I want to see you pissing in all your glory.” Pleased she loved it when he pushed her dress right up and gently opened her thighs.

She leaned back and when he saw her piss through her hairy cunt cascading into the water below he got a hard-on.

“You’re a naughty boy, aren’t you?”

As she continued to pee, Sam reached down between her thighs, and clasped his hand over her flapping pussy lips, inserting his finger into her vaginal opening.

She closed her eyes and gasped. “Oh! you naughty, naughty boy. Oh! don’t stop.”

Her voice became a series of gasps and panting as she had an orgasm.

Hopefully thought Sam, she must have got the idea that he liked pee fun by now.

When she’d finished pissing she took his hand and licked his fingers, tasting her fluids and juices.

So he did the same and she was surprised.

“Do you like that, tasting my pee?” she asked.

“I do,” he replied. “Seeing you pissing Granny has turned me on.

She got up off the toilet, without wiping herself and pulled her soaked panty up.

Despite having licked her pee and juices from my fingers, she still wanted to kiss me and her tongue licked inside my mouth.

At this point, with my erect cock protruding from my pants, I took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

She began to undress. “Do you want to see my body?” she asked.

“Yes, undress, and let me see you naked,” I replied.

As she undressed, I took my clothes off as well, and finally, we were both naked, looking at each other’s bodies.

We lay down on the bed, kissing again, our tongues searching each other’s mouths. There was so much saliva, I was swallowing it.

I moved down her body, kissing her breasts and nipples, down over her belly, and into her pubic area.

“Oh! Are you going to…oh! oh! you are.” She gasped, as my mouth found her wet, sticky pussy.

I’d just been tasting her juices, so I didn’t think she’d object to me going to the source, as it were.

I pushed my tongue into her vagina, and then sucked on her ample clitoris, making her quiver with another orgasm.

“Stop…stop… I’m going to squirt,” she cried out.

At that point, she let loose, which came as a bit of a surprise. “Oh! Fuck, you naughty boy, you’re a dirty, naughty boy, for fucks sake, don’t stop. Oh! Fuck! Don’t stop, I’m coming…fuck… I’m coming.”

I lifted her legs and buried my mouth deeper into her soaking valley, so she could enjoy the whole orgasm.

She gripped the mattress and squealed out as she orgasmed, all the time dribbling piss.

Several minutes passed before she calmed down.

“Will you fuck me now?”

I didn’t need to be asked twice and I climbed on top of her. she wrapped her legs around me and my nice big cock found its way into her open cunt.

I must have lasted all of 5 minutes before shooting my load into her, while our mouths were locked together.

It felt very wet down there, as she peed while we both came at the same time.

It was one hell of a session.

I told her to keep a mouthful and spit it into my mouth, which she did.

She was turning Sam into her piss partner.

I kissed her open mouth, enjoying running my tongue around hers.

She rubbed my cock and I played with her nipples. A few minutes later, she said, “I need a piss.” Smiling, because she’d used the word piss.

I told her to put her panties on and we went to the bathroom and told her to go on and piss in them.

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