OMG Sandy Shocked Me

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This is a true story that happened 4 years ago. Names have been changed to protect the guilty. All participants are over 21.


My wife, Cheryl, myself, Sandy and hubby (Mark), two of Marks work buddies went to a bar in downtown. By the way, I am Matt.

The bar was one of the most popular in the area so it was very crowded. The six of us had to really squeeze together to fit at the four person table. The two married couples sat on the same side as their spouses and somehow Sandy was seated just around the corner from me. Our knees pressed against each other’s because there was so little room.

I was the designated driver for the night so I only had 1 beer. Shortly after the rest were served their second round I felt Sandys leg brushing up and down against mine. I looked at her and she smiled and winked at me. I started watching her drinking and noticed she was nursing her drinks.

Cheryl and Sandy made a trip to the ladies room and shortly after they returned I felt Sandy’s hand rubbing my inner thigh. I looked at her and could see by the movement of her eyes that she wanted me to take her hand. I reached down and she pressed a soft paper into my hand. There was no way I was going to look at it in front of everyone, so I made a trip to the men’s room to read it.

I was really shocked when I read it. It read “We need to figure out a way for you and I to get some time alone. I need to talk with you.” Anyway, she kept encouraging Mark and his friends to drink heavily.

Cheryl asked if we could go back to our house and play some cards. We all agreed that it sounded like fun so we adjourned to our house.

Mark and his friends were really out of it and one bahis siteleri of his friends proceeded to go into our bedroom and pass out on the bed. This really pissed Cheryl, and in addition the other one along with Mark proceeded to be sick in our back yard.

Cheryl asked if I would run them home. I replied “I don’t know where they love and Mark is so far gone he would not help.”

Sandy said “I can go with you. Mark is going to pass out shortly and will be no problem. Then when we get back I will get him home.”

I nearly had to carry one of them to my car and Cheryl and Sandy guided the other one.

We drove them to their house and I had to carry the one in while Sandy guided the other one in.

When we got back in the, I asked Sandy what she needed to talk about with me. I was so shocked it’s a wonder I didn’t have a heart attack right on the spot. She told me that she and Cheryl had been chatting about their marriages and Cheryl told her that she had orgasm(s) every time we had sex. She then began to tear up and I asked her what is wrong? I put my arm around her and she said I think there is something wrong with me because I never have an orgasm. I asked her if she had tried masturbation. She said that it was the only way she could orgasm. I told her if she could orgasm with masturbation that I didn’t think the problem was with her.

When she was able to get herself composed, she told me that Cheryl had suggested for her to try seducing me. WHAT!! I knew Cheryl and Sandy were the best of friends and would do anything for each other, but this much. I told her that I had never cheated on Cheryl and Sandy answered “Cheryl is the one that suggested this so it isn’t like canlı bahis siteleri you are cheating.”

We stopped at a secluded spot on the way back and I told Sandy I would have sex with her this one time see if she is able to orgasm with a man. We moved to the rear seat, I was already as hard as could be from just talking about having sex with her. I took her in my arms and hugged her, I also told her that we were going to make love because I believed the foreplay made it more than just ‘fucking’.

I leaned into her and started with several gentle sensuous kisses before beginning with the passionate kisses where your tongues wrestle and your hands begin to feel around. I reached around and cupped her tit gently caressing her nipple. Her nipple was already standing out and she moaned softly. I began tugging and twisting her nipple and her body started shaking and her breast got so tight I thought it was going to explode. She shook mildly for what seemed like 10 minutes then said OH MY GOD I thought I had gone to heaven. She then asked me if I would fuck her.

I said “We just proved you can orgasm with a man”. She pleaded with me to try to give her an orgasm while my cock was in her. I cuddled with her for several minutes before unbuttoning her shorts and sliding my hand down inside her panties. My finger was just beginning to slide between her pussy lips and I felt how wet she was.

I moved my fingers so they straddled her lips and began squeezing them together over her clit and massaged back and forth. My other hand was caressing her breast and teasing her nipple when she had her second orgasm but somewhat milder. I unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra and was greeted canlı bahis with two of the most beautiful tits I have ever seen. I reached down and hooked my thumbs inside her panties and started pushing them down. Looking her in the eyes I asked “Are you sure you want me to do this and Cheryl suggested it?”

She replied “I asked Cheryl” and she smiled and said ‘You are hurting thinking it is your fault, this will settle it. I hope he will agree.”

I removed my shirt and Sandy got my jeans halfway off. I got my head between her legs and licked her pussy from back to front licking in her nectars, of which there were plenty. I nibbled her pussy lips for a few minutes then sucked her engorged clit into my mouth, massaged her tits while her hips thrust multiple times and her honey soaked my chin. She was moaning and jerking for a full minute before she was able to say anything. When she spoke she said “I have never had more than one orgasm before and never even one with a man.”

When she had recovered, I slid up her body kissing all the way. When I took her nipple in my mouth and raked my teeth gently from the outer edge of her areola she grabbed my head and pulled me up til our lips met. My cock was between her outer lips just above her vaginal opening so I flexed my cock several times. She pulled her lips from mine and begged “Put it in me now.”

She was so wet I just pressed slowly in about two inches, stopped and flexed several times. She wrapped her legs around my ass and slammed me all the way in. I pressed my mound tightly against hers, gyrated my ass, stopped and flexed again then her pussy squeezed me tighter than I had ever been squeezed before causing me to lose it. I know I shot 10 loads minimum into her with her pussy spasming the whole time and even after I was done.

Cheryl, Sandy, and I have been enjoying our 3somes for four years now. Mark is no longer in the picture due to alcoholism.

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