On the Job Assistant Ch. 01

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Alessa Savage

*It is not how much help but the quality of help that matters when the job is on the line*


Stephanie Lamborne stood in her office Tuesday morning wondering where to begin. The two security guards stood at the door keeping an eye on her. A man walked in, looked around with distaste and came around the table with a file-folder full of papers.

“I have some paperwork for you to sign before you leave,” he said. Stephanie tried to recognize the man, but couldn’t quite place him. In way she was thankful for that. She had faced too many of their smiling, triumphant faces of her co-workers celebrating her downfall on the way in. They had known how fast her fall from grace had been.

“What am I signing?”

“Non-disclosure agreements, payment of missing funds agreement, cease all client contact orders, permanent suspension of all dividends and rewards, sale of all stocks back to the company, etc.”

“I’ll lose everything,” she wailed.

“Technically no, you will keep all uninsured jewelry and clothing. Your house, your time share, your cars … they will all become corporate property. Also, you don’t have to go to jail for your numerous crimes you’ve committed,” the man responded.

“But everything I’ve worked for …”

“Don’t you mean everything you lied, cheated and stole?” the man said bitterly.

“I …”

“Sign the damn papers,” the man growled. Stephanie signed them in silence.

What am I going to do now?” Stephanie moaned.

“What are you going to do now?” the man said, voice seething in anger. “Lady, I’ve been fired too”.

“What? Why? Who are you?” she asked. The man lowered and shook his head.

“I’m Nathaniel Cromwell. I’ve been your personal assistant for the last two months. The assumption was that I must of known some of the things you were up to so I’m gone as of this Friday.”

“Oh … Nathan, what are we going to do?”

“Fuck if I know. I’ve been told that I’m going to clear you out of your house — the corporation’s house — and start job searching. If I get you squared away by end of business today they promise to not give me a bad reference, so bitch, you are in the street.”

Nathan took the paperwork and left.

Later at her home she was boxing up her clothes and shoes in the containers Nathan had purchased. He worked in silence most of the time responding with brutal sharpness when Stephanie tried to talk with him. The man was boiling with rage. When the last box was finished, she looked to him, half expecting him to stack stuff up in the hallway and leave.

He did leave, but he said he would be back in an hour with a moving van.

“What is the plan?” he asked when he returned as promised.

“I don’t have one,” she began, but decided the one asset she did have was her body, so she’d use it. “I could stay with you for a few days maybe. Until I get another job. I can pay you rent.”

Nathan glared at her for several seconds and for a moment Stephanie was afraid he’s inflict violence on her person.

“Fine; you get the sofa and most of this crap goes into a storage locker tomorrow. My place isn’t big and I don’t want it cluttered. Is that clear?”

“Yes, of course. You’ll hardly know I’m there,” she smiled. She was still used to getting her way and if she had to use this guy to get back on top, so be it. It wasn’t like he was doing her any favors. They made the drive in silence and exchanged less than fifty words while unloading the van and taking everything up the three flights of stairs to his small four room apartment. Combined with his large collection of books, tapes, and DVDs, plus all of Stephanie’s meager belongings, the place was packed.

“Thank you,” Stephanie smiled when the last of the work was done. Nathan glared hate at her.

“I’ll be back in an hour,” he muttered as he made for the door.

“How about you get some Chinese Take-out? I like Kung Po chicken,” she said. Nathan stopped in his tracks, half way out into the hallway. She took a deep breath and hardly slammed the door at all.

The food was good but his company left much to be desired. Nathan was a lousy conversationalist, though Stephanie had rarely had cause to talk with the ‘little people’ anyway. Nathan turned out to be downright surly. She figured that she knew the right thing to give her an advantage in their relationship.

“How about we discuss the sleeping arrangements?” she smiled seductively at him as she put her food aside.

“You are a whore,” he snapped. “I don’t have the time or patience for whores. You cost me my job. Get that through your thick skull. I fucking hate you,” he added with a defiant glare. Nathan gathered up her food, his own and went to the kitchen where he stuck the remains in his tiny refrigerator.

Stephanie didn’t know what to make of the outburst. It wasn’t like she’d kept her job either.


Stephanie was busy making calls to all the old contacts she’d established in the business in her meteoric rise to the top. She didn’t like bahis siteleri what she was hearing. They were alternately leaving her on hold, laughed at her, cursing her, and/or telling her that they’d give her fifty dollars for a blowjob because that was all she was good for now.

Stephanie was close to tears. Everyone hated her and she didn’t know why. The door opened at noon and Nathan walked in. He looked around and sighed. He’d come over on his lunch break to see what progress had been made and there was none.

“Have you done any packing yet?” he asked. When it was clear she didn’t understand, “I asked you to pack up all the stuff you did not immediately need so I can get it out of my apartment.”

“I’ll pay rent for the space here,” Stephanie said imperiously. “How much is rent on this dump?”

“One,” Nathan said with simmering patience, “I own the place. My parents were killed in a car wreck and I used the settlement money to buy this ‘dump’ outright; second, this is my home and I would like to be able to move around my home, and third, you don’t get to tell me what to anymore.”

Stephanie packed all afternoon. When Nathan got back from work they did the whole ‘boxes/moving van/storage unit’ thing. It was well past eight when they finished. This time Stephanie was smart enough to pick out a small diner and get Nathan a meal. Once more they passed the time in silence.

“You don’t seem to have a girlfriend,” Stephanie finally screwed up the courage to say.

“She left me a year ago, right out of college,” he answered, which was the longest sentence she’d gotten out of him all afternoon. He looked up at her.

“I know you have no one; no parents in the area; no sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles or cousins. You don’t date. You don’t have sex with anyone equal or beneath you in station, and you have the moral compass of a shark. Stop trying to pretend to be nice to me.”

“Well … if you don’t fight ruthlessly you’ll never get ahead in life,” she shot back.

“Funny, all of your co-workers were doing fine following the corporate code of ethics, plus they got to do it without the pregnancy tests and the monthly check for STDs.” That slap stung.

“I was up the ladder in half the time as those losers,” she growled.

“Would that be the loser now sitting in your corner office, that loser handling all your high-value clients, or the loser driving your corporate car?” he replied deadpan. It made Stephanie furious.

“They will pay for what they did to me.”

“To what end,” Nathan asked with surprising patience.

“What? They made me lose my job,” Stephanie retorted.

“But what does that get you? You can’t get your reputation back that way. You’ll never get your job back at that company. Why are you wasting your time on them? They won, you lost, get over it and get on with your life. I certainly don’t need the company.”

They sat in silence for several minutes as they drank the coffee and the waitress brought more.

“How did it go today?” Nathan said, this time being the one to break the ice. Stephanie felt tears going down her cheeks. “That good, eh? I can’t say that I’m surprised. You’ve never been Ms. Popular.”

“I thought someone would give me a break,” she sniffled.

“Well, you’ve certainly sucked enough cock,” Nathan sighed. “The problem with you is that everyone thinks you are a lying, stealing, back-stabbing whore — which is to say, they know the real you. Why would anyone in the business want you now?”

“Am I really that horrible?” she asked Nathan through watery eyes. He wasn’t buying it.

“Yes you are, and you know it. Now they know it too.”

“What the hell am I going to do then?” she sobbed.

“Use what you’ve got. You are a slut who will use their body to seal a deal. Find a place that needs that talent and get your foot in the door. You’ve fought for the Good Guys and look where that got you. Find some sleaze factory and work there.”

Stephanie stared at Nathan.

“Who do have in mind?” Stephanie hiccupped.

“I don’t know. Find the company that will return your call. We’ll figure something out then.”

“We?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes, if I help you get a job at a company, you help me get a job there. Remember, I still need to work too,” Nathan pointed out. “Oh, and Stephanie, cheat me and you’ll regret it.”

Stephanie stuck her hand across the table. Nathan examined if for a second before shaking it.

“How about I sleep in your bed tonight?” Stephanie grinned.

“Sure. I’ve got a few condoms,” was his reply.

“How about we just sleep tonight?”

“Fine,” he groused. It looked like he’d have to earn it.

(Thursday Evening)

The evening job interview with Edward Wilson turned into dinner and had started out with some promise. When two of his buddies in the same marketing firm ‘happened’ to show up, she knew her careful night of seduction was about to turn into a gangbang which Stephanie was sure wasn’t leading to a job. She felt she had no canlı bahis siteleri choice but to try. Maybe she could impress them enough sexually to make them change their minds. She had no options left.

They had her surrounded as the headed out of the restaurant to one of the local hotels. It was a decent one, but Stephanie knew that might as well been charging by the hour as far as she was concerned.

“Are you sure there is an opening in your department Edward?” Stephanie said in her most hopeful, sensual tone.

“We’ll discuss your openings when we get upstairs, Steph,” Edward said. The other men chuckled and Stephanie felt that sinking feeling about to overwhelm her. That moment of despair caused her to look down the sidewalk while the men looked at each other sharing the not-so secret joke. There was a man in a black hoody walking up the street towards them.

As he came under the streetlamp she realized he had some kind of mask on. Stephanie stopped moving but the man walking behind Stephanie pushed her forward. She saw the stranger take his hands out of the hoody pockets and in one hand he held a gun. Stephanie tried to scream but couldn’t. No one else seemed to notice. Stephanie prayed this was a mugging and not a rape. The hooded man didn’t speak; he started shooting.

Edward slammed into her. The gun kept firing and firing. A second later she felt pain lance up her arm. One of the men was screaming and she felt the man behind her give way. She swore she could hear him running before another gunshot went off and then everything went quiet except for the whimpering of the man next to her. Stephanie couldn’t even remember his name.

Stephanie lay partially covered by Edward. The masked man stooped over Edward and rifled through his pocket. He moved to the moaning man and did the same. When he leaned over Stephanie and reached for her purse he said something to her.

“Fight me,” he whispered. It was Nathan! Stephanie had no idea what she was doing so she grabbed at the gun arm. A shot went off next to her, but Stephanie vowed not to let it go. Nathan struggled to rise, pulling both of them to their feet and they struggled back and forth for several seconds.

“When you fall,” he said softly, “fall over the wounded man and shield his body.”

Nathan pulled free and Stephanie did as she was told, adding the touch of looking over her shoulder and raised a warding hand over both her and the man. Nathan pulled back and pointed the gun and for a second she thought he would shoot her again. She flinched and closed her eyes. She heard a thunderous click against a spent cartridge followed by another.

“Fuck!” Nathan exclaimed loudly. Stephanie looked up as Nathan turned and ran away. She began to hear other people crying out and footfalls coming her way. Now she remembered the pain in her arm where Nathan had shot her. She looked over at it. The wound looked nasty and bloody. Stephanie had never been shot before, but she had a feeling this was what was called a ‘flesh wound’.

“God Lady,” the first man arriving at her side said, “I saw everything. You saved this man’s life.”

“Get her a doctor,” a woman shouted. She took Stephanie by the shoulders in a comforting gesture and led her to the curb. “You are lucky to be alive.”

“This guy is dead,” called out a second man; this one kneeling over Edward.

“Are you sure,” a third man on a cell phone asked.

“Shot clean through the heart — eyes wide open — this man is a goner.” Stephanie grinned on the inside because Edward had gotten his gang-bang tonight: just not in the way he envisioned it. In the distance she heard sirens but she imagined they would be way too late to catch Nathan.

He seemed to have thought this one through very well. Edward was dead, as was the man who tried to run away. The wounded man would live, but be out for some time. A dozen people had seen Stephanie shield him with her own body. Now the marketing firm had three openings. Maybe they would like to hire a hero for the PR boost. That hero definitely knew which office assistant she’d want to have.


The police had gone over her story several times. It had been easy to lie. All she had to do was omit Nathan talking to her. The hospital and police told her that she’d been lucky; the bullet that hit her had passed through Edward and only grazed the arm. Stephanie hoped Edwards’ grieving widow would appreciate the irony that he and his body had been of use to Stephanie after all.

It was almost sunrise when Stephanie came to Nathan’s place. After her knock Nathan opened the door and let her in. He was watching some late night movie which he cut off as he sat back on the sofa.

“What happened to you?” he asked nonchalantly. Stephanie grinned wickedly and straddled his lap. His face was nearly into the half cup bra she’d worn for her ‘job interview’.

“I got shot. Some big evil man shot some friends and me on the way out of a restaurant. It was horrible, two men died and the third canlı bahis was critically injured. He’ll recover, but he’ll be out of work for maybe two months,” Stephanie pouted playfully.

“Wow, good luck for you I guess. Is there any chance of you getting one of those open job slots?” Nathan asked.

“Did I mention I saved that third man’s life? A dozen cameras caught my rescue. The gun pointing at me and coming down on spent shells was really impressive, by the way. The cops are totally convinced I’m lucky to be alive. In a few hours I plan to go to the hospital and check up on the wounded man — maybe meet some of his co-workers and his wife and small child.”

“That would be a nice touch,” Nathan agreed. “What now?”

“I was planning to go into the bedroom,” Stephanie smiled.

“You’ve had a long night. A little sleep would be good for you,” Nathan acknowledged.

“Who says I want to go to sleep?” Stephanie said before kissing him. Sure, Nathan was probably a psychopath, but he was her psychopath and that really turned her on.

Nathan exhibited his strength by picking Stephanie up from the couch and keeping her at waist level. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him into a long sensual kiss. One hand cupped her ass firmly taking in one cheek. His other hand went to the middle back and pressed her breasts into his chest.

The made their way to the bedroom and Stephanie was suddenly grateful that she’d packed up so much of her stuff. She wanted to get to the bedroom fast. For the first time in a long time she found herself looking forward to sex for the desire of sex and not the sake of financial gain. Nathan put one knee on the bed and roughly lowered her to the mattress. He studied her for a moment in a way that sent chills up her spine.

Nathan tore open her short and twisted and pulled the front clasp of her bra open. Diving into her breasts like a man dying of thirst he slaked his lust on one tit after the other. He bit the top of one of her breasts painfully.

“Ow, that hurts,” she cried out.

“You don’t own me,” he snarled. “I’m doing this because I want to. This is a one-time thing.”

Stephanie pulled him back to her nipple and he began to suckle brutally. She began moaning in ecstasy. His actions were mean and painful and his anger and rage were obvious, but it turned her on more and more as his energy was directed into her body. This was the passion she’d always been missing in every other relationship she’d ever been in. She’d be damned if this was a one-time thing.

Nathan stood up on his knees away from her and took off his shirt and wrist watch. Stephanie matched him by tearing off her shirt and bra as fast as she could. He gave her enough room to slip out of her skirt and hose, kicking her shoes out into the hall. He took of his draw-string pants and stood at the foot of the bed glaring at her. He had that angry look. Playfully Stephanie retreated back up the bed until she hit the wall; there was no headboard on the queen-sized bed.

He went to the side table and took out a condom. He put it on without taking his gaze from her eyes. Nathan crawled on his hand and knees to Stephanie, pulled her legs apart, grabbed her thighs and pulled her to him in the middle of the bed. He pulled her legs up so her knees were beside his shoulders. He didn’t waste time with foreplay. He drove into her in one thrust.

It was good she was already soaking wet because there was nothing loving about Nathan’s attentions. He fucked her hard. Each pounding impact made Stephanie recall the energy Edward had imparted into her at his death. It had been death; terrifying and thrilling at the same time. With Nathan she was recapturing that moment when her life meant more to her than it ever had before. She doubted she ever wanted to go back to the real killing moment — Nathan was crazy after all — but his anger could bring back all those memories in the safety of having sex with him.

Stephanie’s pussy was tingling with the sensation of his thrusts. Her thighs burned from the friction of him pushing them aside each time they he struck home. She pulled herself up enough to kiss him. At first, he resisted and kept his mouth clamped shut, but she wore him down with her tickles from her tongue along his lips and her persistent attention.

She met his gaze the first time she pulled back from the French kiss. It was something new there; she had never seen him more alive. There was no regret or remorse. Nothing was weighing down on his soul that might get in her way. He was hungry for the next challenge and so was she, and that sent her over the edge. He wasn’t done with her, he kept at her until well after sunrise, in every position she could come up with, and with a drive that sent her over the edge of exhaustion.

“How did you know where to be?” Stephanie asked totally spent.

“If you headed the other way, you were going back to his car and you were going to get the job. If he headed my way he was going take you to the hotel to fuck you then fuck you over some more. The other two guys were a bonus. I adlibbed the wounded man part; it worked out well enough.”

“That was quick thinking; I liked it,” Steph said as she curled up against his chest.

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