On the Loveseat Ch. 15

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Dear Readers, I started the last chapter and wrote through this one intending to break them up when finished. I try to break the chapters after Friday night events, as that has been the theme. The previous chapter worked out, but this one ran long and I had to cut it before getting to Friday. Events are planned out for the next few weeks so I hope to get those chapters out quicker than recent ones.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the story!

Note: There is a synopsis of the story up to that point in Chapter 10 for longtime readers to refresh their memories if needed. New readers I would like if you started at the beginning.



I slept long and deeply.

As worn and sore as I should have been, I woke feeling exhilarated. A wide grin crossed my face and I didn’t resist it. I felt on top of the world! A warm, wonderful place filled with love and beauty, not the cold desolate wasteland that was at the actual top of the world.

I casually trotted downstairs.

Mom coughed loudly and I looked to where she was sitting. My brother and sister were engaged in a game with her. She pointed to her neck emphatically. I stared at her in stupefaction. Then it dawned on me. Mom’s words of last night hit me. The hickey that she claimed she had given me. I put a hand to my neck and turned back upstairs. I went in the bathroom and studied the reddish mark standing out on the side of my neck. Mom entered behind me with a jar of make-up.

“You can cover it with this until you get some time away from the family so you can then make up a story about a … remarkable … girl that gave it to you.” Mom glanced at the floor when she used the description I had called her last night.

“Make-up?” I questioned with disdain. “What about a bandage?”

“If you put on a bandage big enough to cover that, your dad would wonder who tried to slit your throat!”

“But make-up?”

“Actors wear it all the time, newscasters, even the sports guys!” She declared.

“But …” I protested.

“Or do you want to explain to your father, or Johnny, even little Jojo, about how you got a hickey between the time when they went to bed last night and you got up today?”

“Umm …”

Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. It’s not as if I was going anywhere today. Oh, wait. That was the whole point of my explanation. I had to get away to give this ‘remarkable’ girl time to give me a hickey. Damn!

“I thought so. Here let me apply it. Try not to rub it or to get it to wet.”

“Like sweating while I’m with my remarkable girl?” I leered at mom.

“Yes. No sweating for you.” Her grin in reply glowed.

Mom quickly applied the concealer to my neck, which I learned was with what she was covering me.

“There. As long as no one looks too closely.”

“Can’t I just pretend that I have been hiding it and have had it for awhile already?” I pleaded.

“You may have to if this doesn’t work.” Mom patted my neck again. She didn’t seem too confident in the job she’d done.

“Maybe you should just hide in your room like you usually do.” She suggested.

“Would you care to join me, beautiful?” I looked deep into those green pools.

“You know we can’t.” Mom broke my gaze.

“That didn’t seem to stop you last night.”

“That was …” She started.

“Don’t say it was different. That was magical. Incredible, stupendous, awesome, breathtaking …”

“Okay. Stop. I get it. I was there too. I feel the same. I don’t know why, but I am so … enamored with you Jeremy. That you are my son, my remarkable son, just doesn’t seem to matter. Not in the grand scheme of things.”

“But what about dad?” I didn’t want to bring up my father, but he was the pink elephant that hung over us no matter where we were or what we were doing.

“Honey. I don’t know. I’m the one that is lost here. You know what you want, even when your mother tells you otherwise!” She glared at me, but it quickly turned playful. “Your father also knows what he wants, even if he doesn’t show it most of the time because he’s too involved in that silly sport. I’m the one that doesn’t know what I want.”

“Yes you do mom. Your problem is you want me, but you also want dad. You can’t have both and that’s tearing you up.”

“That sums it up pretty well.”

“We should get back downstairs before the other two wonder what we are doing.”

“Luckily they wouldn’t think anything like what we are doing.” Mom sighed without any relief.

“And let’s keep it that way.” I stated. It would crush me for Jojo to find out I was having sex with mom, even if Jojo wasn’t sure what sex even was yet. She would all too soon enough.

Mom’s look at me told me she was thinking along the same lines. That stung me, that what I was doing caused her pain was a knife in my gut.

Mom left me standing there studying her handiwork. It was a bit discolored from my surrounding skin but far less than what lay beneath the make-up cover. The fact that I wanted to shout ataşehir escort from the rooftop that mom had given me a hickey while we had had explosive sex was lost by the additional fact that it had been my mom and thus I had to keep it secret.

Maybe I should just spend the day playing video games. Or I could text some friends. If I still had any after my neglect of them. What I really wanted to do was spend the day with mom! Even spending time with Aunt Jessica now paled beside her sister. Aunt Jess may have the better figure, but there was something about mom that had just clicked with me. And not just the fact that she was the woman that gave me life.

I didn’t want to spend the day holed up in my room. I wanted to get out and enjoy life. But I didn’t want to push my luck with my neck either. I’m sure that is the type of thing that dad would notice right away, even if he didn’t realize other things going on in the house. Dad was normally very perceptive and could deduce the truth about a great many things. Except for probably the biggest thing in his life.

I hadn’t had breakfast yet so I had to go back downstairs.

“You’re back.” Mom stated plainly. Johnny and Jojo were now playing the game without mom. She was paging through a magazine. Like she was killing time. Until I returned?

“I need breakfast.” I stated just as plainly.

“Breakfast? It’s close to lunchtime.” Mom answered.

It was only ten thirty!

“Do you want me to make you something?” She appeared ready to leap to her feet. That she wanted to make a meal for her … what did she call me last night? Her lover, seemed so sweet. It made my footsteps light. However, I didn’t want her slaving away for me. I was eighteen and fully capable of feeding myself. If I was forced to it.

“No, don’t get up mom. I’ll find something.” I went in the kitchen. What I found was cereal. I might have preferred one of mom’s big breakfasts, but there was no way I could manage that! Cereal was easy. I even cleaned up the milk I spilt!

“You’re going to have cereal?” Mom questioned when I walked into the living room with the bowl.

“It’s what I wanted.” I declared my lie.

“Really? When I’ve seen you devour half a cow.” This drew a laugh from my siblings.

“I can have another bowl.” I defended my decision.

“Okay.” Mom let it drop.

The problem was, I’m sure she knew my whole thought process anyway. That I didn’t want her to get up, my inability to do much more in the kitchen than boil water and make toast. I might have even managed some scrambled eggs. Or, that I just wanted her to relax. Mom’s slight smile confirmed my suspicion. My mother knew me all too well!

I, meanwhile, was discovering volumes about my mother! And I was a fast learner!

I sat and ate my cereal as if it was the best breakfast ever. It did have marshmallows! Mom pretended not to be staring at me. I told myself it was because of how she felt about me and not because she was amused by me. Johnny and Jojo got tired with their game and decided to go outside and play. I gave a glance at mom and she shook her head slightly but that spoke loudly. Hey, it never hurt to try!

I returned my bowl to the sink, even rinsed it and put it in the dishwasher. Mom was going to domesticate me like this!

“Let’s do something mom!” I said enthusiastically. Her eyes looked up from her magazine.

“I did shake my head no if you didn’t see.” She said calmly.

“Not that. Well, that’s not what I meant anyway.” I grinned as charmingly as I could. Not that it seemed like I needed to with mom!

“What did you mean then?” She put the magazine down and studied me now.

“I don’t know. Something. Just you and me.”

“And the others won’t get suspicious? Or question us?”

“Something they wouldn’t get suspicious about. Like when they went to the zoo.”

“You want to go to the zoo?”

“No, but something like that.” I thought for a long moment. I also happened to be staring at mom. She was wearing a plain white blouse and deep navy blue slacks, her normal black flats on her feet. Then I had it.

“Let’s go shopping mom!”

“What? You want to go shopping with me? For what? Video games? I don’t think so.” She lifted her magazine again.

“No. For you. For some new clothes. Maybe even some lingerie?” I said suggestively.

Mom looked at me for a long time as if looking for a hint that I was playing with her.

“You want to go shopping for clothes with your mother? Said no son ever!” She said with disbelief, but I saw a trace of interest. “You sure you don’t want to go meet the girl your aunt told you about?”

“I’m interested in checking her out, but no, I really want to buy you some sexy new clothes. Well, you’ll buy them, dad will actually, but I’ll pick them out. Or suggest what I think you should get.”

“You’re serious aren’t you?”

“Completely.” My tone was granite.

Mom looked at me again for quite awhile, confirming my resolve.

“I kadıköy escort can’t believe you’re serious. Clothes shopping with your mom. Going store to store while I go through endless racks of clothes? Spending hours with no video games, no hot young girls, no … porn?”

“I don’t need those things mom, I got you. It’ll be fun to shop with you. As long as I get to see you in whatever we end up getting!”

“You think it’ll be fun? You are either the greatest guy on the entire planet, or you are an alien that has replaced my son at some time!” She joked, but I could tell she was becoming agreeable to my idea.

“I choose to go with the first option!” I stared at her. Her stare in return told me that she had already decided which. I only had to hear her voice the words.

“I think so too.” She paused before she said the words. “Okay. We’ll go shopping.” Mom sounded mystified by her decision. “My eighteen year old son really wants to go to the mall to go clothes shopping with his graying old mother!”

“And lingerie!” I added ardently. “And you don’t have any gray hairs mom.”

“You didn’t argue about my being old!”

“Oh, you are old mom, positively ancient. You need your virile young son just to help you get around!” I teased.

“Oh thank you. I’ll learn you, you young whippersnapper!” Mom’s voice sounding like an old lady. “That’s the last time I let you trim my bush!”

“There were definitely no grey hairs down there! I checked thoroughly!”

“I’m sure you did. I suppose I should be glad I have you to check that for me.”

“Anytime you want mom. I’ll be your bush inspector!”

“My bush inspector!” She broke out in laughter. “Just what every little old lady needs.”

“Mom, if last night didn’t prove it. You are anything but old. Do you want me to start reeling off the list of what you are? Marvelous, stunning …”

“No, no. We don’t have all day.” She grinned. She was finally becoming comfortable in accepting that she was as beautiful as I thought she was. As I constantly told her that she was. I’m sure it wasn’t hurting for her to be getting all the sex we’d been having either to help her boost her self-image.

“I guess I should enjoy this shopping trip with you. After we’re done, I’m sure it’ll be the last. Your future wife will hate me for using up her one shopping trip with you!” Mom teased. She looked vibrant now. The excitement of shopping, something I knew she hadn’t done in quite awhile, sinking into her.

I ignored her jibe. Shopping couldn’t be that bad. I loved shopping for myself. It couldn’t be that different. Moreover, if I got to see her model some lingerie … I had to shake myself before I got lost in that fantasy. A fantasy that very soon might come true!

“We’ll go after dad comes home. Sound good mom?”

“Positively thrilling. I don’t know why I would expect anything less from you, dear.” I think I may have given my image a major boost! Not that I needed it with mom. “Now, go do something besides hanging on me or staring at me.” She shooed me away.

“Those are the best things I could be doing.” I responded, but stood to leave.

“The best things? I seem to remember something better last night. At least for me.” I saw her eyes followed me as closely as mine had ever followed her.

“Oh, that. I was okay. Nice even.” I teased her with her own words.

“Get out of here you shit before I put you to work cleaning the gutters or something just as ‘nice’!”

I walked up the stairs as I kept my eyes on my mom for as long as I could. I know she noticed too as her eyes were on me!

Later, I heard dad come home, followed by Johnny and Jojo coming back inside. Mom called out that she was making lunch. I came down in a rush. I was famished! I should have had a second bowl of cereal!

Mom made a round of sandwiches for all of us, each to our individual tastes. I hadn’t thought about the effort mom put into making each of happy. I had always taken her for granted, well, until recently. But as I paid attention to the things mom did, she continued to astound me. I made sure to thank her for what she had done. This elicited responses from my sister, then my brother. When Jojo stared pointedly at dad, he coughed and added his own thanks.

As large as my sandwiches were, the first two disappeared quickly, even for me. Mom eyed me as I ate.

“Quite the appetite. Seems like you’ve exerted yourself pretty thoroughly recently.” She teased. We’d exerted each other pretty thoroughly last night. “Or you didn’t have enough to eat at breakfast.” This even drew a giggle from the younger crowd.

“I’m trying to maintain my figure.” I deflected mom’s teasing.

“Your figure?” Dad looked up at me. Then he cocked his head and looked all too closely at me. “What’s this?”

“What?” I said nervously. I saw mom watching closely out of the corner of my eye.

“On your neck. Is that concealer?” Dad rubbed his thumb over the spot, then pulled out a towel from his golf pants pocket. He wiped bostancı escort vigorously. The reddish blob underneath was slowly revealed.

“Is that a hickey?” He asked me incredulously.

“Uh.” I answered the best I could.

“Leave him alone Justin. He got it a few days ago and had me help him hide it.

“A few days? This looks awfully fresh. Are you sure?”

Damn! Now dad has to be Sherlock Holmes!

“Yes. I saw it soon after he got it.” Mom glanced at me with a sly smile.

“Why’d you hide it? Ashamed you got a girl that hot that she gave you a hickey?”

Dad was making this very difficult.

“No, I was just trying to avoid being teased about it.” I gave an intense look at my sister and especially my brother.

“You should be proud to wear a hickey. It’s a badge of honor.” Dad proclaimed. “I made sure everyone know when I got one.”

“Really? Did you get one from all your girlfriends?” I smiled discretely at mom.

“Not all, most. Even my favorite girl gave me quite a few. Right dear?” Dad put his hand on mom’s.

“Uh, yeah.” Mom looked almost uncomfortable to hear dad talk about their passion-filled days.

“Who is this girl? Why hasn’t your mother or I heard about her?”

“She’s remarkable.” I just had to slip that in no matter what else I revealed about my ‘girlfriend’.

“That’s it? Remarkable?”

“Mom knows all about her.” I added. Mom gave me a sudden glare.

“Really? What’s she look like? Cute, I bet.”

“I don’t know if you’d like her dad.” I teased mom some more.

“I’m sure I’d love her.” He grinned at me.

If dad only knew!

“You should have her over, let us meet her.”

“She already knows all about all of you.”

“Told her all about the family huh? And she still likes you?” Dad quipped with a poke at my shoulder.

“She loves my family actually. It’s almost like she’s one of us.”

“Sounds like I’d like her!”

“I wouldn’t want you to steal her from me, dad!”

“I’m sure there is no chance of that! I’m an old man compared to her.”

“She’s older than me.” I admitted boldly.

“Really? College girl huh? Good for you.” He gave me another poke.

I didn’t clarify the age any further lest dad get any bit suspicious.

It was strange for dad to act proud of me. It had so rarely happened. Mom’s face was so strained with the direction of the conversation. I could see a few veins bulging on her forehead. I wasn’t proud to be marring her beauty, but dad was setting up my lines as they were written for him!

“Why haven’t you said anything about this girl to me, Jenny?” Dad turned to look at mom. I was glad I wasn’t under his microscope anymore!

“Nothing special about her. I was waiting to see if it would even last.”

“Oh? They been together very long?”

“No, not long at all. Practically brand new.”

“Still, bring her around to meet your parents Jeremy. I can judge a girl pretty good. Tell you if she’s a keeper or not!”

Oh, she’s a keeper!

I just couldn’t tell dad that!

“Matter of fact, mom and I are going to go shopping so I can get her something … sexy!”

I caught mom’s shocked look at me.

“Shopping with your mom? For clothes? Women’s clothes? You really must like this girl!” Dad said with amazement.

“I kinda do.” I looked at mom for a brief moment to see her reaction but she was looking at dad.

“Have your mother pick something out; we men are notoriously bad at shopping for clothes that our woman would like. Remember that first dress I bought for you dear?”

“Hideous,” was all mom said.

“I planned on mom helping. I’m sure if mom likes it then my girl will like it also!”

Mom looked at me then with a scrutinizing stare.

“I want to go too mommy!” Jojo chimed in.

“Me too, I wanna go.” Johnny said around a mouthful of sandwich.

“I would love to take both of you with us! I just don’t know if you’d like it. You’ll get bored and act up, and mommy will get upset with you. You don’t want that do you? Besides, I need you to both stay here and babysit daddy. Make sure he doesn’t fall asleep during his golf show.” Mom told them diplomatically.

“Golf, ugh!” Jojo said with an exaggerated huff.

Mom, Johnny, and I laughed.

Dad seemed upset at this comment and our reaction to it.

“It’s a very intricate sport. You have to know the hole, read the conditions, pick the right club, and then execute your swing just right …”

“I’ll bring you guys a treat when we come home, how about that?” Mom interrupted her husband.

“What about a treat for me?” Dad asked, miffed that we were joking about his obsession.

“You’re old enough to get your own treats.” Mom told him coarsely.

Jojo and Johnny began to rattle off a list of treats, or things, that mom could bring back for them. I just smiled at some of their suggestions. I was sure mom wasn’t bringing Johnny a new bike, or a dress for ‘Missy Fishtail’, the name of Jojo’s unicorn riding mermaid doll!

Mom then said that if she was going shopping she had to change first. I looked at her. I thought she looked fine. I then turned to dad who put his hands in the air showing his own bewilderment.

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