One August Night Ch. 02

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Well, you asked for it I hope you like it. Part 3 will be soon. To find out more information on my upcoming book, please contact me or check my profile. A very, very big thank you for all of your emails.

Sorry for this long, un-needed delay.

Thanks OmegaZone.

L.A. Wicker

‘Hi handsome!’ Tina said rushing to Jimmy driving her tongue deep in his mouth. ‘Last night was great, but my poor ass is killing me,’ she giggled and saw their Mom standing next to the stove. ‘Oops!’ was all she could say as she quickly pulled from him.

Donna looked at Jimmy and gave him a sly look. ‘Aren’t you the lucky one,’ she smiled and walked to hug them both.

‘What are you talking about?’ Tina smiled as she enjoyed the hugging of the two most important people in her life. Then it came to her when she saw the smile on her Mothers’ face. ‘Oh shit!’ Tina laughed out. ‘He fucked us both last night,’ she laughed more and hugged Jimmy like never before.

‘Yes he did! And I must say, I sure hope like hell he does it again.’ Donna said as she leaned to kiss her son.

‘You can bet you sweet asses on that!’ Jimmy smiled as he ran his hands over each of their great asses and knew he’d never have to worry about another bad date.

Donna reached to caress his growing cock shaft. ‘Good because I’d sure like more of it when I get home tonight,’ she smiled stroking his long, hard pole. ‘Don’t let that horny little bitch wear you out today,’ she laughed looking to Tina.

‘I won’t!’ She smiled to her Mother and had a strange feeling run through her body. With her and Mom fucking Jimmy, Tina had thoughts of making love with Mom. ‘He fucked me so damn hard last night, I’m lucky I can walk!’ She laughed reaching to help her very beautiful Mother stroke the long cock.

‘You two cunts are going to kill me!’ Jimmy smiled and leaned to give each of his new sex whores a deep, loving kiss. ‘After you rest and clean up from work Mom, you’ll get it real nice tonight. I want you to dress for me just as if you’re going on a date,’ he caressed her heated ass. ‘I want you in sexy panties, a nice bra, stockings and high heels. And that low cut, black mini skirt you have,’ he added reaching slowly between her long legs to her cunt. ‘I’m going to fuck this so good!’ He whispered giving her a loving kiss.

‘Oh Lord, it’s going be a long day!’ She moaned enjoying his big hand caressing her wet cunt. She moved with him hoping for an orgasm on his skilled fingers. Faster he rubbed her mound of cunt flesh. ‘Make me cum!’ She cried out with lust. ‘Please!’ she screamed out as his long fingers drove deep into her dripping cunt hole. ‘Oh my God!’ She screamed hugging Jimmy and Tina in her arms.

‘Oh shit! This is fucking crazy!’ Tina laughed watching her brother, finger fucking her Mother as they stood hugging each other. ‘This sucks, what can I do?’ She asked in a pleading sexual voice. When Mom pulled her to her left breast, Tina looked to her beautiful Mother’s face; a smile filled her face, Tina opened her mouth and slowly sucked her Mother’s excited nipple into her moist mouth.

‘Suck it baby! Suck Mommy’s big tit!’ Donna cried out watching Jimmy move to the floor and drove more fingers up her tight cunt hole. ‘Fuck Mommy’s cunt!’ She moaned feeling her release was nearing. ‘Fuck my cunt!’ She screamed as her cunt locked around her son’s long fingers. ‘Oh baby!’ she screamed again as her body shook with delight. Her handsome son fucking her cunt and her very beautiful daughter sucking her excited breasts, what more could a loving Mother want?


Donna stood nude, in front of the floor length mirror, looking at her aging body, trembling, thinking of what was to come. Her handsome, young son would be fucking her in just a short time. Her cunt burned with excitement, thinking of his long, thick cock ataşehir escort deep inside her.

‘Oh I’m on fire,’ she moaned grabbing each of her full breasts, giving them a firm squeeze, letting her hands slowly slide forward until her fingers began pinching her large nipples. She pinched each excited nipple as hard as she could until they slipped from her fingers.

‘I hope he fucks me until I faint!’ She said reaching for a bottle of scented lotion. Donna squeezed some in each hand and began rubbing it on each breast; heat flowed from between her long, slender legs as she teased each nipple. ‘I need cock!’ She moaned sliding her hands down; her body between her legs to her lonely cunt.

She caressed each side of her tender mound of cunt. ‘I better stop before I cum,’ she moaned out reaching for a pair of see-through, spandex panties. She stepped in each leg hole and slowly pulled them up her long legs to her slender hips. She rubbed them against her hips, ass and cunt, making sure they were perfect.

‘I need his cock so fucking bad!’ She whimpered reaching to get one of the black stockings from her dresser. She carefully rolled the soft fabric and slowly stepped into it. ‘This is going to be so wonderful!’ She moaned unrolling the stocking up her slender left leg. ‘I love wearing these things,’ she moaned sliding her hands up her leg, making sure it was also perfect.

After putting on the other stocking, Donna stood looking at her tempting body, knowing in just a short time, a young, handsome stud would be ramming his long, hard cock up her burning cunt. She put on her thin blouse and the very short skirt, gave one last look to the mirror, and knew it was time. Time to go to her son.


Jimmy sat on the sofa, naked other than the small towel covering his hard cock watching the TV and the young man on top of the older woman, fucking her hard and deep. He smiled thinking of the hot woman he was about to take and knew she was going to be so much better than this. That’s when she walked into the room.

‘Oh wow!’ Was all Jimmy could say as she stood in the small beam on light from the hall. Her soft brown hair styled so nicely. Her makeup perfectly applied to her already beautiful face. Her shapely hips cover by the short skirt he’d seen her wear on many dates. Her long, slender legs, the black stockings and high heels were too much; his long cock began to fill. Jimmy stood, the towel fell to the floor, he heard a small gasp come from Mom as her pretty eyes watched it grow.

He walked to her, with each step he grew more. Her eyes watched it, knowing that very soon it would be deep inside her burning cunt, giving her the pleasures she had always longed for and now the pleasure would come from her handsome, young son.

Jimmy reached for her, she moved to him, his strong arms wrapped around her back, pulling her against him. His hard cock moved under the skirt, to her very excited cunt.

‘Oh yes!’ She whispered out as it rested on her cunt, slowly spreading her moist cunt lips. ‘It feels so good!’ She moaned as the long, beautiful cock pole teased her aching cunt. She knew it would be deep in her very, very soon.

‘Mom, you are so hot,’ he whispered, softly kissing her panting mouth. Jimmy could feel her excitement. ‘Somebody needs a long cock up her cunt,’ he teased feeling her trembling in his arms and the wetness flowing from her needy cunt.

She just softly whimpered in his strong arms, hoping that he’d fuck her right where they stood. She felt as if she’d die if he didn’t fill her cunt. ‘Fuck me, Jimmy!’ She ordered in her motherly voice. ‘You do as your Mother says, right this second!’ She panted feeling his big hands squeezing her tender ass. ‘Fuck your Mother!’ She said again and felt him pulling off her tiny panties.

‘Mommy need some cock?’ kadıköy escort He teased her as the panties slid down her long legs. ‘Mommy needs some cock real bad,’ he teased moved slowly moving his stiffened cock on her slick cunt lips. ‘You want it right here or on the floor?’ He asked and she quickly moved the large sofa, spreading herself like never before. ‘Damn!’ He said moving over her beautiful body. ‘Guess I better fuck you now,’ he said giving her excited lips a long, deep kiss. ‘I love you Mom,’ he said pushing his hard, long cock deep into the place that he came from so many years before.

‘Oh my God!’ She screamed as loud as she could. His fat cock tore into her tiny cunt, spreading it so wide; it felt as if she’d been torn in two. Her arms wrapped around his neck, squeezing as hard as she could. Her tight cunt muscles locked around his hard shaft as he began to slowly fuck his loving Mother’s tiny cunt. ‘Fuck me! Fuck your Mother!’ She cried out, lying under her handsome son as he used her cunt.

He looked to her pretty face and the pleasures racing through her and he fucked faster, wanting to do nothing, but to please this pretty woman that had given him life. Raised him to be a good, loving son and now he was paying her back for all the love and care she’d given him.

‘Go Mom! You have the fun you want. Cum on my cock all night,’ he said kissing her deep. He enjoyed his long cock deep in her burning cunt and his tongue in her wet mouth. He moved faster, deeper, ramming his cock into the very place he came from. ‘Cum Mommy,’ he whispered in her ear as he softly kissed it. Cum around my cock. Let me take care of all your needs,’ he whispered feeling her begin to tremble under him. ‘That’s it, come on,’ he said watching her face fill with more pleasure than he’d ever seen. ‘That’s it!’ He said ramming his cock in her and then it came.

‘Oh my God!’ She screamed out as Jimmy, her wonderful son fucked her wet, excited cunt. ‘I’m cuming!’ She screamed out again pulling her legs high in the air. ‘I’m cuming! I’m cuming on my son’s cock!’ she screamed not caring if anyone heard her or not. He rammed up her spasming cunt like nothing she had ever felt in her life. ‘Fuck Mommy,’ she softly said as she exploded around him again.

Jimmy enjoyed the feel of his loving Mother cuming on him as he moved in and out of her tiny cunt. ‘I love you,’ he said looking into her pretty eyes. He pumped faster, feeling his cock was ready to fill his Mother’s cunt full of his hot cum. ‘I’m ready, Mom,’ he moaned giving her a soft kiss on the lips that had kissed him so many times as a loving Mother, now he kissed them as his lover.

‘Yes! Cum in Mommy!’ She softly said holding him to her breasts as he drove deep in her used cunt hole. ‘Cum in Mommy,’ she whispered holding him so close in her loving arms. ‘Come on baby! You cum in Mommy all you want!’ She whispered again as he moaned out.

‘Oh Mom!’ He yelled out as his long cock erupted deep in the place he came from, filling it with his own seeds of life. ‘Oh Mommy!’ He cried falling on her wonderful body.

She held him close as his cock pumped more cum in her than she’d ever felt. ‘Come on baby,’ she said caressing his hair. ‘Get it all out,’ she whispered enjoying his hot cum filling her full. ‘You’re the best son any Mother could ever have,’ she said as tears of joy ran down her pretty face.


Later they lay on the sofa, Jimmy still hard and deep in her cunt. ‘You know what else I’d like Mom?’ He said with a smile as visions of her shapely ass filled him mind. So many times he’d watched it and would brush against it giving him a raging hard on, dreaming of someday fucking it.

She smiled at him and knew what he wanted. She too had seen him watching her and enjoyed him brushing against it so many times. She giggled bostancı escort looking up to him; ‘You just love ass, don’t you?’ She teased thinking of him fucking his very sexy young sister’s wonderful looking ass last night. ‘Wasn’t your sister’s enough?’ She teased knowing she would love his long, hard cock deep in her virgin ass.

‘It was great, but now I want yours. I’ve dreamed of it so many times,’ he said giving her a deep loving kiss. ‘Come on,’ he added slowly pulling from her used cunt and helped her off the sofa. ‘I want to fuck my sexy Mother’s ass in her bed,’ he said giving her another kiss and they walked to her bed.

Donna was on her hands and knees as her loving son moved behind her, to fuck her tight, virgin ass. She trembled with excitement feeling his massive cock head push against the tiny opening. ‘Oh!’ She cried out as he pushed. ‘Oh Jimmy!’ She yelled when it slowly eased inside. She locked around it and felt as if she was being torn in two. ‘OH fuck!’ She screamed when he pushed deeper.

Jimmy held her slender hips as he forced his thick cock deeper up his sexy Mother’s tight ass hole. He loved getting a hot bitches ass and this would be his best yet, his own sexy Mother’s. ‘Oh you feel so fucking good!’ He yelled as her tight ass squeezed his cock so hard it fucking hurt. It felt like he was locked in a vise. ‘Relax, damn it!’ He yelled down to his Mother, looking at her wonderful body, wishing this could have happened long before now.

‘It hurts, Jimmy! I don’t like it baby,’ she said and began to sob. ‘Pull it out, please!’ She begged him and slowly he pulled it from her body. She fell flat on the bed, crying hard when he moved next to her, hugging her as tight as he could.

He kissed the side of his Mother’s pretty face. ‘It’s okay. Maybe we’ll try it some other time,’ he said running his right hand up and down her long, smooth back, enjoying the softness of her flesh against his finger tips.

She turned hugging his manly body to hers, letting his long, hard cock move to her wet cunt. She moaned as it nestled into her excited cunt lips. ‘Oh you’re always so hard,’ she whimpered as it gently spread them, teasing her better than before.

‘I’ll always be hard for you!’ He replied rolling on top of her and pushed his long cock deep inside her, to her core. ‘Oh Mommy!’ He cried out as he rested in the very place he came from, her warm, loving womb. ‘I love you! I love you Mommy!’ He began to cry like a young boy needing his mother’s love.

She held him tight as her body locked around his wonderful, long cock as it sank deep in her. To a place, no one had ever been, except her daughter and her magnificent son and now he returned to claim her lonely body as his. To love, cherish and please her many womanly desires.

‘Fuck Mommy! Fuck Mommy’s burning cunt!’ She cried out, thrusting her hips to his powerful, young cock. ‘Mommy needs her baby boy!’ She added looking to his handsome face, thinking of the many times she held him this way as a small boy, but now she held him as her lover, a man that was going please her like never before.

Jimmy looked to her beautiful face, kissed her excited lips and he began to move. Thrusting his long, hard cock into the place that gave him life and now he was fucking her as his new lover and just maybe, someday his wife. ‘I love you!’ He moaned moving quickly in and out of her tender cunt, enjoying the gift that only a Mother could give, love for her son.

‘Oh! I’M CUMING! I’M CUMING ON MY SON’S COCK!’ She screamed thrashing under Jimmy. Her slender hips rammed to meet each of his full strokes into her cunt. ‘Fuck Mommy! Fuck Mommy’s burning cunt hole!’ She screamed louder as he thrust in her with all of his might, ramming his fat cock head in and out of her loving womb.

‘Oh Mom! Mom!’ He yelled thrusting deep in her and he released more of his cum in her loving womb. The place he came from and now he was filling it with his own cum. ‘Oh Mom!’ He cried falling on her, enjoying the comforting embrace that only a mother could give.


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