One Night in August 2006

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The summer of 2006 was a good one for me in terms of my friend M being generous with the benefits. We had dated on and off over the years and as I had broken up in early 06 with my gf of the previous few years, M and I had been seeing more of one another and discussing the possibility of rekindling the physical side of our attraction to each other. While M and I had never been in a traditional bf/gf relationship with each other, we had been having awesome sex together since the mid 90’s. We always have a great time in bed and whenever she wants sex, I jump at the opportunity.

M is a pretty woman, with a great sense of humor, thick brown hair, fair skin, a great ass and nice big tits. Another thing I like about her is her attitude, she is a bit of a tomboy and as such is up for a lot of different kinds of fun that a lot of women would simply not want to do. Best of all, she totally knows how to get what she wants from a man, and isn’t afraid to use her considerable sexual powers of persuasion whenever she sees fit. In short, she is a good looking slutty tomboy with a great ass, big tits and an attitude. My kind of girl.

One night in mid August 2006, M came over for dinner. We had a fun evening, and things were looking up when after we finished dining she expressed an interest in watching a little tv. We went to the living room and while I turned on the tube, and put the lights on low, she sat on the couch and waited for me. We were soon settled next to each other on the couch. We were watching on of the shows she likes and in a short time she mentioned how she would like to have me rub her feet, which I happily did, as I know from past experience with her that rubbing her feet is often a prelude to sex.

She lay on her back and put her feet in my lap, and I began to caress and rub them. She told me ‘that feels good’ which always pretty much means she wants action. She was dressed in a very tight fitting pair of shorts and a white cotton blouse. I started telling her what I was willing to do to her and she was telling me no on the one hand, while not discouraging my hands from moving up and massaging her calves and thighs on the other hand.

We were both getting more and more excited as she let me touch and caress her. I squeezed her breasts thru her blouse, I whispered in her ear ‘Let me lick it for you nice and slow’. My hands moved between her legs and kaçak iddaa I caressed her between her legs and then I tried to unbutton her shorts, but she defended that move by pushing my hand away and saying no. So I went back to rubbing her feet.

After some more foot rubbing, and leg massaging, I next tried to slip my hand inside her shorts in the hope of getting inside her panties, but her shorts were so tight, I could not get my hand in far enough to touch her pussy. So I started working on her from the rear. When my hands worked up her legs from her feet the next time around, I began to massage her ass cheeks, she expressed an interest in that move, so I got bolder and started pressing my thumb against her tight shorts between her cheeks, where they covered her highly sensitive bum-hole. She really liked that. She always did like ass play, and I knew that if she let me stimulate her bum for very long, there would be no way she could continue to resist. I pressed my thumb against her ass, and as I did so I told her she should let me lick it for her. Mmmmmmm, she said in reply.

After a little of this ass play, and of me telling her how I wanted to lick not only her pussy but her ass as well, she was convinced and all resistance ceased. I went to undo her shorts, and this time there was nothing but cooperation. She helped me get her shorts off her hips and down to the point where I had to stand up to get them the rest of the way off of her, as we were somewhat constrained by the couch. In the excitement, I missed her panties when I grabbed the waist of her shorts and pulled them down. So I decided to leave her panties on her and pull them aside to expose her sex for me to lick.

They were very pretty white panties, and she looked so hot lying there waiting for me with her legs pressed together. This was unusual for us, as almost every time I have eaten her out she has spread her legs wide with knees bent and drawn up to flank her torso to grant me full access while I lie on my stomach face down in her delicious haven. As I moved in closer I began to get a really good sense of her fine aroma, and also could see just how much detail there was in the fabric of her panties. But this was no fashion show, and I did not hesitate long to admire them. I reached for the edge of the fabric and uncovered her pussy by bunching the fabric over and out of the way. Her lips were pink kaçak bahis and engorged, I had never seen her labia with her legs pressed together, and was interested in examining her further, but in the end I wasted little time, I put my tongue out and began to run the bottom side of it up and down as much of her lips as I could get to.

After a very short span, she pointed out what she needed me to do at that point in time when she very calmly and yet with unmistakable firmness said to me, ‘It’s much better with panties all the way off’ That sent an electric thrill through my cock and balls, so I got a hold of the beautiful snatch-hiding finery she was wearing and quickly removed them. She immediately spread her legs wide as was her custom, and I dove down onto the couch until I landed face first at the wonderful earthy playground between her thighs. Now I was home, and I began to lick her as I always do, with one long slow lapping motion, using the top of my tongue, and running it up from the opening of her pussy all the way up and past her clit. Then back down with the underside of my tongue, never losing contact with her sex, and continuing all the way back down again til I ran out of cunt. Something about the one long sweeping motion up and down a few times seems to really get her attention. Then concentrating more on of her clit with kisses, nibbles, licks, lapping, but never forgetting to drop down to her honey hole and lap up the nectar that flows out of her in abundance. I also like to put my tongue as far up her vagina as it will go, but the thing she really likes is 2 fingers in there while I lick away at her clit.

But I digress too much with the general outline of my usual practice with her and will continue the thread of what happened on that particular night. We were both beginning to really get into the eroticism of the moment. I was slowly lapping away at her snatch, she was entranced and began to get lost in the pleasurable sensations emanating up away from her genitals and through her body. I inserted two fingers into her pussy and fingered her while I licked, my other hand was up touching her belly and squeezing her tits. She always says something when she is entered, and this time I am sure she said something approving when those fingers slipped into her. Another thing I have learned about her is she enjoys my thumb in her ass when my fingers are in her cunt, illegal bahis and she is letting me lick her pussy. I forget whether I did that this night as things had moved very quickly from pressing on her bum with my thumb through her clothes, to getting her naked and having my tongue sliding all around her sex.

After a little bit, I asked her, ‘what about some bum’? Her response was to, without a word, curl her spine further to pull her ass up and off the couch so I could lick her ass. I just dove right in, licking her dynamite little asshole, and making her squirm with delight and say, ‘mmm, that feels good’. Then comes the surprise of my life when she says ‘put a finger in there’ meaning up her ass. I had to double check to make sure, ‘you want my finger in your ass’? ‘Oh yes’ she says. So I put my index finger up to it and to my surprise it slipped in there with very little effort. She LOVED it, and I began to finger fuck her bum in earnest. I went back to licking her pussy while I am finger fucking her ass, I can tell she is going into orbit. I can still recall very vividly lying there with an enormous hard on, licking the opening to her vagina, fucking her ass with my index finger and then seeing one of her hands come down to feverishly rub her clitoris. She was getting three forms of extremely pleasurable stimulation on her two holiest of holes. I felt like I was in a porn flick! I could see it all, too, as there was just enough light in the room. It was so hotter than hell. My bone about exploded from sensory over load, and she was the one getting all the attention.

Anyway, it did not take long, and she had one of the most awe inspiring, earth shattering orgasms I have ever witnessed in anyone. She came, hard. I loved doing that for her, she loved having it done. As soon as she stopped writhing in ecstasy, I pulled my finger out of her ass, rose to my knees to mount her. With my left hand I bent my erection down til the tip found its warm welcome in her wet, engorged pussy. My cock slipped into her with ease, as her snatch was sopping. My face was soaked too, with her cunt juices. I made a point of kissing her mouth, as I hope she one day develops a taste for pussy. I also made a point of keeping that index finger off of her and off of the couch fabric, lol. I tried to prolong the fucking, but it was all too much, the tight, juicy grip of her pussy and the excited state we were both in from what had just happened. I fucked her for only a few minutes before I could hold off no further and I pulled out and fired a huge gooey hot load of cum onto her bush and belly.

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