One-Sie Morning of Passion

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Dan was up early again. What was it about camping that meant he got up earlier than usual each morning?

He’d travelled up to camp with some old uni mates for a few days. Nice campsite, well equipped and beautiful scenery. He’d noticed a few of the girls walking round, nice looking and in some cases pretty well endowed. The fact was he couldn’t get the thought out of his head that he should really try to meet one or two of them, but the lads were enjoying the drinking and storytelling. That was in no small part because they were away from their girlfriends or wives and weren’t on the prowl.

Dan was. Dan always was.

He got up, grabbed a jumper and wearily unzipped the tent. Crawling out he stepped into the slightly dewy pair of Crocs he’d left out and took in the glorious sunrise happening over to the East. He stood for a while taking in the beautiful scenery and contemplated what the day would hold: maybe some climbing, hill walking or maybe just a dip in the sea if they made the trip today.

He slowly wandered across towards the toilet block checking out the tents and working out what would be best for him on the next adventure he’d embark on when he spotted another early morning camper. She was tall, as much as six feet, deep red hair in perfect ringlets despite, most likely, not having been preened this morning, and she was big. Not fat but a realistic size for her height and the size of her chest, straining against the cut off onesie that covered her delicious torso. Baring thick, white, faintly freckled thighs the ‘onesie’ contoured nicely around their uppermost parts creasing against her pelvis as she walked across the field.

Dan’s eyes slowly made their way over her pert little rounded belly to the huge mounds of enclosed flesh beyond jiggling elegantly with every step she took. As she approached him from the opposite direction it suddenly occurred to him that she might be looking at him as well. His visual progress from her visibly erect nipples, either from the fresh morning or the gentle rub of the fleecy fabric, up passed the chest high opening of her zip, to her face brought the recognition that, yes, she had been bursa escort looking at him as well, and more specifically that her eyes were still fixated on what now occurred to him to be a steadily growing hard-on. Oh well, no way out now, in for a penny, in for a pound…

“Good morning” he said keeping eye contact with her deep blue eyes.

Clearly not completely with it yet she jerk into realisation that she had in fact been staring at the fellow camper’s morning glory.

“Um, oh, uh, hi,” she replied, “beautiful isn’t it” she managed, not really having registered what the weather was actually doing yet.

And then it just came out. He couldn’t believe he’d said it but there it was hanging in the air ready to come back and bite him: “can I just say, you look amazing, you’re very hot.”

Amber looked a little shocked, as if woken up by a pleasant but unexpected sensation. “Thank you” she said. “I couldn’t help noticing that, well, you needn’t have used words. Your body’s doing all the talking.”

“I guess so, but it’s not every day you wake up to a beautiful redhead, and you are beautiful.”

Amber was a little taken aback, but to be honest, she was feeling a little horny and it wasn’t every day you met a fit, unattached climber … unattached being the most operative word.

“You know, I could help you with that problem” she said.


“That growing problem … in your pants.”

She looked square in his face, then biting her lip, coyly looked down a little.

He realised that his member was now protruding some 5 inches, pulling the fabric of his boxer shorts with it and creating a visible gap between the waistband and his abdomen. She looked at him squarely for a moment before moving closer to him – close enough that her breasts gently flattened against his chest. She felt his hardening rod rest against the underside of her belly and held herself there for a moment longer than felt socially comfortable before taking his hand and leading him into one of the lockable bathrooms. She led him into the centre of the room before turning to lock the door and, keeping her hands on the lock, rotated escort bursa forcing her heaving bosom away from her.

Dan moved forward placing his hands around her waist. The soft flesh in his hands, covered with fabric, felt sensuous and pleasure-filled. She moved her hands to his and steadily drew them over her soft curves to follow the defined lines of her tits. He greeted them with a little more pressure, forcing them together. Amber’s hands continued up to the zip, nestled, now, between her enormous cleavage. She slowly and sensuously pulled the zip down between Dan’s hands releasing her huge 40 HH mammaries just enough for them to flop out into his waiting hands. She traced a line over her veiny breasts, following the large darkened areolae and flicking her erect nipples as she brought her hands back to the clasp and the top of her suit. She pulled the fabric together and fastened the hook drawing the quivering mounds of flesh softly towards each other.

She knelt in front of Dan and, in one swift movement, whipped his boxers to the floor causing his cock, laden with per-cum to flick back up and deposit a long strand across her face. She bent down towards the 8 inch monster resting against her chest and sucked two-thirds of its length straight into her mouth. Dan groaned in pleasure as she slowly, seductively worked the rock hard flesh, sliding her tongue along the length of his shaft before gentle easing it into the oozing spout and engulfing it again with eagerness and urgency.

Dan leant against the door as Amber slid her mouth from the tip of his well lathered cock. She rose up, bringing her chest in line with his cock, forced her confined tits apart and brought them to rest around the solid 8 inch rod in front of her. The oozing penis nestled between the soft boulders which, held by the onesie, applied enough pressure to hold it there releasing Amber’s hands. She grasped at his balls and squeezed and pulled at them as Dan pounded her tits harder and harder, pre-cum greasing her cleavage and allowing him to slide effortlessly between the trembling masses of tit flesh.

He grasped at her curled red hair and escort bursa forced her head downwards. She hungrily obliged and received the tip of his throbbing member as reward. He felt the warm wet sensation of her mouth as she tasted string after string of his delicious fluid. He lost concentration as the onslaught of his senses, the huge breasts encasing his solid cock, the soft lips around his head and the tongue against his tip brought them both to a mutual climax. She felt the heavy pulses of semen pump up between her breasts, through her lips and out over her tongue and the walls of her mouth. The first pulse hit the top of her mouth, the next straight to the back of her throat. She withdrew her head and the third covered her face. Pumping faster and faster he shot load after creamy white load over her face and down over her trembling tits. She grasped at the huge mounds drawing the juice up to her mouth and, as he slumped on the floor, she feasted on Dan’s creamy white sperm.

She sat, legs splayed in a puddle of her own juices combined with his, her onesie soaked and stained with cum and pussy juice. He rested against the door looking her up and down, his glistening ejaculate covering the majority of those big, round breasts. The pressure that the onesie still held them with forced the faint blue veins into vision despite the thick fluid covering them. Dan reached forward to unhitch the clasp holding the top of the onesie together. The fabric was soaking and as he did so her tits flopped gently to the side revealing a fresh pool of semen between her shapely melons . He brought his fingers to Amber’s mouth and she obligingly sucked them clean. With the other hand, Dan pulled the zip of Amber’s suit as low as it would go before helping her to stand along with himself. He pushed her against the bench and let the fabric slump to the floor. Lifting her legs and parting them to reveal the glistening lips of her waiting pussy he moved carefully forward resting his now re-erect cock at the entrance to her vagina. He felt the heat of her sex against his pulsing head and let out a soft moan as a trickle of her warm juices made its way down his shaft and out across his balls.

He grasped her perfect, plump waist as her face turned to anticipation, looked her in those huge electric blue eyes and as she threw her head back, forcing her monstrous trembling tits against his bare chest, he thrust…

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