Only Mom and I Know Ch. 01

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I had just got done moving into my new apartment and unpacking all of my things when my cell phone rang. It was my mother on the other end. She just wanted to know how I was doing and if I had every thing moved into my new apartment. She humored at the fact that I had two bedrooms but no bed. All I had was a futon in the living room to sleep on. She offered to come up this weekend and buy me a bed since my father was going to be out of town for a business meeting. Then I remembered I had already made plans to go out Saturday night. So I asked her if she wouldn’t mind going out Saturday with myself and some of my friends. She kinda chuckled, “well if you’re going to let your old mother have fun with your friends, I better bring my party clothes.”

I woke up to the doorbell ringing. I looked over at the clock; it was 6:30 a.m. Completely groggy, I thought who the hell could that be so early in the morning. It was Saturday, but I didn’t think my mother would arrive so early. So I hurried up and threw some pants on and went to the door. I opened the door and there was my mother.

“What took you so long Matt,” she said. I thought she was going to start in on me, just like every time I came home late in high school. But, then a smile broke on her face, “guess you had a long night.

I was relieved, and told her I worked fairly late and then had a few drinks with the guys, so I didn’t get that much sleep.

As she walked in I noticed she looked a little different.

She noticed me looking at her, and said, “do you like the new hair,” with a smile and a slight twirl. At least you noticed, your father didn’t even notice.

She was a brunette who usually wore her hair up, but it was down now and flowing over her shoulders and down the top of her back. It wasn’t just the hair. She had a coconut tan and her body looked like she had been working out a lot. She always had a nice tan and worked out, but nothing like this. Good thing she had long jeans and a non-revealing shirt on, or my morning wood would have came back when she hugged me.

Just a little bit about my mother, Monica. She got married and had me when she was 19. My mother and father were high school sweethearts, and my father was the only man she had ever been with. At 38 she still had a great body, but you would never think it because she always dressed conservatively. The only time she kinda showed her body off was sunbathing at our swimming pool. Even though she only wore a one-piece suit, it still showed her curves. The best I could guess, she was about 5’7″, 120 pounds (all in the right areas), and had 34d’s. I often caught myself at her by the pool, but always blocked it out of my mind, she was my mother.

I grew up that proverbial small town, white picket fence life. So when I went off to college it was a little bit of a culture shock. I was now in the second year of college studying to become an architect. I went to school full time and worked full time at a restaurant as a cook. I had just moved into my first apartment. Money was tight, Especially since Curt, my friend that I worked with, had reneged on sharing the apartment with me. So I was having to pay it all by myself.

I gave my mother a quick tour of the apartment, then she smacked me on the butt and said, “you better get cleaned up so we can get your bed and do a little shopping.” So I went to take a shower and get ready while my mother did a little cleaning in the kitchen for me.

We got into my truck and drove up the road to a furniture store. I quickly found a bed that would do,

but my mom said, “let’s test out how sturdy it’s built architect boy. She proceeded to hop on the bed and a couple other beds like a teenage girl. Then she found one she felt was the best. We got the bed and an end table, and took it back to the apartment and set it up.

It was 11a.m. Mom said, “good, that didn’t take to long, let’s go get some lunch, then go to the mall.”

We had a quick lunch in the mall court and then split up to do some shopping. She gave me 400 dollars to get some electronics and said she would meet me back at the center of the mall around 5p.m. So I went around and found a good tv and stereo system right of the bat. So I had some time to kill and just walked around the mall. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone that looked like my mother walking into the Victoria’s Secret. It was probably just my imagination, so I didn’t give it a second thought.

At 5:20 my mother comes walking up to the center of the mall with a few bags in her hands and a smile, like every other woman that just got done shopping. I looked down at the bags, one from Abercrombie, and one from Sears. “So I guess you got me some clothing.”

“No, I got you some bed sheets, and got myself some clothing for tonight.” “I’ve got to fit in,” she laughed, holding up the Abercrombie bag.

As she held up the bag, I also saw a small pink bag from Victoria’s Secret. But I figured that was for dad. I picked ataşehir escort bayan up my tv and stereo and we drove up the road to have dinner.

Once we got back to the apartment we unloaded every thing. I got cleaned up for the evening so my mother could have the bathroom while I set up the tv and stereo. We were to meet some of my friends at a sports bar at 9:00. It seemed like my mom was in the bathroom forever. I went back into the bedroom to admire my new bed and saw the bags my mom had got at the mall. I took the bed sheets out of the Sears bag and put them on my bed. Then I looked over and saw the other bags. Out of curiosity I went over to see what was in the bags. I leaned over and peered into both bags, they where both empty. I was a bit surprised that the Victoria’s Secret bag was empty, but I saw a receipt in the bottom. I pulled it out, looked at it, and it said the following: “blue dusk chantilly lace thong” and “blue dusk chantilly lace uplift bra.”

9:00 rolled around and mom was still in the bathroom. I yelled back, “mom, are you just about ready.”

She answered back in a quiet nervous voice, “just about.”

Finally, I heard the bathroom door creak, and out came my mother. I couldn’t believe my eyes, my jaw just dropped. My mother was drop dead gorgeous. I had never seen her dressed like this. A full grown hotie, in very revealing clothing. I looked her up from bottom to top. Light blue high heels up to here beautifully shaped calves, to her tan muscular thighs, her shapely yet firm butt covered by a textured white mini skirt, her tight tummy showing just slightly under a baby blue silk camisole that plunged just enough to show her ample cleavage. I finally got up to her face which had an ornery grin on her full glistening lips and deep brown eyes that were just piercing through me. I was speechless!

“So, how do I look?” as she twirled around.

All I could muster was you look go….goo….gooood! But she looked better than good, she was damn hot! Every warm-blodded male at the bar would be willing to give an arm just for a little sniff of her honey pot.

As we drove to the bar my cell phone rang, It was Curt wondering where the heck I was at. I told him I’ll be there in 10 minutes, and I’ve got my mo……

My mom stopped me, “just tell him I’m your friend Monica, it will be less uncomfortable that way.”

Curt said, “your phones cutting out, what did you say.”

I said, “I’ve got my mo… friend with me.” “Not another dude!”, Curt sighed.

No, she’s a friend from my hometown.

“Is she hot?”‘ Curt asked a little bit more excited. The only thing a womanizer like Curt was able to think about.

“You’ll see, we’ll be there in a few minutes.”

As we walked into the bar all eyes shifted in our direction, and they weren’t looking at me. I had just brought my scantly dressed gorgeous mom into the lair of horny young men. It was a good thing she was married, or so I thought. I went over to my friends at the pool table and introduced Mo…nica, she had their undivided attention.

As the evening went on, I did my usual heavy drinking, as I watched Curt start to work his game on Monica. The more he laid on his charm, the more I got sick of it and drank more. Over time I had found that Curt was a friend that would hang you out to dry to get what he wanted. All the times he had left me behind to pull some new chick, and now he had his sights set on my mom. He wasn’t the smartest, just a stupid uneducated cook, but he new the right things to say, and handsome stud look to boot.

The evening went to a blur, my hatred to Curt grew, my drinking increased, and Monica’s guard broke down with every mixed drink Curt bought her. Soon the lights went on, it was closing time.

Curt patted me on the back, “let’s go bud.” I turned around to see Curt with his arm around my mothers waist. “I’m taking you home,” Curt said.

I was so drunk that there was no way I could drive home, so I agreed. Curt took my keys and we walked out to my truck.

Curt looked at me and said, “guess you’ll have to get in the back.” We drove down the road, I was fazing in and out in the bed of the truck, and Curt and Monica were just having a good time chatting and laughing in the cab of the truck. Then I passed out.

The next thing I know Curt is helping me through the front door with Monica holding the door.

Once inside, my mom said, “let’s lay him down in the bedroom.”

Curt had a better idea, “we’ll just lay him out here on the futon.”

He had other plans for the bed. After Curt put me down on the futon he got me a glass of water and set it on the coffee table.

He then turned to Monica and asked, “is there anything to drink in this place.”

Monica said she remembered a bottle of chardonnay in the fridge.

Then I passed out again.

Curt took the wine from the fridge and grabbed two wine glasses from the cabinet. He escort kadıköy walked back toward Monica with a confident smile, put his arm around her waist, and led her back to the bedroom. They laid on the bed drinking wine, talking and laughing for about half an hour. Then he made his move. He took Monica’s glass out of her hand and set it on the end table. He leaned in to kiss her, and caught up in the moment she returned the action.

As his hand went up under her top and grasped one her breast, she went into a repressed sexual frenzy. She grabbed him, pulled him over on top of her. She put her self in a completely vulnerable position, and Curt knew he needed to take full advantage of it.

Still locked in a passionate kiss he removed his hand from her breast and moved it down to the inside of her thigh. At the slightest touch her legs opened involuntarily. His hand trailed up underneath her skirt to the desired destination. He then started to massage her panty-covered pussy.

Feeling waves of sexual stimulation, her head lunged backwards, smacking against the headboard.

Monica’s head hitting the headboard seemed to knock some since into her. She knew she had gone to far, and Curt wasn’t looking to just play around. If she didn’t do something quick, she was going to loose all of her marital innocence. She pulled away from the kiss and said “I need to go to the bathroom.”

Monica went into the bathroom to gather her thoughts. She looked into the mirror and knew she couldn’t let this happen. So she formulized a plan. She thought since Curt was a young guy, if she showed him what he wanted and gave him a good blow job, that would be all he wanted. So she took a deep breath, opened the bathroom door and left the light on. Curt had took the liberty to strip down to his boxers and was laying, waiting on the bed. She walked over to the bedroom door and closed it, she didn’t want to take the chance of waking her son up out his drunken stupor. She then turned the bedroom light off. There was enough light from the bathroom that Curt could see his present that was just about to be unwrapped. She strolled over to the foot of the bed, and Curt started to get up. She pushed him on his shoulders, back to the bed. “Easy tiger!” she said.

Monica now had all the power. She look at Curt seductively and started to pull her top off, first showing her firm tan belly, then revealing her lovely globes nestled ever so comfortably in the lace push-up bra, then lifting her shirt over her head, her flowing brown hair falling out down to her back. She the tossed the top to the side, her tits jiggling slightly with the action. She then turned around slowly bent over grabbing her ankles. She took her time undoing the straps on the high heels, one at a time ever so slowly. Giving him plenty of time to take in the view. She tossed both shoes aside, then returned to her upright position. She then looked back with an intense sexual stare. She could see she wasn’t the only thing upright, his erection was straining to get out of his boxers. It was working perfectly, she felt she was going to get out of this fine. She spread her legs slightly and started to unzip her skirt. she slid it down her legs, stepped up out of it with one leg, then kicked it to the side with the other. There she was standing with her beautiful heart shaped ass, framed with a little blue cloth triangle.

Curt got up again and grabbed her by her waist, she quickly pivoted around and pushed him back down again. “No need to get in a hurry,” she said.

She bent over showing her full and lovely cleavage and slowly, almost cat like, crawled onto the bed. She grabbed the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down and off. She then straddled his legs and reached back to unclasp her bra. She then cupped her hands under the front of the bra and gently massaged her breast, throwing her head back in enjoyment. She then lowered the bra revealing what great tits she truly had, and tossed it to the side.

Curt tried once again to get up and she pushed him down again. She had complete control of the situation.

Monica scooted back a little and bent over. She came face to face with what she was about to do. She was amazed at how big his cock was, it had to be 9 inches long and about an inch and a half thick. She took a deep breath and parted her lips and engulfed the head of his cock. She grabbed a hold of the base of his shaft and started piston her hand up and down. Then she started to suck him long and deep, getting as much of his cock in her mouth as she could. She figured he couldn’t last to long. She would glance up at him every so often, every time he would just be staring back with a smile from ear to ear. She had sucked him for what seemed like 5 minutes and she still hadn’t got him off. Then she felt a hand cup underneath her chin and lift her up off of his cock.

Curt stared intently into her face, and she new that she had just lost the power.

Curt pulled bostancı escort her up toward him, then flipped her over onto her back.

Everything had went wrong, and now she had went to far to stop it. Monica could feel his hands trailing down her sides to her waist, then his fingers hooking onto straps of her thong as it slowly slid down her hips, then down her legs. It seemed like forever, then he slid the last bit over her feet and held it up just for a second, as if in triumph, then tossed it to the side.

Her mind was reeling, what had she got her self into. One minute she was buying a bed for her son and the next she was just about to commit adultery on that very bed.

Curt then lifted both of her legs and slowly spread then apart. Revealing a perfectly trimmed patch of pubic hair, leading down like a landing path to a glistening pussy. She could feel his hips brush up against the insides of her legs. It was too late now, Curt was now assuming the position that he spent the last 5 hours trying to achieve and that she had spent the half hour trying top stop.

She looked down and saw Curt, one hand on her thigh and the other on his cock aiming it up right at the entrance to her pussy. Then she felt the head of his cock enter into her.

She threw her head back moaning, “NO!”, but it was to late as she involuntarily arched her back and thrust her hips forward, as all of him went inside of her bottoming out with the smack of his balls against her crotch.

Curt started off with a very slow pace, just teasing her. Then he started picking up the pace and started to drill for oil.

Leaving all cares and ramifications aside, Monica wrapped her legs around him clawing into his back with her fingernails as her pussy was just getting pummeled into orgasm after orgasm. Then all of a sudden the mattress slammed to the ground. They had forgot to screw in the rails, and with intensity that Monica was getting railed, it was no wonder the bed fell apart.

During the incident Curt had hit his head, he was dazed and bleeding a little. Now was Monica’s opportunity to stop this from going any further. She whet to the bathroom to get a wet towel to clean the blood of his head. As she leaned in to wipe of the blood she found it was just a scratch.

Curt pulled her toward him and started to suck on one her tits. With that she new he was definitely fine, and she looked down and saw his little soldier was standing at attention again.

She had a decision to make, she was back in power and could stop this from going any further. It didn’t take her any time at all to make up her mind.

She pulled away from him, and pushed him back down to the bed saying, “Stop.” She leaned over again to wipe the blood on his head of, she wiped it clean then threw the rag to the side, then crawled back onto the mattress. She straddled him, and looked down at him with a hungry gaze.

With one hand on his chest and the other his once again hard member, she lifted her self up and positioned her self to get impaled. As she slowly lowered her self, she felt the head start to penetrate her pussy lips. She paused just for a moment, then Curt grabbed a hold of her hips and lowered her the rest of the way. She locked her feet underneath his thighs and put both hands firmly on his shoulders.

She started out slow at first, but it only took a couple of seconds till she caught her rhythm. She was riding him with complete reckless abandon, she wasn’t accidentally getting fucked, she was doing the fucking.

Curt looked up at Monica, sweat dripping off her luxurious tits, bouncy around as she humped about in complete ecstasy. He new this was by far the hottest woman he had ever screwed. He had seen the wedding band on her finger, but thought what the hell. And this was his reward for his persistence. He new that after tonight he was back to flat breasted little skanks, so he better take advantage of the situation while he has it.

Monica rode him for what seemed like 10 minutes, she was starting to wonder how he hadn’t got off yet. Then she remembered this wasn’t her fixed husband, she was only 38, and this was a virile young man with enough sperm to knock up the nunhood. She had saw some condoms in the medicine cabinet, she thought I should probable stop for a second and get one. She said, “wait up a second”, and started to dislodge from him. But, before she could disengage, Curt grabbed her buy her shoulders and threw her on to her back.

He thought she was just wanting to change positions, so he expedited the process. He quickly regained the pace that broke the bed, pounding away at her glorious pussy like salvation army drum.

Monica felt his body tense up, it was to late. She wrapped her legs and arms around him, bracing for the onslaught that was to come.

Curt let out a load “aaauuuggghhh” as he bottomed out as far as possible. She felt the first powerfull blast shoot inside of her, then a gusher of his seed just kept on spewing out as he kept pounding away. It lasted for about 20 seconds, then Curt collapsed on top of her with a triumphant exhale.

In 15 minutes they were back to it again. They fucked feverishly until the sun came up.

To be continued…

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