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            Operation Angel Rescue

by Erastes
Copyright 2019 by Erastes
Chapter 65 – Another Angel With Horns.

The boys stayed upstairs and played video games until I called them down for dinner, and then I asked what they wanted to do this evening. 

 “Can we play UNO with Aaron, like we did with Reece and Brady?” Jamie asked. 

“Do all of you want to do that?”  The others either nodded in response or mumbled, “Uh huh.” 

“Just be nicer to Aaron than you were to Reece the second time we played then,” I urged.  

“Why?  What did they do to Reece?” Aaron asked.

“Nothing the first time,” Reece answered, “but the next time they really dumped on me.”

“What do you mean?” 

Before Reece could respond, I answered for him.  “You’ll see even if they don’t do it to you, because I’m positive they’ll be doing it to each other.” 

When we got ready to play cards, Jamie made sure that Aaron was sitting between me and him.  He knew we’d take it easy on Aaron, rather than trusting the others to do that.  We ended up playing a couple of games, and although Aaron didn’t win either one, he still seemed to be having a good time.  He enjoyed watching the other boys get ‘draw’ cards, ‘skipped’, or having the direction ‘reversed’ before it got to them, but his turn will come soon enough.  When the second game ended, the boys agreed to watch TV next. 

“Ok, that’s fine with me,” I concurred.

“Me and Aaron want to sit with you,” Jamie stated as we entered the family room. 

“I’ll sit in the chair, so Aaron can have my spot,” Glen offered.

“And I know Reece wants to sit with you too, so I’ll sit in the other chair,” Dakota added. 

Since they were doing that, Reece and Aaron sat on either side of me and Jamie awkwardly climbed onto my lap.  When Aaron saw this he commented. 

“Do you always sit there or are you just doin’ it cuz I’m sittin’ here?” 

“I always sit on Dad’s lap.” 

“Can I do it for a while too?” 

“I guess it would be ok,” Jamie answered, “but how come you want to do this with my dad?  Don’t you do it with your dad?”

“No, cuz when I started school he said I was too old to sit on his lap or my mom’s lap any more, so I wanna do it with your dad instead.”   

“We’ll prolly watch two shows, so you can sit on his lap during the next one.” 

“Is that ok with you?” Aaron asked as he looked me.

“Sure, that will be fine.” 

I think I was beginning to understand why this was so important to Aaron.  His father was one of those macho guys who figured his sons would turn out just as macho as him if he didn’t pamper the kid.  With that in mind, he basically stopped doing anything with his sons that he thought might be seen as effeminate, like bathing the boy or letting him sit on his lap, once he entered kindergarten.  Aaron was now looking at me as his way of making up for this, and I was willing to do it for him, as long as he didn’t tell his parents.  I felt if he did it might cause an immediate rift between our families, if not worse. 

When the first program ended, Jamie and Aaron switched places, and Reece continued to lean against me, and once Aaron was sitting on my lap he started to wiggle about.  I thought at first it was just that he was excited about doing this, but then I thought possibly he was attempting to get me hard.  He stopped after a few minutes when nothing happened, and then leaned back and laid his head on my shoulder with our cheeks touching, just as Jamie had done.  A few seconds later he turned slightly and gave me a grin, so it seemed he was definitely making the most of this situation. 

When the show ended, Aaron slid off my lap and he headed upstairs with Jamie to turn in.  By the time I got up to my bedroom, Dakota and Reece were already using my shower, so I started to undress as I waited for them to finish.  Before that happened, however, Jamie and Aaron came over to my room, and each of them was also naked. 

“We wanna shower with you again,” Aaron announced. 

“Look, I don’t want Reece to know you’re doing that with me.” 

“He won’t, cuz he’ll just think me and Aaron are going to shower together,” Jamie added. 

“I suppose we can do it then, as long as Reece doesn’t find out what you’re up to.”  I said this because I felt it might cause Reece to start pushing to let him do it more if he knew about this. 


“Do you wanna sleep with him too?” Jamie asked Aaron next. 

“Yeah, can we?” Aaron asked.  I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me or Jamie, but I thought I’d better answer.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea.” 

“Why not?” Aaron pressed.

“For one thing, I don’t want your parents to know you’re doing that either, but I also don’t want Reece to catch you two coming out of my bedroom in the morning.” 

“I won’t say nothin’ to my mom and dad about doin’ it, and if Reece sees us we’ll just tell him we was usin’ your bathroom.” 

Damn, the little shit had all the answers.  “Ok, then I suppose we can give it a try.”   

“Yippee, and thank you for doing this with us,” Aaron screeched. 

“You’re welcome, but just remember that you can’t tell you parents about being naked, showering, and sleeping with me.  It sounds as if your dad wouldn’t understand me doing these things with you and he’d probably keep you from comin’ over here again, as well as doing something even worse to me.” 

“I won’t.  I’ll just tell him about ridin’ the four-wheelers, cuz you said he’d like that, and I can tell him about playing UNO and watchin’ the movies too.” 

“Ok, just don’t slip up and mention the other things.” 

“I won’t.”

Now that this had been cleared up, we went into the master bath and I washed both boys.  I didn’t use the wash cloth this time when I fingered Aaron’s hole and he giggled in delight. 

“It kinda feels like when I used the Sharpie.” 

“My finger is probably bigger than the Sharpie, but I’m glad you don’t have a problem with it.” 

Both Jamie and Aaron got erections when I washed their genitals, and they still had them when we went out to the bedroom.  I was just about to urge them to put on their underwear when Aaron asked a question. 

“Me and Jamie both got boners, so will you jerk us off?”

“You can do that to each other if you want, just like you did last night.” 

“We didn’t do that last night, cuz Jamie showed me somethin’ else we could do.”  I quickly glanced over at Jamie as I wondered what Aaron was referring to. 

“Ok, what did you show him?” 

“Um, Aaron wanted to know if there was other stuff we could do, so I… ummm… I kinda sucked his cock.” 

I was still mulling this over when Aaron chimed in, “And then I did it to him, and Jamie said you’ve done it to him before too.”

I can’t explain how upset I was with Jamie that he had taken it on himself to tell Aaron about this, but I didn’t have very long to think about it.  “If you don’t wanna jerk us off, then will you do that to us instead?” lara kendi evi olan escort Aaron continued.  

“I shouldn’t be doing either of those things with you.  You’re both boys and I’m an adult.” 

“But if you already did it to Jamie, then why can’t you do it to both of us?”  I glared at Jamie again. 

“I’m sorry, Dad, but when he said I was good at doin’ it, I kinda said that you do it waaay better.  It just came out before I realized it, so please don’t be mad at me.” 

“I’m not mad, just disappointed that you didn’t keep it to yourself.”

“So will you do that to us then?” Aaron pressed. 

“I shouldn’t be doing any of this stuff with you.” 

“Please.  You’ve already touched my dick a bunch of times and stuck your finger up my butt, so why can’t you do this too?” 

He was correct and had a better argument than I did.  All I could think about was the old phrase, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’, meaning the British pound sterling, not the weight.  When I hesitated before giving him my answer, Jamie added his two cents. 

“Yeah, Dad, he’s right.  You wouldn’t get in any more trouble for doin’ this than for what you’ve already done with him.”  It’s scary when two twelve-year-olds are using logic better than you are. 

“Damn it, we all know I shouldn’t be doing these things with you boys.”

“Please,” Aaron whined.  “Pretty please, I promise I won’t tell nobody about this.” 

“Come on, Dad, just do it for us.”

“I’m figuratively putting another twist in the noose around my neck every time I do these things with you boys, but if you promise you won’t tell anyone then I’ll do it for you.” 

“Yay!” Aaron howled.  “I promise.”

“Me too,” Jamie added.  

“I hope you can keep this secret better than you’ve kept the other secrets so far,” I said as I looked at Jamie.

“I will, and do that thing to our butts too.” Jamie added.  “Aaron will really like it.” 

“What’s he talkin’ about?” Aaron asked. 

“He uses his tongue on our butt holes,” Jamie replied.  “It’s why he washes them so good and puts his finger up there.  It feels really good when he does it too.” 

“Dammit Jamie, you’re certainly not very good at keeping secrets and not spilling the beans.  How in the hell can I trust you if you keep doing things like this?” 

“I only told Aaron, cuz I knew he’d like it too.  I knew cuz he liked it when you did those other things with him.” 

“But you weren’t supposed to tell anyone – EVER!”

“I’m sorry and I won’t tell anyone else.” 

“No, you’ve already let the cat out of the bag and the harm’s been done,” I added.

“So will you do those things to me too?  Please,” Aaron chimed in as if he hadn’t heard what I’d just said to Jamie. 

“I should probably have my head examined, but ok.  I want you two to lay crossways on the mattress.” 

They did this in lightning speed, and then I asked a question.  “Do you want me to do it to Jamie first, so you can watch and have a chance to change your mind?” 

“No, do it to me first,” Aaron shrieked in anticipation. 

He was squirming on the mattress as he waited for me to begin, and I decided to start on him so he wouldn’t blow his load prematurely while I was working on Jamie.  I lifted his legs and attacked his butt first, and he giggled when I started, but then he began to coo as my tongue worked its way around his puckered opening.  When I eventually stiffened my tongue and attempted to penetrate him, he pushed out a little and allowed my tongue to gain entrance, and this time he moaned in satisfaction. 

Since he seemed to be enjoying it, I worked on him for about fifteen minutes before I lowered his legs and attacked his scrotum next.  He sighed when I did this too, and then he began to wiggle in delight as I moved his grape sized testicles around with my tongue.  I did this for a couple of minutes before I took his entire pouch into my mouth.    

“Oooh, it’s wet and warm in there,” he yelped once he realized what I was doing.  Obviously, he’d never felt anything like this before. 

I did it for a couple more minutes before I released everything, and then I began to lick my way up the side of his penis.  “Oh, that feels really good,” he sighed. 

I continued until I reached the tip, and then I lapped up the pre-ejaculate that was flowing from the small slit like an oil pipeline that had sprung a leak.  As soon as I slurped up all of that precious nectar, I opened my mouth, lowered my head before I closed my lips around his throbbing shaft. 

“Ahhh, that feels incredible,” he moaned. 

Slowly, I began to bob up and down on his erection with my lips caressing the fleshy shaft, and I only did that for a couple of minutes before his body stiffened and he filled my throat with a tasty reward.  I’m not sure how many volleys his cannon fired, but I made sure to swallow every drop, and I continued sucking on his penis until he let me know I should stop.  When I did, he looked at me and smiled. 

“Jamie was right, that was way better than what we did last night.” 

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, and now I’ll take care of your partner in crime.” 

I did all of the same steps on Jamie, mimicking exactly what I’d just done to Aaron, and with nearly identical results.  Jamie didn’t react as dramatically as Aaron had, because I’d done this with him before, but he still seemed to enjoy it nearly as much.  As soon as both boys were satisfied, Jamie told Aaron that they would sleep on opposite sides of me. 

Once they were in position, Jamie told Aaron he should sleep with his head on my chest, and once they’d both done this I wrapped an arm around each boy and we slowly drifted off to sleep.  Just before I’d made the journey into sweet slumber, though, I detected a small hand feeling me up through my underwear.  I was about to scold him, but I didn’t want to come back from near oblivion and merely chose to pretend that I didn’t feel a thing. 

The next morning when I awoke, I remained still at first and merely glanced from one side to the other at the two angels with devil horns.  In fact, it was then that I realized Aaron had his hand in my boxer briefs and was clutching my morning wood.  I hadn’t been awake enough to detect it sooner, but now I carefully lowered the front of my boxer briefs and attempted to remove his hand, which caused him to grip my penis harder.  Unfortunately, it also woke him up and he blinked a couple of times until his eyes came into focus.  Once he realized I had ahold of his arm and that he’d been caught, he smiled.   

“I like holdin’ your cock.  It’s so big… and hard too,” he added when he realized its current condition. 

“Yes, I suppose it is,” I said and then I pried his hand off my penis, sat up, and worked my way off the bed. 

While doing this, I woke Jamie up as well and both boys followed me into the bathroom when I went to take a leak.  I was standing in front of the toilet and they moved around me on either side as they began to empty their bladders as well. 

“Watch what you’re doing,” I told them.  “I don’t want you peeing on the rest of us.” 

They giggled, but paid attention and made certain their streams were hitting the bowl.  As soon as we finished, we washed our hands and I put on a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt before I headed downstairs to fix breakfast.  A minute later that pair came down lara otele gelen escort to join me. 

I’m not sure if Dakota heard us in the bathroom or if he’d heard the boys talking as they passed by his room, but before long he and Reece were coming down the stairs too.  A couple of minutes later Glen was staggering down the steps, since he was only partially awake, so now we were all up, although I won’t say raring to go. 

“Dakota, will you make about half a loaf of toast for me?” 

“Yeah, ok,” he agreed before adding something else.  “Hey, I was thinking about this last night before I went to sleep and I wanna know why we still celebrate Columbus Day, since he didn’t really discover America.  The software we’ve been usin’ says lots of other people came here a long time before Columbus did, like the Vikings and some Irish guy, so why does Columbus still get the credit?”

“You’re right, he didn’t actually discover the America’s, but he is the one that history wrote about and gave the credit to,” I agreed.  “Some people are trying to change this now and are referring to Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day or Native American Day.  They were here long before Columbus, but some Italian-Americans are resisting the move.”

“Why are the Italian-Americans doin’ that?  Didn’t Columus do this for Spain?”

“Yes, the Spanish crown financed his voyage and gave him the ships, but Columbus was Italian.  In fact, his name was really Cristoforo Colombo, although we only know him by his Anglicanized name.”

“Ok, I see,” Dakota responded, but it was clear that not all of the boys were interested in our conversation. 

“So what are we gonna do today?” Glen mumbled, interrupting us and changing the topic.

“I thought since Aaron is able to drive a four-wheeler now, we could go out on another ride.  We’ll take him as far as the stream, but we’ll stop there without crossing over it and then we’ll take a hike in that area as well.  If we’re really quiet then Aaron, Reece, and the rest of you might possibly get to see some deer.” 

“Yeah, and we can show Aaron and Reece the deer stand too, cuz neither of them have seen that before,” Dakota added. 

“Yes, we can do that as well.  So do any of you have a problem with doing this?”  They didn’t, so that’s how we would be spending our morning. 

I had finished making breakfast by then and carried everything out and set it on the table.  After the boys had what they wanted, I took my share, and there was some left over if anyone wanted more.  Glen, Dakota, and Reece took care of that a few minutes later, and once everyone was fed, we cleared off the table and went upstairs to get dressed for our outing. 

After we filled up the gas tanks, we hopped on them and prepared to take off.  I was letting Aaron and Reece drive first, and I told Aaron to stay right behind me and follow my lead. 

When we got to the stream, I pulled over to the side of the trail and we turned off the engines.  I then had the boys remove their helmets, goggles, and gloves and leave them on the seats before I led them into the woods.  I took them to the same spot overlooking the deer trail and we sat down like before.  We waited for about fifteen minutes hoping the deer would come along and I was just about ready to give up hope of that happening when a small herd of deer made their way to the stream for a drink. 

“Look,” Aaron screeched, and I quickly put my hand over his mouth as I whispered in his ear.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

“Quiet or you’ll scare them off.” 

He nodded in understanding and we were very lucky they didn’t run off.  The buck looked around when he heard Aaron and sniffed the air, but we must have been downwind from them.  Since the buck didn’t smell or see anything, it just remained alert for a couple of minutes before going back to drinking out of the stream with the others.  They did that for a few more minutes before taking off, and after they left we did too. 

“Wow, that was amazin’ and they were beautiful,” Aaron gasped while keeping his voice low. 

“Yes, they’re exquisite creatures.” 

“I liked seein’ them too,” Reece concurred.

I then led the boys to the tree stand next, because I knew they wanted to see that as well, and right away Glen and Dakota had to climb up it again. 

“Can I do that?” Reece asked as Dakota was climbing down. 

“Just be very careful.  I don’t need you getting hurt.” 

As soon as he started up to the top, Aaron asked a question. 

“Can me and Jamie do that too?”  I merely looked at Jamie, because the last time he didn’t show any desire to do this, and possibly it was because he was afraid of heights. 

“Yeah, can we go up there too?” Jamie finally responded.  

“Ok, but just be careful.  It will be difficult for me to get help for you if you fall and get injured.” 

“Ok, we’ll be careful,” Aaron agreed for both of them. 

When Reece came down from his turn in the tree stand, the final pair started up, one at a time.  In the meantime, Dakota came over to tell me something. 

“I could see a lot more this time, cuz there aren’t as many leaves on the branches.” 

“Yes, the leaves are already starting to change colors and fall off, and the hunters will be out here in another week or two.  Actually, I’m a little surprised we didn’t run into the owner of this particular stand today, since I thought he might come out to see if it was still in good shape before he used it for hunting.”

At this point I led the boys out of the woods and Aaron was thrilled by what we’d just done.  He was still giddy by the time we reached the ATVs. 

“That was fun, and so is drivin’ the four-wheeler.  Do I get to drive the rest of the way like Glen and Kota did the last time?” 

“I’m going to have Jamie drive it across the stream for you, and then you can switch again and drive the rest of the way down the trail.  Reece, you did well crossing the stream the last time, so I’m going to let you do it again, and then you’ll also drive the rest of the way down the trail.  You two will switch with Jamie and Dakota when we get to the fields, though.” 

“Why does Reece get to drive across the stream and not me?” Aaron whined. 

“He’s had more experience driving the four-wheelers and he’s driven across the stream before.  You will be able to give it a try once you’ve had more practice driving the four-wheelers as well.” 

 “K,” Aaron replied and we donned our protective gear again. 

After Jamie crossed the stream, he and Aaron switched places again.  Reece did a fairly good job crossing it next, although he almost didn’t give it enough gas to climb out on the other side this time, but he corrected that error quickly and made it out.  Once we were all safely on the other side, I allowed Reece and Aaron to drive the rest of the way down the trail. 

I took it slow and kept glancing behind me to make certain everyone was doing ok, and when we reached the field Aaron and Reece switched places with Jamie and Dakota.  I decided to take them lower down this time, although not as far down as where the massive rut was located, but I wanted Aaron to see how rough some of the other areas were.  We also had to cross the various lara rus escort tree lines lower down as well, which wasn’t a problem, but it gave Aaron a new perspective about my property. 

When we got back to the house, we parked in front of the garage and turned off the engines, and Aaron wasted no time in hopping down and starting to take off his clothes.  The others were a little slower, so Aaron ended up standing around naked for a couple of extra minutes as he waited for the rest of us. 

“You must like being naked,” I teased. 

“Yeah, its fun and I like seeing the rest of you without anything on too.”

“I never would have guessed,” I replied mockingly. 

After dropping our clothes off in the laundry room, the boys raced upstairs ahead of me again.  When I got to the bedroom, Glen said he was going in to shower with Reece and Dakota, and I waited with the other pair until they finished. 

“We wanna shower with you again, and we want you to wash us too,” Aaron stated while we were waiting. 

“I suppose we can do that,” I relented.

When the other three emerged from the master bath sometime later, Jamie and Aaron raced into the bathroom and I followed behind after the older three had gone to the other bedrooms.  I washed each one, and then they washed me, and once we finished and dried off they went over to Jamie’s room to get dressed while I did the same thing in my bedroom. 

I then went downstairs to fix lunch for everyone, and when it was ready I called them down to eat.  When we were nearly finished with our meal, I asked a question. 

“Ok, what do you boys want to do next?”

“Can we go swimmin’ again?” Aaron asked. 

“I think we discovered it’s getting a little too cold for that,” I replied. 

“But it was warm out there when we were ridin’,” he complained. 

“That’s because water heats up faster and loses its heat quicker than the land.  I think you discovered the water was pretty cold last time and I would guess it would be even colder today.” 

“Oh, ok,” he responded sounding mildly disappointed. 

“Let’s play games on the PlayStation then,” Reece offered.

The other boys were ok with this, so they went upstairs to Jamie’s room.  When they came downstairs again later, Jamie asked me a question in private. 

“Aaron has been askin’ us about what you’re doin’ on the other side of the house and we told him we had to ask you before we could show him.  Is that ok?”

“Yes, and I’ll go with you, because I don’t want anyone going inside that area yet.” 

We took Aaron over there and showed him the wall first, and then I took Aaron so he could look inside the area.

“I thought maybe you were puttin’ in a pool,” Aaron stated as he checked it out. 

“We don’t really need a pool, since we have the pond,” I replied. 

“Yeah, but you can heat a pool, but not a pond,” he shot back. 

“True, and I never considered that, but this is to eventually give you boys a flat area you can play on.” 

“But its a little low in there, isn’t it?” he challenged. 

“Yes, because I’m waiting for the dirt to settle first.  Once that happens I’ll fill in the low spots with more dirt, and then I’ll add the top soil and plant grass so you boys can play on it.  I’m also going to have posts placed along the wall with netting attached to them to keep the ball and you boys from falling over the edge.  By sometime next spring this should be ready for you to play soccer, touch football, and other games on it.” 

“That sounds good, and this place is already fun, but now there will be even more to do,” he added enthusiastically. 

“That’s what I’m counting on and I’m glad you approve.” 

“Yeah, I do,” he responded, and then he and Jamie went back inside and up to Jamie’s bedroom again. 

I also went inside so I could begin working on dinner, and I decided to fix chicken parmesan tonight.  I also made mashed potatoes from scratch, not a box mix, and candied carrots.  Dakota came down to help me and it took us a while to do this, and when everything was ready I called the boys down to eat. 

I prepared each boy’s plate for him this time, and then I put the bowl with the extra mashed potatoes and another with the extra carrots on the table in case anyone wanted more.  Once everyone had a plate, they dug in. 

“Wow, this is really good,” Aaron stated.

“Thank you and I’m glad you like it.” 

When we finished eating, the boys took their dishes out to the sink to rinse them off before placing them in the dishwasher.  Once the table had been cleared, I asked the boys what they wanted to do next.

“We can either watch a movie or play UNO, so the choice is yours.  Which would you prefer?”  

“I don’t care,” Aaron responded. 

“Let’s do both,” Jamie followed. 

“We won’t have time to play UNO and watch a movie too, because you have school tomorrow,” I replied.

“Then let’s just watch a TV show after we play UNO.” 

I was ok with this and it seemed the other boys were too, so we played two games of UNO first.  This time Aaron won one of the games and Dakota won the other, and when the second game ended we went to the family room to watch TV.

“Can me and Jamie take turns sittin’ on your lap again?” Aaron wanted to know.

“I suppose we can do that.” 

He was thrilled as they took turns and switched places in the middle of the show, and once we finished watching TV, the boys headed upstairs while I turned everything off downstairs.  When I got to my bedroom, Jamie and Aaron were waiting for me.

“Can me and Jamie sleep with you again?” Aaron asked.

“Ok, since it’s your last night here for a while, but remember I don’t want Reece to know what you’re doing.” 

“K,” he agreed.

He was thrilled I was going to let him do this, but slightly saddened by the fact that I’d reminded him about it being his last night with us, but then he suddenly perked up. 

“We want you to do the same things to us that you did last night too.”

“You’re not asking for very much, are you?” I teased. 

“We just liked what you did,” Aaron replied. 

Since they were both in agreement, I repeated everything that I’d done to them the previous night, but this time without all of the discussion.  I rimmed and sucked both of them off, and then we cuddled together as we fell asleep.  When I felt Aaron’s hand going for my package again, I tried to pull it back, but the little bugger was insistent and kept it up.  Since I didn’t want to stay up all night trying to prevent this from happening and costing both of us sleep, I finally gave up and let him have his way, much to his delight.  I know I could have sent them both to Jamie’s room, but it was his last night for a while so I let him get away with it.



                                                *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

I wish to extend my thanks to Emoe and Donny for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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Although the boys in these stories sometimes have unprotected sex, I strongly urge all of you out there to be smart and protect yourselves from various sexually transmitted diseases by using taking appropriate precautions before engaging in sex.

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