Oral Therapy

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My mother kept me away from the world as I grew up. I was home schooled, and never allowed to date. She thought I would be corrupted by everything and everybody. In fact, I never even saw a naked man until my first job.

I was nineteen, and started out as a “candy stripper” at a nearby convalescent hospital. I was there for two months before they hired me on as a nurse’s assistant. My duties included changing linen on beds, bringing meals, and general housekeeping. The ward was filling up fast, and my duties gradually increased. I was given the opportunity to work the third shift – they don’t like to call it the graveyard shift. It was a lot less hectic, and it did pay more, so I jumped on it.

That first night, I was told to start giving sponge baths, as the day nurses didn’t have time. The first room I entered was occupied by a little old lady who was 85 years old. She talked my ear off, as I sponged her down. I felt bad when I had to cut her off, letting her know that I had many more patients to see. The next room, however had a man in the bed. I was very nervous, as, until now, I had never seen a man naked. He was only 50 years old. We talked a little before I started. He told me that he was in a car accident, and it affected his ability to function normally, and his family dumped him here. I told him that really sucked, as I started his bath. I had no problem with his face, neck, and arms. I pulled the sheet down a bit and washed his chest and arm pits. As I turned around to rinse the wash cloth, he pulled his sheet the rest of the way off. I turned back around and gasped. He asked if I was OK, and I explained my predicament to him. He just laughed, and said, “Don’t worry, it won’t bite!” .At first, I just washed around it, but then, I carefully picked it up and gently washed it clean. As I set it back down, I made an observation.

“I don’t remember it being that big when I started.” His cock had grown a little, although it wasn’t hard.

“That’s what pretty girls like you do to it!” was his response.

I told him I wasn’t sure what he meant, so he continued. “Go ahead and touch it again. Give it bursa escort a squeeze and see.”

I slowly reached out and held it, giving it a little squeeze.

“Oh come on, you can do better than that! Give it a good squeeze. You won’t hurt it!” With that, I gave it a good long squeeze. I could feel it growing as I held it. “Now pump your hand up and down.” he softly said.

Somehow, I knew this must be wrong, but I couldn’t help it. I slowly moved my hand up and down. His cock was now fully erect, and about seven inches long. “Oh God, that feels so good!” he moaned. “Would you do me a big favor, and kiss it?” It was like I was in a trance. I leaned over, and planted a kiss on the tip of his cock. It jerked a little when I did. “Now use your tongue, and lick it.” As I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock, I thought “What the heck am I doing?”, but as I looked up, I could see the happiness on this old mans face. “Now just wrap your sweet lips around it, and move your head up and down.”This was so different from anything I have ever experienced. The warmth of his skin, the texture, the way it felt in my mouth. His body stiffened, as he let out a soft moan. Instinctively, I kept sucking, and pumping. Suddenly he filled my mouth with warmth. It was sticky and slippery, salty but sweet all at the same time. I swallowed and swallowed until it was all gone.

He told me I was the greatest thing to happen to him. It turned out, he hadn’t had sex in over 10 years, and what I did, he hadn’t had for almost 30! He made me promise to stop by again, and I told him I would.

That night I discovered that my wing held two women, and sixteen men. In two weeks, I had shared my new talent with all but two of the men. One was in a coma, and the other was in a body cast from a car accident. To be honest, I did try with the man in the coma several times, but he didn’t respond. At nineteen years of age, I was too young to know how easily I could give these men heart attacks. But obviously, they knew, and didn’t care.

It was a few weeks later, when I was making my rounds, that things started changing. bursa merkez escort I walked into Mr. Allen’s room. He’s the one in a coma. All of his monitors still read the same, however, there was now a tent in the middle of his bed. I called to him, but he did not answer. I shook him gently, but still got no response. I pulled the sheet back and began his bath. His erection did not waver. So of course, I did what I now love to do. I started sucking his cock. I kissed and licked, and massaged his balls. Just when I thought it was in vain, his leg twitched. I pumped with one hand, and tickled his balls with the other. I plunged my mouth up and down, keeping my lips wrapped tightly around his throbbing member. I felt his balls contract, and then a second later he erupted. Not only did he fill my mouth to the brim, but he moaned quite loudly. His monitor also started beeping, and I heard the footsteps of running nurses. I swallowed quickly, and gave him one last suck to clear away any evidence of what just happened. As the nurses flooded in to check his vitals, his eyes started to flutter.

He woke up that night, and by the next day, he was talking to the doctors and nurses. Seems he remembered everything up to the coma, then seeing all the nurses gathered around him when he woke up. I didn’t see him again for almost a week. When I did, I gave him a quick bath, fluffed his pillow, and started to leave.

“Wait.” he said, and I turned around at the door. “You’re not done yet, are you?” He had that lonely look in his eyes.

“Yes, I’m afraid so. I have other patients waiting.”I said as I walked over to his bed.

“What would it take to get you to repeat what you did last week?”

“What are you talking about?” I had to see what exactly he remembered.

“Well, I awoke from that coma to see a beautiful young lady sucking wildly on my penis. In my forty some odd years on this planet, that had to be the best experience I have ever had.! I was a virgin until that night.”

That explained the copious amounts of cum I had to swallow. As I listened to him, I had subconsciously placed bursa sınırsız escort my hand on his cock, and was stroking it softly. “And now look what your doing to me!” I snapped out of my daze to realize I was pumping pretty hard. I had no choice now, so I bent over, and took him into my mouth. I have gotten so good at what I do, I had him off in two minutes.

Over the next year, I saw many patients come and go. Some healed, and were released, some were transferred to other hospitals, and some just died. No one ever died from what I was doing, although some expressed desire to go in that way. I not only enjoyed doing it, but it became a habit. I had to get mouthfuls of cum every night, or I would start getting edgy.

Then one night, while I was getting my fix, a janitor walked in. He said he was going to report me. After pleading with him, and showing him how all the patients really enjoyed my visits, he still was not convinced. There was only one thing left to do. After that night, I had no more problems with him. As long as I went downstairs every night and took care of him. He was the first black man I ever had, and at 24 years of age, the youngest too.

Within the next two years, I was giving head to every male patient over the age of eighteen, and virtually every man employed at the hospital. They even set up a room for me to live in so I was there 24-7. I was in heaven, sucking an average of 18 cocks a day, every day. But as they say, all good things must come to an end.

The lead nurse was pissed because she had to work on Christmas Eve. She decided to have a surprise inspection while I was giving out “Christmas gifts” .She pushed the door open just as I was getting my “eggnog” from a wrinkled old cock. She didn’t say a word as she turned and left. She could have given me a warning, or even fired me. But no, the bitch called the hospital security. They held me for mental evaluation. I never even left the hospital, but was moved up to the “Psyche” ward, which is where I am currently residing. They have determined that I am mentally unstable, and must stay here indefinitely.

It’s been three years, and I’m still in the mental ward. Every night, the attendants escort me to a padded cell for therapy. After I suck each of them off, I’m returned to the ward, where I proceed to blow all the loonies as they lay in their beds. What a life, and I still haven’t seen the world.

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