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A very special friend offering me the woman’s prospective of a very positive chance real encounter after meeting on the Internet wrote this story for me. I welcomed the opportunity to edit and enhance…*wink*.

As he walks up to the door, he can’t believe that he is doing this. Meeting a woman in person, one he has only met on the Internet. Horror stories of crazy women from prior dates pass through his mind. Still, this one seems special. He imagines what she looks like. Beautiful eyes. Sexy legs in a short revealing dress. The doors open and he is met by an angel, or is this a devil? She has the eyes of an angel, but the body of a seductress, revealing soft skin and full lips that he just can’t wait to kiss.

He lets his eyes take her in and they linger on her lovely legs. They seem to go all the way up to her neck, wearing a dress that would get her arrested in some small southern towns. As his eyes reach her face again, he sees that she is smiling. They exchange a friendly hello as he gives her the bottle of wine he brought. She leans over and gives him a thank you kiss. A soft, wonderful kiss, as her body presses against his. The perfume, lustful raspberry, his favorite passion scent, creates bursa escort sexual thoughts in his mind. He slides his arms around her and pulls her close to him and plants a passionate kiss on her lips.

He half expects her to pull away and tell him to get the hell out. Instead, she presses her body harder against his and returns his kiss. As the kiss lingers, he feels the blood rush to his loins and he wonders if she can feel the tremendous erection he is getting. As the kiss ends, she takes him by the hand and leads him to the couch. As a soft slow song fills the room, her body begins to sway with the music. She feels his arms slide around her waist and pull her body to his. She lets her hands rub his chest and slide down to grab his firm cock.

He reaches up as his hands grab two perfect tits. She does not flinch as his hands rip apart the material of her blouse. Those two tits strain at the bra as he kisses the exposed flesh. A quick tug at the clasp and the tension releases and the bra slips off her shoulders. Perfect mounds of flesh with erect eraser-like nipples await his touch. These are the most exquisite pair he has ever seen. First a gentle touch of his fingers send goose escort bursa bumps across her skin. Then she leans forward and grabs his head. She feels his warm breath as his mouth is drawn to her nipples. A long lick across her nipple sends waves of pleasure throughout her body. She feels her pussy begin to get wet as her lips swell. After a few delicious moments, she takes him by the hand and leads him to her bedroom. The room is dark except for the light of a dozen candles, all smelling like raspberries. She has certainly done her homework well, for the scent is his very favorite.

She rips the buttons off of his shirt and exposes his chest. Next come the pants. Off in a flash, revealing a hard cock straining at his shorts, which she quickly removes. She then gives him a firm push and he is sprawled out on the bed. As he watches, as she slips out of her dress and her panties, and crawls into the bed and straddles him. . She then grabs his hands and spreads them above his head, kisses his neck and then gives him a not so gentle bite, and rubs her pussy along the shaft of his cock. She leans forward to let him suck her tits. Then she shifts her position to turn around and stick her pussy escort bursa into his face as she grabs his cock. The feel of his hands and his tongue in her pussy makes it hard for her to concentrate on sucking his cock. She feels three fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. Then she feels his fingers stretch her lips so that he can lick her clit. First a long slow lick of his cock reminds her of eating her favorite ice cream cone which she follows with short fast flicks with her tongue. Feels his lip puckered around her clit and sucking hard. She finds herself grinding her pussy into his face as she moans, revealing her pleasure.

Suddenly strong arms roll her over. In an instant, he has her legs over his shoulder, as she feels his hard cock pressing against her swollen lips. He is sliding inside her; she squeezes his cock with her pussy and spreads her legs wide to draw him deeper. She hears and feels his balls slap against her ass and he starts to pound away at her pussy. She feels her tits bounce each time his cock slams into her. She has one hand lifting a nipple to her mouth. The fingers of the other are rubbing her clit, like a mad woman. Her moans let him know she is about to come. Her hips gyrate, her toes curl and her fingers draw blood from his back. She loves to fuck; she wants him to come in her pussy, in her mouth, and on her tits. She is obsessed with him, and wants him drained.

Maybe one day she will even let him come in her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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