Page Ch. 04

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Big Tits

Notes [Initially released February 3, 2016, last revised October 22, 2016]:- All characters are the product of the authors’ imaginations and are over eighteen.
– This is a relatively short story/vignette, and we recommend reading the previous chapters.
Thanks to Skye4Life for editing this.
Page stares at me in disbelief. “What do we do now?”

“I guess we should try and see who is outside?” I say stepping in front of the panel with the three by three display and touch the one displaying my car. It expands to full screen and I ask, “Do those look like our footprints or are they newer?”

“There’s a lot of snow in them, plus they simply look like our paths to and from the car; I think they’re ours. Go back to the porch and see if this thing can zoom.”

I swipe the screen and get a different view of the outside. I squeeze my fingers together and see the three by three matrix again. The function is somewhat intuitive, but I say, “You drive, you’re my technical adviser.”

“Put the gun down, Ryan. We’ll be able to hear if someone is trying to break into the hatch,” she says, as she pulls up the front porch and zooms in close.

I put the gun back in the hard case and close it. I briefly consider putting on clothes from the bag, but see what Page is looking at and join her at the monitor.

“Are those fresh?”

“I think so, but they look like they go away. Does it look human?”

Page swipes the screen and there is a view of the driveway. There aren’t any prints or tire tracks. Another swipe and we see the hill behind the house, nothing again. The back deck is clear too and snow is piled high on the side of the hot tub cover that is next to the edge. The only tracks are on the front porch and come and go from the same direction. Whatever or whoever it was seems to have come and gone over the same path which just disappears down the hill off the front porch.

“What do you think?” she asks.

“I don’t know. The whole thing is making me crazy. I didn’t even know this bunker was here. I just reacted to the bed moving and panel opening on instinct, but I feel like I’m in shock.”

“I think we’re safe; why don’t we just sleep down here, the whole thing has me a little spooked and – oh -” she says with a little jump when the phone LEDs begin flashing again, indicating another call.

“Hello?” I answer it.

“Ryan, I think it is just a bear. I’ve reviewed the video of the front porch. You can do that too, just select the screen and do a counter clockwise swirl. Anyway, you should probably put your gun away, I’m sure you’re adrenaline has you pumped.”

“Yeah, it does,” I say feeling a little relieved. “I might sleep down here, though; it spooked me,” I say repeating Page’s feelings in my own voice.

“Look, you’re safe, the hatch only opened because: one – you’re there, two – there was heat motion detected and three – there was a sufficient weight change at one of the doors.”

“Oh, that makes sense,” I reply, feeling even safer now.

“So, what’s going on; taking some time off or what?” Gary asks, as if none of the previous stuff mattered.

I think to myself that striking up a conversation at this time of night seems odd, but I’m in his house hiding in his bunker with my sister. So, I just tell him what’s going on, or at least the parts I’m comfortable telling him.

“Yeah, I was feeling a little bummed about losing the election.”

“Hey, I didn’t tell you yet. I just heard it myself. The Lieutenant Governor passed away last week and there’s going to be a special election in February.”

I had actually heard that she’d passed away, but hadn’t thought about running for the spot and it felt a little opportunistic to even think about it.

“You think I should run for that; it seems a little premature.” I say, as I see Page looking at me like I’m crazy.

“Yeah, too bad you didn’t come on this hunting trip, we could have talked about your strategy.”

“Where are you exactly?”

“Dude, I’m literally in the middle of nowhere. We had to drive half an hour into the middle of the swamp to get to the boat that took us another forty-five minutes to this place.”

“But you’ve got cell service there?”

“Well, I’ve got service, it’s a private club. You’re really missing out though, I’ve already gotten a dozen birds: couple of Gallinules, half a dozen Woodcock and four Coots. Well, I didn’t mean to run on; I was just surprised you were there…”

“Sorry, I should have called and told you I was coming. It was a spur of the moment thing.”

“Hey, no worries, man; I told you to use the place. Try to get some sleep. We’ll talk when I get back,” he says and hangs up.

I hang up the phone and look at Page. “Sorry, I guess everything is okay.”

“What was he saying?”

“Well, he ran on a bit about a possible special election and then his hunting trip, but he thinks it was just a bear wandering onto the porch. He told me we can review the video if you do a counter clockwise swirl to rewind.”

Page escort ataşehir does that nearly instantly and we see a large black/brown figure come onto the porch. She tries to zoom in, but that doesn’t work well or intuitively in rewind mode. The brown figure is kind of a blur and it goes back off the porch quickly. She replays it again and it still isn’t clear what it is.

“Does it look like a bear to you?” she asks. “Aren’t they supposed to be hibernating?”

“I’ve never seen one up close; it’s kind of a blur. As for hibernating, it’s been unseasonably warm until this snow storm and the weather service wasn’t even calling for any accumulation.”

“I guess we should go look.”

“So, now, you want to go up instead of staying down here and checking it out in the morning?” I ask.

“Yeah; after my long bus trip, I’ve really grown to appreciate beds. Don’t you want to sleep in bed?”

“Yes, of course,” I say thinking of us in bed earlier. “I wonder how we get back out.”

Page goes to the panel by the rebar ladder and presses a button I hadn’t really seen. There’s a vibration above us and the hatch starts to slowly open. When it finally finishes, she grabs up the laptop bag and her duffel bag and begins her ascent back into the bedroom. I grab my duffel and sling it over my shoulder and then one of the gun cases. Climbing the ladder with one hand is awkward enough so I make a second trip for the last case.

Back in the room, I find Page is fully dressed and heading towards the front door.

“Hey, wait a second,” I say. “Before you open that, let me get dressed and get the gun back out.”

She thinks about it a second and agrees, “Okay.”

I dress quickly, open the wrong case and then open the other one to find the gun I’d already loaded. Taking it out I join her in the dim light and she continues to the front door. She gingerly turns the deadbolt and signals me that she’s going to open it in three fingers, two, one. Opening it, the door swings inward silently along with a cold blast of air and a swirl of lose snow that looks like dust in the low light. She peers onto the porch and looks at the tracks. I follow her out and look for myself. I can barely see, since there is almost no light save, what is coming from the hatch in the guest room.

I whisper, “Should I turn on the porch light?”

“Yeah, do.”

When I flip on the light there is a startled noise off in the woods, which is almost certainly an animal. On the porch, we look more closely at the tracks in the blown snow.

“I think that it was a bear,” she says. “Unless someone went to the trouble of getting fake bear feet to make the tracks.”

“Yeah, they aren’t even very large; it’s probably just a cub.”

We both head back inside where I close and lock the door. “Gary said the hatch only triggered due to motion, weight at the door and our presence in the house.”

“This place is crazy high tech. I wonder what else is in here?”

“Hey, now; no hacking Gary’s house.”

“Maybe just a little?”

“Now who’s incorrigible? Come on, let’s go to bed; I’m exhausted from the adrenaline rush,” I say taking her hand.


“No buts! Now, come help me figure out how to close the hatch from up here.”

“Oooo yeah, let me have a look at that thing… You think there’s another one in the master?” she says dashing off to the bedroom.

“You’re amazing, crazy, but amazing…” I say breaking into laughter.

Playing with the hatch like a kid in a candy store, she looks at the thing from every angle trying to figure out what makes it close and reopen. I step over her to put the gun on the night table and turn on the light while she continues to look along the walls and inside the bathroom.

“I think there’s got to be another panel somewhere up here, like the one down there,” she says at length.

The hunt ends when she finds it in a drawer at the foot of the bed base. She has a troubled look on her face. With the drawer out, we can both see that the panel has a big red ‘Close’ button, but a keypad that is probably used for opening it.

“If I do this, we may not be able to reopen it without a code or another automatic alarm,” she says.

“Oh, well, I can probably get a code from Gary in the morning. The automatic alarm does seem to work.”

“Yeah, I guess. Maybe I could do just a little hacking?”

“Paaaage… “

“Meany,” she says, as she pushes the button and stands up.

Staring at me in fake anger, she starts stripping back off her quickly donned clothing while standing clear of the bed as it moves to cover the closing hatch. I never seem to know when the game is afoot, but as always, I follow suit. As I’m standing there nude, I kept thinking that the hatch was taking even longer to close than its opening had seemed to take when we were waiting upon it down in the bunker. Of course my enthusiasm to exit the bunker hadn’t been nearly as high as my current desire to get back in bed with Page.

When kadıköy escort bayan it’s finally back in position, she pushes me onto the bed, teasingly saying, “You never let me have any fun.”

“I thought we had fun earlier,” I say, as I scoot back across the bed into my position and lie upon my side awaiting her.

“Oh, well, yeah, I guess we did,” she says pensive and poutily. “Alright then, good night!”

She huffily joins me in bed, pulls up the covers and reaches over to turn off the light. I feel dumb as I lie there sadly in the darkened silence with my thoughts. Several long moments pass, while I review my missteps that made me believe sex has been taken off the table. Just when I am about to chalk it up to my ineptitude, she sighs and snuggles her bum up to me; pressing against my still hard erection. I guess my cock knew sex was still in the offing even though I thought I might have just messed it up. Despite the fact that we had engaged frequently over the past couple of days, our appetite for one another seems to approach bottomless.



“I thought you were exhausted from the adrenaline rush.”

“Yeah, me too,” I say trying to restrain a gleeful giggle.

“You sure you want to sleep?” she teases me, as she presses back a little more. “I’m – um – getting an impression – I mean, I think I’m getting the impression that maybe you want something else.”

“Just you,” I say with some relief, as I place my hand on her hip.

“Mmm, it feels nice,” she says, as she wiggles her moist slit against my engorging stiffness.

Slippery moisture contacting my cock entices me to slide closer to her; her hips tilt slightly anticipating our desire as she presses me further into her wetness. I feel a surge rush through me as my increased libido drives me forward to enter her with some swiftness from behind. I bury my face in her hair to take in her scent, which calms my nerves while exhilarating me further at the same time. Page repositions my hand from her waist to her pierced nipple and exhales a soft moan.

“Oh Ry, this feels so right.”

“You make me so happy.”

I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve the love and pleasure she’s giving me, but the relief I feel at our coupling pushes away all the previous worries of intruders or trackers. My hips slowly withdraw from her until I can feel that I’m nearly out while an irrepressible force guides me uncontrollably back within her tightness. Page presses my fingers harder against her breast as I reenter her. Her hips are continually tilting and swaying to increase the contact between us. I repeat the action only to find myself in a sudden convulsion against her; not a climax, but a full body shiver that brings us together with forceful slapping sounds.

The shape and contour of her hips pressing against me feels so exotic, that I feel a compulsion to clutch them with both hands upon either side. Gripping them tightly, my arms aid in pulling us together as we rhythmically stimulate ourselves against one another. Page is lustily grabbing behind my upper leg with one hand while rubbing us at her groin with the other. Dainty fingers slide along and across my shaft as I withdraw and massage her clit against me as I enter.

Fervent guttural moans emanate from her as her breathing becomes ragged and gasps of air rush to fill her lungs. These noises add to my desire to fulfill my lovely little sister’s necessary demands. The darkened room reminds me of the dreamy state when she’d first come to my bed only a few days ago. Now though, I’m fully awake, fully aware and overcome by our recent mutual acknowledgments of love. Our love for one another seems to only feed our passion as we undulate in unison. Page turns her head to kiss me deeply; our tongues a flurry within each other’s mouths. Her energy is contagious and fills me with joy.

I feel thankful to the forces that brought her back into my life. Whatever else happens, it will have been worth it to have known how much she loves me. It simply amazes me that she’d been in love with me before and I’d somehow been blind to it. The unconditional love she has for me, in and of itself, pushes me to please her. Pumping away at her I feel Page begin to jerk as her climax rolls through her. Her hand rubs at us with increasing ferocity. My cock is slick with her lubricant and I increase the force and frequency of my thrusts.

Her moans rush me towards my own release and building tension in my balls tells me I’m close. “Oh, Page.”

“Ooo, yeah, Ry – umpf – shove it in me. God, you feel sooo gooood. Umf – ah – oh – you make me feel so fucking goooood,” she says as she passes the point and begins to quake silently.

As my cock buries itself inside her repeatedly, I feel the little clit ring slide along the length of me. Page’s fingers rubbing us cause it to touch me periodically. I shiver at the memory of it in my mouth and lustily I tilt her torso so I can take her left nipple into my mouth again. Another guttural moan of escort bostancı pleasure ensues when I take the star nipple ring into my mouth. Her legs lift as her back is fully on the bed now and I thrust into her.

“Page, I’m going to come.”

My words trigger spasms in her along with a repeating string of panting ‘yeses’ intermixed with her now familiar continuous stream of profanity laced instructions and playful jabberings.

“Pound your cock into me – feel me gripping you – fill your sister’s pussy – oh fuck – fuck yeah. You love it as much as I do, don’t you?”


“You like making me cum – you make me cum so hard. Pump your seed inside me; let it shoot in your sheath – it’s only for you.”

This is the second time she’s told me she was just for me and I relished in it, “Being inside you is just for me; isn’t it?”

“Uhn-huh – fuck me – oh fuck, yesss!” she hisses as she begins to jerk.

Her contractions grip me as I continue to thrust into her, the increased tension being caused by her climax drags me over as well. I don’t want to give in, but I am simply at her mercy as she clamps even more tightly about me. Pumping into her now, I finish with several forceful thrusts that leave me panting and clinging to her. I bury my cock deep inside and shoot stream after stream of hot fluid erupting into her. My climax is just part of the bargain though, and I commit to memory the unshakable devotion I know from her because I never want to forget the feeling. She continues to quake as I feel a new warmth surrounding me. I can’t see it, but I know she’s emitted her own fluids and I feel them spreading to cool upon the sheets.

“I love you so much, Page,” I say breathlessly as I hug her tightly.

“You don’t know how happy that makes me,” she whispers back. “I love you too; there’s no place I’d rather be.”

The joy I feel cannot be put into words as we lie there together. In our close embrace I am aware I can feel her heart beating as our breathing subsides. It’s a soothing sound that confirms for me just how real this is. We stay coupled as sleep drags us down and I dream of a life with Page.

The morning arrives bright and surprisingly early. Disappointingly, Page is no longer in bed with me, so I rouse myself to use the can. Standing over it to lift the lid, I notice the telltale sign of blood at the bottom of the bowl and I feel a twinge of guilt and relief for a moment. I love her with all my heart, but I’d never want to make her cross that bridge without discussing it. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I wonder if men have clocks or other innate instincts overriding their sensibilities and pushing them to procreate.

Back in the bedroom, I pull on my boxers and grab a tee-shirt from my duffel bag. In the kitchen, I find Page sitting at the table with her laptop eating some cereal. I go to the espresso machine and turn it on and wait for it to warm up.

“You okay this morning or did we have another visitor last night?”

She turns to me and gives me a queer look, “What are you talking about?”

“Sorry, I – uh – I thought I saw some blood in the toilet.”

“Oh, I had a nose bleed early this morning. The air here is so dry compared to back home – well – compared to California.”

“Oh,” I say stupidly staring at her tight tee-shirt and the protrusions there.

“You thought I was on my period; didn’t you?”


“And now you’re wondering if I’m on birth control?”

“Yes – well – I mean, we’ve been going a little manic -” I cut myself off worrying about two facts: my words aren’t coming out well formed and we hadn’t used protection even once.

“I have the implant,” she says pointing at her left arm. “It’s good for like three years.”

“Oh, I didn’t know they lasted that long,” I say feeling relieved and a little naïve.

The espresso machine is warmed up and I make a cup. Page is busy on her laptop but looks up cutely to see if I’m going to ask. I smile at her instantly interpreting her gaze to mean my stupidity is forgiven, although I still feel like a bit of a clod.

“You want one?”

“Of course,” she says and smiles back demurely.

I set the first one at her place and ask, “What are you working on this morning?”

“Well, I know you said no, but -“

“Ooohhh,” I exhale as I walk back to the counter. I press the button to make another espresso and ask, “You just couldn’t resist, huh?”

“Well, I got worried about all of the cameras and the fact that they’d recorded things.”

“Ohhh sheesh, yeah, that might be – well – bad.”

“See, now you get it. Anyway, I’ve deleted the files of us that are here, but I’m working on determining if they were streamed anywhere. I haven’t found the physical location of the computer yet, it might be in the bunker or -“

“We should cover the camera in our room, I guess.”

“Already taken care of, his tech isn’t quite as good as mine,” she says breaking into a broad grin.

“It recorded us yesterday?”

“Yeah, it got some really good footage of us having dessert.”

I joined her at the table and say, “Hmm, and you think this place is wired into the internet?” I find myself wondering about what that footage might have looked like and if perhaps she’d kept a copy.

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