Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 06

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Life sends Mike another curve ball, but a nicer one. The effects of, and adapting to, the accident. Not a lot of sex, but a lot about life as Mike, Maggie and Anna plan to move on. Enjoy. Jb7

Chapter 6


Sunlight, making its way in thru the west facing windows in Maggie’s bedroom woke Mike. He opened his eyes to find Maggie watching him. “Good morning, love,” she said. “Are you ready for today? I’m here to help however I can. Just ask.”

He leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips. “No, I don’t think I am ready, but that doesn’t matter. Whether I’m ready or not, life is going to go on. How are you?”

“Sad, just so frightfully sad. I can’t bear to think I’ll never see that wonderful smile, or hear her silly, dirty laugh.”

“Or suffer from her awful smelly farts again,” Anna added, letting them know she was awake. “We used to threaten to sell her to the Army to use as a chemical weapon. Or didn’t your relationship get that far, Michael?”

“Not this time. But before, yeah. I’d forgotten. She used to blame the smell on me stopping next to a sewer, and I bought it, until I heard her one time. Did you ever see anyone look embarrassed and brazen at the same time? That’s how she looked,” he answered, laughing.

Anna rolled over, pressing her nude body against his back. He felt her nipples, hard pebbles surrounded by the cushy softness of her pillowy breasts. “It’s good to hear you laugh. Evie would have wanted that.”

She reached down to take hold of his flaccid staff. “She would have wanted you to keep using this, too; and since I was going to be invited into a threesome this morning, I think we should honor that intention. Don’t you, Maggie?”

“Whenever it’s used appropriately, sex can be a powerful weapon against depression and sadness; so, yes, Anna, I think Michael should make love to both of us, and we should also make love to each other. Are you up for it, chef Mike, to create a dish of sex suitable for this menage a trois?” She rose, to kneel on the bed, facing Mike and Anna.

“I think so, if you’ll pardon the sort of obscene pun. A double dish of hair pie, served with a generous dressing of man sauce, finishing with a delightful peach and popsicle sandwich,” he answered, trying not to laugh.

“Michael Nelson!” his mother exclaimed, laughing. “Please, there are ladies present.”

“Where?” asked Anna, with a giggle.

“Well,” Maggie huffed, sitting back on her heels, “there were… last year,” she finished, with a grin. “So, my dear son, how do we begin this delicious feast?”

“Why don’t you two begin to warm up the pies while I go attend to my bladder…”

“Me first,” cried Anna, scooting off the foot of the bed.

“Me, too,” Maggie said, laughing. “Why don’t you use the one in the hall, Mike? Then, we’ll all be ready at the same time.” Mike nodded and slid to the edge of the bed.

A few minutes later, Mike returned to a still empty room. In the en suite, he could hear the women laughing and giggling like high school girls, interspersed with some suspicious moans. Thinking about what it might mean, he grinned and positioned himself in the middle of his mother’s king size bed, sitting with his back against the headboard..

Soon the women came out of the en suite, having obviously taken some time to put on some make up. Since they had returned from their trip to the cabin, Maggie had, on occasion, used some flavored body make up– chocolate, cherry and apricot, each its own distinctive color.

This morning, she had obviously used cherry on her nipples and, it looked like, apricot on her labia. Anna, on the other hand, had opted for a combination of chocolate nips and cherry lips. With a wide smile, and tears in his eyes, he said, “In spite of everything, right now, I’m the luckiest man in the world, to be able to make love with two of the most fabulous women anywhere.” Opening his arms wide, he welcomed them back to bed.

“We did rock, paper, scissors,” Maggie said, “and Anna won first climax. How do you want to start, sweetie?” she asked, reaching out to stroke his half flaccid staff.

“Mmmm, that feels good. Why don’t you get him ready, Mom, while I spend some time checking out the quality of what looks like your cherry make up?” he suggested, and slid down on the bed so Anna could straddle his face.

As the older brunette settled herself, Mike felt his mother’s mouth glide down his shaft, engulfing all of his rapidly growing staff. A chorus of appreciative moans was emitted by the trio, eliciting a combination of laughs and more mmmmm’s.

Mike felt his mother withdrawing from deep throating him, and both heard and felt the pop as he left her mouth. “This guy is ready for you, Anna; do you want to switch right now?”

“N …n …no, M…m…maggie, I …I… I’mmm uuunnnggghhh f …f…fine for ooohhhhh now; y… y… ooooouuuu ….gooohhhh a …a…headddd uunnnnhhh” gasped Anna, lifting herself off Mike’s face. “Damn you, Michael; what are you doing down there?” she asked, breathing hard, escort bostancı leaning her head against the wall. “It feels like you’re fucking me with your tongue.”

“Trying,” he said, “but it’s not quite long enough, so I’m having to improvise. It’s working, huh?” He felt Maggie’s cunt slide down his cock. “Oh, god, Mom, that feels so good. I’ve missed you the last few days.”

“I’ve got to see this,” Anna said, turning around and repositioning herself on Mike’s face. She watched as Maggie began to rise and fall with Mike’s cock penetrating her quim. “Fuck, that’s hot!” she enthused, and reached out to feel Maggie’s breasts and kiss her.

Maggie’s hands quickly copied the ones mauling her A cups while Mike resumed his tongue work below, and the mother-son team soon had Anna coming on his face. After the emotional onslaught of the previous day, it was as much as she could stand and she collapsed to the side of the young man beneath her.

Maggie quickly dropped down on Mike, kissing away Anna’s spend which coated his face. His knees came up between her legs, blocking her hips. She relaxed, resting on her elbows as he took control and began to thrust his hips upwards, pounding into her. In a very few minutes he felt the tell tale tingle in the back of his knees signaling his climax was imminent. “I…I’m almost…”

“Me, too, darling. Go for it.” Maggie began to squeeze and release her Kegels, increasing the friction in her sheath. It was enough. She barely felt the first splash of Mike’s cream before her own climax forced her to push her legs back and arch her back as she opened her mouth in a silent howl.

Maggie and Mike collapsed together. Mike rolled his mother to his side, opposite Anna, and reached for the busty black haired beauty, pulling her up to lie beside them in his other arm.

“That was one of the hottest things I’ve seen. How long have you been…” Anna started to ask.

“Mmm, just about a month. Isn’t that right, Mike?”

“Yeah. The silliness the night Ellie got home, if you can even count it, and the next night with that teasing game the two of you played on me. I don’t know if you both got on me or if it was one of you twice. But for certain, the afternoon we got to the cabin we made love, and almost every day since.”

“Can I ask how you got started?”

Mike glanced at the clock over his mother’s head. “That’s probably best left for another time. I’ve got to get the sign up at the restaurant about being closed, and get to our suppliers to let them know.” He began to untangle himself from the women and sit up.

Behind his back, Maggie and Anna made eye contact, and with a nod and a smile, they pulled him back down. “Not just yet,” Maggie said. “You’re not fit to go out in public. Anna, do you want to do the honors?”

“Mmmhmmm,” she answered and sat up to bend down and slurp Mike’s lingam into her mouth, cleaning Maggie’s residue from him. When she was done, Mike was as erect and hard as he had ever been. With a sigh, she said, “Unfortunately he’s right, and we don’t have any more play time. Join me in the shower, Maggie?”

“Guess it’s the hall shower for you, Mike. Maybe next time,” Maggie said, bending down to give him a quick peck on the lips as he moaned in frustration.

It was shortly before noon when Mike got to the restaurant to put up the closed notice. By the time the women got to the kitchen for breakfast, he had showered, dressed and put together a batch of scones and popped them in the oven.

Over scones and coffee, he and Anna had discussed what should be done about the staff, and how to best use the time the establishment would be closed. They had decided a thorough cleaning was about all they had time for. Anna was to contact a professional cleaning company to come in. The regular kitchen staff would come in to assist and be on hand to advise if needed.

After dropping Anna at her apartment to get her car, he pulled into the parking lot behind the restaurant, and saw the delivery from Pedersen’s piled behind the building by the back door. They had been too late to stop the delivery when they called, but were told Geordie would be back to pick up the vegetables right after his lunch break.

He opened the door and went through to tape the closed notice to the inside of the front door window. “Hello, anyone here?” called a vaguely familiar feminine voice.

“Wait there; I’m coming,” he called back. Walking into the kitchen, he saw the female policewoman who had brought them the news of the accident. “Officer McIntyre? Is something wrong?”

“Mr Nelson. I was right; it was your car. I thought I saw you getting out of it yesterday. No, nothing’s wrong. Just checking to make sure everything’s alright, as much as possible, anyhow. How are you doing?”

“As well as can be expected, I guess. Life has to go on, and things have to get done so that can happen. Can I get you some coffee or anything?”

“Coffee would be great if it’s not too much trouble. You work here? Is that how you and Evie met?”

“No, ümraniye escort we used to date, a few years ago. We just got back together and everything just seemed to click. I started working here Friday. Their usual cook quit without much notice and Evie asked if I could fill in until they found someone.” Mike walked to the serving station and turned on the pod brewer and popped in one of the house coffee pods.

“And you could do that, just like that?” she asked, watching him.

“Well, I guess it helped that I just graduated from chef’s school a month ago.” He pulled the full cup from the brewer and set it down in front of her with a carton of half and half and some sugar packets.

The officer laughed. “Yeah, that would help.” She took a sip of black coffee and nodded.

“Did you know Evie?” Mike asked, preparing another cup of coffee.

“My junior year at college, we were on the same dorm unit. She was a junior, too. We got along pretty well, and we’ve run into each other now and then, at malls and such.” She looked at him over her cup.

“You must be the guy she was so gaga over. I remember her talking about some guy she was going to visit at school. But then I heard she got married and divorced within a year. Since then, I haven’t seen or heard much of anything, though. Mostly because of the job; I don’t have the free time I used to.”

“Unusual job for a woman, isn’t it?” Mike asked, consciously steering the conversation away from the painful topic.

“Not as much as it used to be, and not as bad here as in the bigger towns and cities. Well, I better get back to work. Thanks for the coffee. She set her empty coffee cup down. “If there’s any way I can help, holler. My name’s Sara, by the way…Mike?”

He nodded. “Thanks, Sara. Stop in anytime. Coffee’s on me.”

“Thanks, I will.” With a warm smile, she turned and left.

Mike had just started to make a list of what needed to be done in terms of cleaning when there was another knock on the back door. He opened it to see Geordie standing there. “Hey, Geordie; you here to pick up the vegetables?”

“Yess’r, Msr Mike. Is there a probbem? Ms Evie, she allus get em evry Tu’sd’y. Same ‘uns, evry Tu’sd’y.”

Mike looked at him in surprise. “You haven’t heard, Geordie? Evie died in an accident yesterday.” Watching the shock, disbelief, and realization play out over the large man’s face forced Mike to relive his own horror at hearing the news. He felt the tears begin to gather.

“No! Msr Mike, tell me y’us jokin’ me. You gotsta be! Mean as it is, y’u gotsta be jokin’!” The large black man slumped against the door, knowing the young man in front of him wasn’t joking. “Wha’ happened, Msr Mike?”

“I’m not sure, Geordie. The police told us a construction truck was speeding past the restaurant just as she was leaving. Something broke in the suspension of the driver’s front wheel and the back swung around and hit her car broadside, smacking it into the building. They say she died instantly.”

Geordie slid to the floor, his back against the door.”That wuz her? I heard sumpn on the news, but…oh dear God, take care of that chile. What am I going to do? She wuz t’only reason I got me this job. She made me get myse’f straight.

“That little girl, she stood right there and poked me right in the heart and tol’ me to git my shit together. That’s just how she said it. Git yer shit together, she said, or I’ll let them fire your ass. Whut do I do now, Msr Mike?” Geordie looked up at Mike, tears running down his cheeks.

Mike shook his head, smiling at the thought of Evie confronting the small giant sitting on the floor in his kitchen. He dropped to the floor to sit next to him, their shoulders touching. “I’m not sure Geordie. You know, the other day, after you left, she told me we were engaged. I never asked her to marry me. I just told her I couldn’t see myself married to anyone else, and, just like that, she said we were a couple.”

“Yep, that sound like her,” Geordie laughed. “I think y’u mi’ have a bigger probb’m than me, Msr Mike.”

“You might be right, Geordie, but the answer is the same. We both have a bit of Evie in our hearts. Whenever you begin to wonder if what you’re doing is wrong, you just ask her, and listen to your heart.”

“Yess’r, Msr Mike, thass whut I’ll do. Thank y’u.”


Maggie steeled herself before picking up the phone and dialing her husband’s number. He answered on the third ring.

“Harry, this is Maggie. I’m calling to… did you see the news, about that accident at Waverly’s restaurant? …The young woman who was killed, she was engaged to Mike …they told me Sunday …I don’t know, the medical examiner still has the body… Yes, I had met her. She was a lovely young woman and would have been a good wife for him …what about the settlement? I can’t discuss that right now… Maybe later this week, or next week would be even better … if you want to come over, fine. Call to make sure Mike’s here. …same to you, Harry. Good bye.”

She kartal escort bayan hung up the phone and took a deep breath, thankful the conversation hadn’t gone on any longer. Not having to deal with him the past few weeks had been like a cool shower on a hot, muggy day. Now she had to call her daughter. Mike had suggested she arrange a Skype call that evening. He said he’d be home by four.

Anna sat on the couch in the living room of the apartment she had shared with her daughter, looking around. How, she wondered, would she be able to continue living here, surrounded by memories of her only child. They had been here since Evie was twelve, the year she and Joe had bought the restaurant. Through some creative financing, they had also been able to purchase the eight-apartment building. When Evie had married Marco, the young couple had been able to move into the apartment across the hall. As soon as he had moved out, Anna had had the two units combined into a sort of penthouse, a single apartment comprising the top floor.

She realized, since there was no more family, at least not geographically, or emotionally, close, she’d be better off selling the apartments and buying a small house in town. One of the attractions of the apartment had been its proximity to the restaurant. Did she even want it anymore. It had started out as Joe’s baby. When he had walked out, she kept it as an income source, then Evie had taken it on after her divorce. While Anna was still owner and general manager, it had really been Evie’s business. Mike’s influence over the weekend had shown so much promise, but now, why would he want to stay? It had to be as emotionally fraught for him as the apartment was for her. She had to have a talk with him, to find out what he wanted to do. Maybe tonight. Tomorrow, she’d start packing Evie’s clothes.

When Mike got home Maggie was out by the pool, a pitcher of daiquiris on the table next to her, reading a magazine about the Adirondack region of New York. When he joined her, she was looking at an article about available small businesses in the region, reading about a small dinner theatre plus inn not far from Saratoga, near the cabin.

Harry called that evening to express his condolences. He had actually sounded sincere, and said he’d be in touch next week to talk about the settlement. Looking at everything on paper had given him some ideas.

The Skype conference had been more tears as Ellie let her emotions run free for several minutes. She’d offered to come home for the funeral, but Mike and Maggie had convinced her to stay in England. Mike had suggested he might come over at Christmas time with Maggie. Ellie urged him to do so.

Anna heard from the ME. It was plain that Evie’s death had been due to severe sideways whiplash, which had snapped her spinal column and cord, resulting in instantaneous death. She probably hadn’t even been aware of the collision, he had told her. Anna could have her picked up at the end of the week, after her useable organs and tissues had been collected.

Anna shared her decision to sell the apartment building and buy a small place in the town. She also raised the issue of possibly selling the restaurant, asking Mike’s opinion. When he was hesitant to advise her, she explained she would find it hard to deal with the constant reminders of her daughter’s happiness at the site of her tragic ending.

If she were to continue running Waverly’s she would be forced to hire a manager to handle the day to day operations, of which the kitchen was only part. And, she was concerned about his feelings in having to be surrounded by numerous daily reminders of his own loss. In the end, they decided to wait and see, to give it until the end of September.


At Evie’s memorial service, following her cremation, the number of people attending reminded Mike of the aphorism, ‘if you want a lot of people at your funeral, die young.’ There were family friends, high school classmates and friends, college friends, regular customers, suppliers, professional friends and acquaintances, some of Anna’s family who had made the trip from Memphis, and some friends of Mike who had heard about their relationship.

Carol, Jim and Sally made the trip from Rhode Island: Harry came, along with several people from the office; even Marty showed up and seemed really sorry for Mike. Geordie was there and hugged both Mike and Anna, at the same time. Sara arrived with a young man who seemed very intense and apparently resented being there. She made a point of speaking to both Anna and Mike, asking him if he would be at Waverly’s the next day.

The memorial service had been an afternoon affair, two weeks after Evie’s death. In that time, Mike had been at the restaurant every day, supervising the cleaning and getting ready for the re-opening. Sara had not missed a day he was there, stopping for coffee when she was working.

In their conversations, she had shared that she had majored in forensic sciences in college, wanting to get into law enforcement, following her father, who had been killed by a hit and run driver while on duty. It had taken the forensic team only four days to identify and track down the car and driver responsible. She had taken the civil service exam, and was number four on the list; she just had to wait for openings.

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