Panty Trade at JFK

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I had chosen a secluded seat at the boarding gate of JFK, where no one would bother me while I read and waited to board my flight to Paris. All the sudden I was distracted by this beautiful brunette that had come to sit directly in front of me. She was wearing a black jacket and a matching skirt, black stockings, high black shoes and her hair up. She sat down, took a laptop out of her briefcase and placed it on her legs.

Until that moment I had never felt attracted to another woman, but for some reason I could not take my eyes of her. As I looked over my book admiring her beauty, I noticed that her skirt had hiked up slightly reveling the top of her stocking and the belt of her garter. For some reason this started to turn me on and I kept staring wanting to see more of her.

As she opened her computer to start working, she looked up and caught me staring. I looked down into my book and pretended to be reading. I felt as she watched me and stared me down registering every detail about me. I was wearing a loose white cotton skirt that hung low around my waist and a tight little white t-shirt with thin straps that was short enough to reveal my flat stomach and tight enough to press my small tits up against my chest. I was sitting with my legs crossed playing with one of my pink flaps from my hanging foot. The loss of control as I shied away from her eyesight as she stared me down was turning me on even more. I felt the lips of my pussy starting to get wet.

Finally, when she looked back into her computer I took the chance to look back up. I could not believe what I discovered. She had hiked up her skirt even more and had parted her legs so that I could get a perfect look inside her thighs. The sight of the skin above her stockings and the black lace of her panties made me want to come right there. My panties were getting wet with the sight of what this beautiful woman was letting me see. She kept typing on her computer so that Beylikdüzü escort I would not be embarrassed to stare and all of the sudden she slowly parted her legs even more. No one else could see her, because she was covering herself with her computer. At this site, I bit my lower lip and let out a soft moan, while I unconsciously started moving my hips slowly back a forth in my seat. When she heard this, she looked up and caught me staring between her legs. I was so turned on that I did not look away on time, and she asked softly: “Do you like what you see?”

I nodded.

“Return the favor and I’ll show you more”, she said.

“What?” I responded in disbelief.

She patiently understood my slowness to understand her suggestion and ordered: “Lift up your skirt so that I can see your panties while I work!”

Without even thinking about it, I uncrossed and slightly opened my legs and I lifted my skirt up to half my thighs so that she could see my pink cotton g-string. I put my sweater on top of my legs, so that she would be the only one to see and she said: “Good girl! Do you like women?”

“I have never been with one” I responded.

“You liked me didn’t you?” She pointed.

I nodded again.

“Do you want to see more?” She asked, and I nodded once more.

Without loosing eye contact, she reached up her skirt, lifted her hips slightly and pulled her thong half way down her thighs so that her skirt and her laptop covered from others, the show that she was giving me. As I let out another moan from how horny I was, she put her hands back on her laptop and kept working for about two minutes. I couldn’t say anything and simply stared as my cunt continued to get wet. Then she said: “Ask me to take them off!”

After a few seconds in disbelief, I obeyed and begged: “Please take your panties off!”

At my request, she put one hand back up her skirt, pulled her lace thong Beylikdüzü escort all the way down to her ankles and carefully eased each foot out placing her wet garment on the ground just under her seat, unnoticeable to anybody else. She parted her legs again and resumed working without saying anything. As I stared into her shaved wet pussy, I realized that I had placed my right hand under my sweater and was rubbing the fabric of my skirt and panties slowly against my clit.

I felt desperate to finger myself to orgasm, but her next order came:

“Do the same!”

I was so turned on that I took no time to follow instructions. I looked around to see if someone was watching and no one was around to notice anything, so leaving my sweater somewhat covering me, I reached up my skirt, grabbed the waist band of my panties with my thumbs and pulled them down to my knees and then as she had done, down to the floor. Then I opened my legs so that she could get a good look of my wet pussy. There was something amazingly sexy about showing my cunt to a complete stranger, as she showed me hers, and both our underwear lay on the floor of a public place.

Another order: “Pick up your panties and hand them to me!”

I picked up my drenched g-string from under my seat and handed it to her. As she grabbed my underwear from my hand she pulled me towards her and said: “Now pick mine up”.

I stood up and kneeled in front of her to reach under the seat to grab her panties. As I felt the moist of her lace underwear on my fingers, she reached to put my panties in her briefcase and in doing so, she opened her legs even more so that I could get a closer look at her soaked cunt, and she said: “You’ll get a chance to taste it later. Right now, sit back down and put my wet panties on!”

I obeyed. I sat down, casually leaned down with her drenched panties in my hand and eased one foot in, then the other, and then pulled Escort Beylikdüzü them up just under my skirt. Finally lifting my hips up I was able to ease her lace thong around my hips and up to my waist feeling the coldness of the wet fabric make contact with my soaked pussy.

“Now finger yourself until you come.” That was just the order I wanted to hear.

I reached under my sweater down my skirt and into the wetness of her panties that covered my cunt. I also pulled my skirt from under me so that I would not stain it with my juices. The feeling of my bare ass against the leather seat made me even hotter. Meanwhile, as I watched this woman’s pussy under her skirt, she pretended to work, but she was actually masturbating for me as well. I rubbed my clit until I could not hold it any longer, I bit my lower lip to hold my moaning as much as I could, but I clearly made enough noise to have her notice that I could not hold it any longer and I let out a loud moan as I completely drenched the woman’s panties.

With the sight of her own panties between my open legs under my sweater and my body tensing up as I came, I saw as she put two fingers up her cunt barely being able to keep her laptop on her legs. I still had my fingers on my clit as I she bent her fingers into her and deeply dug them all they way to as if to rub her G spot as she also moaned into ecstasy in front of me. We were both complete strangers, both beautiful, both hot for each other in the middle of the airport. At this time we heard the Air France flight to Paris announced and stood up realizing that we were on the same flight and that both our seats at the gate had been left with a wet stain of our cum.

We smiled at each other, she grabbed my hand with her wet fingers and held my own wet index finger to her mouth and sucked it in all the way. I felt her tongue circle my finger and I nearly came her panties again. And then she said: “You are gorgeous, obedient and you taste great. I think I am getting you an upgrade to first class next to me so I can get you out of those wet panties of mine, baby!” I nodded again as I felt my knees shake and I followed led by her wet fingers holding my hand.

to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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