Paralyzed, but Only a Little

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We’ve seen this theme before. It’s just another quickie, with a hint of domination. Hope you enjoy. 🙂


I was seated up as high as possible in the electric-powered bed. This allowed my sister to pull out my floppy, heavy cock and plop it into the large, plastic container. I didn’t do well with catheters. A nurse, or my mom or sister, had to do the honors. For some reason, I had enough muscle control to hold my pee and bowels until someone could come around and help me. It allowed me the luxury of getting off catheters and diapers, at least. Other than that, ever since the accident, I’ve had very little muscle control. I can speak and move my eyes, as well as one of my fingers, but that’s about it. Mostly, I was trapped in a lifeless body.

I had been in a car accident and suffered a severed spinal nerve and was life-flighted to a top-tier hospital where staff performed emergency surgery. They followed that up with a stem cell treatment for several weeks.

I was able to move my right forefinger after the first few days of waking. It’s why the doctors said there might be hope, albeit very slim. I tried capitalizing on it, by exercising that lone forefinger every day. But now, after three months in the hospital, I was about to be moved back home. It’s why my mom and sister were learning how to take care of me. I was thankful I had them in my life. A nurse would come by daily to bathe and take care of me, but sometimes one of them would have to fill in. Training began before the trip home.

It was awkward, at first, seeing my mom and sis hold my cock in their hands. More awkward for them than me, probably. I felt no pleasure from it. I felt nothing at all, in fact. Still, I was glad I had been blessed at birth. At least sis couldn’t tease me about having a small dick or something. If anything, I know the first time she held it in her hand, it shocked her. I think I saw a hint of envy in her body language. Maybe she wished her boyfriend had what I had.

It sucked knowing I would likely never get to use it properly again. My cock never got hard, except on super rare, random occasions, and wholly beyond my control, and they usually don’t last long. I feel absolutely nothing when it happens, but I miss the act of sex as much as walking. I won’t deny I got some decent tail back in my time. Luckily, I never caught anything. I guess I could thank the comprehensive sex education program I had growing up. Either way, I once had a clean, healthy cock. Now, it’s just clean.

Finally, the staff and nurses, along with my sister and mother, managed to get me home and settled into a permanent, adjustable bed that they put in the living room. The room had been outfitted with a voice-activated computer and television. I was learning better how to use it all with each passing day, but stayed bored most of the time. I liked it most when Mom or Kate came by to feed or chat me up. It was never often enough, though, even though I know they sacrificed a great deal of their time for me.

On the sixth day since I’d arrived home, Kate was sitting on the couch across from me. We were watching an episode of some zombie show on television when she shouted, “Oh my god, your toe just moved, Brad!” My head was perched up in the bed, so I glanced down to my feet. They were bare, jutting out of the covers at the end of the bed. I saw no movement. I pulled my eyes towards my sis as far as they could go. “I swear, I saw it,” she said, picking herself off the couch, approaching.

Then I saw it, too. Actually, I felt it. It was the slightest – the very slightest – twitching feeling. It was ever so slight, yet almost painful, as my body wasn’t used to ‘feeling’ anything for quite some time. I looked down to witness my toe spasm for almost ten seconds. It must have been a cramp I was experiencing. But I was feeling it! Actually feeling it.

I started groaning, in both pain and incredible excitement. If I could actually FEEL something, that was a huge, HUGE improvement, even if it was pain. I explained to Kate what I was experiencing and she rushed to call the kartal escort doctor. Hours later, I was back at the hospital being examined. It appeared the stem cell treatment may have been working, they surmised.

Weeks went by, with considerably more pain involved, as I began to feel more and more of my nerves coming to life. I still didn’t have muscle control, and the limbs felt like they were dead, like when you sleep on your leg or arm in a funny way for too long. The painful tingling resembled the feeling when the blood slowly makes its way back into those numb limbs. Now imagine that taking weeks or months, instead of minutes. Like I said, painful.

It was almost another month after I was home, getting better everyday, when something else happened. By this time, I had movement in four fingers on each hand, though I couldn’t lift my arms. I could wiggle all my toes, but only all at once, and only barely.

Kate had put me into the usual position, after I had asked her to help me relieve myself. Thankfully, I only needed to use the “pee trap” rather than the bedpan. I tried to save bowel movements for when the nurse was around. We hoped I would one day soon have enough muscular control to sit on a toilet, even if they still had to do the cleaning. Man, nurses do not get paid enough.

Anyway, Kate plopped my penis out of my gown as usual. I always noticed she kind of glanced at it longer than mom, but once in place, she would look away. She kept tissue nearby to dry me off. Shaking wasn’t something my mom or sis were keen on doing. Just one or two quick wipes. As Kate was lightly holding my dick while I peed, I could feel her touch. For the first time in months, I actually felt something there.

The reaction was immediate. It got me so excited mentally, knowing I could feel something in my groin, that my cock instantly stiffened, going from its usual six inch floppy state, to a thick, nine-inch beast. Most girls can’t wrap a hand around the fullest part of it. Kate let go and jumped back, screaming. “What? WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?” Her eyes darted between my eyes and my cock.

“I DON’T KNOW!” I screamed back. “It just happened. I felt something when you were touching it, I swear, and it made that happen. I couldn’t help it. But it isn’t YOU!! It’s because it’s been so long since I’ve felt anything down there, I think.”

Kate’s breathing slowed and she still kept looking back to my raging hard-on. “Uh… um… okay… I guess… Uh, maybe I should cover it?”

“Cover it?” I asked, bewildered. It felt like I was getting a cardio workout as my cock stayed risen high in the air. I was breathing heavier than normal. “Kate?” My eyes opened wide, begging. “At least, let me see if I can feel it again. Just for a second? Am I crazy? Did that just happen?”

Kate was mortified by the request, I could tell. I knew it was creepy, but I was desperate. I wanted to know if I hadn’t hallucinated the feeling. I told Kate as much, begging her to just touch it for a brief moment. Kate finally reached forward, trembling (even though she had held my cock dozens of times before) and wrapped her long fingers around it, near the top.

“Squeeze,” I requested. “Please.” Kate shook her head, but did as asked. Oh Christ, was it amazing. Not painful, either. It was like what I remember, if only a pale ghost of it. I wanted more. “Can you squeeze harder please? It’s working, kind of…”

I’m not sure how hard Kate worked it, but I did feel more pressure. More pulsing sensations. A tingling (a good one) coming back to life. “I feel it everywhere,” I said. “It’s like, I feel my blood rushing throughout my body, and it’s reviving lost nerves… or feelings. And it isn’t painful. This is amazing.”

“You ain’t lying,” muttered Kate under her breath, her eyes fixed at what was in her hand. She didn’t look away when she asked, “Brad, should I try moving it up and down?”

“Yes, please!” I screamed. Then it happened. Both my left and right arms rose almost an inch. I dropped back, but it’s like I had pushed up, and my body actually responded.

“Brad, maltepe escort bayan you are right. This is working.” Kate looked at my face. Her look of shock was either from the cock in her hands or from my sudden body movement, but its innocence and confusion turned me on. I know I was getting even stiffer as my sister tugged up and down.

“The more you do that, the more I feel. Not just in my… penis…” – Kate blushed, but didn’t stop stroking – “I feel nerves everywhere…”

“I don’t know how this is happening, Brad, but I will help you. You have to please, please swear you won’t tell anyone about this.” I noticed, only barely, that she was picking up the pace. I felt waves of a tingling sensation ebb and flow. “I can see your whole body moving,” Kate whispered, excitedly.

“I swear I won’t tell anyone. Just don’t stop. It’s like I am feeling months of progress coming together in minutes.” It was true. It felt exactly like that. Nerves were firing off everywhere in my body.

Kate was still shaking her head, amazed. “There is one thing,” she said.

“What’s that?”

“Do you think you will cum?”

“I don’t know. I don’t feel even close to that, like I am not sure if I could.”

“Hmm… okay.”

“I mean, physically that is… but if you keep doing that, sis. The mental stimulation alone… I dunno… I can’t promise anything. It might trigger a physical reaction.”

“Oh,” Kate said. “Oh!” Then her eyes got really wide. “So even if it isn’t physically stimulating enough-“

“I am definitely getting some physical stimulation,” I said, laughing. “Just it feels like barely awakened nerves. But yes, it’s more mentally stimulating. I am watching this and it is exciting. I have to say it looks hot. I know you’re my big sis, but any attractive girl stroking a cock is going to have an effect, ya know.”

I hope she didn’t mind the brutal truth. “Any girl?” she asked, smirking. “Well, it doesn’t matter. I was going to ask if I should get a towel ready? I mean, Brad, you might not realize this, but your balls are the size of grapefruits.”

I knew my body still produced semen, and we hadn’t bothered doing draining techniques. After some time, old sperm should die and be absorbed into the body, as new sperm is made. My balls got very big when I went a few days without cumming, but I had no idea how big they were now.

Maybe it was the conversation, or all the other contributing factors, but everything about the scenario mentally stimulated me to the point where I was on the verge, much closer than I had any idea of knowing. After all, I still had no feeling in most of the nerves. But my sister’s face was only a foot or so away from my dick, and she was totally balling it, going to town, all the while having a happy conversation with me, which she continued, “I’m guessing if you cum, you’re going to need a very big towel… or a bucket,” she cackled.

I laughed, too. “Hey, don’t make fun. You try going months without getting off.”

“I wouldn’t wanna,” she responded, before turning her attention back to my shaft. “I just know I don’t want you having an accident and messing the bed. We just got you changed this morning and it always takes at least an hour.”

That was true. It was a pain in the butt to have my mom and sister, working with all their might to move me around, make the bed up with fresh sheets.

“Well, like I said, Sis, I don’t think I need it, but if you promise to continue this, I will gladly let you stop and get a towel or something.”

Kate was still jerking up and down fast, snickering as she said, “Okay, just in case…” when all of a sudden it happened. A rope of cum shot out like a rocket, at least two feet into the air.

It was like watching it in slow motion. Instantly, Kate’s mouth dropped, her eyes opened wide, as she screamed, “Nooo!” Yet she was still pumping with one, perhaps by muscle memory, as she watching the rope of sperm fly up, poised to come crashing down. Like a pro baseball player, Kate leapt forward, reaching escort pendik out with one hand in an attempt to catch the errant sperm, just as my throbbing cock was about to pulse out another stream of milky white liquid.

Then I witnessed Kate, my sister, opening her mouth like a seasoned porn star. She thrust it over the head of my cock, determined to swallow every drop. She groaned as I unloaded into her. I wished I could feel more of it, but I think I must have shot six or seven loads. My balls had some pent up madness in there, no question.

Kate was still swallowing, when she started looking up at me. With her mouth still over my dick, I felt yet another explosion pass, as I filled her with cum once more. She almost gagged, but buried it down like a champ. “Fuck, man, are you done yet?” she finally asked. “Guess I can skip lunch.”

“Kate… what the hell was that about?”

“I didn’t want you ruining the bed. All that cum would have fucked it up, I told you.”

“But Kate… you can’t just do something like that, and not expect me to ask.”

“Ask what?”

“What the fuck? You loved it, I could tell. You were moaning. Did I see you fingering yourself there for a bit? And the way you swallowed all of it? It was a lot. I know I am not light in that department.”

“No shit,” she said, wiping her mouth.

“Kate, you haven’t fessed up. You learned that. It was practiced experience. What the fuck? You look like you do it for a living.”

Kate’s eyes darted to the floor. “Brad, believe it or not, some women just like cum.”

“Not like that,” I said. “Never like that. You are a total, cum-loving slut, aren’t you, sis?”

She punched at me. “See why I don’t talk to you about everything?”

“Oh, come on, Kate. You’re telling me you really like the taste of cum?”

“No, Brad,” she crossed her arms and scoffed, pausing. “I love it, okay. I don’t know why. Ever since college, maybe. Chuck and his roommate used to use my mouth all the time. I would let them. It all started from some stupid dare, and I would just sit there with my mouth open, while we played video games. They’d use me at their leisure, for hours, almost every evening.”

“You’re fucking kinked to the max, Kate.” I was almost able to shake my head in disappointment, which was huge progress!

“Uh, I know I’m kinked, dummy. I just gave you a handjob, and you didn’t stop me. You’re no better, you pervert!”

“And you swallowed all my cum,” I reiterated.

“I am not denying it, Brad. In fact, I’m admitting it. Sometimes, I even go down to that adult truck stop on 57. It has those holes in the walls…”

“Jesus, Kate, do you know how dangerous that is? You are fucking nuts!”

My sister huffed and looked away. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“I understand you should have asked me, before ever going to a truck stop.”

“Asked you what?”

“To fill your filthy, fucking mouth with cum, you slut!”


Now I paused. I think I may have even raised my head a bit, for the first time on my own in ages. “Kate, think about this. When you suck my cock again, and get all that cum out of me, do you want me to be polite? Or do you want me to talk to you like I did just now? Think carefully. Take your time.”

“When I suck your cock again?” she asked.

“Yes, you are going to suck my cock, aren’t you? Will you help me with this treatment, so I can get all the feeling back in all my nerves? This treatment works. Don’t you want to help?”

“Well, yes, of course.”

“I insist you suck me off, since you like swallowing cum so much.” She blushed as I got so blunt with her. “So I ask again, as you suck me off, do you want me to just be quiet and polite about it? Or do you want me to talk to you like the filthy, fucking slut that you are?”

Kate’s eyes darted to the floor and she inhaled. Finally, she said, “Treat me like a slut, please.”

“Fine, take off your clothes when Mom isn’t around, and you need to try mouth to cock resuscitation every four hours. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Brad,” said Kate. She tucked my cock back away, staying quiet.

I think we both knew our relationship was on a very new journey, and by the sly grin on Kate’s face, I suspected she looked forward to navigating it, every bit as much as I did.

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