Parents’ Evenings from The Past

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Those parents and teachers in the UK will have experienced parents’ evenings.

This is a fantasy story of where some of those led.


I was gasping for breath and couldn’t hold back. I started to jerk and Jade’s mouth was taking it all in. As I pumped my semen down her throat Caitlin cheered loudly, and finally lifted her pussy from my face.

This was crazy, and it had all started at Daisy’s eighteenth birthday party, or at least the official parent’s version.

Daisy Russell lived next door to me, and I’d taught Daisy, Caitlin and Jade, history at the lower school, until they left at sixteen to go to sixth form college.

To mark Daisy’s eighteenth, Debbie Russell had arranged a Saturday afternoon ‘family plus friends’ celebration. I’d lived next door to the Russells’ for many years, and had watched Daisy grow up, getting through all the usual traumas including her mum’s divorce.

I was single after Mary’s ‘passing,’ and I’d always fancied Debbie, I often wondered if I stood a chance, even though I was nearly twenty years older.

Never able to put thoughts into action, we got along fine as neighbours, and as Daisy’s teacher it didn’t seem very appropriate to push my luck.

However, the party went on longer than expected, and as all the youngsters there had more or less reached the age where they could drink alcohol, one or two had over stretched themselves.

Most of the Russell family, and some of Daisy’s friends had gone home by early evening, which left Daisy, her mum, Caitlin, Jade and myself to clear up, and have one last drink.

At one point Debbie was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher when Caitlin, who had always been a thorn in my side in my time teaching her, said to the others, “Do you remember when we locked Mr Wilson in the stock cupboard with Lizzie Brown?”

All three girls dissolved in laughter. The incident was the talk of the staffroom, and had been highly embarrassing. I’d gone into the stockroom, during a lesson, to collect a set of books. Lizzie Brown, who was a bit of a swot, came in to help me carry them.

‘Someone’ shut the door, and because I’d left the key in the lock, they locked it. Fortunately because the class erupted in so much cheering and laughter, Miss Collins, who taught next door, came in and let us both out.

I think Lizzie Brown took a lot more ‘ribbing’ from her peers, than even I did from the staff.

“Was it you?” I asked Caitlin.

“No, it was Jade, but we both had a hand in it, I dared her.”

“You were right little sods, 9B were always my worst nightmare!”

“We asked Lizzie if you tried anything on in there, she got some terrible mickey taking.”

“Well the staff never let me forget about it either!”

“Lizzie had quite a crush on you, you know, in fact a lot of us did, bet you never realised that?”

I felt myself blushing, those fifteen and sixteen year olds were now very attractive eighteen year olds.

“Yes…well…I always had to watch out for mean tricks like that one.”

Caitlin and Jade were both physically very different.

Caitlin was tall, blonde, blue eyed, with a stunning figure, Jade was shorter, more curvy, light brown hair, broad hips, rounded bum, and quite large breasts.

Daisy on the other hand was like her mum, small, very slim, pert bottom, with dark auburn hair and a cheeky smile.

“Shall we take a group selfie?” Caitlin suggested, “just one with Mr Wilson in?”

“You can call me David now you’re eighteen, but make sure I don’t appear all over social media!”

It was too late, these girls were so adept with mobile phones, the pic was taken and sent, presumably, all over cyberspace.

“What’s your mobile number Mr Wilson, I mean David,” asked Caitlin, “I’ll send it to you.”

Probably rather foolishly I told her, and in a moment there was a ping on my phone, and the image of me with these three young ladies appeared.

“Oh my god, I look like your grandad,” I chuckled, “but at least I’m not on any of these social media sites so I can’t get trolled!”

All three girls laughed, “Word will get round,” Jade said jokingly, “All those girls that fancied you will be really jealous.”

“Who fancies him?” Debbie had come back from the kitchen, and had overheard the last few words.

“Caitlin and Jade were just saying, loads of girls at school fancied Mr Wilson,” Daisy said gleefully.

“Lots of mums did too,” Debbie chuckled.

Now I did blush, bright red. “Come on, this is a conspiracy to embarrass me, stop making me blush!”

“Ok…but it’s true, I know maybe three that would have …well let’s leave it there!” Debbie and the three girls laughed even louder.

“Oh c’mon mum, please tell…I bet David wants to know.”

“Hey you lot, you’ll get me in real trouble,” I protested.

“You’re single aren’t you Mr Wilson?” Jade was looking inquisitive.

“Yes…but that’s got nothing to do with it.”

“It has!” Both Caitlin and Jade said it in unison. “You could get it on with Mrs Russell!”

All bahçeşehir escort three girls fell about in stitches, and it was Debbie’s turn to blush, and I blushed yet again, trying to avoid eye contact with her.

Finally I said, “That’s enough fun at our expense, I’m going home, and you two ought to as well.”

I stood up and all three girls surrounded me, and were kissing my face and hugging me. When they eventually stepped away my face was covered in lipstick.

Debbie came over and gave me a peck on the cheek and quietly said, “it looks like you’ve had a good time, I hope you’ve not got a girlfriend waiting at home who will see that.”

“I wish!” I pulled a face, and added, “I’m like you, hot chocolate and a cold bed.”

“Hmmmm, I know the feeling.” Debbie looked away.

When I left I felt that there were several unanswered questions with Debbie Russell.

Next day the unexpected happened, when I got a text from Caitlin, with another photo, it said ‘Guess who?’

At first I didn’t recognise who it was, but then the phone pinged again.

‘Jade’s mum, one of your admirers!’ and tagged on the end were two emojis, a winking smiley face, and a devil.

Of course I knew what they were referring to, but I didn’t really know quite how to reply.

Eventually I sent a non-committal text, ‘That was a long time ago before I got old!’

Within seconds another one came back, ‘She’s single now!’

There was only one reply, ‘Stop it! You’re making mischief!’

The texts stopped, and I assumed that was that, but unbeknown to me there was a whole lot going on on social media. I knew nothing until there was a ring on the doorbell.

“I need to tell you something David,” It was Debbie.

“Come in, what’s up?”

“Not sure how to put this…”

“Go on, you sound worried, can I help with something?”

Debbie chuckled, but not a happy chuckle.

“There been a whole lot going on on social media overnight. Caitlin has really stirred up a storm.”

“How do you mean?”

“That photo, the one the girls posted, you and them, well the chat went back and forth about some of them ‘fancying’ you, and then the mums got involved and …don’t be surprised if you get some sort of contact.”

“Ahhh, I sort of already have, I think, this is exactly the reason why I’ve stayed off social media.”

“What have you had?”

“Caitlin sent me a photo of Jade’s mum, saying she was an ‘admirer,’ that’s the word you used yesterday.”

“Hmmm, yes, she was one of the people posting overnight. I’m not gonna tell you all the details that went on, but a lot of it was quite explicit.”

“Don’t you think I ought to know?”

Just at that moment my phone pinged.

A text had come from an unfamiliar number, ‘Mr Wilson, sorry to intrude. This is Jade Marshall’s mum, Christine. Can I phone you?’

“I bet she wants to sort this stuff out, I’ll leave you to talk to her, but at least I’ve pre-warned you, let me know what happens.”

“I will, I’m sure this is all nonsense.”

As soon as Debbie had left, I sent a text to Jade’s mum to say, ‘Yes, it’s ok to call.’

A few seconds later my phone rang, and a voice said, “Hi Mr Wilson, this is Christine Marshall, Jade’s mum.”

“Hello Christine, what can I do for you?”

“I feel really awkward about this,” she really did sound embarrassed.

“I know you and Jade were at Daisy Russell’s party yesterday, I saw the photo on social media. You’re not on those sites are you?”

“No I’ve never gone near it, thank god.”

“Well, Jade posted that I fancied you in those days when you were teaching them, and after that there was quite a storm of postings, and various mums got involved. I just felt I needed to apologise before you found out publicly.”

I wasn’t sure how to reply.

“Well Christine, I’m not sure what was actually said, Debbie Russell has just warned me, I’m not sure that I want to know, but I guess I’m flattered by all the attention…good or bad! I expect it’s a bit of mischief making, I told the three girls last night I didn’t trust social media.”

“I just didn’t want your wife or girlfriend to find out.”

Laughing I said, “Goodness, I’m single. Since my wife died, there’s no one for me to feel guilty to!”

“Thank god, I’m single too, but I know how rumours can spark arguments. I just have to get my daughter in order, and not to try and matchmake.”

“Jade was always up for a joke, but sometimes they backfire, thank you for warning me about all this. If it rumbles on just warn me about it, you can text or call me, there’s no one here exceot me.”

“Thank you so much Mr Wilson, can I call you David?”

“Of course you can, call me if you need to… I’ll say bye for now.”

I needed lunch after all this turmoil. I briefly sent a text to Debbie saying that I thought it was sorted, and that Jade’s mum had seemingly apologised for her daughter, and that I’d wait to see if it all died down, but bakırköy escort to let me know if she saw anything else controversial I should know about.

Controversial was perhaps not quite the word I would have used when I got a text late that Sunday afternoon.

It was from yet another unknown number, but it was a photo. I guess the current terminology is it was a ‘sext.’

I stared at it for several seconds, It was a topless woman with exceptionally lovely boobs, and my mouth dropped open when I recognised her as Christine Marshall, Jade’s mum!

However, someone else was making mischief!

I texted her straight away.

‘I’m afraid I’ve just received an explicit photo of you from an unknown number.’ I couldn’t really express it any other way.

‘OMG. was it bad? send me the number please, to see if I recognise it.”

I decided to send the photo, and the number together.

The reply shocked me, and Christine’s text was brief. ‘It was Caitlin’s mum’s number!’

My phone rang again from Christine. “Look David, this is a mess, can I come round and speak to you face to face, do you mind?”

“Of course not, you know where I am?”

“Yes, next door to Daisy, I’ll be there in half an hour.”

I tidied up before she arrived, and I hoped neither of us would be embarrassed by the fact that I’d seen her nude photo.

“Hi Christine, come in, would you like a drink, tea, or coffee?”

Christine looked every bit as gorgeous as the photo had shown, but I tried not to stare.

“I’ll just have a glass of water, thank you David, I must say you haven’t changed a bit from seeing you on those parents’ evenings.”

“You flatter me, so tell me, what’s this photo thing about?”

“Please don’t judge me David, it’s all a bit messy.”

“Sit down Christine, let me tell you, I never judge, my history’s not squeaky clean by any means.”

“The fact is that last year I had a fling with Caitlin’s dad, he took some pretty explicit photos…I must have been mad to let him…that was one of them. Anyway Tracey found them on his phone and the shit hit the fan, there was an almighty row, it almost came to blows. The police were called, and anyway it ended…the affair…if you can call it that, but as you can imagine, Tracey is pretty mad.”

“Ok, I understand, but Caitlin and Jade being friends must complicate things?”

“Yes, they seemed to think ‘affairs’ are part of life these days, times have changed so much.”

There was a ping on my phone. I glanced at it and would have ignored it, but for it being from Tracey. Christine saw the expression on my face as I hesitated and stared for rather too long at the image.

“Oh god, is that another one?”

“I’m afraid so,” I replied, putting the phone to one side.

“Let me see it…please.”

Reluctantly, I opened up the photo and passed the phone to Christine.”

“Oh fuck…the cow…oh god David, what must you think…?”

The photo showed Christine flat on her back on a bed, with her legs wide apart and a cock entering her pussy. It was taken, looking down, by whoever was fucking her.

“Christine, listen, I’ve taken photos like that, probably worse, you need to get Tracey to stop sending them, I think you’ll need to involve the police before it really does go too far.”

‘Ping,’ it went again.

“Please don’t look… I can’t bear it.”

I opened the photo and indeed it had gone up a notch. It showed Caitlin’s dad’s cock cumming in Christine’s mouth with his spunk running out down her chin.

“Let me,” she pleaded, reaching for the phone.

I passed it to her, and watched her face.

Her voice was soft and resigned, “Oh god…oh David…,” and she repeated, “what must you think.”

“Ok, what you’ve got to do…contact her and tell her if it doesn’t stop you’ll go straight to the police, give her the chance, but whatever you do, do not contact her husband, that will just re-ignite everything.”

Christine came over to the sofa and squatted beside me. Putting her arms awkwardly around me, she half hugged me.

“Thank you David, you’re right of course, I’ll text her now, give her a chance to reply, and if she doesn’t stop, I’ll go to the police tomorrow.”

She leaned in and gave me a ‘thank you’ kiss on the cheek. “God David, please don’t think I’m totally bad.”

“I think you’re a normal woman, with normal needs, who’s just made the mistake of letting him take those photos, and him being silly enough to let his wife see them!”

“Will you delete them…please.”

I think she saw a slight regret in my face as I took the phone and pressed the ‘bin’ icon for each of them.

“Of course…there, they’ve gone.”

“Thank you,” she replied, getting up, “I do know you men!”

“Not well enough…some of them, at least.”

I was referring to Tracey’s husband and his carelessness, but Christine must have thought it was a bit of flirtiness on my part.

“Hmmmmm, well if you want to know more about me, başakşehir escort we’ll keep in touch.”

That left me a bit tongue tied. I got up and accompanied her to the door. As I opened it to let her out, I added, “Good luck, let me know what happens…please…text me or phone me later.”

Christine kissed me once again on the cheek, perhaps letting it last a second or two longer than a normal farewell.

“I will, and thank you again.”

I watched her disappear down the path, in the semi darkness, her backside looking absolutely delicious.

Emotionally the evening had been fraught, and after a large whisky I went to bed, wondering whether Tracey would call a truce.

I must have drifted off, but then I was woken up by Christine’s call.

“Sorry David, are you still up? It’s Christine. I texted Tracey and I think she must have had a bit too much when she sent those pics, She actually seemed quite apologetic, so maybe I’m safe now.”

“That’s sounds great Christine, I hope it solves the problem, but don’t forget she may not have deleted them, they may still exist, let’s just hope she does get rid of them.”

“Yes, of course… shit, I’ll be worrying again now. When I saw your face, when you were looking at them, I couldn’t bear some perve having them!”

“Ahhh, I’ve been called some things, but never a perve.” I laughed down the phone.

“David! I really didn’t mean that…I meant…”

“Ok, ok…I was only joking Christine, you just sleep tight, I’m going back to sleep now, I’m glad it’s halfway fixed.”

“Sorry, I didn’t realise you were in bed, you sleep well too, and maybe we can talk again, but not in bed!”

I coughed aloud and briefly replied, “In bed, or out, wherever!”

I could not believe I’d just said that, it must have been the whisky talking.

“Now, now David,” was all Christine said, in a slightly flirty voice, before she rang off.

Waking up on Monday morning I wondered how things would work out. It was just after breakfast that Debbie knocked on the door, anxious to know what had happened. I asked her in for coffee and once we were perched on the stools at the breakfast bar, I began to explain the details of the day before.

Her first reaction was to say, “Be careful.”

I asked her why and her reply didn’t actually surprise me.

“Christine’s a bit of a man eater, some of the things that she was saying about you online were, shall I say, explicit! And then Caitlin’s mum got involved, and I guess because she’d ‘had it off’ with her husband it brought on the photo revenge thing with you.”

“Phew!… well thank you for filling me in, I’ve obviously missed out on a lot! All these women lusting after me takes some getting used to!”

“Hey don’t get too big for your boots, I’d stick to the slow and steady women, they end up being the ‘hot’ ones.” Debbie broke into laughter. “I’d better get back, Daisy will think we are…well, anyway, perhaps see you for coffee sometime, and let me know if anything else happens.”

Nervously I kissed Debbie on the cheek, and she left with the warning about Christine ringing in my ears.

I heard nothing all day, which I took to be a good sign, but it began to unravel a bit more that evening.

I received another photo from Tracey. Actually not just a photo, this one was a ten second video clip of her husband fucking Christine, soundtrack and all!

Gobsmacked I replayed it several times over, not quite believing what I was seeing. Goodness knows what effect it must have had on Tracey, the first time she saw it. No wonder she was angry.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to do, so I did nothing until I’d thought about how I should respond. And then I had no more chance to do anything because there was a knock on the door.

As I opened it I was swept aside by both Caitlin and Jade rushing in.

“Oh Mr Wilson… David, mum’s gone completely mad, those pics, you’ve got them?”

“Actually I’ve deleted them, Christine asked me to, but now I’ve received a video….but calm down…come in and sit down and talk about it sensibly.”

A thought did flash through my mind about neither Caitlin nor Jade ever being very sensible.

“Look I understand Tracey, your mum, is really, really angry, but I thought she’d agreed to cool it after she’d spoken to Christine?”

“Yes,” replied Caitlin, “but she got drunk again and sent you that video.”

“Ok, but we are the only three who know she sent it,” I turned to Jade, “Your mum doesn’t know about it being sent?”

“No,” she replied, very quietly.

“Ok, let’s leave it there for the moment, let’s hope she doesn’t send any more. How about if you phone her now, tell her you’re both here, smoothing it over, and say that if she doesn’t ‘cool it’ the police will possibly charge her with one of those ‘revenge porn’ type charges.”

Caitlin looked at Jade, and shrugged, “It’s worth a try.”

I left the room while Caitlin phoned her mum. There sounded like a lot of emotion, some raised voices, but after some fifteen minutes it all went quiet and I went back to the lounge.

“Dad was there, I think she’s seen sense, and knows it could end up in court, dad has actually got her to delete everything, so I’m hoping you won’t get anymore. Whether she ever forgives dad…I just don’t know.”

“Oh Mr Wilson, you’re so great, I so hope this has solved it.”

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