Party of Five Ch. 21

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I am writing this story series as a continuation of ‘party of five’ by vertigoj. I thought that a story like that deserves a proper ending, so I am planning on finishing the series. If you haven’t read chapter 1-20 I advice you to do so. the link for the stories is here.

Keep your comments coming, I try to answer all my mails and welcome any encouraging or discouraging criticism. Mail me via the CONTACT tab on my profile.

lostangelkira-thank you for the editing.


Josh stirred in his sleep and finally woke up to hear a faint voice calling his name. It took him a little more time to realize that Alice was standing beside his bed.

“You awake?” she asked, in a voice even softer than her normal polite tone.

“I am now,” Josh replied groggily.

She sat beside him. “Please Josh…tell me what you’re worried about.”

He kept quiet for a moment. “It’s nothing, really.”

With her usual grace she slipped under the sheets snuggling into his chest. From that position she looked into his eyes and said, “You think I can’t tell that you’re worried? Is it something about Valerie?”

Josh closed his arms around her, feeling her warmth and savoring the feeling before responding very stiffly, “I’m worried about Jacquie.”

A silence followed the comment for a moment. They could only hear each other’s breathing for about half a minute, which seemed like an eternity to Josh. Alice did not say anything but she lied on top of him and kissed him on the lips. It was not a French kiss, she just relaxed completely and kept her lips connected to his. This intimacy, although not new to Josh always exhilarated him even more than the last time. Then she slowly removed her lips and just rested on his body. Her face rested on his pillow and her mouth was very close to his ear.

She then spoke in his ear, “I know how you feel, but I don’t think that you are cheating on her. We are brother and sister after all.”

“But I feel so bad lying to her.” Josh mumbled.

“Then you should tell her. If I’m okay with the fact that I’m sharing you with my sisters, I feel confident that she would be okay with it too.”

Then she kissed him on his forehead and trailed her way down to find his lips. They kissed passionately until Alice ran out of breath. They paused for a moment but in no longer than a few seconds their tongues were entwined in each other’s mouths, fighting for control. Josh felt Alice melt into his embrace before she removed her tongue from his mouth and after taking a long breath she finally spoke up, “You wanna do it tonight?”

“Hell yes!”

Josh sprang up to get a condom from his closet but Alice grabbed his wrist. She pulled him back to her and pecked him on the lips briefly before leaning up to his ear.

“I’m on the pill now,” she murmured. She blushed in front of her younger brother’s questioning eyes. “So we won’t be needing those anymore.”

Josh’s questioning look turned into a surprised one as it dawned on him and the corners of his mouth turned up into a small smile. In a moment they were lying naked, touching and caressing each other everywhere their hands could reach. Alice moved in even closer just when Josh started to think getting any closer was not possible. He kissed the hollow of her neck, moving up to her ear and gently sucking her earlobes into his mouth, wetting them with his saliva. Then he turned his attention towards her perky breasts, licking and sucking her nipples and sometimes forcing a moan out of her by nibbling on her nipples and suddenly blowing onto her wet areolas, making them even harder.

She pushed him flat on his back and straddled him slowly lowering her throbbing pussy onto his cock. Both of them were gasping as they felt each other for the first time without any condoms obstructing them. The skin of his cock touching the inner walls of her dripping wet sex set both of them right on the edge even before they started moving. Both of them were still for a minute which seemed like an eternity judging by the powerful feeling that wracked their nerves. After recovering from the shock, Alice started to raise and lower her hips in a slow, rhythmic motion, occasionally stopping to grind her hips, trying to churn her hole with his cock. They sped up after gaining a comfortable rhythm, Josh countering her descends with an upward thrust.

It was not long before their breathing became faster and their grunts were louder. Even Alice started to whimper a low yes, yes, yes!, before she bit her lower lip afraid of waking anyone.

“I’m going to cum soon,” Josh managed to growl, his thrusts getting more and more powerful.

“I’m close too,” Alice gasped, her fingernails biting into his shoulders.

After three or four strokes, Josh felt her pussy spasm around his cock, her pussy muscles flexing as her body was torn by an orgasm which had be the most powerful she ever had. She bent to kiss him which muffled her cries of pleasure. kartal escort Josh could not hold on any longer. Her juice showering his cock was just too much for him. With a final grunt, Josh’s cock squirted thick ropes of spunk, painting her inner walls with his cum. It lasted for a minute as her pussy muscles squeezed his cock like it was trying to milk every drop possible out of him. They relaxed into each other’s arms, trying to catch their breaths as the two of them came down from their orgasmic highs. His cock still buried deep inside her, they kissed. Josh loved the feeling of Alice lying on top of him. He drank in the beauty of her sweaty face shining in the glow of the street lamp outside. Tired, they drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

The sun’s rays seeped into the room through the blinds to wake Josh from his sleep. It was 7 in the morning. He looked at the alarm clock, then froze after realizing that Alice was still lying on top of him, sound asleep. He thought of what might happen if anyone else sees them lying naked in bed, hugging one another like they were married and it surely was not a happy future. He shook Alice to wake her from her slumber. She was just as afraid as he was and even more panicky. It looked like a competition when they grabbed their clothes and somehow managed to put them on in record time. Josh opened his door a crack and peeked out to see if the coast was clear. After Josh gave the signal, Alice ran off to her room so fast, Josh could swear she just set a new world record.

He came out of his room and went to the bathroom after Alice closed the door behind her after her Olympic sprint. As usual, Josh found himself standing under the hot water flowing over his body, trying to find a way to break the news of his newfound relationship with his other two sisters to Jacquie.

Josh dressed for school in the usual boring uniform and went downstairs for breakfast. Jacquie blew him a kiss.

“Good morning,” she said cheerfully.

“Hi,” Josh said, grabbing a bowl before going to the dining table and pouring a good enough amount of cereal and milk into it. He didn’t talk very much during his breakfast. But Jacquie didn’t suspect anything because she thought that he was late for school as he gobbled his food in huge scoops and rushed through the front door without saying good bye.

After Josh left for school, she concentrated on her household duties or at least tried to concentrate. But she kept ending up thinking about the way Josh was acting for the last few days. He was always deep in thought and was so distracted. At first, she thought that he was starting to realize the fact that society will never approve of his love for his big sister, but she discarded that option because he was acting in that manner with everyone, not just her. Thinking about the oral pleasure her little brother, now her lover, gave her last week, she herself became so dreamy that she messed up quite a few of her chores, which was very unusual. She broke two plates, mistakenly dropped an unused carton of milk in the garbage bin…she just couldn’t stop thinking about Josh all day long.

For Josh, the day was even more boring than the usual school day. He couldn’t concentrate in any of his lectures so after two classes he blew off the rest of the classes and went to the library. He opened a book and tried to stop thinking about his sexy sisters. But it was all in vain because whenever he closed his eyes he felt and relived the precious moments spent with his sisters, all three of them. He felt Jacquie’s warm smile and hugs, Dawn’s passionate kisses and Alice’s body lying over his in an embrace that made him feel complete. Suddenly his reverie was broken by a voice so close to his ear, it made him jump. Valerie stood beside his desk with her arms folded in front of her body. It was clear by her smile that she definitely enjoyed startling Josh. She quietly sat on the chair beside Josh.

“So…where were you? I’ve been calling you for the last two minutes but you were so lost in that book that you could not even hear me.”

“No actually I was, ahem…um…” Josh muttered, unable to finish his sentence. Valerie seemed to dismiss his lack of communication with a slight shrug.

“Anyways, I hope you didn’t forget about coming to my house to study together today,” she sighed exasperatedly, frowning. “I waited for you at the front gate for 15 minutes before coming to look for you here.”

“Of course I didn’t forget. I just lost track of time reading this book.” Josh replied, trying to hide the furious blush he was sporting.

Realizing that this would keep him out of his home for a few more hours , a smile spread across his face. Because the last thing he needed while thinking about a solution was three horny women giving him hard-ons all evening. So he followed Valerie to her house, only two blocks away. Her swaying hips made him momentarily forget his thoughts but then Alice’s image appeared before his eyes strongly than maltepe escort bayan before, as her hips were just like Valerie’s; not too big, but just as firm.

As they studied, Josh felt that it was even more distracting because his eyes constantly strayed off to Valerie’s firm and ample breasts and before half an hour had passed, he was as hard as a steel rod. He tried to act normal when Valerie looked at the obvious bulge in his trousers through the corner of her eyes. He looked at her face for signs of anger or disappointment, but what he saw was a faint smile on her lips. He thought that it was his imagination and looked away, but there it was again; a glance and another smile. It was no mistake. She was checking him out and his cock stiffened even more in anticipation of what was coming next.

“It’s not polite to look at a girl like that you know,” Valerie said, giving him a slight smile.

Josh couldn’t think of anything to say, but he could feel a blush spreading across his face. Mumbling some excuses, he tried to turn his head in the other direction but his body would not respond. Looking into each other’s eyes, he suddenly caught a hold of her arm and then without even thinking their lips met in a kiss, a passionate kiss which only someone madly in love could share. There was no tongue involved, their lips just rested together and stayed glued until both of them realized what was happening and quickly broke the kiss.

Josh thought that Valerie would be mad at him for his bold and somewhat unexpected move but strangely enough, she wasn’t angry at all. She seemed to be quite happy about him making the first move. She just looked into his eyes for another minute before finally speaking. “Please Josh, you have to leave now. My mom is in the next room, if she finds out we’ll get in big trouble.”

He left with a nod. About halfway home, it hit him that she’d said, ‘we’. He suddenly felt light on his feet as he almost flew to his house and flopped onto his bed, thinking of what to say to her when they met again.

He was flying high in his mind when suddenly he was forced back into reality by Jacquie’s voice.

“Josh! You have a call, it’s Valerie!” she shouted up the stairwell.

He almost fell down the stairs running to get the call. Dawn laughed out loud at his clumsy movement but also blew him a kiss. In reply he just smiled and held the phone tentatively.

“Hey, it’s Valerie. Can I come to your house tomorrow? I need to talk to you about something.”

“But what about school?”

“Tomorrow’s Saturday.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot.”

“So…will you be staying home?”

“Yes. Please come.”

“Ok. See you tomorrow then,” she replied before hanging up.

Josh couldn’t believe his luck. He was so excited that a smile was plastered on his face permanently for the rest of the evening. Dinner was just like usual. He did not talk much as his thoughts drifted from reality, dreaming of Valerie. After a few moments, he noticed something didn’t feel right. He then remembered that Dawn’s foot didn’t touch his crotch even once that evening, which had become a normal ritual for the past month. When he looked into her eyes, he did not see the usual shine and smile. Her eyes were blank, like she was in deep thought. He looked right into her eyes with a demanding look. She smiled a little but her eyes remained the same.

Right after dinner, when Josh and Jacquie were carrying the plates to the sink, Dawn entered the kitchen.

“Mom, can I take Josh for a driving lesson?” she asked.

As it was not the first time they used this excuse to fuck in the car, it was a quite common occurrence. So their mother, Laura, approved immediately, happy that her children were helping each other. Especially Dawn and Josh, since they seemed to fight constantly until about a month ago.

In five minutes they were in Dawn’s car with her driving towards the outskirts of the city. She wore a tight spaghetti top which showed off her boobs nicely with faded daisy dukes.

“She looks sexy as always,” Josh thought.

She was awfully quiet throughout their trip to View Point, where the entire city could be seen. She was a little too silent; no groping , no dirty talk, it seemed very abnormal to Josh, but he kept his mouth shut until they reached the point. With the lights twinkling in the darkness, the city looked very beautiful.

“Wow, Dawn….it’s beautiful,” were the only words he could manage. For the next few minutes he drank in the beauty of the scenery. He was oblivious to his surroundings at that moment until a movement from Dawn to grab his attention. Raising the steering wheel, she moved onto his lap silently. She sat on his lap with her legs straddling him, but to his wonder, she kept her clothes on.

“Dawn, you’re acting very strange,” Josh said softly in her ear, running hand up her spine. “Can I ask why?”

“All my life…no one has ever loved me for any other reason than sex, so I never escort pendik had the reason to love anyone. But now, little brother, I’m in love with a man. I want to have his baby and live with him forever.” Dawn said in a ragged voice, choked with tears.

As she said this, two teardrops rolled onto her cheeks and landed on his neck. Realizing how hard it had been for her to admit this to her brother and lover, he tried to comfort her. He closed his hands around her, holding her to his chest.

“It’ll be ok. I’m so happy for you,” he told her.

She broke down completely, sobbing into his chest. She convulsed as her tears flowed and soaked his shirt. When she settled a little, he got her to look at him.

“So, who’s the lucky guy?” he asked, his voice filled with curiosity.

She looked right at him, a bewildered look on his face. “You don’t get it, do you? You’re the only man I’ve ever loved, Josh. I was blind not to see it at first but now I know for sure. You’ve always treated me like a lady and not just another fuck hole”, she told him, sniffling, “You are the first man to make love with me. Love, not just some hard fucking.”

She hugged him tightly and started crying again. Josh didn’t know what to say because he never thought that he would face this situation. He has never seen Dawn so vulnerable, so fragile. He’d always seen her as an independent woman who always stood up for herself. He was so surprised by her new persona that it took a few minutes for the words to get into his head. And when he finally understood, he couldn’t find anything to say. His stomach twirled into a knot as it was inclined to do in this situation.

As Dawn kept still on his lap, she felt like a totally different person; more like Alice or Jacquie than herself. She scanned his face anxiously for his reaction to her revalation. His face stayed blank for another moment before finally breaking into a pleasant smile.

“I love you too, Dawn,” he said. They hugged again and Josh’s expression went grim. “I have something to admit.”

“I know it already, and I’m not angry.”

“No Dawn. I’m serious, you need to know this.”

“I know about you and Al, you were sleeping naked in your bed last night,” she said with a coy smile.

“Anything else you want to tell me, love?” he asked with a frown.

“Only one,” she said, grabbing his crotch and giving it a squeeze. “This is the only cock I want, and I want it inside me right now.”

Without another word, they kissed passionately. Their tongues wrestled until both of them were entwined and feeling every part of each others’ mouth. The sexual tension was felt by both of them but there was no hurry like before. They relished their union even more than the last time. He pulled her top off to gain access to her breasts which weren’t huge, just a perfect handful. Her nipples were already hard and pressing into Josh’s palms like diamonds. She pulled off his shirt, showering every inch of his chest with warm kisses. He never stopped kneading her breasts, occasionally pulling and tugging on her nipples, forcing a moan out of her.

Both of them were reaching heights neither had reached before. Dawn unzipped Josh’s jeans and grabbed his cock, which was doing its perfect impression of a lead pipe. He pulled down her shorts as she was grinding her crotch into his like she was possessed. He kissed the hollow of her neck while running his hands down the small of her back toward her ass. His tongue trailed his way to behind her ear and gave it a little lick and sucked it into his mouth. This sudden wetness made her giggle like a little girl. She finally turned the knob to get his seat into recliner mode and lay down beside him. Grabbing his cock, she guided it to her pussy lips which were already very wet. He slid in smoothly and gasped with this sudden pleasure.

“Mmmmm,” Dawn purred as she kissed him again.

He pushed as hard as he could, engulfed up to his balls while lying there beside her. He stayed still for her to adjust to his intrusion into her, but she was already working him slowly, but surely towards a huge orgasm by her pussy muscles.

He felt her pussy holding him in a vice like grip, milking him and making him even harder. He dropped his head and took her left nipple in his mouth, licking it and blowing on it to make her shiver. He kept nibbling on her nipples alternatively, paying the same attention to both of her treasures while she kept pushing him towards his orgasm as she drifted towards her own.

“This is the best sex we’ve ever had,” Josh thought as he finally started to move against the sucking motions of her pussy.

Dawn let out a guttural moan as she came on her brother’s cock.

The feeling of her squirting juices pushed Josh over the edge as he felt his balls tighten and cum squirted through his cock before finally spraying inside her womb. The orgasm was so huge he arched his back and pressed Dawn to her side of the car. It lasted for a minute before he could feel the final few drops drip into her love channel. Both of them panted for breath as they recovered from the huge orgasm. They laid there, his cock buried inside her for nearly ten minutes, listening to the sound of their beating hearts and slowly relaxing breathing.

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