Patricia’s Sexual Adventures Ch. 07

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AUTHORS NOTE: As with some of my stories, this submission is not intended to portray any character under the age of 18. However, I have deliberately omitted detailed descriptions and references to the age of each character in the story so that you can use your imagination to insert the respective persons, ages and physical attributes of your choice.

Every woman remembers her first sexual experience with a guy. I really don’t count the time that I jerked off my neighbor’s husband as having sex with me as being my real first experience. So I will tell you about what I considered my true experience.

I had a very close family and on holidays and vacations my relatives would all get together. So I pretty much grew up with my cousins. I can remember times taking baths with my male cousins and our sleeping in the same bed.

I don’t think our parents realized just how old and sexually aware we were getting. Maybe it was the times. When our parents were young, they didn’t have the sexual awareness that we did due to movies and magazines.

I can remember the first time I was aware that there was a big difference between me and boys especially my cousins. I also remember the first time I had any sexual feeling toward one of them in particular.

We had our relatives over for a 4th of July party. Me and my cousins were cooling off with my slip and slide. We didn’t have a lot of money so this was the only way to cool off on a hot summer day.

Well if any of you know they can get really grassy and itchy after a while mixing water and grass together. Well our parents told us to go and get cleaned up by going to the basement and taking our close off so we wouldn’t track anything inside.

As we were taking our clothes off it dawned on me that my cousin David, who was older then me and a real babe, was starring at me as I took my bathing suit off under a towel. I felt a strange feeling in my stomach as his eyes would dart over to me and then quickly look away.

I watched him and I noticed that he wasn’t being as shy as I was undressing. He took his bathing suit off and exposed a very nice looking cock. I couldn’t help look at it. Sure I had seen it plenty of times before but now I noticed that he had a big cock.

David caught me looking at him and he smiled. David reached over and snatched the towel that was covering me away exposing my naked wet body. I covered my small, but perky breast with one hand as I covered my pussy with my other hand as he laughed. I demanded that he give me back my towel or I would scream.

David told me that he would if I would take my hands away for 1 minute. I would have gladly done it, but I didn’t want him to think I was too eager. I told him that he was nasty and we were going to get busted by my sister or his brother or sisters. He told me that the longer I waited the more chance of that happening, besides I could see him naked. He told me that it was only fair.

I acted like I was upset and unwillingly agreed. I pulled my hands away exposing my breast and pussy. I stood naked in front of David for what I thought was an eternity.

As I watched him stare at my body, I looked at his hard body as well. I noticed that his cock was starting to throb and grow in front of me. I was amazed at what was happening before me. David must have felt uncomfortable and put a towel around his waist. It didn’t help much because his hardening cock was pulsing against the towel.

David dropped my towel on the ground and I bent over to pick it up allowing him I clear shot of my ass. We laughed as he smacked my bare ass with his towel. I rubbed my ass as I felt a small welt. I told him that I would get even someday as we got dressed and went up stairs.

The rest of the day and night we looked at each other sharing our little secret moment together. That night after everyone had gone home and I was in bed I dreamed of that moment and fingered myself as I thought of David’s amazing cock. I fell asleep with a wet spot under me.

A year later, David’s father’s work caused him to be transferred to West Virginia and I was sad to see him move.

As time went by I kept busy with my friends. My girlfriends and I would talk about guys and they would always ask me about that moment. Some of my friends had met him and they would tell me how cute he was. I never could tell them that I played with myself thinking about him, but I often wondered about him.

When I was older, my mother surprised me by telling me that we were going to West Virginia on vacation and that we would be visiting David’s family. I was so excited knowing that I would see him again.

I spent several restless nights thinking of David until the day we left to go on our vacation. I wondered how much he had changed and if he remembered our secret moment together. I wondered if he had a girlfriend and if he did, would she be there.

When we were packing to go, my mother could obviously see that I was acting different. She commented on kartal escort bayan how excited and happy I was. I told her that I was excited about going to a new place for vacation and I would be nice to see my relatives again.

I had bought a new bikini that was very revealing for its time. I was surprised that my mother had let me buy it because she was strict about what I wore, but I guess she knew that I was getting more mature. I think that her being a single mother made her closer to me and she was trying to be cool.

When we arrived at the lake, I looked around for my relatives, but specifically for my cousin David. I was told that they weren’t there yet, but were due sometime later that day. Although disappointed, I tried to pass the time by helping my mother set up camp.

This lake resort had a few cabins, but most of the resort was set up for tents. There were 2 bathrooms and showers for the tent campers. There was a general store with an arcade. The area around the beautiful lake was surrounded by thick pine trees with hiking and horseback riding trails.

After the camp was set up, I decided to cool off in the lake so I changed into my bathing suit and headed off for the beach. There were some other kids my age and they were all out on the lake playing on the wooden island and going down a slide into the water.

I met a girl my age while laying out on the beach. We hit it off and found that we had a lot in common. At this time, I heard an old, but familiar voice. I looked up and saw that it was David. I tried to act cool and act like his being there was no big deal, but seeing him and how he had grown into a hunk was hard to conceal.

My new friend, Linda, asked me to introduce her. I stuttered and introduced them to each other. I could see by the way that Linda was checking him out that she too found him a babe. I quickly jumped up and grabbed David and gave him a big hug. He squeezed me tightly and looked at me telling me how much I had grown up.

He told me that I looked great in my bikini. I looked at David in his bathing suit and I could see the outline of his cock in his shorts. I remembered how beautiful it had looked before. Its image was imbedded in my mind. I wondered if David had thought about me. Before we could say another word we were interrupted by my other cousins who grabbed me and gave me hugs.

We all ran into the lake and went swimming. We played on the island and went down the slide. While in the water, David swam up under me and gave me a goose on my ass. I jumped in surprise and splashed water in his face. He told me that I still had a great ass which caught me off guard because his younger brother was close enough to hear.

I wondered if he had told him about our little secret. His brother, Greg looked at me and smiled with a look on his face that confirmed my suspicion. I felt embarrassed, but at the same time excited thinking that they thought I was attractive.

We continued to swim together playing Marco Polo. Then when I was it I had a very nice treat. As I was swimming around with my eyes closed, I felt a hand reach out from behind me and grab my breast. I tried to act like nothing had happened as I continued to yell out Marco. Then the hand got more daring by grabbing my pussy threw the bottom of my bikini bottom. I grabbed his hand and opened my eyes saying that he was it. I was surprised to find that the hand belonged to my younger cousin, Greg.

I didn’t know what to say as both Greg and David swam close to me. Both of them began touching my ass and pussy on the outside of my suit.

I looked around to see if anyone was watching. Their hands weren’t visible under the green water, but I still felt as if those swimming close by knew what they were doing. I wasn’t sure what to do in response to there feeling me up. They were grabbing and rubbing so hard there was no doubt that they could feel the hair and opening of my pussy and I pulled their hands away from me as I swam away. I swam to shore and laid on the beach next to Linda.

As I tried to gather my senses and my breath, Linda asked me if David was my boyfriend. I almost said yes to keep her away from him, but I knew that she would find out sooner or later so I told her that he was my cousin. She commented on how hot he looked and that she would like to get to know him better.

I knew that we were only there for a week and that if I was going to do anything with him I would have to act fast. I was upset that I just passed up my chance and decided to go back out in the water and see what happened next. Before I could do anything, I heard my mother call us to dinner. I reluctantly went back to camp with my cousins.

My cousin’s camp was next to ours and we all ate together. Everyone was in a great mood being together once again, but the looks that me and David and Greg shared was something else. I had to remember who was around, but David and Greg were just grinning ear to ear until their mother asked escort maltepe them what was so funny. David was a fast thinker and came up with a story. If only his parents had known that they were smiling because they had just felt up their cousin.

After dinner it was still very light so I told my mom I was going to take a hike. She told me it was ok with her, but that I should take one of my cousins with me because she didn’t want me to be alone in the woods if it got dark. David jumped at the chance and agreed to take care of me. If only my mother knew that she was sending me with the one person she should have been concerned with.

I changed into my black dolphin shorts with no panties and a waist cut T-shirt with no bra for the walk. I knew exactly what I was doing to those guys. At least I hoped so.

David and I started to walk away when Greg ran up to us and told me that he was cumming along. I had to know where this was leading, but there was a more powerful source leading me on. My pussy was aching for attention and I wanted to see how far I could go.

As we made our way into the wood’s David and Greg took my hand and pulled me off of the trail. David pulled me down to the ground and stood over me. I didn’t know it at the time but David and Greg could see up my lose fitted shorts and could clearly see my pussy. It wasn’t until Greg told David “wow your right David, she does have a hot pussy.” I, in instinct, put my legs together closing up their free show.

David told me that it was too late to be shy. He told me that he already saw it before. With that, he pulled his shorts down and exposed a semi hard cock that had amazingly grown since I last saw it. I was transfixed looking at it and didn’t notice Greg moving down beside me.

I suddenly felt Greg’s hand grabbing my breast. I shoved him away telling him that he had a lot to learn about women. I told him not to be so grabby and pushy. He sat back for a second but lunged at my breast again. Before I could say anything, David smacked him upside the head and told him that if he didn’t settle down he was going to make him leave. That was all he needed to say. Greg sat patiently waiting for direction from his bigger brother.

David told me that he knew I wanted to touch it and told me to put his now hard cock in my hand. I did what I was told and nervously reached out to feel his velvet smooth cock in my warm, but shaking hand. It twitched at my touch causing me to pull away.

He told me that it was ok and I put my hand around it again and squeezed it. I felt it throb in my hand and I noticed that it got even harder. He told me to jerk it back and forth. (Now I had experience in this with my neighbor’s husband and I knew that if I did this long enough that he would cum, but I didn’t want them to know this so I acted dumb).

I asked him why. He told me that it felt good and that I would get a surprise if I did it right. I acted all excited and jerked David’s cock like I was milking a cow. I must have been doing it right because I could see some pre cum forming at the head of his cock.

I acted surprised and stopped. I really didn’t want him to cum too soon because I actually wanted to taste his cock in my mouth. David told me to keep going, but I told him that I was afraid I was hurting him. David told me that I wasn’t and that I shouldn’t leave him like that.

I then told David that I warned him that I would someday get even with him. He had a puzzled and frustrated look on his face until it came back to him when he smacked my ass with a towel. I made a smacking sound and hand jesture to his cock.

As David stood there with rock had cock in his hand, Greg asked me if he could see my breast. I told him that he should have asked the first time and that I would have shown him. I lifted up my top and exposed my perky breast to him. He asked me if he could touch them and I told him that he could. He reached out and gently felt my tits and played with my nipple. As he did, I could see his cock getting hard in his shorts.

I asked him if I could see his cock, but he told me that he was to shy to do that. I told him that it was only fair since he saw my pussy and tits. Greg told me that he really didn’t see my pussy all the way and asked me if he could see it. I told him I would show him my pussy if he showed me his cock.

He agreed and with that I pulled down my shorts exposing my pussy to him. He looked at it with his eyes and mouth wide open. He asked if he could touch it, but before I had a chance to let him, David shoved him away and told him that he was first.

Greg looked like a punished sad puppy as David with one hand on his cock pumping it, placed his other hand on my pussy. He took his finger and slid it back and forth over my tight, but moist pussy lips. I began to breathe heavier as he slid his middle finger past my lips. I sighed as he shoved his finger all the way into me up to his knuckles. He began to finger bang me as he stroked his cock pendik escort faster.

I knew that he was seconds away from coming and I still wanted to taste it desperately. I told him to stop, but I noticed that my hips were rocking with the motion of his finger. Before I could get him to stop, he shot a stream of hot goo all over my stomach all the way up to my breast. He jerked it hard as he threw his head back in ecstasy. He shot several more burst of cum on my breast. It felt like hot lava as it hit me. I wanted him to cum forever as I told him that I wanted his cock bad.

As David collapsed next to me, I turned to Greg and demanded that I have his cock now. If I couldn’t have David’s I would at least have his. Greg looked frightened at what he had just witnessed. He got up and told us that he heard someone coming. We all became afraid of being caught so we quickly got up and began running back to camp.

As I ran in the cold air, I could feel David’s cum cooling on my body. His creamy mess on my body stuck to my shirt like glue. I felt some of it running down my stomach. I stopped as we reached the camp area long enough to catch my breath. I knew that I couldn’t go back to camp with cum on me so I went to the community bathrooms to clean up.

There were 4 bathrooms 2 for guys and 2 for girls and they had locking doors. Once inside I locked the door and I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself and admiring the fact that I had cum close to having my real first sex with a guy.

I gazed at the now drying cum on my chest and breast using my fingers to smear it around. I had tasted cum before and it was very salty. I wondered if it all tasted the same. I scooped up a gob of it on my finger from my stomach and I slowly put my cum covered finger in my mouth. I was delighted to find that it tasted sweet. I wondered if older mens cum all tasted salty and young men tasted sweet.

I heard a knock at the door so I quickly cleaned up the mess with a towel and water and straightened myself up. I unlocked the door and walked outside passing an older lady with a smile. I wondered if she could smell the distinct aroma of sex in the bathroom now that I look back on it.

I got back to camp and everyone was around the camp fire getting ready to roast marsh mellows and make smores. I sat there with my family and every now and then I looked over to my cousins giving them a know it all look. My mom and my cousins parents all went to their tents and a short while later we reluctantly headed off to our tents.

The cousins all slept in one big tent while the parents slept in their own. Looking back on it now I have to know that our parents were probably looking to get their own outdoor adventure as well. That was why we didn’t all sleep together.

That night I went to bed in my sleeping bag in our tent a few feet away from my cousins knowing that they were thinking the same thing I was. It was torture knowing that their hard cocks were so close, but yet so far.

We all said good night to each other taking turns with the 6 of us, my sister, David and Greg and his 2 sisters. I don’t know how well everyone else got to sleep but I dosed off with my finger in my pussy gently rubbing myself into a wonderful dream.

When morning came, I tried not to think about what had happened the day before. I looked around the tent I found that my cousins had already left the tent.

I went outside to see what everyone was doing and my mom told me that the guys all went fishing. I decided to hang out with my family until Linda came over. She asked me if I wanted to go out on her parent’s boat. I thought that it would be fun so with my mother’s permission, we took off.

I spent the rest of the day cruising the lake and skiing with my friend Linda and her family. All through the day I thought about David and if he was thinking about me. Linda asked me about him and I was dying to tell her what we did in the forest but if I did she would call me weird for doing it with my cousins.

When I got back to camp, my mom asked me if I had a fun time. I told her that it was great and that I was able to get up on the ski’s a couple of times. My mom told me that my cousins were asking where I was and that they looked disappointed that I was gone. It felt good knowing that they missed me.

I told my mom that I was going to go to the store and play some games at the arcade. She told me that my cousins were already there.

I got to the arcade in time to see David playing pinball with Linda. I was totally devastated and jealous seeing them together. When I walked up, David said hi and asked if I had a good time on the lake.

I tried to hide my feelings and I told him I had a great time. Just then Linda put her arm around David and told me that he was showing her how to score. I got her meaning as well as everyone else in the room.

I wondered if the fact that Linda was much bigger in the chest area then me, if I even had a chance with him now. I played some games with Greg trying not to notice Linda hanging all over David. I saw David’s hand drifting down to her ass. He was squeezing her ass through her short blue jean cut off’s. Her jeans were so short you couldn’t help but feel the skin of her ass.

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