Personal Assistant

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My apologies I previously submitted an incomplete file. Here is the story in its entirety.


Marie Fleming rushed to get to her interview. This was her last chance to land a job before she would have to admit defeat and move out of her apartment. Since she lost her job when the pandemic hit, she had fallen a month behind on her rent. New York was so expensive not just anything would do. She was fifty- two years old and her unemployment had run out as had her savings. She held out hope, but thought this was the oddest application process she had ever been through. First, the face time interview with the nice Ms. Brown, then a company physical before her face to face interview. It was four o’clock on Friday and scheduled for the end of the day.

She got on the elevator and pushed the button for the top floor. When the doors opened, she walked toward the only office on the floor and looked at the sign above the ornate door. Carstairs Worldwide Inc. The high-end women’s clothing manufacturer made beautiful fashions that were usually out of her price range. She entered and saw Ms. Brown at her desk. She felt intimidated, she was so pretty. Long dark hair, and a gorgeous olive complexion.

She smiled and said “Marie, I’m so pleased to meet you in person, you look lovely? Are you ready for your interview?”

“I hope so but I have to admit I’m nervous, I really need the job.”

” I’m sure you’ll do fine dear. Please have a seat and we’ll go over the particulars before you see Mr. Carstairs. Would you like some water, or coffee?”

“No, thank you, I’m fine”

Ms. Brown sat, looked at her and said “before we go any further, I need you to sign this non-disclosure agreement please.”

Marie was surprised but after reading it, signed it. It seemed pretty standard. Do not divulge anything seen or heard blah, blah, blah.

Ms. Brown said “Excellent, dear. Let me explain the terms of employment before we go in and see Mr. Carstairs. First, let me apologize as the job is not exactly as a personal assistant as advertised.”

“It’s not?”

“No, dear.”

“Then what is it for?”

“We’ll get to that but first let me tell you about the financials. The hours are noon to four thirty. The salary is one thousand dollars a day. Company paid insurance, inclusion in the company 401k with a generous match, and two weeks’ vacation pending the convenience of Mr. Carstairs. Does that sound satisfactory dear?”

Marie was astounded. This was beyond belief and her hopes soared. She had visions of being solvent within a month but then caution crept in. “The pay is amazing but why so much”

“Discretion dear. You might hear and see things that could hurt Mr. Carstairs standing in the community and the business world.”

“What exactly does the job entail Ms. Brown?”

“Well, dear, Mr. Carstairs is in charge of a huge company. He is under an enormous amount of stress. You dear, would be in charge of relieving his stress”

“I still don’t understand.”

“Relieving his physical stress dear.”

“Oh. Oh my. I couldn’t.”

“You certainly could dear. I did for the last five years. I’m fifty- seven now. Five years older than you. If you get this job, in five years, you’ll take mine when I retire.”

“But why? I’m fifty-two he could have a younger woman as a, whatever? I don’t even know what to call it.”

“You’re lovely dear. That was evident in the face time interview. He prefers an older woman; he feels they are less inclined to think this could lead to a permanent relationship.”

“I’m sorry but I think this was a mistake.” Marie rose to leave and started for the door.

‘Two hundred sixty thousand dollars a year dear. Ms. Brown said.”

Marie stopped, thought, then turned.

“What do I have to do?”

“He generally requires oral around one o’clock, and vaginal around four o’clock. During your time of the month he usually requires anal on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can attest to the fact that he is gentle”

Marie was stunned. On one hand she was broke, on the other, this was more money than she ever expected to earn in a year. The fact was she had to whore herself, and that’s how she saw it. It made her a little ill.

“Marie? Would you like to continue?”

“I think I’d like to try”

“Excellent dear let’s just get you ready, and by the way my name is Eve. I’m sure we are going to be close friends”

“One more thing dear. Occasionally Mr. Carstairs will let someone else sit in his chair so to speak. When he does, we are to treat them as we would him do you understand?”

“I think so”

“You are free to sit on the couch and read or use a tablet while waiting for Mr. Carstairs to ask for your assistance. One last thing. When anyone other than myself enters the room, you are to be under his desk.”


“It’s for your own protection dear. If he were to allow anyone to use his chair and they knew who you were it could compromise you. Surely you can understand”

“I suppose”


Eve rose and tapped escort kartal on the office door before opening it.

“Marie Fleming is here for her interview sir.”

“Thank you, Eve, just get her prepared.”

“Yes sir. This way Marie”

As Marie followed Eve, she looked at Mr. Carstairs. He looked to be about thirty or so, wide shoulder and short dark blond hair, very handsome but seemingly uninterested in the proceeding.

Eve led her into the washroom off the office.

“Now dear normally it isn’t necessary to undress unless you are worried about getting something on your clothes but today Mr. Carstairs would like to see you. There is a closet here for you to keep a few things and you are always welcome to use the shower at the end of the day if you please”

“You mean I need to undress?”

“Yes Dear”

“I can’t do this”

“Yes, you can Marie. Here let me help.” Eve reached out and started unbuttoning Marie’s blouse.

Marie quickly said “no I’ll do it.”

She kept her eyes on the floor as she undressed, carefully folding her clothes, and placing them on the chair.

“You’re so beautiful Marie”

Marie blushed at the look from the older woman. She knew how she looked. Shoulder length brown hair, large breasts with wide rose-colored nipples, and hips bigger than she would like. She was proud of her ass as it was still firm if a little wide. Her skin was porcelain and clear, her eyes bright blue. She was suddenly glad she had shaved her pussy

“Come now dear, its time.” She bent down and grabbed a small pillow and passed it to Marie.

“For your knees dear, it’s served me well over the years”

Marie blanched as Eve put a had behind her shoulder and eased her out the door and into the office.

Marie wanted to hide as Eve announced her.

“Marie is ready sir”

Jerry Carstairs looked up from his desk and took Marie in. He took a long slow look.

“Excellent Ms. Brown, you’re lovely Marie”

He stood and unzipped his pants unbuckled his belt, looked at Marie and said. “Proceed”

Eve told Marie “I’m sure you know what to do from here dear.”

Marie gathered her courage clasped the pillow to her breast and approached. She walked up to Mr. Carstairs slowly knelt in front of him on the small pillow and reached up to his waist. She pulled his slacks down along with his underwear exposing his cock. He was clean shaven and flaccid. She told herself you can do this. You like sucking cock.

She leaned in and took him in her mouth. She knew this was her only chance at this job and she became determined to give it her best. She ran her tongue around the head of his cock and slowly took him deeper. She began to bob slowly as he hardened. She started to work his shaft with her hand as she sucked taking him deeper and sucking harder. She fondled his balls gently. She was getting lost in it when he took her cheeks in his hands and said.


She didn’t understand when he pulled her to her feet. He turned her to face his desk, lay the pillow on the desk and bent her over it.

She felt him ease in behind her. She instantly knew his intention.

“Sir, I’m not prepared”

He reached into the top drawer of the desk and pulled out a small bottle of lubricant. Pouring some on his fingers he reached down and moistened her. He then slowly rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit. He began slowly fucking his length into her. He wasn’t huge, maybe seven inches but he was wide and he was filling her. It seemed somewhat mechanical and she wasn’t really aroused but he was soon stroking full length in and out.

Suddenly the door opened and Eve walked into the room. Marie went scarlet. There was nowhere to go.

“I see the interview is going well. I knew you could do it dear”

She went behind Marie and asked Mr. Carstairs.

“Is she satisfactory sir”

He gave one last push groaned and emptied himself into her.

“She’s excellent Ms. Brown. Nice and tight. If you give her your seal of approval, she can have the job.”

Marie felt Eves hand on her back and heard her say “wait right there dear. Let me just clean you up sir.”

Marie heard sucking and then a zipper and then a belt buckling up.

” It’s in your hands Ms. Brown, I’ll see you Monday morning.”

Marie still bent over the desk felt herself leaking and hoped nothing dripped on the carpet. Then she felt Eve lean in and begin to lick her pussy from behind. It felt wonderful but it was all too strange for her to become aroused. The cleaning stopped and Eve said.

“One last test dear.”

Marie turned and saw Eve’s dress was pulled up to her waist. She was in Mr. Carstairs chair and her neatly trimmed pussy was exposed to Marie’s gaze.

“If you can make me cum dear the job is yours”

Marie sighed thinking to herself one more new experience and put the pillow on the floor leaned in and began to lick Eve’s pussy. Eve sighed in return and said.

“I just knew you and I were going to be friends. maltepe escort Deeper dear.”

Marie stuck her tongue in as far as she could then stuck two fingers in and began to tongue Eve’s clit. She just tried to do to Eve what she liked and it seemed to be working

Eve cried out and came. Then she bent down gave Marie a long slow kiss.

“Thank you my dear and welcome to Carstairs. We will expect to see you at noon on Monday. I will go over a few tips for you then. Your employment will be dated as of today. She placed an envelope on the desk. Here is a company check for today.”

She stood smoothed her dress and left Marie to dress. Marie stood and looked at the envelope. She picked it up and opened it. It was for one thousand dollars. She sighed again. Well at least I have my rent, and prepared to go home.

Quarter to noon Monday and Marie entered the office with a bag in hand carrying her own small pillow unsure of what was going to happen. Ms. Brown gave her a bright smile and said “so good to see you dear”

“Please sit and we can go over a few things I’ve learned over the last five years. I know from experience it can all seem somewhat clinical. Of course, the oral at one o’clock is simply for Mr. Carstairs but in the early afternoon I found it helpful around three o’clock to read some erotic literature. This always helped to moisten me so I wouldn’t need artificial lubrication. There is a tablet next to the couch with some sites bookmarked. was my favorite. It has a wide variety of stories. I’m sure you can find something to arouse you. One last thing dear, the pillow. He will let you know when he needs assistance then he will place the pillow”


“He will place it on the floor or on the desk dear do you understand?”

“Next, I’m sure you won’t always want an orgasm. I certainly didn’t, but if you do, I took the liberty of buying you this bullet vibrator. If I felt the need for an orgasm this will do the trick while Mr. Carstairs is pleasing himself. He is not without concern, if you don’t seem to care he will simply please himself. If he feels you are trying to achieve satisfaction he will try and time his release to yours. It can be quite pleasant. There will always be battery’s in my top right drawer. Any other questions?”

Marie took the small vibrator sure she would never use it. “No Ms. Brown”

“Eve dear, let me escort you in. Mr. Carstairs, Marie is here sir.”

“Fine show her, her area”

Eve took Marie to the couch handed her a tablet smiled and said.

“I’ll see you on your way out dear”

The first day calmed her. She sat on the couch and followed Eve’s direction and made it through. Days went by and Marie came to accept the job and even on certain days enjoy it, with the use of the bullet Eve had given her. She had begun promising herself just six months to financially recover, but was already considering this a long-term proposition.

A week later it was late on a Friday when Mr. Carstairs stood and told Marie he had an appointment to attend to. He walked to the door and she stood expecting to be dismissed for the weekend. He opened the door turned and looked at her then looked out into the outer office and said “Ms. Brown I’m leaving for the weekend. You may have the use of my chair for the rest of the day”

Marie sat back on the couch and waited. She heard the outer door open then close and the lock turn. Ms. Brown came into the office and looked at Marie. She then went to the washroom and returned with a sheet she had gotten from a drawer. Marie looked at her with a question in her eyes.

“Marie I would like very much if we could please each other this afternoon. If you don’t want to you can leave right now but I would consider it a favor”

Marie looked at her thought a moment and said “very well”

Eve said “If you would stand dear.”

Marie stood and Eve spread the sheet over the couch then sat and held out her hand. Marie took it and was pulled into an embrace.

Eve gently kissed her and slowly ran her tongue across Marie’s lips. She cupped the back of her head and deepened the kiss drawing Marie in. Marie returned the embrace and moaned into Eves mouth. Eve cupped Marie’s breast then started unbuttoning her blouse. She kissed her way down to Marie’s neck and whispered to her “I’ve wanted to kiss your pretty tits ever since your interview”

Marie leaned her head back as Eve slowly opened her blouse kissing the tops of her breasts. She reached up and flicked open the front clasp on Marie’s bra. She looked into Marie’s eyes and lifted the cups from her tits. Marie looked on as Eve slowly bent to capture her nipple.

Marie moaned and felt Eve slide her hand up her thigh. She pressed into her mound and Marie felt her pussy flood. Eve pulled Marie’s shirt and blouse off of her, then tugged at her skirt and panties. Marie fell back and Eve slowly kissed her way down to Marie’s pussy.

“Last time was to clean you up, this time it’s for my pleasure.” She dipped her head and ran her pendik escort bayan tongue up and down Marie’s slit making her moan. Eve went deep tasting her, then backed off running her tongue up to her clit making her cry out. She circled her bud then sucked it into her mouth and nipped it gently. Marie grabbed the back of her head and began to buck up at her until she let out a swallowed cry and collapsed.

Eve stood and undressed looking down at her. Marie looked up at her heavy breasts with dark engorged nipples. She reached up and said “let me do you Eve.”

Eve lay on top of her tits to tits and scissored their legs. “I want this. She said.” She began to grind into Marie. Pussy to pussy. Slowly, as she leaned in and began to kiss her again. Marie could feel how wet Eve was. Marie was panting and so was Eve as she ground her way to a climax with her face buried in Marie’s neck. Marie kissed her neck and hugged her. They were both gasping for breath as they wrapped themselves around each other.

They lay there quietly recovering when Marie said “thank you that was nice of you”

Eve said “what?”

Marie said “I’ve missed being intimate. kissing, cuddling, being held. It was nice’

Eve looked at her and said “I’m sorry Marie, I’ll be more than happy to hold you. Let me know, and we can stay late any time you want. I sometimes forget how the job is just that”

It was two months into her employment when she was sitting on the couch when she heard Ms. Brown announce Mr. Carstairs, your mother is here.

He stood and gestured to Marie to get under the desk. She quickly complied and thought to herself this desk is huge.

She heard the door open and a lively voice announce

“Jerry, dear where have you been? I’ve missed you darling.”

“I’ve been busy with the business mother”

“Too busy to visit your mother, Dear?”

“‘I’m sorry Mother”

“Are you willing to make it up to me?”

“Yes mother”


Marie heard footsteps approaching then saw a trim set of legs appear in front of her.

“Give mother a kiss dear”

Marie saw the two sets of legs merge and the sounds of a kiss more suited to lovers than that of a mother and son.

“Jerry darling I’ve so missed you on the weekends at my pool. You know how I love our time together.”

“I’m sorry mother It’s been very busy.”

“You look stressed darling; I know just what you need.”

Marie looking out from under the desk soon saw a blouse hit the floor only to be followed by a lacy bra.

“There you go darling you know sucking mommy’s nipples always makes you feel better”

Marie saw the two bodies close and heard the sounds of suckling.

“Oh, Jerry that’s so nice, are you feeling better?”

“Mm yes mother.”

“Another kiss please”

Marie heard the two kissing open mouthed. She eased forward to look closer. She saw a woman’s hand reach down to Mr. Carstairs thigh and stroke up to the hard bulge.

“Why Jerry you are glad to see your mother”

Marie watched as the hands unbuckled his belt, unzipped his trousers, and then slid in and began stroking his cock.

“You’re so hard darling. Let mother make you feel better.”

Marie saw his mother’s dress drop to the floor. She took a chance and looked up and saw their bodies come together for another kiss. Marie thought to herself, she does have a nice ass.

Then she turned and leaned over the desk spread her legs and said “please dear, show mother how much you love her.”

Marie was able to edge forward now and look up. She saw his mother’s smoothly shaven pussy glistening and ready. She saw him move forward and nestle the head of his cock between her lips and ease into her. He began to move and she watched his cock slide in and out. The lips of her pussy were clinging to him as he withdrew and Marie thought to herself, she must be tight.

He must have fucked her slowly for ten minutes as froth gathered where they joined. Marie was getting so aroused between the sight, and the sound, and the smell of her. She wanted to play with herself but didn’t want to be found out. Suddenly she heard his mother cry out.

“Jerry please I’m going to cum and I need you.” He began to go faster and faster until he buried himself in her and Marie heard him groan, as his mother let loose a muffled cry.

“Give it to me darling.” She said as Marie watched his balls contract and saw the vein at the base of his cock pulse as he came. He held himself buried in her. He stroked her sides and ass gently until he softened and slipped from her. Marie saw his cum running down her thigh.

“Jerry that was wonderful, but let me up dear I need to wash up.”

“Just stay right where you are mother,”

“Jerry please, I’m a mess dear, you positively flooded me.”

Marie retreated to the rear of her space and saw him move back and push his chair up to his mother’s legs.

“Sit down mother”

“Jerry whatever has gotten into you?” she asked as she sat in his chair.

“Scoot to the front please.”

Marie saw her scoot forward as she said “I don’t know what you’re about but this is all very strange.”

Marie watched as he moved in behind the chair and slowly pushed her in and under the desk.

“Jerry what on earth are you doing”

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