Physical Therapy

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This is just a quick piece of smut I threw together for some practice. I hope you like it.

And as always, thanks to EmeraldKitten for inspiration and support.

I’m walking down the hall, having taken a quick evening shower. As I pass by the room my lady and I have set apart for our computers I hear a small sound of pain coming from it.

I slip quietly inside and look at her. Wide shouldered and full figured, I feel that surge of passion she always causes in me. Her hair is red and curly, framing the happy face I never tire of looking at. But I can see by the set of her back and shoulders that she’s in a bit of pain. Standing all day can do that to you.

I move up behind her and drape my arms over her shoulders, pressing them over her ample breasts and caressing her stomach with my hands. “Bon soir, cherie,” I whisper in her ear, “Could you use a massage? Something to ease your tenseness?”

She leans back and turns her head towards me, smiling. “Mhm,” she whispers. She kisses the edge of my jaw. “Oh yes. Desperately. It’s the best offer I’ve had all day.” She wriggles a little in anticipation, then winces in pain. “You got here just in time. I think I’m going to crack.”

I kiss her forehead. “Not here. Chair’s in the way and I need your back straight.” I take her by the hand and help her stand. Leading her to our bedroom, I have her lay her face down on the bed. I kneel next to her and moving her lovely hair aside, gently place my hands on her neck.

With a feather light touch I start to work the knots out of her muscles. Bit by bit, I move down her neck and across her shoulders. She gets a dreamy smile on her face and random noises come from her. Sighs, whimpers and moans sound and I can feel her relaxing.

“You’ll need to remove your shirt,” I whisper. “The cloth keeps me from working you just the right way.”

She mumbles something in reply and quickly rises to her knees. She takes the hem of her sweatshirt and pulls it up, over her head. I draw a sharp breath at the sight. Her pale skin is so beautiful. And those firm, full breasts are glorious. For a second, it takes all my will to keep myself from suckling at one. But I want her ready for that. There’s no need to rush.

She lies back down, grinning at me. I can see her tits pressed against the bed, as they’ll soon be pressed against me. Her eyes glitter with anticipation. She’s waiting for the feel of my hands again.

She doesn’t need to wait long. I immediately start to work on her shoulders, squeezing and pressing, loosening the flesh there. Slowly, I work from the edges to her spine. She makes tiny, happy noises of pleasure.

As I reach her spinal column, I throw a leg over her, straddling the small of her back. I don’t sit, knowing she’s too tender to support me. I take my own shirt off as I’m working up a sweat.

Then I start working my fingers again. Beginning from her spine, I work her lovely skin. Outwards I move my hands, kneading out the tight spots. As each small area is finished, I move back to the centre, down a little, and repeat my teasing.

She gasps, then whimpers. “Oh God,” she moans, “That feels so good. bursa escort You are most definitely hired.” She gives another moan. “Yes. Most definitely.

“Lower,” she asks then. “That’s not really sore at all. It’s my lower back. Right where my jeans are, not quite to my tailbone. Could you work there, please?”

“Of course, cher,” I reply. “You’ll need to take off your pants. I can’t work you properly with them in the way.”

“Get off me then!” she demands. She bucks up, forcing me off her. Moving quickly for someone who claimed to be in pain she rolls on her back and undoes her jeans. Lifting her hips, she rolls them down her legs and kicks them free. She rolls back on her stomach and grins at me. “Okie dokie. Get to work, buddy.” And she laughs.

I smile at her good humour, and in testimonial to her lovely ass and legs. I place myself on her thighs and massage her lower back, gently, firmly.

She gasps at the feel of my hands. “Oh yes,” comes purring from her. Her eyes slit with bliss and I can see her shoulders relax as the tension and pain dissipate.

The sight of her nearly naked has made me hard, as it always does. The feel of her pushes more blood to my erection. I squirm my hips a little, teasing my length between her soft cheeks. She sounds another gasp. She wriggles against me, stroking her lush buttocks over me. A shudder passes under my hands and up her back.

I smile. I know the signals she makes when she wants. I lean down and press my chest against the soft, warm skin of her back. “I think I’ve done all I can in the way of massage,” I whisper in her ear. “Perhaps I should get some hormones running? A jolt of endorphins would be recommended therapy.” I graze my fingers along the sides of her breasts to give her a taste of what I have in mind.

She shivers at the feel of me on her back, then stiffens as I whisper into her ear. “I’d have to agree. Hormones are always good. Endorphins are good too.” She gasps as I harry the sensitive flesh peeking out from beneath her. I can feel goose bumps rise all over. She turns to look at me, leans in and softly kisses the corner of my mouth.

I cover her lips with mine and kiss her hard, teasing her tongue, telling her how much I want her. I growl at her taste; delicious, sweet and hot. I edge my hands under her and stroke her nipples. I know how much such fiddling arouses her.

She snaps her head away and moans at my touch. “Is… is there any particular position you’d like for me to get into?” comes in a hiss.

“If your back’s up to it, could you please roll on to it?” I reply. I raise myself enough to allow her to do so.

“Yeah, it’s up to it.” And she rolls herself over. She reaches up, wraps an arm around my neck and pulls me back to her. I quiver as her firm mounds press into me. The stiff points at their peak prod me.

She captures my lips this time. Her tongue slips along the seam, begging entrance. I let her in and she slides inside, feeling around, tasting me.

I groan. I adore the way she wants. Cupping my hands, I run them up her now sweating flanks. I relish the goose bumps her lust creates as I brush lightly bursa escort bayan over her ribs. I drift my thumbs over her chest, just at the spot where breasts connect. I squeeze her tits with soft pressure, slowly moving up the silken surfaces until I reach her nipples again. My fingers close and I roll them, not quite gently.

Her hands had been playing over my sides and back. When my fingers take her nipples she grabs my hips and pulls me tight. I feel her press her legs together to heighten the sensations growing there. She starts to pant, turns her head and nips at my neck.

My body twitches at the feel of her teeth. I move my lips to her neck and suck at it, laving my tongue across it. Without lifting my head, I move down to her inner shoulder and onwards to her upper chest. She trills with pleasure as my mouth moves over her.

My beard leads the way between her gorgeous tits. A soft giggle escapes from her as my hair tickles her. She takes my head in her hands and holds me close. As my cheeks brush against her fulsome breasts I move my lips up the right peak, teasing and licking. When my lips reach the stiff nub at the top, I swirl my tongue around it. I suck it into my mouth, nibble at the pliant flesh with my lips and poke my tongue into the tiny hole in its centre. I increase the speed I roll the other one with. Her back arches and a strangled moan sounds, “Please… God… Yes…”

Her hips writhe beneath me as passion shakes her. “Please,” she asks again with a gasp. “I need to feel you against me.” She moves again, trying to get her legs free.

I lift one leg and she moves her limb on that side out. I let her other one free as well. Then I stretch my legs out so my body lies fully against hers. I can feel her centre squirming under me, against me. I grow completely hard at the sensation. Her breasts are pressed against me. Again I can feel the stiffness of her nipples digging into me. I wrap my fingers in her hair and pull her face to mine for a kiss as passionate as I can muster. As I pull at her lips and tongue my hips start to pump, running my length over her fabric covered slit. Pulling my mouth from hers I mutter, “Good God woman. You turn me on.”

Her hips stop for a second and then match my rhythm. Her fingers dig into my back to pull me closer. She kisses at the corner of my mouth and murmurs, “Good. I’m glad.” Placing short, demanding kisses on my jaw and neck she pleads, “God, I want to feel you inside me. Please.”

Untangling my fingers from her hair, I reach for the button of my jeans. On releasing it, I slide them and my briefs down enough for my cock to spring free. I take the gusset of her panties and move it out of the way. A slight movement places the spongy head of my rod at her weeping entrance.

I pull back my head and look into her eyes. They’re glowing with the heat flaming inside her. That passion is infectious and my own rises. I quirk an eyebrow at her in an interrogative. “More?” I ask silently.

She is panting now, and whimpers when I press into her. Her hands move to my hips and she tries to pull me in. I resist. Her eyes focus on mine. “All.” bursa bayan escort she breathes in answer to my unspoken question. Her feet brace themselves on the bed and her hips wriggle.

“As you wish,” I tell her. And I start to push. Slowly. I don’t wish such a perfect moment to end too soon.

“So kind,” she starts. Her voice is cut off by a wavering groan as I slip inside.

I run my cock into her just a bit, then pull out not quite the same distance. In a little more and back out. Each thrust is deeper and each withdrawal ends sooner. I place my arms under her, hands on her shoulders, so I can feel as much of her hot, damp skin as I can. Too soon, my base is kissed by her lower lips.

She moans as I press forward and whimpers as I pull out. Her fingers clench at my back, wanting me close. She pulls her feet in, spreading herself wider, opening herself to me. A long moan escapes at my full length in her. “Ah. Yes,” she hisses. She holds still for a moment then surges up against me. Her hot, wet walls tighten and tug at me.

My lust carries me away. I pull back and slam forward, and again, and again. The feel of her around me, moving with me, is utterly maddening. Her pulsing pressure makes my mind whirl. I pant in her ear and run my tongue through the whorls.

I want this woman more than any other. Moving my hands, I cup her full ass cheeks and pull her into my thrusts. I squeeze and roll her firm butt, pressing the cheeks together to tease her asshole.

I glory in the sounds of joy coming from her, revel in the feel of her salt slick skin, marvel at the demanding suction of her cunt. The end is approaching fast. I can feel myself getting ready to explode in her. “Come for me,” I demand, “let go.”

Her fingernails dig into my back and her hips jerk into mine. Her pussy clenches hard around me. It ripples and twitches, massaging my cock. I can feel something deep and primal take hold of her. “Yes! God! Fuck! Coming!” roars from her as she quakes under me.

This puts me over the edge. I wrap my arms around her and my hips lose their rhythm. They pump at random intervals as I spray inside her. My awareness comes and goes as the joy of pleasing her overwhelms my senses. “Jesus,” I huff. “Me…too… Shit… God!”

At the last word I hug her hard, all my muscles locking in place. Then they go soft as down and I wilt. Lying there, I pant in her ear and drift, feeling only my heart. And her.

Her hands fall away from my back. and her thighs lose their death grip on my hips. I feel her work her inner muscles around my softening prick, pulling every drop she can from me. A shiver passes through her. Her chest heaves with the struggle to catch her breath.

All I can do is listen to her breathe, feel her chest rise and fall beneath me. I bask in the comfort of her warm body, and the warmer emotion underneath it. I rouse enough strength to kiss her forehead. The salt of her sweat is very tasty, doubly so knowing what caused it.

I manage to roll off and pull her into the circle of my arms. “So,” I whisper, “How’s your back?”

She snuggles up against me and smiles. A giggle sounds as I ask the question. “Back?” she grins. “What back?” She tilts her head back and kisses my jaw. With a happy squirm, she nuzzles her face into my neck and sighs with contentment.

I kiss the top of her head and smile to myself. I’ve been a good physical therapist yet again.


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