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For years, I have much preferred to sleep nude, especially when the temperature is cool enough to sleep underneath my warm, heavy blankets. It is even better when my fiancé is with me under these covers, holding me snugly and protectively as we sleep, but he had been away on business for several days.

At some point during the night, I thought I had heard something, a soft yet distant sound, but simply attributing it to a dream, I cast the thought aside and pulled the heavy covers up to my chin, turning onto my side.

Just as I was drifting off to sleep again, my fiancé slipped into bed behind me, his familiar hands instantly gripping me, using my body as leverage to pull himself up against me before again settling the covers over us. Yet, I still felt it was all a dream.

“Alex…” I said quietly, to no one in particular.

“Sleep, princess, sleep,” I heard in my ear.

“Yes, Alex…” I acknowledged automatically, feeling the dream state take over my consciousness once more.

When I awoke in the morning, I was stunned to find my fiancé’s arm draped over me. I had to pinch myself and when I felt the dull pain, I finally realized that I was not dreaming – Alex was clearly real, and had returned from his business trip early.

Immediately, my mind began to churn, wondering how I could make his early return somewhat special. Seconds later, the plan was set.

Slowly, carefully, I turned over to face my fiancé. He continued to sleep peacefully. Having returned so late at night – it had been well after midnight when I had finally climbed into bed – it was clear that he was exhausted, and in a very, very deep sleep. That finalized my plan.

Slowly, carefully, I peeled back görükle escort the covers, revealing my fiancé’s nudity. Immediately, I felt a gentle churning deep within me, producing the beginnings of the telltale wetness both my fiancé and I knew so well and enjoyed so much. Looking up at Alex’s face, I verified that he was still in a deep sleep, then put my plan into action.

Kneeling beside him, I bent over, taking the male organ between my small fingers. I stroked him gently for a moment before extending my tongue to lick the tip I had definitely missed the opportunity to have Alex inside me – anywhere inside me – during his business trip, and I now intended to make the most of his unexpected, early return.

…and give him a wonderful way to wake up in the process.

For a long time, I worked slowly, gently, lovingly. My fingers caressed his manhood at its base. My head bobbed in a slow, gentle rhythm. My tongue slithered lazily around and around the organ. Slowly, the organ grew inside my mouth, filling me nicely in a way I had missed over the past few days.

Yet, as good as this was from my point of view, I really wanted to feel Alex elsewhere inside my body. But that would wait.

I glanced up my fiancé’s body and saw his facial expression had changed subtly. He was slowly climbing out of his deep sleep, yet his eyebrows had crinkled toward the ridge of his nose, his usual (subconscious?) sign of confusion. I smiled around him. wondering if he could consciously feel the change in the formation of my lips, and returned my full attention to the lengthening rod which has enthralled me and thrilled me so many times before.

As my right hand moved slightly downward bursa görükle escort to fondle the encased testicles, my left hand slipped underneath my body and moved lower, lower, finally finding its way to my dampening womanhood. As I fingered my labia, a low moan escaped my throat, trapped behind the snug seal of my lips and resonating around the hardened shaft inside my mouth.

A soft semi-moan was sweet music to my ears. Alex was slowly awakening. I looked up at his face for a brief moment, and noticed his eyebrows still slanted toward the bridge of his nose. I wondered what he was feeling, what he was thinking. Was he “trapped” between dream and reality? Was he having a dream about my giving him oral sex, and finding it so vivid that it felt real? Or perhaps was he now truly awake, but trying to make me think he was still asleep?

His breathing quickened, and I felt a slight twitch in my mouth – a slight twitch which was not caused by my ministrations. I smiled again around my fiancé’s throbbing hardness as I descended upon it once again. Then I moaned around his manhood as I finally allowed my fingers to slip inside me, causing my entire body to also tremble from the penetration.


Hearing Alex whisper part of my name filled me with a renewed conviction. My head bobbed even faster, my tongue doubling the speed of its action. Suddenly, despite my growing wetness, my own desire took a back seat to Alex’s pleasure, and I brought my left hand up to join my right hand in lovingly fondling my fiancé. I closed my eyes and concentrated on using all my knowledge and expertise to ensure Alex would never forget being awoken in this manner.

He moaned and whimpered bursa eskort softly, occasionally whispering my name; every utterance from his lips – intelligible or otherwise – fueled my plan, allowing me to continue despite the ache beginning to form in my jaw. My fingers worked quickly, my right hand squeezing his testicles gently while rhythmically squeezing the base of his hardness with my left hand. I began to hum softly, adding yet another element to the sensations he was feeling.

Alex suddenly grabbed my head, his fingers instantly curling in my recently-shortened hair. I knew what was next, yet I still almost gagged as he suddenly thrust deep into my mouth, practically raping my throat. Instinctively, I grabbed his hips, essentially holding on for dear life as I was used like a sex toy.

And I enjoyed it so much, I was truly dripping.

With a loud groan, I felt the solid rod swell, then twitch violently as my fiancé erupted inside me, volleying his seed directly into my throat. I swallowed repeatedly as quickly as I possibly could, my own heart pounding as Alex continued to groan loudly, holding himself deep inside me until at last, I could take no more, and slapped his hips as hard as I possibly could, my signal to him that I needed him to release me.

Suddenly, I was free, laying on my back with my head on his stomach. Both of us were gasping for breath, albeit for very different yet highly-enjoyable reasons. We both whimpered softly in the aftermath of the experience, bright rays of sunlight now slowly climbing upon us from the foot of the bed.

“Melissa,” Alex whispered finally, caressing my face and gently stroking my hair.

“Was this part of you plan,” I asked softly, “in coming home early from your business trip?”

His stomach quivered slightly as he laughed softly. “Actually, I had hoped to awaken you similarly this morning. You just woke up before I did.”

I smiled, only slightly amazed that we had both had similar plans.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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