Politics Makes Good Bedfellows

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I’m trying my hand at writing from the woman’s point of view.

My name is Louise. I care. I like to get involved and make a difference. I also like to write tawdry tales for Literotica. This is one of them. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

A coalition of local organizations had agreed to participate in a mass rally in the state capitol of Albany, because the state legislature was about to pass a particularly abominable piece of legislation. We chartered a funky old bus, and got ready for an all-night ride.

The sun was going down, so I took off my sunglasses and put them in my purse. I noticed a man nearby doing a double-take; he peered at me intently, and somewhat hesitantly asked, “Aren’t you Slinky?”

I blushed, and then admitted, “I cannot tell a lie.” “Slinky” was my Literotica screen name, and I had ventured to upload my photo, assuming that no one I know would ever see it. Wrong! Well, I didn’t actually know this guy. Yet.

“I guess we’re both pretty busted,” he said. At that point, the call came to board the bus, so our conversation was interrupted.

We boarded the bus and hit the road; I sat with a group from my organization, in order to plan out the following day’s activities. The unofficial leader of our local organization was Lorena, from Puerto Rico. She was gorgeous, but a little too prim. To the best of my knowledge, she had no love life to speak of — all work, and no play.

As the evening proceeded, the bus driver seemed to have a pretty Laissez-faire attitude, because I saw a number of people passing around joints and bottles. I was busy talking about the plan, and then my friends began to go to sleep. I looked to the back of the bus, and I saw the man who had recognized me; he seemed to be staring at me, but I could not be sure in the dim light.

He was an attractive man, tall, with dark curly hair that was a little on the long side. I thought about all the stories that I had posted on Literotica; he had probably read them all, even the really hot ones. He knew intimate things about my fantasy life. I thought about all the delicious things I had written, and I wondered if they had made him jerk off. I began to feel the familiar sensation of wetness welling up in my crotch.

I looked back again — he was sitting on the kind of bench that was at the end of all the regular seats. He seemed to be looking right back at me, but in the dim light, I couldn’t be sure. I wanted to touch my pussy… Most people were asleep, the lights were low, I could take my time and give myself a treat. But then, I thought, why settle for that.

Now, in my purse was a little bong, and some herb that someone had bursa escort given me. I seldom smoke the stuff, but the friend who had given it said it was something special. I thought it might be the icebreaker I needed, so I moseyed down the aisle to the back of the bus.

“Hi, my name is Louise,” I said.

“Louise,” he replied with a mischievous grin. “I’m Andre.”

“You know,” I said, “I don’t usually do this sort of thing, but I’ve got a bong here and some reefer that is supposed to be magnificent.”

His face grew sober. “I haven’t done that in a long time,” he replied, “and there’s sort of a problem.”

“What might that be?” I asked.

He cocked his eyebrow and said, “It has a strong effect on me. An aphrodisiac effect.”

As brazenly as I could, I replied, “So, then, what’s the downside?” He looked intently at me for a moment, and then broke into the mischievous grin again, without saying a word.

Taking this as assent, I scooted him to the side, so that we were partially hidden by the seats. I loaded up the bong, lit it, and took a long hit. As I was holding it in, I loaded it up again, and gave it to him. He lit it, inhaled deeply, and closed his eyes. I exhaled, and loaded it again; it seemed to take a lot of concentration this time, to perform the task of loading and lighting it. I took another deep hit, and quickly loaded it up, very carefully, for Andre. This was powerful stuff. It seemed like the volume on all my senses was being turned up a few notches. As Andre lit up and inhaled, he reached over to caress the back of my neck. The sensation was exquisite. Then, when he was ready to exhale, he leaned over and kissed me, allowing the fragrant smoke to escape into my mouth.

The sensation of his tongue, gliding over mine, was incredibly arousing. It seemed to last a long time, and then I became aware of how wet my panties felt, and I squirmed a little. Andre broke off the kiss and whispered in my ear, “Is your pussy wet?” I swallowed and said Yes.

The next thing I knew, he was kneeling on the floor in front of me, pushing up my skirt, rubbing his face along the inside of my thighs. He inhaled my scent deeply, and seemed to enjoy it tremendously. Then he put his mouth on my panties and began to gently kiss my pussy through the sopping cotton. I was loving it, and I was on the verge of begging him to take my panties off, when suddenly he stopped.

I opened my eyes, and saw him stepping out of his trousers. He offered me his erect cock. I rubbed it with my face, feeling the wonderful, paradoxical sensation of steely hardness and velvety smoothness. I took in the sweet, musky aroma of his balls, and began to bursa merkez escort take his cock into my mouth. I gently cupped his balls in my hands, tasting his cock, and I found that it kept going deeper and deeper into my throat, and yet I had no trouble at all taking it in. I was really getting excited at this point, and I grabbed his ass, trying to force him further in — but he broke free.

He was on his knees again, coaxing off my panties. I certainly wasn’t going to offer any resistance. Slowly, but somehow, not too slowly, his tongue explored deep inside me, and then described lazy circles around my clit, and then it was inside me again. The closer I was to cumming, the more slowly his tongue wandered, until he broke off again.

It was time for me to take control. I needed to cum, and I wasn’t taking No for an answer. I told him to lie down on the seat; he obediently complied. Then I straddled his face and began to rub my pussy slowly all over his mouth. He pressed eagerly against me, licking and sucking, and I began to feel my orgasm mounting. I was not completely unaware that people nearby could see his cock throbbing skyward, right in view of the aisle, but all that mattered was the sensation spreading from my pussy to my whole body; the explosive sound I made when I came must have woken up numerous people nearby, and the sounds of delight that Andre made, as I nearly drowned him with my orgasm, were nearly as loud.

I sat still for a moment, luxuriating in the sensation, and then a new thought entered my mind: I began to think about how exciting it would be, if Andre came in my mouth. The more I thought about it, the more it became like an obsession. I slowly turned around, keeping my pussy square on Andre’s mouth, and I lowered my own mouth to his urgently throbbing cock, clasping his body to my own.

Now it was my turn to tease. I proceeded slowly, taking his cock all the way in, then almost releasing it, only to swallow it again. I loved the taste of it. I loved the smell of it. I loved the sounds he made. And, I began to realize, I really, really loved what his tongue was doing to my pussy as I sucked him.

For a moment, my attention was divided between the intense pleasure of sucking his cock, and the intense pleasure of having him eat my pussy. I was distracted for a millisecond by the awareness that a number of people were looking back down the aisle at us, straining to see us, but then the pleasures of sucking and being sucked merged into one sensation so powerful, that I forgot all about our audience. Somehow, from the movements of his hips and the tensing of his muscles, I began to realized that he was close bursa sınırsız escort to cumming, and I made a decision, seemingly from far away, to slow down.

It was then that I felt something else: I was aware of the pressure of Andre’s hands on my ass, forcing my pussy harder against his mouth; but then there was another hand, a lighter, feminine touch, that coyly traced a circle around my asshole, before following a delicate trail under my blouse, over my back, and over to my right nipple. And then another delicate hand materialized, pinching my left nipple. The fleeting thought went through my mind, that I had no clue as to who this new participant might be — and I didn’t give a damn.

It was almost as if I had not been really excited until that moment; I began sucking Andre’s cock with greater urgency, desiring his orgasm as if nothing else mattered. And I was rewarded, as he began to spurt, as I swallowed with tremendous excitement, and with each spurt I prayed that there would be more, and as I kept swallowing, my own orgasm erupted again. I heard, as if from afar, Andre crying out in ecstasy.

Again, after a moment of bliss, as my orgasm began to subside, I opened my eyes, and I saw my friend Lorena reclining before me on the seat, her skirt hiked up, her panties gone, her pussy fully aroused. I knew others were watching; Andre was still slowly, gently, working miracles on my pussy. But as I saw the lustful look on Lorena’s face, and as my gaze fell upon her beautiful, beautiful cunt, there came a moment when the only thing that mattered to me, was tasting her. Which I did.

I crawled forward, and planted my mouth on her gorgeous twat. It was the most wonderful taste in the world, and I began eating her as if there was no tomorrow. And I kept eating her as I thrilled to the feel of Andre’s hands grasping my hips, and his again-erect cock rubbing from below against my pussy lips, and then the sliding, deeper and deeper, inside me. Again, there were a few minutes, maybe more than a few, where my concentration shifted between the intense excitement of Lorena’s cunt, the powerful pleasure of tasting her, feeling the wetness on my face, the intoxicating scent — but, then there was the slow, but inexorably accelerating motion of Andre’s cock, filling me all the way, then almost withdrawing, then filling me again.

I must have been a little distracted, because I heard Lorena’s husky whisper, pleading, “Please, Louise, eat my pussy, make me cum!” And I knew that the most important thing in the world was to do what she asked.

And then, once more, the exhilarating sensations, the delicious cunt in my mouth, the violent trembling of Lorena’s body as her orgasm took hold of her, and the hypnotic, mind-blowing rhythm of Andre’s cock moving inside me, seemed to merge into one, and the sound I made, as every nerve in my body screamed with pleasure, must have been loud enough to wake the dead, but at the time, I didn’t care at all.

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