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All characters in this story are 18+.


Poppy sat impatiently on her bus, watching the outside world pass by through the window. Her hips rocked trying to gain more pleasure from the vibrating egg toy that had been pushed into her 18 year old pussy this morning. The remote to said toy was wireless so Poppy had no control over when it turned on.

Finally the school bus pulled up to her house. She got up and nodded to the bus driver before climbing off the bus. Her mother’s car sat in the drive way and the knowledge it brought made her pussy clench. Finally it was time.

She nearly sprinted into the house and she would’ve if the egg wasn’t going crazy inside her pussy. Getting to the door, she opened it and went inside. Her mother sitting in the living room to greet her.

“Hello darling!” She said sweetly as the teen crossed the room to her side.

Poppy held the edge of her skirt and lifted it up, showing her mother the bald pussy.

“Mommy I kept it in.” There was a slight tremble in her voice as the egg started buzzing harder.

“That’s my good girl. You showed just how much pleasure you need, huh?” Instead of a response, the girl whimpered. This only made her mother laugh lightly, drawing her daughter into her grip.

“I’m so proud of you, dear. I think we have time to get you off before your dad comes home. Would you like that?” The older woman ran her hands up Poppy’s shirt, lightly touching the skin. Poppy nodded quickly as she sat in her mother’s lap. Her legs spread wide for her mother.

The teen’s bare pussy was hungrily holding onto the egg her mom had pushed in early this morning. It was still buzzing away inside the ataşehir escort bayan tight hole. The older woman started to play with the teen’s swollen clit. It was stiff and needed her attention right now. Poppy started to moan as her clit was rubbed. Her mother’s hand pushed her top up and exposed her tits. “No bra? You’ll need to start wearing one, Poppy.” Poppy only moaned in response as her mom played with her body.

The growing hardness snuggled between her ass cheeks only turned on the teen more. You see, Jennifer, Poppy’s mother, was a futa. The little girl loved her mom’s dick more than anything. “Okay Poppy. Time for you to be stretched by mommy’s cock.” The girl sat up in a way that allowed her mother to pull out her stiff member. Poppy sat down once more and the cock now rested right on her clit. The warmth and pressure was enough to drive Poppy wild. She started to rub her lips on it, spreading her wetness all over the thick shaft. Jennifer gripped her thighs tightly before she pushed two fingers inside her daughter. The vibrating egg was slowly pulled out, causing Poppy to whine.

But now the real fun could start. Jennifer spread her teen daughter’s pussy lips open and angled her dick just right. With a thrust, her fat head was forced inside. “Ah!” Poppy exclaimed, biting her lip. Every time they fucked, Jennifer needed to give Poppy some time to adjust. At 12 inches long and at least 3 inches thick, it was a lot of cock for a teen pussy to take.

But Jennifer could feel just how greedy that pussy was so she kept feeding it. Every half inch made the teen wiggle. “That’s it baby.” She kissed her daughter’s neck as she finally bottomed her out. escort kadıköy

“You’re so big, Mommy.” Poppy groaned slightly, rubbing the bulge in her stomach due to the fat prick shoved into her.

“You’re so tight baby. But you manage to take all of my cock. You were born to have my cock in you.” Poppy nodded in agreement.

They didn’t move, simply sat there while Poppy’s pussy pulsed around her mother’s Dick. “That’s mommy’s girl. Hold mommy’s huge dick inside. Your pussy struggling to hold it. That’s my baby slut. I’m gonna fuck a baby into you, Poppy. Your very own incest baby.”

Then Jennifer started to thrust up. It was obvious just how much her daughter loved it as the girl started to moan loudly. Her pussy gripped the dick hard, not wanting it to pull out. But each time it was emptied, it was quickly refilled. “Fuck yes! Your slutty pussy is so hungry for my huge dick! I know you thought about it all day! My good slut!” Jennifer had one hand on Poppy’s inner thigh and the other on her tit. Said tit wasn’t very big but it was still a nice handful. She gripped both tight, loving how her skin bulged around her fingers.

“Oh baby girl. Your tit is so delicious looking!” Jennifer announced to her teen before she pulled it by the nipple. Keeping her hand still, she let the breast jiggle, refusing to let go of the nipple. Poppy moaned, her head lulling back to look at her mother.

“Ah I know how much you like it when I play with your tit. Tug your nipple till it hurts huh?” Poppy only groaned in response.

“Imagine how much it’ll fucking hurt when your tittys are full of milk! Your gonna feed your mom’s baby with these tits!”

Jennifer maltepe escort laughed at her slutty daughter. Her hand oh the teens hip helped the girl ride. But soon that was becoming a pain. There was nothing she liked more then plowing her.

Bottoming her out, Jennifer used both hands to grab those thick thighs. Then she stood up and turned, placing the teen on her hands and knees. Poppy could only moan loudly while her pussy squeezed the dick so deep in her. “Yes mommy! Fuck my tiny pussy! Ruin it! It’s yours! Put your incest baby in me!”

The thrusts got harder. “Oh I will Poppy! Everyone will know how slutty you are cause you let mommy knock you up!”

Jennifer grabbed her daughter’s hair and pulled it before starting to pound her. Poppy started to scream out moans. “That’s it! Mommy’s slut needs to be pounded!”

“Yes I do! You’re destroying my pussy!”

The teen responded. “Yeah because it’s my pussy to destroy!” The sound of skin slapping on skin only got louder as the thrusts sped up.

The teen’s pussy started to tighten, causing her mother to groan. “You’re pussy is telling me how it’s gonna cum! It’s begging for a nice filling!” Suddenly all that dick was shoved into the tiny pussy.

“Mommy’s gonna knock you up!” Cum started to gush into Poppy’s womb. Her middle started to grow heavy with the amount growing and growing.

The hot cum started to force her stomach out. “Ugh so much.” Poppy groaned. Jennifer started to slowly fuck the cum into her.

“Look at you stretch so none comes out. Your pussy wants my baby so bad. You were made to have my baby.” Jennifer murmured softly while stroking her daughter’s stomach.

Soon the teen was laid on the couch, allowed to rest. “Mama is gonna get started on dinner. take a nap.” was all Poppy heard before happily passing out.


This is my first story so thanks for reading. If you like it, please say so and I might make more like this!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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