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Upon returning from our Christmas vacation in Detroit, we had a few days before we had to go back to teaching. On the last day before school starts up again, Claire and I are laying in bed after a nap.

“I’ve been thinking,” Claire stars to say.

“A dangerous pastime I know,” I cut in.

“Shut it. I’m being serious.”

“It’s from…”

“I know what it’s from,” she says. “It was funny. Haha.” She fake laughs and then rolls to her side to face me. “I’ve been thinking. You know a couple months ago when we met Carmen and had fun with her and Jack?”

“Of course, I remember that,” I say and my mind is instantly filled with memories of the two nights we’d spent with Carmen which causes my cock to swell just a little.

“She said she found that video of us online from when we tried the cam thing right?”

“Yeah, I had them take it down.”

“And you know how horny I got a few weeks ago when you read me those comments that people had made on those pictures you posted online?”

“Are you saying…”

“What if we did it for real?” she asks and sits up leaning on her elbow. “Like what if we just go all in? Think about it. The first time we had a threesome with Carmen we’d just met her. How crazy was that? Then you let me have fun with Jack. That couple at the bed and breakfast were totally turned on by us fucking. The people on that boat could have seen us on the beach that one time. We let two masseuses give us a happy ending and that was just the first half of the year. Remember that time in the park and the drive-in? Howabout at The Secret Lounge. You could have had coworkers there who could have seen us. Not to mention the chick who cammed with us and any number of people who might have saw us over the break these past few weeks. Is it so crazy to just do it?”

“You’re talking about posting videos online right?”

“Yeah. Don’t you think it would be hot knowing strangers were watching us and getting off. I get turned on just thinking about it.”

“Would we show our faces?”

“Why not? Like I was saying, there’s dozens of people who’ve seen us fucking already. Why not make it hundreds? Thousands? Millions even? Some of those amateurs online are really starting to make an industry out of it. We can even make money.”

“How much have you been looking into this?” I ask.

“A lot. Ever since that night when you read the comments a few weeks ago.”

“Are you sure you’re comfortable with it? I mean you wanted that video taken down pretty badly before. What if someone recognizes us? Think of our jobs and the scandal that would be.”

“Here’s the thing though. Just like at The Secret Lounge, anyone who sees it would have to admit to watching porn to get us in trouble right. That’s a scandal for them alone possibly. Also, no matter what people might think. It isn’t illegal. As long as we don’t record ourselves doing anything illegal, they can’t really do anything. What two married bonus veren siteler consenting adults do isn’t anyone’s business.”

“Except with the millions of viewers online,” I joke. “All right. We can give it a try. I suppose we can always delete everything if we change our minds.”

“This will be so hot. I promise,” she says and rolls over and kisses me. “Let’s make a video right now.”

“What do you want to do?” I ask.

“That’s up to you,” she says. “Obviously, I’m the pornstar. You’re just the director that gets to fuck the hot talent.”

“I can handle that.”

“I’ll go get ready while you decide,” she says and leaves the room.

I go get one of her cameras and check the batteries. If we really get into it, we’ll have to get more equipment, but this will work for now. When she returns she’s straightened her hair and put makeup on. I tell her that I decided to just do a simple blowjob video to start. She slips on some red lingerie, and I strip off my clothes. I tell her to get on her knees, and I stand in front of her. She is eager and already starting to play with my cock while I work on the camera settings. I get them where I want them to be and hope that the lighting is good enough.

“I’m going to start recording now,” I tell her.

She nods and I press play. She grabs my hard cock in her hand and looks up at the camera with her eyes smiling.

“Mmm. Your cock is so big,” she says, and I’m startled by her performance. “I love thick cocks in my mouth.”

She strokes the length of my shaft a few times before turning her head and licking up and down the side of it. She keeps her eyes locked on the camera with her best fuck me look. I begin to think that people might actually enjoy our videos. I know I will. She licks up and down the other side of my cock and then underneath it. When she reaches the sensitive part under the tip, my cock jerks up into the air and she giggles cutely. She never giggles like that. Has she been practicing this pornstar thing? My mind is taking back to the blowjob though as she swirls her tongue around my head.

“Do you think I’m sexy?” she asks me or the camera. “I think you do. I can taste your precum already.”

She flicks her tongue across my tips several times before returning to stroking my cock. She turns her attention to my balls and begins to lick and suck them. My breath comes in sharply as she does, and I wonder if it will be on the video. Some people probably like that even if I don’t like really hearing the guy. She licks her way back up from my balls under my shaft to my head and then inserts my cock in her mouth. She keeps making as much eye contact as possible while she slowly slides her lips down my cock until she’s taken the whole thing in her mouth. She reverses the action and slowly slides her mouth back off me. She gasps for air a little bit, but it doesn’t stop her from putting my cock right back in her mouth. bedava bahis She bobs her head on my cock a few times before taking me out of her mouth. She runs her hands up and down my slick pole.

“I love sucking your cock,” she says. “I love you filling my mouth and throat with your thick cock.”

She licks her lips as she stares right at the camera before turning back to my cock. This time she sucks harder and faster. There’s no room for her hands on my cock as she practically fucks her mouth with my throbbing dick. I can hear her sucking now and she begins to moan with my cock in her mouth. She takes it out and strokes it harder for a moment before putting it back in her mouth. She deep throats me again and again. Claire has given me plenty of fantastic blowjobs but this is one of the best. At the very least, this pornstar thing has unlocked something else in her. And here I thought that last year was the peak of her sexuality. As she sucks, I feel my balls tighten and my cock twitch. I catch her eye and nod. She smiles and moans with my cock in her mouth before pulling it out and immediately stroking it hard.

“I want you to come for me,” she begs. “Come all over my cute face. I want your cum dripping all over me.”

She points my cock at her upturned face, and then to my surprise, she even opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. She’s done it before, but she’s never liked swallowing, and I’ve never pushed it even if it is hot to me. She continues to stroke my cock and then I’m coming for her. The first strand lands on her forehead above her eye and leaves a trail down her eyelid and eyelashes and her lips. The second burst of hot cum goes farther and some lands in her hair and the rest plasters the other side of her face that the first one missed. The third and final eruption doesn’t go as far but unloads the most cum and it lands on her lips and chin and all over her outstretched tongue. She pulls my cock over her mouth and tugs every last drop out catching them on her tongue. She keeps her grip on my cock and looks directly at the camera as she closes her mouth and makes a show of gulping my hot cum down. She smiles and opens her mouth to stick out her tongue again revealing that all the cum has indeed been eaten. She sticks my cock in her mouth again and cleans me off. Once clean, she lets go and my dick drops. She scoops some of the cum off her face with her fingers and licks this clean toon.

She moans and then says, “That was so hot. I love your cum dripping all over me. I can’t wait to play with your thick cock again.” Then she blows a kiss at the camera signaling me to stop recording.

I set the camera on the bed and immediately sit down because my legs are weak and shaking. Claire grabs a nearby towel from the laundry and rubs most of the remaining cum of her face. Then she comes and sits next to me. I fall backwards onto my back on the bed and she does too. She snuggles up against deneme bonus me.

“How was that?”

“I think that was one of the sexiest blowjobs you’ve ever given me.”

“You think it will go over well online?”


“Good,” she says. “I think we’re really going to enjoy this.”

A few days later after we’d made an account and gone through the verification process, we posted the video. We chose the name Galadriel&Glamdring just like we did when we did the cam thing. We promised ourselves not to check it obsessively, and I can’t say whether Claire did or didn’t, but I waited until a few days later after the first week of school had ended.

“13,000,” I say.

“Really?” Claire asks looking over at me on the couch knowing right away what I was talking about.

“I mean compared to a lot of videos that isn’t much, but also, that is a lot of people watching you suck me off.”

“So hot knowing that,” she says and scoots closer to me to look at my phone screen. “Read me some of the comments.”

“Here’s the first one,” I say. “And I wasn’t planning on masturbating today.”

” I guess that is at least on person who we’ve helped get off,” she says smiling. “Go on. I’ll listen.”

“Take that bra off,” I continue to read. “Cute girl with a great rack.” I pause and look over at her but she’s simply listening intently. “Wow, she is hot. Clearly she knows how to work a cock.”

“Okay,” she says. “I can’t just listen.” She pulls off her shirt and unclips her bra. She pulls down her pants and panties exposing her already wet pussy. She starts to squeeze and pinch her nipples while she plays with her clit. “I’m ready now.”

I stare at her a moment appreciating the raw beauty and sexiness of her before I start reading again, “This is great I’ve been looking for a girl with green eyes.” My cock hardens as she moans while I read on, “I loved it. More videos like this please. I like the color of your nails too. This video is going to favorites.”

“I guess you’re not the only one who likes fingernail polish,” she says slightly out of breath.

“You’re a goddess. I would love you to make an oiled up creampie video.”

“That would be so hot,” she says. “Fuck, I’m so turned on.”

“You should be fucked when wearing this beautiful makeup,” I read but then pause for her response. When she doesn’t say anything but continues to play with herself, I continue, “What a great swallower. I’d love to come down your throat.”

She moans, but I can’t take it any more either. I put my phone down and pull her into my lap and kiss her. She tries to pull my cock out but can’t from this position. She gets up and pulls my pants down before straddling me again. She slides my hard cock right into her pussy and begins to ride and grind on me on the couch. We’re both so turned on that it doesn’t take long before she’s coming on my hard cock and I’m unloaded my hot cum deep in her pussy. When we both come down from our orgasmic highs she rests her head on my shoulder still straddling me with my softening dick still in her.

“We have other videos we’ve made already right? We should upload those too right away.”

I simply not and kiss her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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