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My sister Alicia has taken to showing off her tits. She is eighteen now and I guess she figures our parents can’t tell her how to dress. I am her older brother. I am twenty two now and I have been noticing that she goes around without a bra. I have my own small apartment and Alicia sometimes comes over when she wants to escape from our parents. It was one Saturday morning when I heard the doorbell ring. I looked out and saw my sister standing there. Sure enough she was wearing a tight shirt and no bra.

I opened the door and let her in.

“I had to get away from Mom and Dad,” she told me.

When I asked why she said that Mom was mad at her for not wearing a bra and showing off her breasts in public.

“She’s right you know, you should cover up,” I told her.

“When did you become such a prude?” She asked.

I said I wasn’t a prude. She still lived under our parent’s roof so she should do as they asked. Alicia made a face like she thought I would agree with her wearing whatever she wanted. Then she threw this phrase at me.

“I see you looking from time to time.”

My face must have turned red. I had checked out her chest. How could I avoid not looking?

“Did you come here to pick a fight with me?” I asked her.

“I thought you would take my side when I needed you to,” she said.

My sister was talking but I was staring at her tits. You could tell her breasts were medium sized. I could clearly see her puffy nipples pressing out of the shirt she was wearing. Maybe Alicia could tell where I was paying attention.

“Do you like my tits Rob?” She asked me.

How was I supposed to answer that? Of course I did. I couldn’t very well tell my young sister that I would love to see them for real. Alicia just smiled at me. She must have known she was embarrassing me. She did the unexpected. She slowly lifted up the edge of her shirt and her naked breasts came escort ataşehir popping out. Damn, they were beautiful.

“You can touch them if you like,” she said to me.

I just stood there frozen to the floor. If I did as she asked there would be no turning back. I was trying to be good. Alicia walked over to where I was. She took my hands and placed them on each of her tits. My sister let out this low moan. I must have lost my composure. I started to squeeze each one. For those few moments brother and sister were in ecstasy.

“I want you to kiss them Rob,” she told me.

I shocked myself and did as she asked. I took turns sucking on those puffy areolas. Alicia placed her hands on the back of my head. She was urging me to take as much of her tits into my mouth as I could. We both lost control right then. I had to have my sister, damn the consequences. I brought my hands to her hips and I began to push pants and panties down to the floor.

I looked down to see my sister’s shaved pussy. Her mound was bald and I could clearly see her pussy lips. My dick was growing in my pants.

“Let me see your cock Rob,” she pleaded with me.

As Alicia kicked off her clothes and removed her shoes and socks, I undressed. My seven inch boner was now revealed to my horny sister.

“Oh my God Rob, you’re huge!” She told me.

I was also hard as a rock. Alicia knelt down in front of me. She took my dick in her hand and she stroked me a few times. I tried to tell her to stop but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. My sister placed her lips around my rod and she took me in her mouth. I did what came natural. I put a hand on the back of her head and I urged her to take all of me down her throat.

Alicia was making these slurping noises as she bobbed up and down my hard prick. After a few minutes of that, Alicia pulled away and stood up.

“Make love to me Rob,” kadıköy escort was all she said.

I led her back to my bed and Alicia got onto her back. She drew her legs back and and she spread for me. I could see she was already wet down below. I climbed onto the bed. I pushed her knees aside. My cock was pointing straight for my sister’s opening. My mushroom touched her folds and I slid into her pussy.

Alicia cried out as I pushed all the way to the bottom and I held my dick there. Alicia’s muscles were clamped down tight around my pole. I didn’t even stroke her for a few minutes. I just held in place as my sister became adjusted to my thick prick.

“Please Rob, fuck me hard,” she finally said.

I withdrew my cock, leaving just the head in place. I plunged in the whole way. She screamed loudly. I kept taking my sister just like that. I could swear I was hitting bottom with every stroke I gave her. Her pussy was tight, that much was for sure. I felt like an animal in heat. My sister was mine now and I would have her any way I liked.

I lowered my face and I found her hard, pouting nipples. I was chewing on them now. Alicia was losing control. She was grinding onto my cock as I took her pussy for my own. Sucking on those nipples was icing on the cake. We did it in that position for some minutes. I gathered up my sister’s body and we flipped around. Alicia was now on top of me.

I brought my hips up and fed her pussy. Alicia was sliding up and down on me. I reached up and cupped her hard nipples. I can tell you I had never experienced sex like this before. The excitement of fucking your young sister was almost too much. After maybe twenty minutes I knew I was getting close. I told my sister that I better pull out.

“No! I want you to cum in me,” she said.

There was no time for a debate. I only hoped that my sister was taking birth control. I was feeding maltepe escort bayan my sister with my bare cock. We did it a few more minutes. I could tell that Alicia was close to a big climax. I eventually flooded my sister’s womb with my hot, oily seed. Alicia’s head snapped back when she felt me shoot my cum into her tight pussy. She used her muscles to get every drop from me.

I had a lot of cream to give my sister. I must have squirted five or six big loads of my baby seed into her greedy body. She took every drop from me. We kept fucking for some minutes until I felt my cock finally getting soft. I pulled out with a plopping noise. Alicia pulled back and I watched as my white seed came dripping out of her hole. Alicia got herself together some and she went into my bathroom.

When she came back she was cleaned up somewhat. She leaned over me and we kissed.

“I hope do that again soon,” she said to me.

I wanted that as well but I was spent for one day. We spent some extra time in bed just talking, kissing and fondling each other. Alicia cleaned off my spent cock with her mouth. My cock was so sensitive as my sister slowly went down to the root of my dick. I think she wanted to go again but my cock was feeling sore. We got dressed and Alicia said she didn’t want to go back home to our parents right now.

“All I can think of is you feeding me your big cock,” she told me.

I was going to be thinking of today for a long time to come. As Alicia was leaving she told me I didn’t have to worry. She was taking birth control pills. There wouldn’t be any accidents. My sister did ask if she could stop by on Sunday, maybe for a a repeat performance. I told her to drop around. That brought a big smile to her face. She kissed me one last time and then left.

I am on my bed now thinking of everything that happened today. I know that my sister will become my lover from now on. I also thought about something forbidden. What if I made my sister pregnant? I wonder if she was thinking the same thing as me. I don’t know how we would ever explain such a thing. I do know my cock was twitching when I pictured my sister with a swollen belly, all caused by me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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