Quick Repair Service 01

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


From The Mall.

Danny Boudreaux sat in the food court of the Courtyard Mall, enjoying his Orange Chicken from Panda Express.

As much as he was enjoying the meal, he was really appreciating the view. The Courtyard Mall had been set up to resemble a street fair, a Spanish bazaar. Albeit, a covered street fair, but it had many of the characteristics of the European open air markets.

There was a young lady, Danny guessed her age to be anywhere from fifteen to twenty, he really couldn’t tell from the rear, that was playing skeet ball. To the chagrin of the hawker, the girl was routinely getting the ball into the ‘Seventy Five’ or the ‘One Hundred’ point holes.

Danny was enjoying the view because the girl wore a bikini top and a pair of denim shorts that had been ripped severely short, revealing the bottom halves of her sweet bubble butt.

“All right, all right,” the hawker finally said to the girl. “You’ve had your turn.”

“Nun uh; I gave you five bucks; I get fifteen times and that was only nine,” the girl declared.

Her next six shots again went into either the seventy five or the one hundred point hole.

“Okay,” the hawker said. “That was nine into the fifty and…”

“Nuh uh!” the girl shrilled.

“Sir, either count it right or I will have to speak to your manager,” Danny said, stepping up to stand next to the girl.

Danny was six feet, three inches tall, and well-muscled. The hawker, a young man in his early twenties was only five foot seven and scrawny.

“Well then it was five in the…” the young man started.

“Her first two went into the fifty,” Danny said, pointing to where his food still sat. “I was sitting right there, watching.”

“Yeah,” the girl agreed.

Up close, she was cute. Danny still couldn’t guess her age. She had brown eyes, a bit of a pug nose and pale pink lips. There was a sprinkling of freckles across her cheeks and pug nose, making her look quite young indeed. Her brown hair reached to the tops of her slim shoulders and was parted on the left side, swept back by her constant pushing it back with her dainty hand.

“Okay, two in the fifty point hole, and uh, one in the twenty five…” the hawker said.

“Get your manager, now,” Danny sighed.

A nervous looking man stepped up a moment later.

“This young lady got two balls into the fifty point hold, six into the seventy five point hole and seven into the one hundred point hole,” Danny forcefully told the manager. “Like I told your employee here, I was sitting right there, watching.”

“So? What’s the problem, Travis?” the manager asked his employee.

“He’s trying cheat me,” the girl said.

“And you saw her make them points?” the manager asked Danny.

“Yes I did,” Danny stated. “Again, I’m sitting right there, Ma’am’ I’m not finished with that. Thank you.”

The mall employee shot Danny a look, as if to say ‘well? Hurry up’ and walked away.

Travis, the hawker grumbled and mumbled under his breath, but printed up the twelve hundred and fifty points worth of tickets.

“Thanks, Mister,” the girl said, still glaring at Travis.

(She had a bit of an odd lisp; when she said “Thanks, Mister,” it came out as ‘thankth Mishter.’)

“Welcome, miss,” Danny said and returned to his now cold food.

The next game of chance was a ‘Guess Your Weight’ booth and the girl did not even pause, even though the barker cajoled her.

“Like I want everyone knowing how fat I am?” she scoffed.

Danny shook his head. The girl was not in the least bit fat. When he’d stepped up to her defense, he’d seen that her breasts were small, barely a handful. Her belly was concave, with a delightful little navel, with a cute belly piercing, a barbell.

The next booth had twenty five glasses, goblets really, arranged in rows of five apiece. The object was to get a quarter into any of the goblets. Each goblet had a different point value written into the bottom, ranging from ten to one hundred. The one hundred point goblet was dead center.

All around the goblets were several quarters, the quarters of those that had tried and failed.

The girl put two crumpled dollar bills on the counter and the barker loudly announced a new player as he put her eight quarters onto the counter.

Danny watched her cute buttocks as she prepared to toss the first quarter.

“Poo-poo pants! What up bitch?” a young man loudly called out as he and four other young males walked by.

Danny glared at the loutish young man and his giggling companions.

Obviously, the taunt had upset the girl; she almost put the quarters back onto the counter and scampered away.

But she steeled herself, glared hatefully at the young man and his companions, then concentrated on the task at hand.

“Aw, try again, Sweetheart,” the barker called out.

The girl saw that the bowl of the goblets were shallow enough that any quarter that did land inside would simply skim right back out of güvenilir bahis the goblet.

Smiling with this knowledge, she again took aim, not at the one hundred point goblet, but the ten point goblet right in front of the one hundred point goblet. The toss skimmed into the bowl of the ten point goblet and it skipped to and landed into the one hundred point goblet with a ‘clink.’

“We have a one hundred pointer!” the barker called out after he swallowed his surprise.

She managed to get five out of the eight quarters into the one hundred point goblet by using the ten point goblet to skim it into the other.

And again, the barker tried to cheat her, claiming she’d only gotten three quarters into the bowl.

“Son, she got five into that hundred pointer,” Danny growled at the young man. “I’m sitting right there and I heard you announce it five times.

“Thanks, Mister,” the girl said again, glaring at the barker.

“Yes sir,” the barker said and gave the girl her five one hundred point tickets.

“I uh, I noticed that young man; what he said got you pretty bent out of shape,” Danny said.

“Brian? Yeah,” the girl said.

She smiled tightly.

“First grade, I pooped my pants but God damn, really? Like twelve, no, thirteen, no, no, twelve years ago! Get over it, huh?” she said.

“Said his name is Brian?” Danny asked, looking over at the group of young men.

“Yeah, Brian McCall,” the girl snarled.

“Watch this,” Danny smiled, walking over to where Brian and his friends were teasing another young man that was failing miserably at knocking over milk bottles with loaded baseballs. The young man’s girlfriend wasn’t helping; she kept giggling as Brian and his companions jeered.

“Brian! Hi! Oh my God, what are you doing here?” Danny called out in an affected squeal.

“Huh?” Brian asked, looking at the tall man.

“Hi! So, Bri, who are your friends?” Danny said, putting an affectionate arm around Brian’s waist.

“What the fuck? Get off me, faggot!” Brian yelled, pushing Danny away.

“Faggot? Really? Well, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, huh bitch?” Danny spat, still affecting a squeal.

He turned to Brian’s stunned companions.

“Well, any of you boys want to see the little love bite Mr. McCall gave me? It’s a cutely,” Danny said, moving to lift up his shirt.

“Guys, I have no idea who this mother fucker is,” Brian begged to his friends.

“Uh yeah, uh huh,” the tallest of the boys said.

Within seconds of his arrival, the five boys had split away. Brian was in tears, protesting his innocence.

“O.M.G, I can’t believe you did that!” the girl squealed, eyes wide with delight.

“Yeah, well, never have liked little ass wipes like that,” Danny admitted.

“Are you gay?” the girl asked, looking at the handsome man.

“Me? No,” Danny laughed.

“But, now everyone around here thinks you are,” the girl said, looking at the few people that were looking at them.

“So?” Danny shrugged. “Honey, I’m forty three years old. Like I care what a bunch of people I’ll probably never see again think about me?”

“You’re forty three? God, you’re older than my mom!” the girl gasped, looking up at him.

“Oh, great, thanks,” Danny smiled easily. NOW I feel great about myself.”

Just then his phone chimed and he pulled it out of his shirt pocket.

“T Dan’s electronics and appliances,” he said.

He frowned, then pulled the telephone away from his ear. He scrolled to his calendar, looked at it for a minute, and then put it back to his ear.

“Okay, no, no, it happens, uh, let’s see, I can fit you in for seven tomorrow morning; that work for you?” he said into the phone.

With a sigh, he ended the call and smiled tightly at the girl.

“Well, this was a wasted trip,” he said, turning to exit the mall.

“Why? What’s up?” the girl asked, following him.

“Had a repair, dishwasher scheduled for two, well, she just cancelled. Hell, I’d known that, I would have just gone on home after my last call,” he explained.

He then shrugged and smiled at the cute girl.

“Well, not totally wasted,” he amended. “I did get to piss in Brian’s corn flakes and did get to make sure those little ass holes didn’t cheat you, huh?”

“Oh yeah, you come with me when I turn them in?” she begged, actually grabbing his bulging bicep and pulling him toward the bank of cashiers.

The girl approached one bored looking girl and presented her with the tickets.

“Damn girl, you go!” the cashier said as she tallied the tickets. “That’s thirty eight dollars and fifty cents altogether!”

“Just from playing skeet ball?” Danny asked, surprised.

“And the milk bottle thingie,” the girl agreed as they stepped out into the oppressive humidity of Pinoak, Louisiana on a hot June day.

She looked around to make sure no one was listening.

“I was the pitcher for our softball team,” she confided. “Even if they do got their baseballs loaded? You figure out where it’s going to drop, you can knock them down every time.”

“That türkçe bahis hurt?” Danny asked, pointing to her belly piercing. “I mean, think it’s cute as all get out, but ‘Ouch!'”

“Huh? No, well, a little bit but nowhere near as much as this one,” she said, then stuck out her pink tongue.

Danny smiled, now he realized why she had the odd lisp. There was a stud, a post on the end of her tongue.

“Now, why would anyone want a trailer hitch on their tongue?” he teased her and she blushed lightly.

“Sound just like my mom,” she said. “Darlene! I can’t believe you! Take all your birthday money and spend it on that?”

She again looked around but there was no one following them as Danny walked toward his cargo van.

“It’s uh, it’s for oral sex,” she whispered.

“You need a piercing for oral sex, you’re not doing it right,” Danny smiled. “I do just fine without one, thank you very much.”

“Well, here I am,” he said, opening the door to his van.

“‘T-Dan’s Quick Repair Service,'” Darlene read aloud as she looked at the printing on the side of the van. “Electronics and appliances.”

“That’s me; T-Dan,” Danny smiled. “My mom’s older brother was Daniel so they called me T-Dan growing up.”

He prepared to climb into the van.

“You uh, you got a way get home?” he asked as she just stood there, still reading the printing on his van.

“Why’s it say ‘Cash are Charge, no checks?'” she asked.

“Was working for O’Neil’s, out in Elgee?” Danny said.

“Furniture place? Yeah, I know them,” Darlene agreed.

“Anyway, go out, do this seven hundred dollar job and customer gives me a check,” Danny explained. “Well, son of a bitch bounces and get this; Tim O’Neil? Took over when his brother Bob got sick, anyway, Tim tries taking it out of my check and I’m like ‘No sir! Been telling y’all, y’all need quit taking personal checks.’ Anyway, Tim starts giving me all the shit jobs, the piddling little nickel and dime shit so I quit and started up T-Dan’s.”

Darlene nodded her approval.

“And, believe this? Bob gets better and he’s back and runs Tim’s ass out of there and so now I do a little for them on the side. That’s why I’m all the way out here; O’Neil’s did a dishwasher over at them apartments and I was the only one they had can do them.”

Again he turned to get into his van.

“So, you uh, you got a way home or what?” he asked again.

“Huh? No, walk I guess,” Darlene said, looking east on Madrid Drive.

“Well, hop in I’ll give you a ride,” Danny offered.

Darlene looked again down Madrid Drive, then back at the mall.

“You don’t have to,” Danny said. “I mean, shit, hot as it is…”

“Well, where you going?” Darlene asked.

“Home,” Danny said. “Been up since five, go home, get out of my sweaty ass clothes, probably piddle fart around.”

He shrugged.

“Got a shit load of paper work to really ought to get busy on that. But the truth is, I’ll probably just smoke a couple and not do shit,” he admitted.

“Smoke a couple of what?” Darlene asked, eyes wide with interest.

“Little bit of weed. Yeah, buddy of mine does the hydroponics thing? Good shit,” Danny agreed and hit the door lock button. “Why? You smoke?”

“Uh, yeah!” Darlene agreed.

“Get in,” Danny nodded and Darlene scampered around to the passenger side of the large van.

“Need to call your mom?” Danny asked as he navigated the parking lot.

“Ow! The seat’s hot!” Darlene protested.

“Shorts weren’t letting your ass all hanging out wouldn’t be a problem,” Danny thought, but didn’t say it.

“Need call your mom, let her know where you’re going?” He asked again.

“Huh? No, no, she’s like ‘you’re eighteen now, time for you get out on your own,'” Darlene affected a high pitched voice.

He was relieved to hear that she was eighteen years of age.

Danny drove out of Pinoak and to Jack’s Creek, Louisiana.

“Toxic dump’s right there,” he said, pointing to King Sanitation Landfill, an area that had a ten foot tall chain link fence with barbed wire along the top. “So, you start glowing in the dark? That’s why.”

She giggled and he smiled.

He turned down a gravel path and then turned on to a clam shell parking lot. There were sixteen house trailers on the parking lot.

“And, here we are,” he said, pulling up to a clean looking double wide trailer.

Darlene clambered out of the van and waited impatiently for Danny. But Danny made sure to get his tools out of the rear of his van, then tested all doors of the van before finally walking up to the front door of his trailer.

“Oh no, here comes trouble!” they heard someone screech and Darlene jumped.

“Who you calling trouble, you ugly feather duster?” Danny called out.

“You ugly, you ugly, your momma says you ugly,” the cockatoo screeched at Danny.

“Darlene, meet Kurt Cobain,” Danny introduced the girl to his pet.

“Kurt, the guy from that band?” Darlene asked. “God, he died before I was even born!”

“Oh no, here comes trouble,” the bird screeched.

“Yeah, you’re right,” güvenilir bahis siteleri Danny smiled and held out a treat for the bird. “She might be trouble.

“Trouble with a capital T,” the bird agreed.

“I am not!” Darlene giggled, slapping Danny’s arm. “Don’t tell him that!”

Danny put his tools down and nodded toward his couch.

Darlene looked around the spacious living room, looked at the good, sturdy furniture, and looked at the wall-mounted television and the game controllers on the coffee table.

“Here; any good at rolling?” Danny asked, reaching for a shelf underneath the coffee table and pulling out a small plastic bag of marijuana.

She got out the packet of Zig Zag rolling papers and did a clumsy job.

“Uh huh, that post of yours, huh?” Danny teased.

“Shut up!” Darlene squealed as he showed her how to quickly, efficiently roll a good joint.

Then he lighted it.

“So, that post of yours good for anything other than oral sex?” Danny asked as she sucked greedily on the joint.

“Supposed be good for making out,” she agreed, eyes watering slightly.

“Supposed be? You don’t know?” Danny asked.

She didn’t answer, just coughed at the harsh smoke.

“Much as this one hurt? Didn’t hurt half as much as my nipple ones,” Darlene admitted, pointing to her small bikini top.

Danny glanced at her small chest and shook his head. He did not see anything indicating nipple piercings through the bright American flag design printed on the bikini top.

She took the offered joint and took a deep drag, then held the smoke in her lungs.

“Yeah, girl did my left one and I almost told her stop,” Darlene admitted in a strangled voice.

She let the smoke out and again took the joint from his fingers.

“This is good shit,” she claimed and took another hit. “But when she did my right one? I actually peed on myself it hurt so fucking bad.”

“So instead of Poo-poo pants, could call you pissy pants,” Danny thought, but didn’t say anything as he busied himself rolling another joint.

He lighted the second joint while she finished smoking the first one.

“So, you don’t know if that post’s good for anything but giving head, huh?” Danny asked as they finished smoking the second joint.

“Making out, but ain’t never done that so really wouldn’t know,” Darlene admitted.

“Here, let’s see,” Danny said and leaned over.

The first kiss was soft, gentle.

She obviously liked kissing; she initiated the second kiss and was almost frenzied in her actions.

He let his right hand drop down to her bikini top and she moaned in his mouth as he found her left nipple, and a small hoop.

“Oh!” she moaned, pulling away and looking down at his hand.

“Yeah!” he asked her.

“I like that; feels weird but I like it,” she admitted and again jammed her tongue into his mouth.

He eased her bikini top up, exposing her small A-cup breast, then pulled his mouth away from her mouth. She actually squealed when he sucked her nipple into his mouth and moaned when he used his teeth to lightly pull on her nipple ring. A second moan came when he sucked her entire breast into his mouth.

Darlene Guidry did not stop to think that she was sitting in a trailer, with a man she did not know, a man that was twenty five years older than she was. She did not think about the fact that she was smoking marijuana, fairly potent marijuana with a total stranger that was older than her mother.

She didn’t even think that her mother might be concerned; she was several miles away from the apartment she and her mother and her two younger sisters shared.

Right now, all Darlene Guidry thought about was how pleasantly buzzed she felt, and how good his hot mouth felt on her sensitive breast.

Danny pulled his mouth off of her small breast with an audible ‘pop’ and again kissed her lips. Again Darlene jammed her tongue into his mouth and they kissed hotly.

He eased her bikini top up some more, exposing the right breast. She moaned into his mouth as his left hand played with her right breast.

His left hand fell to her waist and gently rubbed her back, then dipped and squeezed her left buttock.

He then pulled his mouth away from hers. She followed his mouth, wanting to kiss more. But she ceased her movement when his mouth began sucking on her right nipple.

His left hand fell to her right buttock and both hands squeezed and kneaded her sweet bubble butt.

His right hand wormed up underneath the frayed material of her shorts and he found that she was without panties.

Then his left hand came around and unsnapped her denim shorts.

He raised his head and again began kissing her mouth while his right hand unsnapped her bikini top.

“Oh!” Darlene moaned as his left hand stroked her lightly furred crotch.

They dueled, tongue to tongue while Danny touched her tight young flesh.

“Oh!” she moaned again when he released her mouth and again toyed with her small breasts.

Her flip flops slid from her feet as he pushed her gently to lay on her back on the couch.

Darlene did not stop to think, did not stop to ask herself if this was how she wanted to lose her virginity. Lose her virginity to a much older man, a man she’d met less than two hours earlier.

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