Ramona 2

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I could only hope her first visit was as exciting as the first time I visited her. I would do my best, to ensure it was. I let her know that when she arrived I might still be asleep, since we had stayed up late giggling and sending each other random messages. She was allowed to just come inside, if that was the case. I wasn’t, of course. How could I sleep knowing she was driving towards me, getting closer, knocking on my door? I pretended, and didn’t answer. I heard her knock again, preceding a few silent seconds, and then the door opening and footsteps. It sounded like she crept down the hall and then called my name. Fighting a grin, I played dead and she made it to my bedroom door and slowly snuck it open.

I was laying naked, with the blanket draped over one leg and up half my body. The other half was bare, and angled so that she could see from my toes to my head, from the door. My semi hard cock was also visible, tensed against the blanket. Eyes closed, I heard her step towards me, and call my name again, this time a little heated and with a heavier breath. Giving up I opened my eyes and grinned at her. As she fiercely blushed but stood her ground, she softly murmured, “You’re naked.” I grinned again and boldly stated, “You’re not?” adding a challenge and an invitation to my tone.

Blushing even harder, she’s really amazing at blushing and I greatly enjoy it, she bit her lip in that cute girl way and eyed the bed. Then, with a large sigh, she moved her hands to the hem of her t-shirt and began to lift it. As she bared her skin for me, it wasn’t like porn. Though she knows I like to watch her and she lingers with clothing like her bra covering what I want to see, there was no blatant hiding and canlı bahis şirketleri then flaunting of herself. This realness only seemed to make it more enjoyable. Her tiny silver necklace stayed around her neck and dangled in the light as she bent forward to remove her jeans from her smooth, elegantly toned legs. I seem to be obsessed with her skin, and I watched it shimmer and anticipated touching it as her hands found her panties and slid them down to her ankles.

As my eyes returned to hers, standing nude by my bed, I lifted up the blanket and welcomed her into my arms. She nestled against me, her leg wrapped across mine just under my balls and her head was cradled by my chest and shoulder. My hands rested one on her thigh, and the other supported and squeezed her against me along her back and hip. We enjoyed the simplicity of being reunited and occasionally offered each other short kisses. Idly, I began to trace tiny patterns across the skin of her thigh. Nothing specific, and with no plan in mind beyond enjoying her, I drew little squares and squiggles and nothing at all. Just the very tips of the curves of my fingertips drawn along and up her hip bone and down her stomach. My other hand played across her hip and down the small of her back, occasionally grazing the top of her cute, petite butt. As my fingers came up her abs, around her belly button, and neared her ribs, I noticed her breathing had gotten much heavier.

All at once she disentangled herself from my embrace and crawled on her hands and knees to my still semi erect cock. In one fell motion she took it into her mouth and began to energetically suck it. I grinned at my unintentional encouragement and leaned back to revel in her canlı kaçak iddaa mouth. Her breasts lightly grazed my abs when she dipped her body down to get a different hold on my cock, her excited nipples tickling me and sending absent minded shivers through her. When she moved up from my body, her necklace continued the tickling where her breasts left off. After about a minute of brilliant licking and sucking, I pulled her kneeling butt across my chest to straddle me. With her pussy inches from my face, I licked from her smooth pubic area, across her clit, and then all the way across her pussy and as deep into her as I could shove my tongue. I didn’t give her any warning or chance to get acclimated, as she didn’t give me the chance either. Once my tongue was slick and slippery all the way down with her wetness I stopped straining and returned my attention to her clit. My quick circles started as she quickened her pace on my cock. I had trouble not thrusting up into her mouth, but every once in a while I would inadvertently gag her a little as I lost control of my lower body in my focus on her clit.

She knows what I like, and is almost constantly happy to oblige me. Using her hand to rapidly jack the base of my cock, she used slower motions with her mouth, up and down across the head and half its length. Occasionally, she would stop sucking and run her lips up and down the side and front with a constant sucking. She’d then return to sucking my whole cock into her mouth, faster and faster. I didn’t mind the random switching of sensations, as long as it was fast enough. At one point she moved her other hand that had been rubbing and twisting her nipple in tiny motions down to join the first on my cock. She canlı kaçak bahis jacked me hard and fast on her elbows with her saliva making her motions faster. She then switched their direction and each one was going opposite of the other, stretching and squeezing my cock. I clenched and thrust upward and she laughed and returned her mouth to my now quivering shaft.

As my cock throbbed and pulsed in her mouth, nearing orgasm, I started to take her clit entirely into my mouth, sucking it while I licked and flicked my tongue across it. She moaned around my cock and I began to cum into her. I slowed my tongue circles so that she could breathe and focus. She sucked all of my cum, spurt after spurt, breathing hard through her nose. She licked me clean in sensitive laps and then sighed and leaned her face and body against me. Her breasts rested against me and her head dropped in a cascade of tickling hair near my still partially aroused member. Her attractive little butt was the only thing left in the air. I returned to my more intense exertions on her pussy. I licked in circles for a little while, and then sucked her clit into my mouth. I flicked it and every once in a while drug my tongue across it with mild pressure. I worked into a rhythm of circling and sucking while she neared her own orgasm, digging her hands into the sheets and blankets and then clutching around me. My hands cupped around her butt cheeks and stretched her legs a little wider with a tender force. When it was clear she was close, I added a little rougher nibbling to the sucking motion. She began to orgasm and shudder against me, and I continued until the shudders subsided.

She sighed one last time and crawled back into my embrace. We kissed again, this time passionately. Our cum filled tongues having sex in our mouths. As our passion was sated, we relaxed back and held each other close, knowing that in too short a time we’d have to return to our normal, timid lives.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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