Reception Encounter

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Lindsay licked her lips. She would love to know the man in the tuxedo. She’d been eyeing him ever since the ceremony when she saw him standing next to the groom. He had a pair of sinfully full lips that she wanted to suck on and thick, silky dark hair she wanted to run her fingers through. She caught his eye and slowly, teasingly licked her lips.

Tim caught sight of the tall, leggy blonde during the receiving line but hadn’t had the chance to meet her yet. She was wearing a short, dark pink skirt with a matching jacket and stiletto shoes. He saw her watching him out of the corner of his eye and turned to look at her, his gaze curious. When she slowly licked her hips he felt his cock twitch and harden with interest.

Lindsay watched as he quirked an eyebrow at her. In that second she wanted him with a ferocity that surprised her. She enjoyed sex and had it often, but the look this man gave her…she could feel her nipples hardening and her cunt lips getting moist. The jacket he was wearing did nothing to hide the breadth of his shoulders. She took one hand and slid it from the back of her neck down, circling a breast, enjoying the feel of her nipples hardening even more, before traveling down to the hem of her skirt.

Tim watched as the blonde’s fingers circle the hardened nub of her nipple. He felt his cock harden and thicken even more as he approached the state of full arousal. Her fingers skimmed the hem of her skirt, teasing him. He shifted uncomfortably as she slid her fingers under the edge, stroking the inside of her thigh. He suddenly wanted to be those fingers. When she stood up he straightened. She was going to come over to him. She dipped a finger into her champagne glass and brought it to her mouth, sucking off the liquid before turning and walked to the entrance.

Lindsay watched his eyes, watched how his lids lowered as she stroked the inside of her thigh. She thought sucking the champagne off her finger was inspired. Hopefully he was too, took the hint, and decided to follow her. She walked slowly giving her hips that extra little swing to seduce him.

Tim watched her hips swaying as she walked away, enticing him with every swish. He was hard and throbbing as her swaying hips brought forth images of his hands clasping them as he buried his length inside her. He knew he had to have a piece of that ass, and soon. He quickly finished off his drink and then followed her out the door and down the hall.

Lindsay stood in front of the bathroom mirror and primped her hair. She really hoped he followed her. She was itchy, needy, and she just knew he would be able to scratch all her spots. The moisture between her legs had thickened with the thought of him following her, meeting her. The question was, would he? She heard the door open and her heart sped up. A low snick, the sound of a lock being engaged, pierced the silence. She turned just as he rounded the corner. Mrrowww. He looked even better up close.

“So, was that little show you put on for my benefit or for every guy in the vicinity?” Tim asked her as he approached her.

“It was mainly for your benefit,” she replied, noticing his hard cock straining the front of his pants. “But if you weren’t interested I would have appreciated anyone willing to take up bahis siteleri the gauntlet,” she lied. She wantedhimand she was going to have him, no matter what it took.

“Oh, I’m interested. I would have to be dead to not be interested,” he replied with a grin as he stroked a hand over his erection.

“Are you going to do anything about it? she asked leaning back against the vanity, her weight on her arms.

“I’m thinking about it,” he replied, intrigued by how the move pushed her breasts out, making her already hard nipples even more obvious. He was hard and achy and had every intention of burying his cock deep inside her, but he was also curious to see how far she’d actually go.

“Can I do anything to convince you?” she asked throatily as she spread her legs a little. God, she was so wet she was surprised it wasn’t dripping down her legs.

“I don’t know. Can you?” he replied, grinning even wider as her skirt stretched to its limits.

Lindsay straightened and ran her hands up her thighs, pulling at her skirt before crossing to her torso and unbuttoning her jacket. She stopped wanting to draw out the anticipation of the moment. The jacket hung open but didn’t reveal anything more than the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Is that all you have?” he goaded. Her skirt had raised just enough to give him a shadowy glimpse between her thighs before her hands had moved to her jacket. His cock was straining the front of his tuxedo pants. He wanted to see more, much more, but she was playing the tease. Surprisingly, he was enjoying it.

Lindsay looked him up and down, her eyes lingering on his visible erection. Licking her lips, she stepped toward him, her jacket brushing her hardened nipples and sending tingles through her breasts and down to her aching pussy.

“Oh no. I have much, much more,” she whispered huskily into his ear. Reaching out, she wrapped one hand around his cock and continued, “It seems that you have a lot as well.”

“Baby you don’t know the half of it,” he growled lowly. Her scent wafted up to him, hot, spicy, erotic. His cock surged with blood, thickening him to full hardness as she clasped him in her hand.

Lindsay sucked on his earlobe as her hand stroked his cock feeling him jump and thicken in her hand. “I want to know the whole of it,” she replied, squeezing him.

“Jesus!” he groaned. Grabbing the back of her head, he pulled her mouth away from his ear before slamming his lips down on hers. His tongue thrust deep inside her mouth, stroking each and every crevasse, twining with her tongue. She tasted sweet, spicy, and a little hot. Almost like cinnamon candies. He walked her backward to the counter top and one hand reached inside her jacket to find her hard, aching nipples. He heard her groan deep in her throat as his fingers plucked and pinched. Her breasts were soft mounds that fit in his hands. Her nipples hardened and tightened even more as he plucked, pinched and rolled them between his fingers. His mouth watered with the thought of tasting them, rolling them around his tongue.

Lindsay couldn’t believe he’d actually accepted her challenge. She couldn’t believe that in less than five minutes he’d managed to lose control and plunge his tongue inside her mouth. He tasted good, all canlı bahis siteleri hot and dark. Male. She was unable to restrain the groan that worked its way up from her throat when his hand found her nipples and began pinching them. She could feel the wetness of her arousal on the inside of her thighs now. Reaching around she clasped his ass in her hands and spread her legs, pulling him against her as her hips rocked against his. His cock pressed right against her clit, the rocking motions causing little sparks of fire as her orgasm approached.

Tim pulled away breathing hard. He had never been so hard, so aroused in his life. His cock was throbbing, pulsing. He pushed at the opening of her jacket to see her breasts when she moaned, “No. I need you in me…now.”

Turning her around to face the mirror, he bent her over, one hand at the nape of her neck the other on her hips. He looked at her in the mirror, taking in the high color of arousal on her face, her drowsy eyes, and her passion-slicked, swollen lips. He looked down her body to the tight, curved ass only inches from his throbbing cock. Using the hand on her hip he lifted her skirt revealing a bare-naked ass to his gaze.

“Spread your legs,” he commanded.

Lindsay did as instructed, her stiletto heels raising her ass temptingly towards him.

“No panties?” he asked as he viewed her dripping pussy.

“Never wear them,” she replied, breathless. “Don’t own any.”

Tim’s fingers slipped between her legs to find her clean-shaven as well as wet and slippery. “Damn,” he groaned as a finger slid through her slick folds, “So soft.”

Lindsay arched her back and pressed against his finger. She desperately wished he would get on with it. Looking in the mirror she saw the flush darkening his cheekbones and the lust darkening his eyes. She heard his heavy breathing as though he was trying to control himself.

“Look. I really don’t need foreplay,” she panted. “I’m so hot and wet that I just need you to fuck me. Now.”

Tim looked at her in the mirror then quickly unfastened his pants and reached into his wallet for a condom before his pants fell.

Lindsay panted faster, desperately aroused, as she watched him tear open the foil packet, position the condom over his cock and quickly roll it down his length.

“Hurry,” she pleaded spreading her legs wider.

Tim licked his lips and positioned himself at her entrance, grasped her hips and slid deep with one hard thrust.

“Christ,” he grunted as her pussy expanded to take his length. Quickly he pulled out and rammed home again. Shit. She fit him so well. He increased his pace and the force of his thrusts as he watched her in the mirror. He could see her breasts, shadowed by her jacket, dangling above the counter top, swaying back and forth in counter rhythm to his thrusts. He tilted her hips a little more, changing the angle of his thrusts, and heard her moan on approval.

Lindsay was going to die. He filled her up with his first thrust. Filled her like no man ever had. He thrust in and out of her at a frenetic pace. She moaned her approval when he changed the angle of his thrusts. His hips slapped against her ass, his balls hitting her clit with every thrust. She pushed back against him, tightening canlı bahis her pussy muscles as she did so. Keeping her muscles tight she pulled forward and thrust back again. Oh God. Right. There. She was so close “Oh. Oh, yeah. God,” she groaned. “Oh fuck me.”

Tim felt her push back against him, her pussy squeezing him tight and he emitted a low growl. His cock thickened and hardened preparing for his orgasm. His balls drew up tight as she repeated the motion. The top of his head was going to explode if she didn’t come soon. “Come on baby. Let me feel you come all over my cock,” he grunted. Pulling out, he rotated his hips as he thrust hard and deep one more time. A low moan reached his ears as her body clamped down on his, her back arched and her head bowed.

Lindsay didn’t know what he did but he suddenly thrust hitting every one of her pressure points and her climax abrubtly screamed through her. She heard him bellow, “Shit yeah,” as his body jerked against hers, his climax setting off another round of explosions deep inside her. God, he can fuck me anytime, she thought dimly as his body collapsed against hers.

“Damn,” Tim said standing up as his breathing slowed, “that was the best fuck I’ve had in years.”

“I knew you would be good the minute I saw you,” Lindsay replied still breathless herself.

Tim slid the rest of the way out of her, pulled off the condom and turned to deposit it in the trashcan. He turned back to watch her shimmy her skirt down over her ass and he felt his cock begin to harden again. What the hell! He’d never gotten hard so soon after exploding his balls in a mind-numbing climax. Bemused, he watched her refasten her jacket.

“Aren’t you going to fasten up?” she asked, amused.

“What? Huh?” he stuttered.

Lindsay gestured to his pants in the mirror. Looking down, Tim realized his pants were still around his hips, his semi-erect cock visible. “Oh, yeah.” Tim quickly pulled his pants up and stuffed himself back inside before fastening them and straightening his cummerbund. He watched in the mirror as Lindsay fluffed her hair, wiped her smeared lipstick off and reapplied a new coat.

“You look like you’ve got something on your mind,” Lindsay said, meeting his eyes in the mirror.

“I just realized I don’t know your name.”

“Does it matter?”

“Usually I know a little bit about a woman before I take her to bed,” he replied

“You didn’t take me to bed,” she said, nodding toward the counter.

“Semantics,” he replied although now he was thinking about having her in a bed. Soft, wet, and totally spread for his enjoyment.

“I know that look,” she commented.

“What look?”

“The look that wonders if there’s enough time to do it again before people start missing us.”

“That’s not what I’m wondering,” Tim said, shaking his head. “Do you do this often?”

“This? Have sex in a bathroom with a stranger?”


“Never. Usually I know their name first. That way they’re no longer a stranger.”

“So I was a special case?”

Lindsay turned to face him. Stepping close to him she leaned in and licked his lips. One hand grabbed his semi-erect cock and began stroking it with expertise.

“Shit,” Tim moaned in pleasure throwing his head back.

“Honey, with the way you made me come, you can be anything you want to be.” With that Lindsay gave his cock one hard squeeze and walked out the door.

“Bitch.” Tim said, smiling with wry amusement as he adjusted himself.

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