Reformation Ch. 18

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Chapter 18
Troubled Waters

Rosina sat on the examination bed and looked around the room; it felt funny to be on this side of the nurse/patient relationship as the nurse walked in. It was someone she knew, professionally and instantly Rosina cursed herself for using her regular doctor’s office for this examination.

“Hey, Rosie, how you doing?” the older nurse smiled as she entered the room. “The doctor will be with you shortly,” she said with a smile and in response all Rosina could do was smile nervously.

The nurse smiled a comforting smile at Rosina and left the room. It wasn’t long before a middle-aged doctor walked into the room, and smiled at Rosina, looking Rosina’s chart over as he did so. He closed the door behind him while still glancing at the chart. He was wearing a shirt and tie, covered by a lab coat, the stethoscope which hung around his neck completed the look of the typical doctor.

“Hello, Rosie, how you been?” John, the doctor said as he approached the exam table.

“Good, do you have the results?” Rosina asked with baited breath, praying that the home pregnancy test was not wrong.

“Yes and congratulations are in order, you’re going to be a mother,” John said with a smile as he sat down on the stool, near the examination table. “How did the father take the news?” he asked calmly with a warm smile on his face.

“Oh, um, he doesn’t know yet,” Rosina replied with a nervous grin, her eyes darting away from John.

“Excuse me for being so blunt but, do you know who the father is?” John asked with a concerned tone of voice as he put his hand on Rosina’s knee.

“Yes,” Rosina replied still uneasy with herself as she looked up into the eyes of her long-time family doctor.

“Is there something wrong?” John asked as he looked at Rosina with a concerned look.

Rosina wanted what was best for this child and knew that there were added complications that having her brother’s child presented. Yet she was afraid of sharing her secret, her family’s secret even to the man who needed to know. Rosina looked into John’s eyes and wondered if she could trust him? Just how far did “Doctor-Patient Confidentiality” go? If she told her doctor, was he required to call the police and initiate the mountain of trouble that would cause for not just her but the whole family? Rosina couldn’t take that risk, and knew she had to keep quiet.

“No,” Rosina smiled nervously at John and with her eyes, begged him to stop this line of questioning.

“Well, I shall want to see the both of you in my office in two weeks to discuss your care, there’s a lot we need to discuss,” John said as he got up and walked towards the door. “Take care, Rosie, and once again, Congratulations,” he added before he left the room.

“Thank you, we’ll be here,” Rosina replied with a smile as the door closed behind the departing John.

Rosina sat there for a moment and was increasingly worried about what to do. Since it had been confirmed that she was pregnant with her Master’s child she, was elated. This was a dream of hers for years and she had finally done it. Yet the fact that her Master was her brother complicated things and brought real risks to this child and the pregnancy. Rosina didn’t care. She wanted this child; she needed this child, and would let nobody take it away from her . . . not even Master. She needed to keep it quiet as long as possible, then perhaps once she was far enough along she could convince Master that it was too great a risk to abort. As Rosina got up she swore that she would run away and have her child alone, if she had to. She would return to Master once she bore the child, she needed to serve him but she needed this child, almost as much. Watching Bella, Dee-Dee, and Rebecca bear him children wasn’t enough for Rosina, she wanted to bear him a child of her own . . . this child.

* * *

Angela Yates was typing away at her computer, in her neatly organized and quiet office Wednesday afternoon when the intercom crackled to life.

“Mr. Smith is here to see you, Ms Yates,” Janet the receptionist said through the phone.

“Show him in,” Ms. Yates said as she continued typing out the contract she was working on.

In a moment a larger, balding man in his late fifties dressed in an old, wrinkled suit appeared outside her office door. As was her custom, Ms. Yates continued typing for a half a minute, just to keep him waiting. She always made everyone wait, just to let them know she could, that she was in charge. When she was ready to see him, Ms Yates motioned for him to come in and turned her attention away from the computer and towards the man who entered her office.

“I have what you have looking for,” Mr. Smith said as he held up a sealed manila envelope as he closed the door behind him.

“It took you long enough, I hope it was worth it,” Ms. Yates said in a condescending manner as she looked sternly at Mr. Smith.

“That depends on what you were hoping to find,” Mr Smith replied with a bursa escort look that was a cross between a worried look and a smirk as he handed Ms Yates the manila envelope.

“Did you get it? Did you find what I needed?” Ms Yates said with uncharacteristic eagerness as she opened up the manila envelope and began to look through its contents.

“Yeah, it’s all in there. But I gotta tell ya, you’re not gonna like it. Not after what I found out about one of your own,” Mr. Smith said with a troubled look on his face.

“He’s not one of our own! At least not for long,” Ms. Yates said with a satisfied smile. “Proceed to the next part of the plan,” she added as she pulled out an envelope out of her desk and tossed it at Mr. Smith.

“Sure thing,” Mr. Smith said as he caught the envelope. “Pleasure doing business with you,” he added as he counted the cash it contained.

* * *

Rebecca stood alone in front of the coffee station of the trendy staff room and glanced around her to see if she was alone. In front of her was a fancy coffee maker which brewed an assortment of specialty coffees. On the counter Rebecca had a mug of coffee already poured. Picking up two sugar packets Rebecca ripped them open she poured their contents into the mug of coffee. She repeated the process once more before she glanced nervously around to ensure she was alone.

Nervously Rebecca pulled the top of her dress down, exposing her left bra-covered breast. With another glance around her she opened the front panel on her nursing bra to expose her left nipple. Grasping her left breast she aimed her nipple at the hot cup of coffee and squeezed, emitting a short stream of breast milk. After emitting a few blasts of breast milk into the coffee, Rebecca picked up the stir-stick and stirred the coffee. Not being satisfied as to the colour of the cup of coffee, Rebecca added another blast of breast milk and stirred up the coffee. Rebecca straightened up her clothes, picked up the cup of coffee and left the staff room.

Hurrying as fast as she dared, Rebecca made her way to her Mistress’s office that Thursday afternoon. As soon as she entered the small office she looked first at the clock and then at her Mistress, hoping for leniency. She knew that she was a minute late but she was not at all comfortable with the embarrassing act she had been ordered to perform.

“You’re late,” Veronica said coolly as she glared at Rebecca while the terrified woman placed the cup of coffee down in front of her.

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” Rebecca replied, terrified that she was to be punished.

Veronica looked at the cup of coffee, lifted it up to her lips and took a sip, savouring the taste before she looked at Rebecca with a discerning look. Rebecca watched Veronica’s face with great intensity as she hoped to see some sign of satisfaction and of being pleased.

“You prepared it well, but you were still late,” Veronica said as she sipped on the best tasting cup of coffee she had ever tasted.

“I’m very sorry, Mistress, but someone was in the staff room and I had to wait till they left until I prepared your coffee as you had instructed,” Rebecca said before she glanced over to see her son asleep in his bassinette in a corner of the office.

“Fine, you can make it up to me by worshiping me while I work,” Veronica said as she backed away from the desk.

“Yes, Mistress,” Rebecca said and fought to keep a smile from her face yet on the inside she was deliriously happy to obey this order.

Rebecca dropped to her knees and crawled underneath the large old desk that until this week Veronica had always complained about. Veronica hiked her skirt up around her waist, spread her legs as wide as the chair would allow, scooted her rump to the edge of the chair and arranged her chair back so all looked well. Veronica sighed and stifled a guttural moan of satisfaction as Rebecca leaned forward and began the unbelievable act of eating her Mistress’s pussy under her desk at work!

The desk was a massive wooden thing which was almost as old as the building itself. It was so large that it went down to the floor completely and the space for Veronica’s legs was cavernous and completely hidden away. Many a time Veronica had cursed the desk for the fact that it was not designed to handle a computer and since the keyboard was on the top of the old desk, it was not comfortable for typing. Now that her Slave was under that desk munching her rug, Veronica loved the desk.

Veronica smiled and waved at her co-workers passing her office while her new and fiercely loyal Slave had her tongue shoved up her pussy. The added heat of having a Slave at work was heightened by the fact that nobody knew what was really going on. Veronica would admit that her personal productivity had gone down a bit since Rebecca had started working there Tuesday morning but her job satisfaction skyrocketed! These past three days had been the best days of work yet, and Veronica always had a smile on her face.

Veronica had bursa escort bayan told her boss that she needed an assistant, and that a friend of hers needed a job and quick. Even the sob story of the single mother with a newborn baby wasn’t enough to convince him, but the sweetie-pie act and the ample display of cleavage did the trick. The older man who owed the company had a soft spot for Veronica and could be easily hypnotized by her twin orbs of womanly power. Then again, the same could be said for most of the men around the office and even a few of the women.

Rebecca told her employer at the day-care centre that she had a chance at a great job but they needed her to start right away. Not wanting to stand in Rebecca’s way, and not really needing her, they agreed to let her go without notice. The funny thing was that Rebecca was nervous and scared to work at the same job as her Mistress but she found this to be the most exciting and fulfilling job she had ever had.

The duo varied from sexual activities and legitimate work, activities and Veronica found that Rebecca was a good assistant and did help her get more done. It was the extra-curricular activities which caused the productivity to suffer, but when they were working they got a lot done.

The more time they spent together, the tighter their bond became. Veronica had intended to have fun at Rebecca’s expense, to make her pay for the pain she had caused Master. A strange thing happened during this process . . . the more demanding and unusual the tasks that Veronica had Rebecca do, the more earnestly Rebecca complied. Each time Rebecca would not only obey a command, but do it with eagerness and distinction, Veronica would be impressed and touched by this. Even thought on Wednesday Rebecca worked with a vibrator buzzing away in her pussy all day, she still completed her job. Not once did Rebecca complain or delay in completing any tasks that Veronica had her do.

A fear was growing in the back of Veronica’s mind that if they were this tightly bound together in less than a week, would they be able to part ways and become merely Fellow-Slaves? The original play had intended Veronica to simply train Rebecca and present her on Reformation Day to Master, for him to Collar. Could Veronica ever go back to not having a Slave to serve her? Veronica loved her family life and loved serving Master, but she also loved having Rebecca serve her. Perhaps, in time she would be able to convince Master to letting her have another Slave to serve her and not one who was already so dear to Master.

Veronica laid her head back in her chair, closed her eyes and concentrated as hard as she could not to scream or shake as she shook and orgasmed, filling Rebecca’s eager mouth with her sweet pussy-juice.

* * *

At the basement of the Spa that night, all was well when everybody tucked themselves into bed. Taryn and Karen were spending the night together in what promised to be a wild night of lesbian lovemaking. Taryn and Karen had grown closer as a result of the nights they spent together since Karen’s collaring, yet they had not always been so close.

Taryn had known Karen for years, almost as long as Richard had been with the law firm, yet neither woman had been particularly fond of the other. They had been more like acquaintances rather than friends, while both of their husbands worked at the same law firm. The extent of their interaction back then was to chat while they attended the same fancy banquet functions to celebrate the conclusion of a big case. Even after the first sexual encounter, when Taryn came to the Spa that fateful day almost five years ago, they had not repeated that encounter. After Karen had been collared by Owen, Taryn and Karen had shared many nights together. Each time it drew them that much closer together, yet neither woman wavered in their devotion or desire to serve the same Master.

“I treasure the times we spend together, Mistress Red,” Karen said as she tenderly kissed Taryn’s forehead while they lay side by side and held each other, in the intimate embrace of lovers.

“As do I, Bella,” Taryn said with a loving smile as she brushed the hair out of Karen’s face. “Master named you well . . . you are beautiful,” she said as she kissed Karen on the lips with an extended, sensual kiss.

“Master also named you well, ‘Big Red,’ I do love your red hair and your great bit breasts,” Karen giggled as she grasped and lifted both of Taryn’s large breasts and in response both women giggled.

“I’m glad that you’re the only one who seems to remember the ‘Big’ part of my Slave-name,” Taryn said as the laughter died down and both women still held each other and stroked each other’s bodies.

“I can’t believe how much my life has changed in the past year,” Karen said as she started to lightly let her fingers wander over her lover’s body.

“For the better?” Taryn asked as she also started to caress the body of the woman who shared her bed with her.

“Absolutely, why when you three escort bursa came to the Spa after the fire I wasn’t sure where we would put you, and for the first few days everything seemed so cramped,” Karen said and paused to laugh as her right hand tweaked one of Taryn’s nipples.

“And now?” Taryn asked as her hand stroked up the inside of Karen’s thighs.

“We still need more space, but now it is for our growing family,” Karen said as she spread her thighs and shuddered as Taryn’s hand reached Karen’s pussy. Taryn gave Karen a puzzled look and so Karen added, “Children.”

“Children? You’ve thought of children?” Taryn asked as she momentarily paused her stroking and caressing of Karen’s wet pussy.

“Yes,” Karen said and looked down, momentarily embarrassed, “Not just me having Master’s children but all of us. Those of us how can, I mean . . . wouldn’t you like to see lots of children in our family?” Karen asked as she reached out and started to stroke Taryn’s pussy.

“Yeah, it does seem to be the next natural step. I wish that Rebecca hadn’t left, I was looking forward to the family’s first child and watching it grow,” Taryn said as she thrust two fingers into Karen’s fingers pussy.

“Soon, we’ll have many children running around our home, but for now, just fuck me!” Karen said as she eagerly thrust two fingers in and out of Taryn’s pussy at a quickening pace.

The swift assault on her pussy caused Taryn to arch her back and moan as the pleasure rocked her body. Taryn grasped Karen’s hand and held it to her pussy while her friend, lover and Fellow-Slave continued to hurriedly finger-fuck her. Taryn’s body started to gyrate and twist as she surrendered more and more of her body to the pleasures that overwhelmed her.

“No, fuck me!” Taryn moaned as she thrashed her head from side to side.

“That sounds like fun, where is ‘Fred’ anyways?” Karen asked as she rolled up and partially leaned over Taryn and began to kiss Taryn’s neck.

“Oooh, that does sound like fun . . . and different. He’s in the bottom drawer,” Taryn said as she cooed her approval and laid there while Karen softly made love to her body.

Karen got up, climbed out of the bed, crossed the small room and made her way to the dresser Taryn had pointed at. Opening up the lowest drawer, Karen retrieved the strap-on dildo which had brought her so much pleasure of the past few months. As Karen pulled it out, she did so with the added excitement that she would wear it and use it on Taryn! Karen slipped it on and tightened the last strap before she turned back to face Taryn.

“You look good, honey,” Taryn said as she looked at Karen wearing the strap-on dildo. “And hot,” she added as she looked at the plastic phallus securely fastened to Karen’s groin.

Karen walked towards the bed and Taryn started to turn over, to get on her hands and knees but Karen put a hand on Taryn’s arm to stop her.

“I want you just like you are! I want to look into your eyes as I sink Fred into you,” Karen said with a wicked smile as she crawled up onto the bed, looking Taryn deep into the eyes all the while.

Taryn laid back and spread her legs while Karen scooted up and got into position. Supporting her weight with one hand, Karen used her other hand to guide her strap-on towards Taryn’s pussy. Once the plastic cockhead had split Taryn’s pussy lips and was poised at the entrance of her womanhood Karen looked into Taryn’s eyes. Their eyes locked while Karen sank her plastic cock onto Taryn’s pussy and Taryn moaned while her body quaked in anticipation.

When the strap-on was fully imbedded in Taryn’s pussy, instinct took over and she locked her legs around Karen’s waist. At that moment Karen’s instinct took over and she began her rhythmic thrusting of Taryn’s pussy, while her lover urged her to pick up the pace by digging her heels into her sculptured ass. Karen responded to her lovers hunger by increasing the pace and power of her thrusting. Taryn responded by moaning and thrashing her head from side to side as she thrust her pelvis to meet each of Karen’s thrusts.

“Oh baby, we should have done this a looooong time ago!” Taryn said as she smiled lovingly into Karen’s eyes while the beautiful Italian woman drew deep breaths while she continued to savagely fuck her lover.

“I agree, Mistress Red!” Karen replied, out of breath from her continued mad thrusting.

Taryn leaned up and kissed Karen passionately on the lips with a lingering and loving kiss. When the kiss was broke, Taryn looked deeply into Karen’s eyes and stroked the cheek of he woman who was stroking the insides of her pussy.

“Tonight is not about ‘Mistress Red’ and ‘Bella.’ It is just about two lovers named Taryn and Karen,” Taryn said before she reached up kissed Karen once more.

“I love you,” Karen said as she smiled her genuine sincerity and looked into Taryn’s eyes while slowing the pace of their fucking.

“I love you too,” Taryn replied with equal sincerity and desire. “And I love fucking like this because not only do I get a nice cock but also I get to suck on your beautiful tits!” Taryn added with a giggle before she leaned up and latched onto one of Karen’s nipples and began sucking.

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