Relinquishing Control

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Big Tits

day one

Each decade seems to be labeled by society with a descriptive word that describes the societal status of the times. The sixties were the era of free love. The eighties were the years of financial decadence where money was in abundance, spent freely, almost wastefully. The nineties seem to be headed towards an era of new sexual expression, the world of S pleased that he had communicated his desire without any pretense of shyness or hesitation. So, I decided to give him what he had requested. His fate was now in my hands.

Rising from the couch, I went into the bedroom that also faced seaside to do surveillance of the things I might need and preparing the spaces I might choose to occupy. After selecting all of my “game pieces” and the place to “Start” I returned to the living area to retrieve Nathan.

I stood in the doorway with my hands on my hips a riding crop in one. I was dressed in total black. The smell of the leather stimulated my own state of mind as I mentally transformed to the role of Mistress. Nathan looked up from the magazine he had been reading and shivered involuntarily when his gaze fell upon the riding crop. “Slave! Follow me and do as you are told!” I commanded. The exchange of power had begun!

He seemed almost too eager to follow. His demeanor conveyed that he had not yet arrived at a mental state of subjugation. He was obviously aroused for this penis bulged at the seams of his trousers. Mentally, he seemed excited with anticipation of the things to come. But, he showed no signs of really taking my role as his Mistress seriously.

That was a mistake!

After all it had been his own idea to relinquish control of himself into my hands. It was going to require immediate action to humble him properly.

The closet was to be the starting point for it was large and contained a full-length mirror on the opposite wall of the clothes rack. From the bench I picked up a delicate black satin and lace negligee and handed it to him with instructions that he was to put it on and face the mirror.

He blushed a vivid shade of red when he saw the image he created wearing such attire. His cock sprang from beneath the material as the lace cascaded around his erection. Even I found this visual silly so I felt certain that he would want me to remove the gown immediately. But, I did no güvenilir bahis such thing! Instead, I raised his hands above his head and tied them securely to the overhead wire shelf. Then spreading his feet apart, I secured each ankle with a nylon strap.

He began mumbling very un-submissive protests. I ordered silence.

“You may respond to me with only: Yes, Mistress or No, Mistress. Is that understood?”

Either he still did not take me seriously, or his own excitement or nervousness overwhelmed his ability to remain silent. I crossed the room with a sense of drama and power. Sliding my hand beneath the lace my fingers pinched the cheek of his buttocks firmly. He flinched and yipped in surprise; so, my fingers sought the other cheek and duplicated the process.

His penis surged into engorgement, once again poking rigid through the lace. While holding his penis tightly in my hand, I instructed him that he was required to maintain this erection while I was out of the room or else it would be necessary for me reprimand him. I left Nathan standing in front of the mirror dressed in the negligee, because of the restraints he was forced to focus on his reflection and worry about what might be coming next.

Even I had no clear plan as to what to do next. Things just developed on their own.

However, I did deliberately exaggerate everything I did in an effort to make noises echo back to the bedroom. Going into the kitchen, I removed the ice tray and took two cubes making sure to rattle the tray more than really necessary. I turned on the water facet and let it run for awhile before placing one cube under the flow. The mass melted to about half its size. Both pieces then went into a crystal highball glass that created a tinkling sound as the ice hit the sides of the glass.

Without much doubt, Nathan had heard these sounds. His anxiety level must have catapulted to peak level.

I chided him upon returning to the dressing closet, “It’s not hard! Didn’t I tell you to keep it hard? Didn’t I tell you that you’d be sorry if you didn’t?”

“Yes. Mistress.” His voice was almost a whisper. There was a detectable hint of fear.

An extra nylon tether lay on the floor at his feet. I picked it up and slapped his penis and balls with a few light strokes. Reaching up I released the bindings and had him turn güvenilir bahis siteleri around and face the wall.

With my thumb pressed against his chin I forced his jaw apart and popped in the larger cube of ice. “Suck it!” I commanded.

With my hand on the small of his back, I guided his head down until he was bent from the waist. “Open your cheeks to me.”

His face turned crimson as my foot forced his feet apart. His face was about six inches from the floor. His hesitation to follow orders quickly earned him a stinging slap on the buttocks that landed close to his testicles.

“OH, God!” he stammered as he complied timidly. His breathing was irregular but he managed to relax just a little. It was enough that it enabled me to seize the opportunity and tuck the second cube well into his dark hole.

“Don’t move! Hold it inside! Ride the sensations! Stay hard!”

I returned him to his spot in front of the mirror and bound his hands to the rack again. This time there was no negligee. This time he was totally naked and rock hard!

“I’m afraid of you when you are like this.” He whispered.

Such control over another human being is quite intoxicating. This simple confession added a new dimension to the experience. Since he professed no inclination to stop the game, I knew he was really enjoying his adventure.

So, it was time for the next phase. Taking another tether in hand, I tied one end around the head of his penis and the other end to the rack above his head. Then I placed a soft sleep mask over his eyes. Standing back to observe my fledgling I laughed wickedly before taking leave of him.

He was left to his own thought and own imagination for a quarter of and hour.

In the back of my mind, I knew what to do next. What surprised me was that I wanted to do it. Besides, he secretly craved this, didn’t he? In time would he grow to like this part of the game enough to ask or even beg for me to do it to him?

Untying him, I turned him to face the wall. Then I spanked him repeatedly with the back of my hairbrush. Each swat left a small red mark. He made not a sound. Four more times the brush connected to his bottom before he moaned. The sound was indistinguishable as to pain or pleasure being the source of its birth. His cock remained hard and bobbed with each swat.

Ceasing iddaa siteleri with spanking, I had him kneel on his hands and knees before me. Applying a lotion to his inflamed buttocks to soothe away the sting, I massaged him lovingly. Then gently the pubic hairs of his balls and pelvis were brushed with the very instrument that had just punished him.

With blindfold still in place, I had him fold his arms on the floor and cradle his head. His buttocks were still in the air. “You know what to do; open yourself to me.” He did so without a second thought. Using a lubricant, I greased my finger and used it to penetrate his anus. He caught his breath and held it as I massaged his prostrate gland. He was truly mine at this point for his penis began to weep semen.

“I know it feels good, dear Slave. But, you are not allowed to cum.” He nodded in affirmation as a gasp escaped him. Not just from the constant massaging, but, because he was being stretched wider by a second finger being added. I believe it possible to milk a man to orgasm. His prostrate responded to me urgings as it grew firmer, yet pliant and elastic to my prodding’s.

By this time my own pussy began to steam as my vagina was bathed in my own cream. The juices spread over the vaginal lips as my sexual tension rose. Pulling him to his haunches, I removed his blindfold and drew his head towards my crotch.

My body was undulating with desire as his tongue soothed my swollen lips and thickening clitoris. The juices flowed from my vagina and filled his mouth. Throwing my right leg over his shoulder my body withered in pleasure as I rode his tongue. He sucked and drank the cream as though it were sweet honey. My mind’s eye envisioned his cock tucked deeply inside the vaginal tunnel. The image of the walls flexing and gripping his organ with each stroke built me to a frenzy of need to be filled and well ridden.

I cannot remember what position I assumed in order to receive him. I only know that I wanted him to penetrate me quickly and to consume me. I believe that I was on my knees before the mirror. The passion escalated and enveloped me as warm ripples rolled through me as our bodies interlocked. We swayed together to the music only our bodies could hear. He ejaculated a stream of cum deep within me sending satisfying sighs throughout my loins.

On through the night and into the twilight hours we savored the other’s body. No orifice went without attention. We fell asleep there on the floor of the dressing area, entwined in the others arms, our genitals still united in love and lust.

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