Return to Mistress Naomi

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Big Tits

Note to Readers: This story is a sequel to my story “An Unexpected Surprise.” Readers may wish to read that story first.

Rupert knocked on the basement door. He saw a shadow through the glass. It was Mistress Naomi. She opened the door and he followed her in. Rupert gasped with excitement as he watched her curvy black bottom walk in front of him. She was naked except for her honey blonde wig, transparent pink gown, black panties, and red stiletto heels.

She led him to the bedroom, made an excuse, and left him there alone. He wondered why she always left him alone in the bedroom for several minutes before returning, beaming and ready for action.

As he waited, he thought of their previous sessions which he had enjoyed so much. Mistress Naomi would tie his cock and balls very tightly with her long black stocking, and sit on his face. He would tongue her lovely bottom to his heart’s content. Whenever he seemed to be slacking, she would work her bottom hard on his face, back and forth, pinning his head to the bedstead, until he resumed the proper level of oral service which her divine rectum required and most certainly deserved.

Sometimes she would take things calmly and he would tongue and suck slowly and deeply. That drove her wild. Rupert would take advantage of her ardour and insert his index finger into her anus. He would probe with his finger, turning it round and round, and if necessary delving right through the small internal hole leading to her bowels, until he located the gold he was seeking.

Having found that treasure, he would pull it out with his fingers and, depending on the consistency and size, place it at the tip of her anus or spread it around her anal lips. Then he would take the surplus from his fingers and rub it on the tip of his cock.

Mistress Naomi did not object to this procedure at all. On the contrary, as his finger probed and delved inside her, she would sometimes ask “Are you getting any shit?”

“Yes, thank you Mistress Naomi,” Rupert would reply.

And on one occasion she commented on his successful mining by exclaiming “That’s a big piece!” as Rupert placed it on his cock.

Rupert loved the warm feeling of Mistress Naomi’s shit on his cock while he licked the shit on her asshole. The simultaneity was sensational. And to make matters even batıkent escort more exciting, Mistress Naomi would lower her mouth and take his cock inside her full red lips.

This drove Rupert crazy, and as he tongued and licked the shit on her asshole he would often exclaim “I’m eating your shit from your ass while you’re sucking your shit from my cock!”

Mistress Naomi, a lady of few words, would simply reply “Yeah! I know!” and continue sucking like there was no tomorrow.

Other times Mistress Naomi would excuse herself from eating her own shit: “Sorry, I can’t eat much brown today, I’ve got a sore throat.” Rupert noticed that these excuses were genuine, because she was often sniffling from hay fever.

As Rupert sat waiting in the bedroom, immersed in these reminisces, it dawned on him that he no longer needed to dig for gold. Instead of mining, he could simply receive.

Then the bedroom door opened and in strode Mistress Naomi. She had removed her gown and was naked except for her black panties and red stiletto heels.

He lay back on the bed and admired her fabulous bottom as she searched through her drawers to find a stocking. It killed him that she never had one ready, even though she always needed one to tie his cock and balls.

She finally found a stocking, and their fantastic ritual began.

First, Mistress Naomi sat on Rupert’s chest and tied his cock and balls ruthlessly. Then she lowered her wonderful black bottom over Rupert’s face, and Rupert stuck his tongue deep inside it. The worshipful action had begun, and they continued in this symbiotic and heavenly union for some considerable time.

Rupert sensed that Mistress Naomi knew that things had changed as a result of the great honour she had bestowed on him at their last session, when without any warning or by your leave, she had suddenly released the hot bottom chocolate from her copious bowels directly into Rupert’s grateful mouth. So, he was not surprised that Mistress Naomi did not comment on his failure to finger her bottom now.

Instead, she suddenly announced “I want to give you some piss.”

“Yes please, Mistress,” Rupert replied. Another first with Mistress Naomi, he thought excitedly.

Mistress Naomi adjusted the position of her bottom on Rupert’s face beşevler escort so that her pussy was directly over his mouth. He opened wide. Soon he felt a trickle of hot salty liquid in his mouth. The trickle became a torrent as Rupert gulped and swallowed the hot sparkling piss directly from Mistress Naomi’s succulent pussy.

Wave after wave of Mistress Naomi’s golden nectar flowed into Rupert’s mouth. As he drank, he felt it filing his stomach, and wondered how he would be able to consume it all. Finally, the torrent became a trickle, then only a few droplets, and Rupert was proud that only a small amount had spilled from his mouth onto the pillow.

“Thank you for pissing in my mouth, Mistress Naomi,” he said reverentially.

Instinctively he began to clean her salty pussy with his lips and tongue. It was a most enjoyable sensation, and very unusual, because Rupert had only tasted Mistress Naomi’s pussy before on the rare occasions when his tongue had accidentally slid out of her divine anus and somehow found her vaginal opening.

But as he licked and sucked the sweet petals and blossom of her pussy, he decided that the taste and texture of her divine anus was much more delicious. And although he felt privileged to have been blessed with her golden nectar, he knew that receiving her bottom chocolate directly in his mouth was altogether more appropriate. There was no denying it. He was her bottom slave!

He adjusted his head and placed his tongue where it properly belonged — deep inside Mistress Naomi’s anus. As he savoured that tight, heavenly enclosure with his lips and tongue, Mistress Naomi knowingly responded by gripping his tongue firmly with her anal muscles. She certainly knew where he belonged as well! The musky odour and bitter-sweet taste overwhelmed him. He was in heaven again!

After an age of this bliss, Mistress Naomi began shifting her body from side to side. Rupert saw that she was becoming uncomfortable from sitting with her ass over his face for so long. He suddenly had an inspiration.

“Mistress Naomi, will you shit on my cock?” He asked in a trembling voice.

“Oh Yes” she replied gladly, as ever, a lady of few words.

Mistress Naomi moved onto Rupert’s chest and skilfully and painlessly untied the knots of her black beypazarı escort stocking from Rupert’s cock. This action allowed the blood to recede so that now his cock was only semi-erect, enabling her to place his cock on his groin, pointing upwards towards his face.

Having so expertly positioned his cock, Mistress Naomi slid her fabulous black bottom downwards and sat on Rupert’s cock. This gave him a perfect view of her rear orifice. He watched as it slowly opened and gaped very wide. He could see her pink anal flesh glistening like the inside of a conch shell. Then a soft reddish-brown offering slid from Mistress Naomi’s divine anus onto Rupert’s waiting cock.

The sublime warmth and softness of Mistress Naomi’s shit on his cock sent Rupert into a frenzied ecstasy. He quickly seized the moment before it passed.

“Please shit in my mouth now! Shit in my mouth now!” He pleaded desperately.

Mistress Naomi had anticipated that obvious need. She was already moving her bottom upwards and immediately placed her anus firmly onto Rupert’s mouth.

“Take it! Go on! Take it!” She commanded fiercely, as she expelled her hot bottom chocolate directly into Rupert’s mouth.

A tsunami of Mistress Naomi’s divine shit quickly filled his mouth, while at the same time, and without needing to be asked, she leant over and massaged her previously deposited turd steadily into Rupert’s cock, which had now grown to an enormous size.

She worked her warm, soft shit into his cock with her bare hands and began masturbating him furiously, while continuing to shit in his mouth. Her creamy smooth bottom chocolate made the perfect lubricant for his cock and stuffing for his mouth, and the incredible sensations drove Rupert crazy with delight.

He was in heaven. The immense excitement of Mistress Naomi jerking him off with her divine shit, while shitting in his mouth at the same time, was out of this world. He savoured the sweet taste of her shit in his mouth and the fantastic feeling of her soft, warm shit massaging his engorged cock.

It was not long before his body jerked upwards in an involuntary spasm, forcing his tongue right up into Mistress Naomi’s bowels, as his spunk shot on Mistress Naomi’s face.

His cock continued to pump out his remaining spunk, until all of his white cream had mingled and merged with her brown bottom chocolate spread all over his groin.

He was completely lost for words.

But he knew then, that was how it should always have been, and how it would always be from now onwards.

And so it was. The perfect scat protocol had been established.

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