Reunion Ch. 8. Final_(1)

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Chapter 8

I made love to Katherine that night, and saw her, and Cindy off the next morning. I gave them both a hug, and kiss goodbye. Katherine told me to have fun with Candice while I was here, and that she would see me back home in L.A. in a few weeks. Then she smiled, and winked before heading to catch her flight.

I drove home sad. Sure, I had permission to sleep with other girls, but I really missed just spending time with Katherine, and felt a little empty whenever she wasn’t around. Even the simple things like cooking meals together, and talking.

I got home, and had nothing to do. The house appraisal was set for Tuesday. Depending on that, the finalizing of the sale could happen the next day. The marina wasn’t open on Sundays, so I was going to head over there the next morning.

I was making myself some breakfast when Candice came downstairs. She was wearing a long t-shirt. Her nipples were poking out into the material, that’s how I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra. But I couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties, or not. Not that I was inspecting her all that hard, it was just a glance.

“Good morning.” She said brightly, and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Well, somebody looks to be doing much better.” I smiled.

“It’s the first time in years that I actually slept soundly.” She said.

“I’m just glad that you are. I’m making some breakfast, if you, and the kids are interested.” I offered.

“I know, and it smells delicious. That’s what woke me up.” She smiled. “The kids will just have cereal, but I’m definitely interested if you’ve made enough.”

“There’s definitely enough. I thought that all of you might be interested.” I chuckled.

“I’m so sorry.” She said, starting to look fearful. “The kids are almost teenagers, and still stick with cereal.”

“Hey, it’s fine. I’ll just snack on the leftovers throughout the rest of the morning.” I told her, giving her a hug, and rubbing her back for a moment.

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel like you are wasting money.” She asked apprehensively.

“I’m positive.” I smiled. “If I was that worried about a few bucks worth of bacon, and eggs, I would have no business buying this place.”

That seemed to set her at ease, and she smiled. She set the kids up with breakfast at the table, while we got our plates, and coffee set, and went out back to the table on the deck. We talked about everything, and nothing at all, just basically catching up over the last 20 years. She filled me in more on her situation with Matt. The more I heard, the more I got pissed off. But, I kept my composure, and comforted her.

The kids asked her if they could spend a couple of days with some friends after they talked with them on the phone, or on their computers, or however the fuck kids communicated. She called the mothers of the kids, and spoke with them about it, making sure that it was ok with them. I guess that it was, because she loaded up the kids into her SUV. She didn’t even bother to change. She just slipped in a pair of flip flops, and headed out.

I was on my second drink, and watching a baseball game when she returned. She stopped at a fast food joint on her way back, and picked up some lunch for us. I thanked her when she sat next to me, after making herself a drink. I dug into my burger, watching the game.

She asked me when I was returning to California as we ate, and watched the game. I told her what my plans were. She sat there thinking for a moment. Then came over in front of me, and knelt down, unbuckling my shorts.

“Candice, you don’t have to do that.” I told her.

“I know that I don’t, but I want to.” She said, looking up at me. “The only time in my life that I’ve ever been happy, is went I am with you.”

“Are you sure. I mean, after what you’ve been through?” I asked.

Her answer was to pull my shorts down, and wrap her lips around my cock. I leaned back, as her head bobbed up and down on my dick. She gagged every once in a while, but that just added to my pleasure as a boost to my ego.

Candice pulled her head off my pole, and stood up. She pulled her shirt off, up over her head, and tossed it, revealing that she was not wearing anything under it. Then straddled my legs, slipping my cock up inside of herself as she lowered down onto my lap. She started grinding her hips on me.

“God, you feel so good.” She moaned, as she continued to grind. “I didn’t think that your cock could have gotten any bigger than it was back when we were in high school, but I think it has.”

“Your tits certainly have.” I said, flicking her nipples with my tongue.

“Unfortunately, my ass has too.” She pouted, as she started to bounce.

“I like the way your ass filled out. It felt so good when my cock was buried up inside of it.” I told her, slapping her ass.

“Yeah? You liked filling my ass with your huge dick, taking my last virginity like you did my first?” She asked, riding me harder. “I want you to do it again. I want to feel you cum up in my ass. I want you to take it, just like the last time. It’s yours.”

She came as she was talking. Her body shivering. I lifted her up off of me, and left her kneeling on the couch, facing the back of it, and got behind her. I slammed my dick back into her pussy, and started to rail her. She was screaming, and moaning, calling out my name. Right when her next orgasm hit, I pulled out, and slammed my dick up into her ass.

“Holy fucking shit!” She cried out, but I just kept fucking her.

She screamed, and grunted, and moaned as I was plowing into her ass. Then she cried out.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” She cried, as her entire body spasms. A big guttural scream escaped her mouth. Her cum sprayed down both of our legs.

I reached around, and grabbed her tits, pulling her back up to me as I continued to hammer into her ass. She was limp, but still grunting. Then her grunts turned into crying.

“I can’t, I can’t stop cumming!” She cried, I could feel her squirt every time I thrust into her, on my legs and feet. “Please cum? Please? I, I can’t take it anymore!”

She was full on sobbing as I continued to fuck her. With a final stab, I came deep up in her ass. I held her up against me, as my hips twitched, feeding her bowels my nut. She was limp, but her whole body was shivering, and she was letting out sporadic moans from her mouth that was hanging open. Her eyes were closed though.

As soon as I was empty, I pulled my dick out of her ass, and laid her face down onto the couch. She didn’t open her eyes. She was shivering, and would twitch every once in a while, along with a moan. Every time she twitched, a little of my cum would leak out of her gapping asshole, and trickle down. Her asshole would also close like a camera shutter, and open back up again, slightly less gapping. There was a literal puddle of her cum on the floor, and all along the front of the couch.

I got a towel, and cleaned up the floor. I called the couch a loss. The cushion, and front upholstery were going to be stained. I figured that I’d just replace it, instead of trying to get it out, and have to explain why to someone.

Candice was still laying on the couch, eyes shut. Her ass was closed, and she wasn’t shivering any more. I used the towel to wipe up the cum that leaked. Then picked her up in my arms, and carried her upstairs, to the bathroom. I set her into the tub, and sat behind her, holding her up.

I pulled my shirt off, and turned in the water, letting the tub fill. I shut it off as soon as it filled, and leaned back, letting both of us soak in it. I washed her cum off both of our legs, feet, and my dick. Then drained the tub. I left her sitting in the tub, while I dried güvenilir bahis myself. Then dried her off, and carried her to her bed.

I got dressed, and got to cleaning everything. I brought her shirt up to her room, and checked on her. She was still out cold. I tossed the couch out into the back yard, and found an ax in the shed. So I set to chopping it up into bits, and stacking the wood and upholstery near the fire pit to burn later. I took all the metal, and tossed it into the trash.

Once everything was cleaned up, I mixed a drink, and relaxed. I made a mental note to swing by the furniture store for a new couch along with the rest of my errands. I drank until 10. Then called it a night. I checked on Candice before crawling into bed.

The next day, I was out the door shortly after the sun came up. I went to the marina, and got that squared away. I went to the furniture store, and bought a couch, to be delivered the next day. I got back home just after noon. Candice was up, and cooking in the kitchen.

“You’re finally awake. I was getting worried.” I said, getting myself a cup of coffee.

“Oh my god! Do you know what it’s like to have an orgasm that won’t stop?” She asked. “I thought that I was going to go insane!”

“Luckily, you passed out before that happened.” I chuckled.

“It was worse than being blacked out drunk. I can’t remember going to bed. Last thing that I remember is you fucking my ass.” She said. “By the way, what happened to the couch?”

I laughed, and filled her in on what happened. She looked a little shocked, and embarrassed.

“It’s fine. Your fine, and that’s what matters.” I told her. “You ready to go see the lawyers?”

“Yeah, just let me set this aside to finish when we get back.” She said.

We went into Portland. I Googled info about lawyers, and found the best divorce lawyer in town. He was expensive, but apparently worth it. Because it was going to be an uncontested irreconcilable differences divorce, he said that he could have it drawn up by Friday, and a court date by the end of summer, with the specifics that were laid out for him. I gave him my information for the billing before we left.

Candice went back to cooking once we got back to the house. I lounged around watching baseball, and drinking.

The appraisers came the next morning. The house, and land came in at six hundred seventy five thousand. That alone was well within the hundred thousand range that we agreed upon. I called him up, and told him that he could get the paperwork, and cashiers check on Friday. I just had to get the check. Katherine, and I already signed the sales contract. He told me that he’d let his lawyer know, and that they would swing by on Friday.

The girls, and their kids came over everyday to hang out, and play. I mostly sat on the deck, and watched them. My thoughts always going to Katherine, and her question about kids. And, my response.

Everything culminated on Friday. I bought the house. Matt signed the divorce papers, and the house had been up for sale for a couple of days. Everything worked out for everyone. I spent the afternoon on the phone getting everything ready for my trip home the next day. I packed everything, and loaded the car. I booked a private plane home. I called a third place that was located in the city that I scheduled a layover, and hotel room in.

There was a big party to celebrate Candice’s divorce, and my buying the house. Everybody got trashed. The kids camped out on the back lawn, while the girls made use of the spare bedrooms.

I slept in the next morning. I wore the silk Armani suit when I finally got up, and ready to go back to my real world. I was pinning my cufflinks when I came down the stairs. The girls were already up, and cooking breakfast.

“Holy shit!” Suzie gasped, being the first one to see me, when I got down there. The rest of them turned to see what she was talking about, giving about the same reaction.

“What?” I asked, seeing them all looking at me.

“You clean up real damn nice.” She said, winking.

“They say clothes make the man, and nowhere else does that ring truer than in Los Angeles.” I said.

I gave all of them a hug goodbye, and left. My layover was in New York City. I have offices there. I stopped in real quick to visit with the branches President, Linda. We had dinner together, and discussed a few things. After dinner, she went home, and I went to the store. It took me a while to find exactly what I was looking for, but eventually did.

The next day, I was home. Katherine wasn’t going to be back for another few weeks. So, I kept myself busy with work. Mostly dinners, and power lunches with studio heads, and filmmakers, reaffirming my company’s commitment to financing their movies.

I had a really exhausting day of kissing the ass of one of the newer studio heads, some young punk that thought that just because he was given the position, he demanded respect. Not that he earned it, but because he was born into the family that owned the studio. After the meeting, I called up my assistant, and had that studio’s credit cut to twenty percent of it’s current credit line.

I have seen it a thousand times before. That kid was going to bury that studio, and I would loose any money that I had invested. Sure, I’d own the movie, but I would only be able to recoup a fraction of the money back by selling it to another studio.

I flopped down onto the couch, and sighed as I looked up towards the ceiling.

“Somebody looks like they’ve had a rough day.” Katherine surprised me, coming in from the kitchen, carrying drinks for the two of us.

“When did you get in?” I asked, jumping up off the couch. “And, why didn’t you call me?”

“Because then it wouldn’t have been a surprise.” She smiled, handing me my drink, and giving me a kiss. “Your day seems like my whole shoot. Do you want to talk about it?”

“What happened on your shoot?” I asked. “You never mentioned anything about it when we talked, or saw each other.”

“Young studio executive interfering at every turn, thinking that he knows more about making movies than anybody in the cast, and crew.” She said. “He wanted to add an arbitrary nude scene into the film, that would have made absolutely no sense, because, and I quote, sex is the only thing that sells.”

“Sounds like the kid should be in porn production, not Hollywood.” I chuckled. “Did you end up doing it?”

“No. He had a shit fit when my agent presented him with my demands to do the scene.” She giggled. “I told him that the only way I’d do it, was for fifty million on top of my original deal, and five points on all the back end. He screamed, and yelled, telling me that I was going to be responsible for tanking the film.”

I laughed along with her. Then I noticed something.

“Where’s Cindy?” I asked, realizing that she wasn’t around. Katherine frowned.

“After seeing what a shit show making that film was, it turned her off from her Hollywood dreams. She decided to just go back home, and finish her degree in business management.” She said. “She told me to tell you, that she really appreciates everything that we did for her, and her mom, but she didn’t want to come out here if she wasn’t going to try to get into the business. She didn’t want to be a burden on us. I told her that she wouldn’t have been, but she insisted on going home.”

“That’s too bad, but she might have made the right decision.” I said, shaking my head. “I just cut a studio’s credit line down by eighty percent. Much like your executive guy, this kid’s going to tank the whole studio, just because of his ego.”

We both just sat there thinking about the direction that Hollywood was going.

“You türkçe bahis know what? I’m in the mood for a coffee. Let’s get changed, and go to that shop that we met at.” I recommended.

She agreed, and we left after changing. It was early evening, and nobody was in the shop. We both like our coffees the same way. We sat in a back booth, drinking our coffees, and talking about nothing really important. I accidentally dropped my spoon underneath the table when I made a hand gesture, and got out to get it. Katherine was laughing at me crawling under the table.

“Got it!” I said, crawling back out, and showing her the spoon, and tossing it back onto the table. Then she gasped when she saw what was in my other hand, and that I remained kneeling.

The store that I stopped at in New York, was Tiffany’s. And, I bought Katherine an engagement ring, with 14 karats of top line diamonds in it.

“Katherine Wales, I love you. You are my best friend, and the only woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with. When we are apart, all I ever think about is you. When we are together, I never want to leave your side.” I said, as she started to cry. “Will you make me the happiest man alive? Will you make me the luckiest man alive, and marry me?”

She was nodding the whole time, tears streaking down her face, but she waited for me to actually ask her before answering.

“Yes, Luke! Oh god, yes!” She answered quickly.

I took the ring out of the box, and slid it on her finger. She hopped out of her seat when I stood, hugging me, and kissing me. Then looking down at her finger, and smiling. Then back to kissing me.

We left the coffee shop, and went home. We made love all night long, sleeping in the next morning. We woke up to a flood of texts, and emails, congratulating us. Apparently, one of the kids working at the coffee shop filmed the whole thing on their phone, and sold it to one of the gossip sites.

We spent the better part of the morning reading, and replying back to, all the messages. She also came out with a statement, posting it onto all of her social media sites, after getting the approval from her PR rep, her agent, and her manager.

I caught her looking at her ring, and smiling several times throughout the day. She was so happy, that it seemed like she was floating on air whenever she moved. I was happy too, but also a little worried about how she would react to my next thing. I decided to bring it up as we were cooking dinner together.

“How many more films do you still have left on your current deal the studio?” I asked her.

“Um, two. Why do you ask?” She answered.

“Well, I’m, uh, I’m thinking that it might be nice for the two of us to, um, retire.” I spit out.

“Retire? Seriously? What brought this on?” She asked.

“Kids. You asked me about kids, and you don’t ask anything unless you are thinking about it. We can be married by the time that you finish your commitment to the studio. I’ll sell my business. Then I was thinking that we could start trying to have kids.” I explained. “If we do, I definitely don’t want to raise kids here in this town. Nor do I want to hire nannies to raise our kids. I’d want us to raise them. That would be really hard with our current occupations.”

“It’s not like we really need the money. I could pay off my alimony obligation with this next check, and be rid of him. I have a decent savings, and investment portfolio that he wasn’t able to touch.” She mused. Then looked at me. “Are you sure that this is something that you really want to do?”

“It’s all that I’ve been thinking about since I’ve come home.” I admitted. “And, after dealing with that kid, and hearing what you went through during shooting, they pretty much put the final couple of nails in the coffin. Like you said, we won’t be hurting for money. If you get bored, you could always pick up a film here, and there. I think that I’m just done with this town.”

She smiled, and came over to me.

“I don’t ever see myself getting bored around you.” She said, giving me a kiss.

Katherine finished out her last two movies in the next year and a half. She informed her people that she was done, but might come back for the right offer. I sold my business to the studio that I had my biggest contracts with, for a hefty profit.

We had talked about what we wanted to do, where we wanted to live, and set plans in motion way ahead of time. The last order of business was to sell all of our L.A. property. We threw one last party for all of our acquaintances before selling the cars, the house, and everything else went to charities. We hopped on a plane, and left L.A. for good.

We landed, and had an Uber pick us up. Katherine was actually excited for the next chapter in our lives. She was bubbling with excitement.

We pulled up to the house, and unloaded our bags. We made it halfway to the front door, when it opened, and Cindy came running out. She leapt up on me, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“Daddy!” She screamed.

Katherine laughed as Cindy stayed latched on. She wrapped her legs around me, and refused to let go. Her face was buried in my neck. I laughed, and put my hand on her ass to hold her up. Katherine took my bag for me, while I carried Cindy into the house.

Candice was at the front door smiling, and holding it open for us.

“No Ferrari this time?” She asked, giving me a kiss on the cheek as I walked in.

“No rental car this time. We’re going to need something a little more permanent.” I told her.

She helped Katherine with the bags, closing the door behind us.

“Permanent? You’re here to stay?” She asked.

“In a manner of speaking, yes.” I told her. “And, you all are being evicted.”

Shock washed over her face. It took a moment for her to get over it, then sadness set in.

“Oh, ok. Um, can we have some time to find us another place?” She asked, looking like she was going to cry.

“Luke! Don’t put it that way! You’re so mean.” Katherine scolded me, giving Candice a hug. “What he means is that you’re moving back into your old house. Well, old area, new house.”

Candice looked up in surprise at Katherine.

“You’re the ones that bought that place?” She asked, putting it together.

Katherine nodded, and smiled.

“Tore it down, and rebuilt it. We got photos of it from the contractor all along the way.” She said. “We figured that it would make a nice investment property. Then when we decided to retire, we thought that it would be better for you, and the kids to live there.”

“You’re no fun.” I grumbled. “I had her going. She was this close to crying.”

Katherine playfully glared at me. Cindy slid off giggling. Candice smiled, and laughed. Then came over, and hugged me.

“Thank you, Luke.” She said.

“Don’t thank me. It was Katherine’s idea.” I said, hugging her back. “I was perfectly fine booting you out on your ass.”

She laughed, and slapped my shoulder.

“Careful now. You remember what happened last time that you decided to hit me.” I winked, and she went beet red.

Katherine, and I settled in up in our room. It was the middle of winter, and looking out our window, everything was covered in snow, and the lake was frozen. Katherine stood staring out at the winter wonderland.

“How can you ever say that winters are horrible here? It looks so beautiful.” She said. I came up behind her, and wrapped my arms around her.

“It all looks beautiful, but getting around in it sucks. I guess the first thing that I’m going to have to do, is get a truck with a plow. That driveway is way too long for shovels, and a snow blower.” I told her, as we just watched the snow falling out onto güvenilir bahis siteleri the frozen lake. There were some snowmobiles racing across the ice out towards the middle.

We spent our day cuddled up in front of the fireplace, watching TV. Cindy stuck to my other side the whole time. Katherine thought that it was cute.

The next day, Katherine, and Candice rode over to the new place. Cindy, and I hung out with the kids. They mostly wanted to play video games. I just kind of hung out, and watched. Cindy filled me in on school, what she was learning, how she was doing. Just basically catching up.

She, and I left the kids to their games, and went out into the kitchen for drinks.

“So, don’t tell mom, but I ran into my dad the other day.” She said.

“Yeah? How did that go?” I asked.

She chuckled, and shook her head.

“About as well as can be expected. He’s renting the apartment over his bosses garage. He blames mom for ruining his life. He was drunk when I saw him. Some friends, and I went to a bar. That’s where I saw him.” She said. “He did tell me one thing though, that got my attention. He told me that none of us kids were his. He claims that he can’t have kids because of an injury that he got back when he was in school.”

I must have made a face, or some other tell, because she knew that I knew something.

“Daddy, you know something about this, don’t you?” She asked. I just kept quiet. “Luke, if you know something, tell me. I deserve to know.”

“Sweetheart, it’s not my place to say anything.” I told her, seeing the tears well up in her eyes. “You need to ask your mom. Just know that everything she did, does, and will do, are all for you kids.”

She nodded as the dam burst. I pulled her to me, and held her as she cried. She clung to me until it was out of her system. Then continued to cling to me.

“I’ve missed you so much, Daddy.” She said quietly.

“I missed you too, Sweetheart.” I told her. “But, we’re here to stay now.”

She pulled herself off of me, and kissed me passionately. I was scared that one of her siblings might come in and see, but she didn’t seem to care too much about that.

“I really missed you.” She said, opening her eyes, and looking at me.

Cindy, and her mother had their talk when they got back. It didn’t go well at all by the end of it, Cindy went crying one way, Candice went crying the other. Katherine, and I couldn’t do anything except watch.

A week later, Cindy was still not talking to her mother. Katherine, and I had been helping Candice move into her new place. Cindy had been going out doing whatever. Candice was getting more, and more upset over the situation. We never brought it up, but could see it on her face.

Katherine suggested to me that I have a talk with Cindy, see if I could try to patch things up between them. I told her that I’d try. My opportunity came the following week. Candice finished moving into the new house, and Katherine went with Heather to look at a new car. Cindy came down from hiding in her room.

“Hey, Stranger! Where have you been hiding?” I asked, intercepting her in the kitchen.

“Looking for a job, and a place to live.” She sighed.

“Doesn’t sound like you’re having much luck.” I said, getting myself a cup of coffee.

“Everything is so expensive around here, and the jobs are slim pickings.” She said, getting myself a cup.

“So, you and your mom aren’t in a good place right now?” I asked.

“She fucking lied to me, my whole life, and I was calling that asshole my dad!” She screamed.

“Cindy, you know that she had her reasons for that. She went through just as much, if not more, shit as you.” I told her. “But, all that is in the past. What does it matter who your real father is. Hell, you were ready to substitute Matt with me anyways.”

“I still want you as my daddy.” She mumbled under her breath, as she pouted.

“Come here.” I said, pulling her to me, and giving her a hug. “Stop looking for another place. You can stay here, with us, if you don’t want to live with your mom. You just need to concentrate on school. But, I would appreciate it if you would try to patch things up with your mother.”

“Thank you, Daddy.” She said, snuggling into me. “I’ll talk with her.”

I filled Katherine in on what happened when she got back from buying her Land Rover. She agreed with my decision, and thanked me for talking with her.

Katherine spent the rest of winter planning for the wedding. We married in the spring, right in the backyard. We flew her family over from London, my mom and Joe were there, Heather, Kim, Suzie, and Rachael were all there, plus some new friends that we made since moving back came.

We honeymooned in Hawaii for a couple of weeks, at a very private resort on Maui. We made love a couple times a day, every day that we were there. Katherine was really eager to start our new family.

Come summer, Katherine was getting a little frustrated. We try and try, but she still wasn’t pregnant. We ended up going to a fertility specialist. She was really nervous about the results.

We were hanging out on the back deck a few days later, with Cindy, when her phone rang. She looked at it, seeing that it was the doctor, and got nervous all over again.

“Hello?” She answered.

“Speaking.” She said, after a brief pause.

Then she reached out, and took my hand as she listened. There was a bunch of ok’s, and uh-huh’s as she listened.

“Thank you for calling, Doctor.” She said, hanging up.

She looked down at her phone for a while, after she hung up. When she finally looked up at me, her eyes were already welled up, and the dam burst.

“She said that I’m infertile.” She cried.

I got up, pulling her up with me. I held her, rubbing her back. She was gripping on to me, as the tears flowed. Cindy sat awkwardly for a while. Then got up, and hugged Katherine from behind for a bit. Then left us to ourselves.

I stood holding her for as long as she needed me. It was a good half hour before she let me go, and looked up at me. Her eyes were red, and puffy. Her makeup was running. Her expression was nothing but sadness.

“I’m sorry, Luke. I know that we wanted children, but according to the doctor, I have less than a one percent chance of conceiving.” She said.

“Hey, you have nothing to be apologizing for. This isn’t anything that you did. It’s just one of those things that happen.” I told her, gently. “I have you, and that’s what is most important to me.”

“But, you wanted children. That’s why we got out of Los Angeles.” She said.

“I wanted children, because you wanted children. I’m ok with it being just the two of us.” I smiled, wiping her face with my hand. “Besides, the doctor never said that there was no chance. I’m willing to keep trying, but no pressure. If it happens, great! If not, we’ll be fine with that too, because we still have each other.”

She half smiled back, wiping her face.

“Plus we have Cindy living with us. That’s just like having a teenager.” I joked, trying to lighten the mood.

She let out a laugh of relief, and nodded.

“More like your incestuous daughter, and I’m the cool step mom.” She joked back.

I never messed around with any other girl after that. Katherine was all that I needed. Cindy eventually met a guy, and married him. Katherine and I never did have kids. Though, we did try as often as possible. We were both ok with it. Cindy had 3 kids, and we spoiled them as grandparents do, and then some.

Candice and the rest of the girls became very close friends. All of us hung out all the time. We were over at their places just as much as they were at ours. Katherine even said that they were like the sisters that she always wanted.

Me, I couldn’t believe that it took me going all over the country, just to come back home again.

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